What the fuck is really happening? At this point I have more questions than answers, mainly due to the fact that I have spent the past eight months or so Disconnecting From the Collective Mind. It has left me in a sort of reality blur. Do I still hold my long-standing beliefs, especially the metaphysical ones? Well, yes, in the back of my mind, but I am not letting them influence my thoughts now, as I sort through the rubble of this rapidly crumbling planet. I am attempting to separate the truth from the lies and myths, and form a clear picture of the deep, deep root of what we are experiencing in these, our final days on this planet, as we know it. I am not exaggerating. And so, I will discuss what I KNOW to be true, right now, and also some "what ifs," which may be story and myth, as is too much of what we are being fed. I am gradually, cautiously making my way back to the few web sites I formerly visited, but this time not trusting much of anything to be true.

But what I know to be true, without a doubt in my mind whatsoever, is that the underlying horror, evil—gosh, there's not even a word strong enough to use, but the central vortex from which hell has arrived is what is going on in the skies, and I have a horrible feeling it has nothing whatsoever to do with "weather modification." I just cannot believe that "weather modification" would be such a covert activity. But I certainly CAN believe that it is a cover-up for what is really going on. Obviously, the weather impact is becoming more catastrophic. In fact, I am feeling terrorized like never before, when those dark, dark clouds come over me. I consider myself a truly courageous person, but—OMG! What is happening up there now is very little different than if they were dropping bombs on us. I will explain that more later. (Bear with me, because I am going in several directions, and I'm not sure it will all be coherent.) And the other point I am certain of, beyond doubt, is that H.A.A.R.P. and EMFs are the other crux of the matter.

Ok, so I really don't believe it has anything to do with the weather, but the activity is causing weather/environmental devastation, and there is no place safe anymore, anywhere on this planet. Some places are caught in hell-like temperatures, and the flooding—OMG!! I thought is was bad in the east, but now, "Tropical Storm Cindy" may turn out to be cataclysmic. It's all getting worse and worse.

Now, I ask myself, over and over—would these creatures resembling humans, who are controlling the spraying and spraying and spraying, and these extremely high and dangerous frequencies continue this path unless there was something so extremely threatening going on that they would risk all life on earth in order to stop it? Is weather modification worth all this, even under the worst circumstances? I just cannot believe so. And for those dumb enough to think these people are going to live underground, let me remind you that they are NOT underground, and are being, just like everything else on this planet, exposed to all of this poison. WHY?? What is really happening?

OK, so here are my thoughts—and that is all they are, so take it how you like. The only thing I can think of that would make these people behave with SUCH blatant irresponsibility to the entire life-support system of our Earth, is to protect ourselves. From what? War? War with whom? Russia? I think not, there, either, though it is a good cover-up. Many of us have believed that there is something "out there"—beyond the earth that is incoming. Most of us who have been doing this a long time, have believed in rising earth frequencies that will shift all life on the planet. I am one of those people. But, all along, I have thought in terms of an "energy"—something of the metaphysical realm. But what if it isn't? What if there is a civilization that has been trying to reach us. I mean like real, solid physical beings. I know many believe in UFOs. I don't, particularly, because I have never seen them, and I figure, any civilization that was that advanced would not need to travel in a vehicle. Now, supposedly, our government(s) really are looking for life out there. It would be ridiculous to think that we are the best result of life in thisw whole cosmos. That would be truly pathetic. Even Wikipedia in their article about communication with extraterrestrial intelligence states that attempts are being made. Well, what if they found something, or someone.? What if they are a threat to them? But not s threat to us? What if they are attempting to send us information that should have been ours all along. Like how to create our reality with our minds, create safe and renewable energy, to live without money system or any system? What if they are truly benevolent and here for our benefit? Would that bode well for those in power? Would that be enough for them to risk all life on this planet to destroy? I believe it probably would. Many of us believe the earth was "seeded" from alien life at the beginning, and many of us believe we are the seeds. (But that may be just myth.) We even have art works of the ancient Americans—the Mayans, Incans, etc. showing people who looked like "astronauts." I read Chariots of the Gods a number of years ago. I though it was a stupid book and poorly written, and yet . . . . I will probably read it again at some point and do a review. If we are still alive.

But, in any case, this shifts the whole metaphysical idea of incoming energies, to a physical reality of incoming beings. and, just as the science-fiction of yesterday has become the science of today, perhaps what we have perceived as metaphysical, or energetic, is just technology WAAAAAY advanced past ours. Ancient civilizations worshipped the Sun God, whom they thought rode a chariot across the sky to bring us light. Science didn't change the event, just the perception of it, and knowing it has a scientific truth doesn't make it any less wondrous. It is certainly something to ponder, and I've pondered it a lot lately.

But it is getting much more difficult to ponder anything these days. We know, also for an indisputable fact, being made more and more public by doctors and science, that aluminum is having devastating affects on our brains and the ability to think. I am noticing this in everyone, from the general inability to even notice what is going on over our heads, to confusion and memory issues

As I have mentioned before, there are very few books I read that I don't find a hidden message somewhere. Sometimes it is just one sentence, but it catches me and makes me think. Some people read tea-leaves, others read Tarot Cards—I read books. After a forty-year hiatus, I am re-reading The Chronicles of Narnia, and yeah, I know there is this Christian thing with them—we all know that Aslan is really Jesus. But there are also lots of other "spiritual" and "metaphysical" messages, and one from Book Four, The Silver Chair hit me like a hammer. Here, the Witch, the Lady of the Green Kirtle has just returned to find that her captive, Prince Rilian, along with a little help from his friends, has just broken out of his decade-long spell, and destroyed the Silver Chair that bound him. So, very sweetly, she lights a fire with a magical smell (chemtrails) and begins thrumming her mandolin, (H.A.A.R.P. and EMFs), attempting to lull them to believe that anything outside of her Underworld is but a dream.

Then came the Witch's voice, cooing softly like the voice of a wood pigeon from the high elms in an old garden at three o'clock in the middle of a sleepy, summer afternoon; and it said:
"What is this sun that you all speak of? Do you mean anything by the word?"
"Yes, we jolly well do," said Scrubb.
"Can you tell me what it's like?" aked the Witch (thrum, thrum, thrum, went the strings).
"Please it your Grace," said the Prince, very coldly and politely. "You see that lamp. It is round and yellow and gives light to the whole room; and hangeth moreover from the roof. Now that thing which we call the sun is like the lamp, only far greater and brighter. It giveth light to the whole Overworld and hangeth in the sky."

"Hangeth from what, my lord?" aked the Witch; and then, while they were all still thinking how to answer her, she added, with another of her soft, silver laughs. "You see? When you try to think out clearly what this sun must be, you cannot tell me. You can only tell me it is like the lamp. Your sun is a dream; and there is nothing in that dream that was not copied from the lamp. The lamp is the real thing; the sun is but a tale, a children's story."
"Yes, I see now," said Jill in a heavy, hopeless tone. "It must be so." And while she said this, it seemed to her to be very good sense.

Well. Thrum, thrum, thrum, indeed. This scenario is frighteningly familiar, is it not? So what finally happens is the brave Puddleglum, a froggish sort of being stomps on the fire with his bare foot, burning himself, but once the smoke stops, the power of the magic diminishes. And so, if we could stop the chemtrails the same would happen here. Why have they not stopped yet? I realize that the average person if so fucking ignorant at this point, I can barely stand to talk to anyone. However, it seems now that the numbers fighting this crime explodes every day. There is a new full-length documentary out called Frankenskies, but I don't have much info on that yet. I will keep Googling it. I hope it has the same effect on geoengineering as VAXXED has had on vaccines.

The state of Rhode Island has been working on drafting legislation to ban geoengineering for a couple years. They have rewritten it and immensely improved it. I realize one state, especially a teeny-tiny one like RI can't do much by themselves to stop this atrocity, but the activists have gotten hold of it and are sending it out. I am waiting until it is a bit further along. You can read it at LegiScan.

All of this, of course, is taking WAY too long, and what we don't have an abundance of is time. But what if there IS help out there trying to reach us, and what if they are our original kin? What if they are us? Myth? I don't rule it out. And I even more don't rule out the possibility that the perpetrators of all this misery and destruction won't be destroyed by their own evil, like the Martians in The War of the Worlds. We know that chemtrails are both a desiccant and an incendiary. Couple that with the extremely electric nature of the whole operation, and I wonder why every plane that goes up doesn't blow up. I have this vision of the sky starting on fire some day. Soon. I read that many of the flights have been grounded in the Southwest because of the extreme heat. I also have wondered about the many plane crashes that have gone unexplained in the last couple years. It seems to me that there is so much shit floating around up there that one of these days, we simply will no longer be able to fly. And I say hurrah to that. But won't it shut down the country—the entire world? Yes, indeedy, it most certainly will. I have been saying for a good long time that the only way to stop these maniacs is through their wallets, and a shut-down of air traffic would be a good start. A financial collapse would be a holiday compared to the impending ecological collapse.

And, with that thought, I will end this article, and I promise, the rest of what I need to say, which will be concerning the weather, will follow very shortly.

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