Breaking the Spell, Revisited

I am a firm believer in fairy tales and myths. They tell us much more truth about who we are and what we have endured and what we are fighting and how honesty, integrity and bravery will yield to us the independence to live our lives in freedom, joy and serenity. Much more than any religious dogma, which is why people who have embraced those dogmas have justified slaughtering those who did not. Wipe truth and creativity off the face of the earth, so that the population will be forced to live in slavery to money and power, simply to be supplied with the essentials needed to stay alive.

I want to live to see the day when I wake up each morning, refreshed and filled with energy. I want to live in a world where I am not each moment wondering what man-made atrocity (some women, too, but mostly men), is going to assault me from the sky, which we are forced to endure because we are helpless to escape it. The idea of helplessness is really an atrocity in itself, but as much as I cringe to admit it, when some deranged person in power decides to drown a whole community or wipe it out with an unimaginable force of wind, or burn it up by spraying it with desiccant and incendiary substances, well, yes, other than fleeing, we are forced to endure.

I want to live in a world where thieves are incapable of stealing what is mine, and I am talking about thieves of the worst kind—the ones who pose as bankers, CEOs, insurance and stock brokers and politicians. The kind of thieves who break in and steal what they can are much less a threat. I want to live in a world where I can breathe the air and drink the water, knowing that these essential elements of life are not killing me for consuming them. I want to live in a world where a white cop would never even DREAM of kneeling on a black man's neck and suffocating him to death just because he is white and his victim is black. (Execution is too good for him.) I want to go to sleep in a relaxed state of mind, knowing that all is right in the world and it is sane.

How did we ever reach this current state of affairs? How did humanity become so nonchalant about the activities happening before their very eyes, that speaking out and doing the right thing never even crosses their minds? That is beginning to change, however, and the George Floyd atrocity is the beginning of the end of the bullies, but what price will we all have to pay to get to the end? Violence serves no one, but anger without violence creates an energy of change. I cannot wait until this energy is transferred to also protest against weather terrorism, including the spraying of biowarfare substances, 5G, GMOs, vaccines and the rest of the toxic shit being foisted upon us. And add to that the total lack of leadership, not only in the White House, but at the federal level in general, and people will finally wake up to the reality that NO ONE IN POWER GIVES A FUCK. But there are exceptions, and once again, I am so proud of OUR OHIO GOVERNOR , Mike DeWine, for his response to this disaster. I am also proud of Governor Cuomo, who has been an excellent leader in New York, and I am proud of the NYC police who kneeled along with the protesters. Little by little the people in the military and police forces are becoming disillusioned, as they realize they, too are being screwed. When the military no longer obeys orders to commit crimes against their own people, the ones in power will have lost. Dane has spent a great deal of time in California with local officials to make sure they side with the well-being of their citizens. Here are two articles I want to share, but the bulk of this article is not about current physical events.
Ohio governor says protests are "not only understandable, but they are also appropriate"
New York police officers kneel with protesters
And while I'm at it, I want to mention again that I am haunted by my last article of 2018, Breaking the Spell. I think it is one of the best articles I have ever written. I went back and re-read it and it still holds so true, in fact maybe it is even more appropriate now than in 2018. I also corrected typos, and I want to apologize for not being so meticulous as I was at one time. I hope I got most of them. I am a TERRIBLE typist—I am actually NOT a typist at all—never learned how to do it right. And lately I have to do things so fast because I am so overwhelmed most of the time, and though I do proof, I still miss a lot. My mind just works faster than my fingers, and when I try to get all these incoming thoughts recorded, my fingers start hitting keys and they are usually the wrong ones. Plus, I am using a broken keyboard. So sorry. I also want to mention that I am in the process of creating a 2020 Farm Series, which, once again, will be the platform I use to discuss environmental issues. Also, be sure to read my latest Bible article, Three Days of Darkness. I will be doing a follow-up on that. And so now, let us continue this article where I left off.

I want to live in a world where I control my own destiny, as it was always meant to be. These people, that speak of "The Divine"—well, I'm not so sure about "The" divine, but I do believe in the higher energies of divinity which we can all strive to attain, and which should be foremost in our agenda. But when spiritual people and especially those connected with a religion speak of "The Divine," I always have this picture of angels floating around and playing harps. God, that sounds so boring. Just WHAT do they think will be our purpose once we reach "divinity?" According to Bernhard Guenther, we are incapable of comprehending "The Divine" at this point. Yeah, yeah . . . well.

As for me, the deepest levels of my heart and soul tell me I exist to create, and not be beholden to anyone else's rules that stifle my creation. I realize that the billionaires on this planet already feel they have reached that level, but the problem is that they have no moral integrity to guide them in being prudent in what they create. They are guided solely by their own greed and lust for power. Many pagan religions are guided by the rule of "harm nothing," and that is the key to prudent creativity. We should not be creating to enable us to rip people off because we are capable of producing a product that humanity needs to survive, or because we have the power to withhold essentials from groups of people that we prefer would just die or cease to exist because they do not fit our agenda. And yet that is the way this current world is operating. I am finding that maintaining my will or desire to even be here on such a horrendous planet is waning by the minute.

In fairy tales, the heroes embark on a daring and dangerous act of bravery in order to free or rescue those who have been imprisoned by a spell. The mere act of putting their lives on the line to do what is right and good builds the power needed to break the spell, and in doing so, the hero reaches a state of divinity, in some way or another. They find they are able to work magic, often without even realizing it is in their power. By giving to others, they benefit themselves, too. We see this in all epic tales—Harry Potter; The Wizard of Oz; The Chronicle of Narnia; The Lord of the Rings. To me, these "myths" tell us more about our long-forgotten potential, and remind us of our responsibility to set free those who are under a spell. We were all meant to be "God, Soverign, Free" (as Lisa Renee would say).

Since I have done such intense past-life work recently, as expected, it has yielded a great deal of indispensable information, which includes clarity on the situation in my own life. Major clarity. Gargantuan clarity. As Bernhard Guenther says, no one will escape the inner work they must do, but it is rarely spelled out in black and white just what exactly that work is. But like Dorothy, who had no idea she was wearing the solution to her problem, I, and probably all of us determined to be transformed in this incarnation, were programmed by ourselves before descending into a body. And because failure was not part of the agenda, the program was geared to nearly torture its inhabitant in order to force them to wake up. At least that is what I am experiencing now. And as in Guenther's dream of the tsunami, which I quoted in my last article, we must go through it in order to get to the other side. But when we reach the other side, we will be transformed. It is the traveling through our own programmed destiny that will break the spell, not only of the horror we are living through now, but the horrors we have lived through since the Reptilian Invasion. And I also want to note that I am not a firm believer in destiny, as a general rule, because free will and freedom of choice always allows us to create in the moment. However, THIS situation is different. It is a last chance to get us the hell out of here before this cycle ends and the new one begins, and it is my understanding that those who have not transformed will be stuck, once again, in thousands of years of slavery. Deperate times call for desperate measures.

Though I cannot talk about my particular path, (and I think we should all keep them personal), I will say that this is a test which is forcing me to see what I am creating. Yeah, we have gone there before, but it is a spiral, remember, and each time it returns, consciousness has grown immensely. WHEN I am able to KNOW (not at the mental level but at the level which has been integrated into my reality) that what I am living IS what I am creating, the spell will be broken, and I will be free to create, not something horrible which leads me to the Light, but something wonderful which IS the Light. I would bet that many of us, especially my faithful readers, are going through this same test, but perhaps not yet aware. I am finding that trust is the main issue here, not in some deity or "higher being," but in myself. And in that process, I remember who and what I am. I am beginning to see the terrible things I have endured as, once again, a gift. And so, I keep moving forward to the best of my ability, knowing that, no matter what we are enduring now, we have nothing to lose and everything to gain. So why hesitate?

Each day now reveals that we are going deeper into The Final Battle. This whole George Floyd atrocity may be the beginning of the end—of apathy, self-absorption, and delusion. May it spread to all the other heinous acts being perpetrated by the evil which has ruled this planet since the Invasion. I ran some errands in Ravenna yesterday, and was pleased to see a small group of protesters in front of the courthouse, and even more pleased that the people in cars passing by honked and waved and cheered. Had I known they were going to be there, I would have rearranged my schedule, made a sign, and joined them. The point to remember is that all the wickedness of the planet is now being flushed up to the surface to make it visible and wash it clean in the Light. I am less inclined to believe it is an "Act of God" or "The Divine," or however people perceive it as being something outside ourselves. I think it IS ourselves, and as more of us awaken, more of us will be aghast at the injustice we have allowed. I am also a firm believer in the "Hundredth Monkey," and once a few of us make the leap towards transformation, the windows will open wider for others. But remember, there is not a free pass to get through those windows, because unless one has done their inner work, they will not survive the higher energies.

Once again, I say that "the future" is HERE NOW, and all we have awaited and worked towards all these eons is come to fruition. I am breaking away from the old paradigm, both spiritually and physically more and more each day. I am cutting ties, and allowing myself to dream little snippets of the future. But the old must pass before the new can begin, so that is our first order of business. And speaking of dreams, I was always a very active dreamer, but for quite a number of years now, I have not dreamt much at all, at least anything of which I was conscious. But lately, I have been dreaming very actively, and the "me" in my dreams is a much greater force to be reckoned with, as opposed to the former one who suffered abuse. It's all getting really fascinating, which is better than the stasis we have been suffering for so many years, unable to move forward except in our minds. Though WAY many people would disagree, I am feeling less and less oppressed by outer forces. Not free yet, of course, but considerably moving in the right direction.

I will end this article by linking Lisa Renee's latest blog from this morning about declaring our freedom. She pretty much hits on everything that needs to be eliminated. So many of those of us who write about ascension matters are thinking along the same lines, and that is a very good sign.
Declaration of Freedom for All
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