Spraying Skies, Telling Lies

I saw that as a bumper sticker and thought it was a catchy phrase, summing up a good part of the mess here on Planet Earth. As I mentioned in my last article, Band-Aids, Hurricane Harvey was a weather-manipulated event, but only to a limited extent, because those that have thought they were in control have TOTALLY lost control at this point. Ditto for Irma, and my heart goes out to those who have suffered in the path of these two monsters, especially the poor innocent animals who are trapped in the evil, occult (hidden) agenda being played out right now. I have seen quite a few pictures at Florida zoos, and it seems that the animals have been cared for and are in safe places. Not to minimize anything, but I don't think Florida got hit anywhere near as badly as they planned. To hear the media talk, southern Florida would be wiped out, like the poor innocent people (and animals) on Barbuda and Saint Martins. Fortunately, also, Irma didn't linger as Harvey did.

We are at war and it has nothing to do with Trump and North Korea. It is a war of Cosmic Forces. This is it friends. The Matrix is collapsing before our very eyes. It's what we wanted, right? Yeah, but most don't want to go through the suffering, and prefer a life of slavery and imprisonment to crossing the River Stix to get to Paradise. Tough shit. We're going whether you like it or not, and the more you jump on board, the more chances you have to survive it.

There is another force that is taking over now, and it is perhaps borne of us, those who have fought to shut the Matrix down for all these decades. Even though these hurricanes have been terrible, they are doing something extremely beneficial, and that is waking more people up. The videos that went viral explaining that Harvey was a manipulated event have opened people's eyes that never would have been opened otherwise. It takes a crisis to jar people out of their tiny little worlds of complacency. Well, crisis is upon us, and it will be one after another. Keep in mind what I have been saying—we cannot stop the desrtruction now, nor should we want to. This is what the shutting down of the Matrix looks like. It is our whole planetary operating system based on lies, deceit, greed and the worship of material gods and consumerism. And the more you tap into those forces, the more you will suffer. Suffering and crisis are necessary because it is the only things that will pry the vast majority of the population out of their stupor. Remember, fixing anything at the physical level now is an exercise in futility. Waking up will bring the lies out in the open, and the occult (hidden) forces cannot operate once they have been brought to light.

I have a friend in her mid-thirties. She is quiet, sweet and honest, but very conventional. She and her partner have a toddler. A couple weeks ago, we were talking, and she offered me some potato chips. I looked at the package, and said, "Oh, you don't want to eat these, they are genetically engineered." She had not a clue what I was talking about. I explained a little, and said, "That means they are made of organisms that have combinations of plant, animal, and bacterial genes. Do you think that is ethical? Is that something you want your little boy to eat?" She stared at me with jaw dropped, and said, "No." This was also the week Harvey hit, and I had been talking about how the weather was being manipulated, which I tend to talk about non-stop whenever a human being is standing within earshot of me. Well, I saw my friend again this week, but this time she had a pen and paper, and asked me to explain again what I was talking about the other day, and wrote it down. That was good, but it is easier to accept the evils of GMOs now that their presence must be on the labels of food items. But the next thing she said floored me. She said, "Oh, I saw an article about what you were saying, that the hurricanes are being manipulated." Then I stared. I said, "Where did you see that?" (because she is the last person I would expect to do research on geoengineering). She said she saw it on Facebook. Then I realized that these hurricanes are serving an extremely beneficial purpose. If that's what it takes, then so be it. And I also want to add that it is important that we share only scientifically verified information on issues such as this. The fake garbage that circles the internet causes more damage than good.

Apparently those who think they are in control, and are beginning to realize they have totally lost control are noticing this, too. Many of us realize that the "controllers," as part of their agenda, are purposely creating weather/climate disasters so they can come along and unveil to the public their ingenious "new experimental" plans to control to control the weather by—yep—spraying it with sulfates. (Irregardless of the fact that they've been doing it for 70 years and it has done nothing but push us to the brink of cataclysm.) Creepy little harvard bastard David Keith is one of the biggest proponents of "beginning experiments" with sending up balloons into the sky to distribute sulfates to help control global warming. REALLY?? So what they are trying to do is make the global populations so desperate that they will agree to anything to stop the overheating planet, thus making legal, their currently illegal and criminal practice of geoengineering. That has been the game plan. Scare the people and make them desperate. It is backfiring, however, and they know it because they realize the whole shebang is WAAAAY out of control. I found this little gem on nbcnews.com, and I am glad I bookmarked it, because I only saw it once, then it was gone. Could 'Re-Engineering' Earth Help Ease the Hurricane Threat? . Notice how it is called "Re-Engineering" rather than "Geoengineering." Spraying Skies, Telling Lies. Incidentally, the number of hurricanes, at least here in the U.S. have drastically been reduced for the past twelve years. No doubt, this latest string was planned, but went awry. (I say this because I have carefully followed what was "expected" to happen vs. what did happen.) Harvey was predicted to make landfall again in Texas, but did not, for instance. And of course, the perpetual question that constantly nags my mind is, What is their REAL agenda? What are they doing up there that is so important to keep hidden from us that they are risking, no, causing total planetary annihilation by constantly spraying it with toxic white crap? When that which has been hidden becomes known, I think we will find it had little to do with the weather.

Here's another interesting article that I found this morning. Climate Change and The Time of Transition. As I have mentioned before, I think Bernahrd Guenther is one of the most enlightened people on the planet. I don't get on his site that often because he does not publish articles frequently. This is a lengthy article but I do recommend reading it. The beginning really caught my attention because it is EXACTLY what I have been feeling, and mentioned in my last article. As usual, I don't agree with all he says. He says the Earth isn't broken and doesn't need to be fixed. I agree we can't fix it or anything else at this point, but it is most definitely broken. Sure, maybe the physical sphere will remain, but her ability to support life will be gone and Nature is NOT dealing with human caused environmental disasters. Fukushima still pours radioactive waste into the ocean and it is showing up everywhere. Ditto for aluminum and Monsanto's Glyphosate (Roundup). So, unless we explode the entire planet with nuclear weapons, yeah, she will remain, but we will be gone. We are reaching that point at an accelerated rate. OK, if you wish to return to the recycling bin and do this all over again on an uninhabitable planet for the next cycle of 25,000 years or so, or some other planet just as bad or worse, then, take your time in waking up, there's no urgency. But for me personally, this is it. I am on the "Short Path," and I gotta get out and I don't want to come back.

I am placing a risky bet here, really letting go and shutting down just about every connection I have with the Matrix, but at this point, it is the only option with which I resonate. At some point, VERY VERY SOON, the Matrix is gonna get just a big enough crack in it for those of us who are packed and ready to go. The intensity I spoke of in my last article, and what Guenther also spoke of has eased for a few days, but today, at least for me, it returned, which leads me to believe we are in for another whopper, so I am bracing and searching for cracks. If we wait for the Matrix to collapse before we exit, it will be too late, because then it's game over and we start again in another body. People who do not live off the land as I do DO NOT UNDERSTAND fully the environmental situation we are in. When there is no air to breathe and no water to drink, and no soil that can support food production it is game over for all but the cockroaches, which I have heard will survive the apocalypse. There IS an urgency to wake up and escape, and it must happen in that order, because really awakening IS the escape. THAT is why everyone should be putting every ounce of their energy into shining a light on the Matrix and its controllers. Increasing their exposure weakens their hold.

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