Reconnecting to Source

"Reconnecting to Source" is certainly a well-known cliché that has grown out of the "New Age Movement," and for most, it refers to becoming more "spiritual," and connecting to a "spritual" source. Whateverthehell that means. With all the intense mind-purging I've done lately, I have thrown away my whole "New Age" belief system and begun to question everything. I am at the point where remaining in this Matrix is not remotely an option. If you are even slightly comfortable here, then you are NOT aware of our current situation. I no longer think of awakening in terms of weeks or months, but days, and even hours. So bear with me, I have a lot to say.

First of all, what does spiritual really mean? Most of us associate it with gods, angels, saints, or "good" people who have died and are now in some heavenly realm looking out for our best interest. I strongly repudiate that. In fact, I think there are many more seriously working against our awakening. To be awake to our powers AND be in a body would result in a race of superhumans, which would be a threat to the powers of the "spiritual" realm. We see that in every spiritual/religious tradition on the planet. Adam and Eve were driven from Eden because they discovered the source of knowledge. Greek and Roman gods also made sure humanity was kept in check.

These gods were a jealous and bickering bunch. Their behavior was atrocious. Why would anyone worship them? And the same for the god of the Old Testament. He is horrible, no doubt modelled from some Alien leader, as all gods were modelled after a being once in the flesh. And having read The Templar Revelation: Secret Guardians of the True Identity of Christ, I'm quite sure that Jesus had some major flaws and was not a necessarily a spiritual divine, although I believe he was a compassionate and wise person and probably wanted to do good. But the point is, ALL religion is about fear and keeping us from knowing our true identity and capabilities.

And another reason to not count on the spiritual realm for help is that, even those who are truly divine, do not understand the challenges of living in a body. Not at all. They want us to become "spiritual" like them but not to exceed their powers. Again, read Greek and Roman mythology. While some of these gods "helped" humanity, they all kept us in check. But is that, or was that ever the game plan here? I think not. I think what has made this whole Earth Experiement so unique is that we have been the guinea pigs of a Grand Universal Plan—to retain "spiritual" powers, including immortality, while in a body, thus making us an extremely powerful race. That, I believe, Jesus did know, and he was on his way. This is just my opinion, of course, but looking back through the real history of our race, NOT the "official" one, there have been forces from the get-go out to make sure our plan failed. Incidentally, all this is also why I REALLY dismiss nearly all "channelled" information. The vast majority of it has done nothing but delay our awakening at best or, at worst, deliberately send us off into a seriously wrong direction.

So, where did we come from? I have gone round and round with this question, and here is what has emerged. I cannot believe, knowing that there are many very good people on this planet, those of us who are seeking the highest levels of consciousness and flawless integrity, that we came from a lower-class race. I am sure we all have or have had Reptilian bood in us because of the interbreeding after the invasion, but many of us have also spent years cleansing our DNA. We must have come from a race that had reached an extremely high moral and physical consciousness. Was it in a different dimension, and the "Experiment" was to seed this divine race in this dimension? Or did we come from a race that had reached its limits, and sought to improve by seeding us onto what was "supposed" to be a pristine situation, the New Earth? These are possible speculations, which may have hints of the truth. I think many of us are on the way to knowing the whole truth. But what I AM fairly sure of, is that we WERE seeded from somewhere, and whatever our goal was, it was of highest integrity and for the greatest good. Or at least, in spite of all the evil out there, on and off planet, I am certain there are alien races that have reached extremely high levels of consciousness and divinity. But they would not intrude on us, at least against our will, even if it was for the better. (See video below.) There is also the very real possibility that they are simply US in a much higher dimension, as it is very likely that we are multi-dimensional beings.

My current revelations began when I wrote my article S.O.S.. If you have not read that, please do, and the ones following. There I stated that the chemtrail and EMF attacks from which the whole planet now suffers has nothing to do with the weather. It is having a catastrophic affect on the weather, obviously, but its necessity is for something else, namely to hide something. I suggested that our "home base, or bases," our sources of origin, may be trying to communicate with us and are being stopped. Or perhaps it is to hide the increasing hostile alien commands. Our world leaders, global military, and heads of global institutions are puppets of, or embodiments of, these hostile alien forces. Once you fully understand this, the spraying of chemtrails makes sense. So many of us are in complete bewilderment that governments and military are poisoning the entire planet, when it is obvious they are also poisoning themselves and killing off the only environment we have to live upon. The thing is, I don't even think they "know" what they're doing. They are programmed, and alien programming commands us to do tasks without even questioning them. (Again, see video below.)

Now, for all who know me, either personally or through my articles, I am not one to ever reach out for help, mostly because I have found that most "help" works against me, in the long run. But here, well, in my desperation to escape, I started wondering if maybe our "Home Base" has lost contact with us, I mean, maybe we are hidden from them, and they have no idea our situation. So, I started calling out to them, in two-or-three-word phrases, letting them know what is being done to us, repeating the same things for fifteen-twenty minutes. Gradually the information I sent became more detailed. Well, I did not get answers, but I DID get results, in other words, I had numerous attacks stop in their tracks. I have had these "attacks" for about twenty years. They come in many forms, but mostly they have acted as a sabotage to everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING I have attempted to do to move ahead. This includes any possible support I should have received, and have destroyed everything I did manage to manifest. So, for twenty years now, I have been dangling on this thin string, and I'm about sick of it. To say my life has been hell doesn't even come close. As I have strengthened, the attacks now come mostly in the form of non-stop distractions, stuff I have to (at least for the time being) deal with, such as truck breaking down, pet getting sick, bills to be paid. I am finding that some of these are fading in intensity as I reconnect to what may indeed be our real source, and it is not "spiritual" but living entities. I just cannot believe that there aren't beings out there who have our best interest in mind. We have just been blocked from communication. Granted, there are many people who believe they ARE in communication with some higher form, but if that were the case, we would not be in this predicament. The people who believe this are also usually the ones who are most blind to the reality of the situation. You know, the "Jesus has saved me" bunch, who live in LaLa land and refuse to take responsibity for their lives and the planet.

Well, I began to advance in my communication, putting in reqests for anything I could think of that would help me escape, sending out my own "S.O.S.." And so I began "Show me what's hidden," over and over, like a mantra. The next day, I decided to research more of those forces mentioned by Bernhard Guenther of which I spoke in my last article, A Quick Message. I Googled "Occult Hostile Forces," and was once again taken to Bernhard's site. I don't even remember what article it was, but it was a link within that article that I clicked on, which took me to this video. Incidentally, I want to mention that thoiugh I don't agree with some of what Guenther says, most of it I do, wholeheartledly. In fact, he, like me, has the balls to say what most people DO NOT want to hear. I also believe he is one of the most awakened beings on the planet now.

Anyways, this video turned out to be an unlikely one for me to watch. Called UFOs, Aliens, and the Question of Contact v2.0, it deals with not only alien abductions, but alien influence in every part of our lives. What I found especially interesting is that he, like me, is not afraid to name the whole "New Age Movement" and particular leaders as puppets for the alien mind-control system. Of course, many of us, especially those of us in our sixties and older, began this whole journey as a result of that movement. The Beatles were one of the first, in their involvement with the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. But the thing is, looking back honestly, what was it that really lured most of us? It was the promise of prosperity and abundance assured to us if we just adhere to these new rules. But the new rules were old rules in a new guise, and simply another way to lock people into the lust for material wealth. Most people fell by the wayside and abandoned it, but others, like myself, got too deep and needed to find a way out (it was a trap, you know). In the process of trying to escape, the path turned to something totally different, and that was not of lust for material prosperity, but for truth and freedom.

I have to say that I have never been into the whole UFO scene. I have never seen one, and still believe that if you can see it, it is probably from the government. Any alien race that can travel to Earth, would not need a "spaceship." Do I believe in abductions? Absolutely! I think all of us have been tampered with, maybe not to the extent of those interviewed, but I am certain they are fucking with our minds, collectively and individually. I know I am programmed in my sleep and have learned to delete what has been downloaded when I remember it. But SO much damage has been done to us. When you begin to unravel it all, it is incomprehensible that we have been mindless victims for so long.

This video covers SO MUCH useful information. "Show me what's hidden" indeed! I got much more than I asked for. And Guenther makes a point of saying we need to be brutally honest with the situation, and talks about how damaging the "New Age" attitude of "thinking positive" about everything has been. It is really a refusal to face the truth about our current reality. Only in knowing the truth about our situation can we even hope to awaken. We must bring the darkness to light, not keep it hidden. And I have to say, I was totally glued to my screen for two hours, and that should tell you what a good documentary this is, because I hate sitting and watching anything. To anyone serious about awakening and escaping the Matrix, this is required viewing, even if you are not into UFOs.

Here are a couple other interesting finds on Bernhard's site:
Know Thyself, a much shorter (fifteen minute) video, and this article
Timeline-Reality Split, Frequency Vibration, and the Hidden Forces of Life.

I believe we are now in a situation where a doorway out has been opened, but will close at some point very soon. Many are saying this huge upcoming eclipse will catapult many of us into a new level. I think we must be getting perilously close because the Powers are amped up against us. As I have been saying, for eons, it was the "fear of god" instilled in us through religions that kept people from straying from the mind-control program. When that waned, the New Age came along, to lure people through promises of money and power. But enough of us have survived and are on the right track for the right reasons, and have seen through th veils enough that we can resist the alien attacks. That is why the chemtrail spraying and new electromagnetic technology has exploded, just this year. It is a last attempt to keep us asleep. But what has happened is like a child playing with a toy, trying to make it do what it was not built to do. Our planet is broken beyond repair. Or even worse, like HAL in 2001: A Space Odessey, a computer who developed a mind of his own. (HAL is the three letters preceeding IBM—you all knew that, right?) The programmed entities on Earth, the governments, military, corporate, scientific and tech communities, and many others, have been carrying out what they were programmed to do, but it has gotten out of control, and enough of them, I believe, have awakened enough to see that their games have caused cataclysmic damage to the entire planet, so they are scared as hell. In fact, I think they are so bewildered that they are also attempting to cover up what they've done, or even "undo" it by more of the same, such as spraying even heavier chemtrails. Is that insanity, or what? As I said before, they untimately only have two options: keep us asleep or kill us, or so they believe, in order to avoid facing public disclosure of their crimes and the resulting human stampede of hatred that will descend upon them once people finally "get it."

But perhaps there is also an element of destiny working here. The dinosaurs died out because other animals were ready to evolve. Total annihilation of the planet is imminent. Even the scientific community has published material saying the mass extinction will be complete by 2026. I give it to 2018. And perhaps part of the "Experiment" here has also been to round up all the evil of the unverse and extinguished it, eradicate it once and for all. Perhaps our entire dimension is ready to evolve to a much higher level and we have been the warriors to achieve it. I know there are many who would strongly argue that we can never, nor should we ever, eradicate evil. I dunno. It's all relative. It may be that there are higher dimensions where our most evolved and holy beings appear as mere pond scum. As we split dimensions, our ascent continues. And after eons, this very scenario is once again played out.

Still, staying here on this planet, in this dimension is not an option. In order for the awakened ones to escape the apocalypse, we must have an escape route, and I believe "awakening" is it, as you awaken from the dream and find yourself in a new reality.

After I wrote this article, I let it sit for a day, and thought of other points I wanted to make. Rather than add them in the appropriate paragraph, I will just do an addendum:

First, here are a couple quotes from Guenther's article linked above. They are actually quotes within the article, the first from Tom Montalk. It is part of a longer segment that occurs about half-way through the article.

Because hostile hyperdimensional forces have a vested interest in the Matrix Control System, they go to extraordinary lengths to suppress any destabilizing factors that could disrupt their food supply. Anyone who starts the process of waking up and regaining personal power and freedom is immediately targeted. The targeting aims to put him or her back to sleep, render him powerless, or make him or lose faith in continuing his path.

The second is a quote from, also from Guenther's article by Michael Topper from his book, The Positive/Negative Realms of Higher Densities and is toward the beginning of the article. He is speaking of the fact that these Hostile Forces are using humans as "food," literally feeding off our consciousness.

It is in this understanding that we find our way out of the trap. It isn't easy, but it is a way. The primary object of Negative stalking is to persuade through strongly influenced, but not robotic, behavior patterns, the Free Choice of the targeted CONSCIOUSNESS to align with negative higher-density existence. Because, in the Long Run, the object is the "eating" of functioning units of consciousness by the negative hierarchy, with Free Will intact! It is not good food otherwise!

And this is another reason why I believe all is not going as planned, and the total destruction of the planet was not part of the game plan. Because if humanity is totally wiped out, these forces will starve. I also want to point out that the very act of revealing these occult operations has a weakening effect.They do NOT want to be found out. Being able to see and recognize their activity and refuse to participate is another way of weakening the force.

Having said all that, I cannot begin to stress the importance of making this an urgent priority. As we watch our politicians behaving like a bunch of fucking assholes, the bottom is falling out of our planetary life support system, with a new environmental catastrophe brought to light every day. Time is very short for us now. PLEASE take that seriously, no matter how you think your own personal life is proceeding. I hope that I've provided materials that will make a difference to my readers. Please share these articles.

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