Shutting Down

(PLEASE NOTE: I began the article below about two weeks ago and planned on scrapping it for the reasons mentioned below and the fact that the whole shebang is about to implode, so what is the point? I had tons of links to share, but I'm not going to do that either. Find them yourself. There is so much bullshit on the web now, if you can't tell the difference, there's nothing I can do to change that. For instance, all the "New Age" sites that support Trump. REALLY?? He is a fucking business man. He cares about money. WE NEED AN ENVIRONMENTALIST. And we don't need a president at all. If you are one of those zillions of people that puts what's in your wallet ahead of everything else, I truly wish you the deepest and most profound poverty. And so, this will most likely be the last article of this nature that I write, unless something goes drastically wrong. I personally am at the end of it—somewhere else, so to speak and have outgrown what I've been writing. I'm sick of writing it and sick of reading it. Therefore, here it is. And that's all she wrote. . . Signing off: 11/2/16)

I'm not sure how much longer I will be writing these articles, for several reasons. First, they take up too much of my time, and most often I feel they're hitting a brick wall. There are too many others writing soothing lies when I'm writing brutal truth, and the lies are more attractive to most readers who want the benefits of the spiritual community but aren't willing to do the work. If everyone who claimed to be "awakening" worked as hard as I do, we would be free of this prison. Ages ago. Please note that the material I write about is to benefit my readers. I get no benefit whatsoever, and it all hasn't seemed worth the effort lately. And the other reason is that I think, one way or another, it's about over. I've been saying 2016 is the year. If you cannot see the dominoes lined up and ready to fall, then you are certainly blind and brain-dead. However, it is far from guaranteed inwhat direction those dominoes will come down. I would rather spend my energy making sure that WE are the ones who send them tumbling. So, if you ARE one of the people spending 24/7 trying to get us out of this mess, THANK YOU. If you are NOT, then put down your cell phone, get off your lazy ass and get to work. WE ARE OUT OF TIME. People from outer space are NOT coming to help us. I see so much flakiness in the spiritual community, which I believe is also part of the mind-control plan to keep potential warriors in La-La land. C'mon everybody, pull your brains out of your rectal orifice and reinsert them in your cranial cavity where they will work much better.

I will say this one more time, and if you still don't get it, you are hopeless. The most urgent action we must take is stopping the spraying of chemtrails. Period. Ya gotta trust me on this one. Dane Wigington is the world's foremost expert on the physical, scientific aspect of this atrocity, and he is shutting them down from that angle. I am working on the other end—the non-physical, metaphysical aspect, although I do also take physical action. and so I say this with complete confidence that I am correct. STOPPING THE SPRAYING WILL CHANGE EVERYTHING ON THE PLANET ALMOST IMMEDIATELY. And here are the many reasons why.

They are fucking with our brains. The people who believe they are not being mind-controlled most certainly are. I know I am, and you don't get much more aware than me. I have been observing for many years now the effect spraying has on my ability to mentally function. The differences are subtle at first, but once you begin really taking notes, you will see that the subtleties are actually of monstrous proportions. And you will also finally be aware of the absolute connection between mental function and spraying. Most people believe their thoughts are their own. THEY ARE NOT. For example, before this last horrific weather event here in the east, I had my thoughts so organized, ready to write an article. Fortunately, I am inthe habit of writing everything down as I think of it, because after the thousands of tons of toxic aluminum they sprayed on us, (remember, aluminum effects the brain's cognitive abilities), I had totally forgotten everything I wanted to say. EVERYTHING. Wiped out, like someone hit the delete. AND THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT IS HAPPENING. It's the ink of the Despair Squid keeping us in a state of hallucination. (See my article Back to Reality.) With most people it's easy. They are so wrapped up in nonsence with their cell phones and other useless bullshit that stealing their minds is like taking candy from a baby. But I do not fall into that catagory, nor do others like myself who have spent their lifetime cultivating mental clarity. That's why they have to keep spraying heavier and heavier amounts poison on us, because we are waking up and they must drug us more and more to attempt to keep us asleep.The Matrix is failing them. Stopping the spraying will be like Toto pulling back the curtain; like taking the Red Pill. DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND???? It is my firm belief that these toxic chemicals are our last barricade between here and escape. WHY IS EVERYONE NOT WORKING TO STOP THEM????

Dane has published a great many very essential articles and videos lately. I was going to link all of them, but I'm tired of spoon-feeding. Go to his site yourself and start reading and listening. In the interview with Dr. Mercola, he made the remark that once this all comes out and the public finally understands that the people who are behind this heinous criminal activity have literally destroyed our planet . . .well, here is a quote from that interview:

On top of that, there are severe environmental effects, such as protracted droughts and raging forest fires. In other areas, severe flooding is taking its toll. “I spoke to one of the insiders from these programs, from Oak Ridge National Laboratory … It was supposed to be confidential initially, but I have since published it. He stated on the record that they will try to hide these programs as long as possible because the liability is incomprehensible,” Wigington says. . . .
If populations understood, truly, what’s been done to them, what’s been done to the planet … they’d be taking to the streets with pitchforks and torches all over the globe. The power structure knows that and they’ll try to hide these programs to the last possible moment, but I would argue that that moment is getting close.

Barrels of tar and feathers would work, too.

I was elated that Dr. Mercola had done this interview with Dane. I did some research on him, and the volume of traffic his website gets would be the break Dane has needed to get the word out in a massive way, to a new group of most likely open-minded people. But Dr. Mercola never posted the interview on HIS site!! He apparently succumbed to pressure. OMG! What a bunch of chicken livers!! (And then, the day after I wrote all this, he requested Dane remove it from HIS site, which Dane did, NOT out of fear, but respect for Dr. Mercola's request. Fortunately, many people had already copied and posted it elsewhere, so it is still out there.

And speaking of chicken livers, when Dane sent out a recent survey to 1518 climate scientists and experts, and not one refused to deny that they know this is going on. But they also refused to admit they do and join the fight. It is interesting that two, UCAR scientists Andrew Swartz and Reid Doyle responded with the exact same comment: "As an expert/scientist I can confirm beyond a doubt that you people are idiots." Wow! How professional is that?

Dane also states in the interview with Dr. Mercola that many people are threatened with death, for instance, military personnel, if they blow the whistle.

Many dismiss the notion of geoengineering and weather wars based on refutations from people like pilots and military personnel. But what needs to be understood is that being part of these programs involve signing confidentiality agreements and, according to Wigington, “We have been told by one Air Force personnel, who is part of these programs, that confidentiality [agreement] contains provisions for lethal enforcement.”
He also notes that the Obama administration has prosecuted more whistleblowers than all of previous administrations combined. We also know that surveillance is just about everywhere, so in the case of geoengineering, there’s no lineup of people trying to blow the whistle.

What a bunch of thugs. But unfortunately, for most people who could speak out, it is not their lives being threatened, but their paycheck, and that is pathetic. "You can poison me and kill every living thing on the planet, but GODDAMMIT, you better not take away my paycheck." What a deranged and perverted species we have devolved into. It is my very strong opinion that our government's urgency to begin WWIII is to divert the attention from the invitable global disaster they have created. To their mindset, it seems to me, they would rather face a nuclear holocaust that they could blame on terrorists of another country, than face the firing sqaud that will result when the mass of people open their eyes. And it IS happening before their very eyes, so the war-mongering is becoming frantic, not to mention this presidential election which is a shameful embarrasment. As Dane says, when you vote, you are validating the system, and is ISN'T valid!!

"As far as what you can do, and that’s the most important question of all, we must reach a critical massive awareness,” he says. “I would argue this: If we can reach that critical mass [in] awareness, we’ll have academicians pouring from every corner. If they have enough public cover, [they will] come out of the shadows and admit that these programs are going on because they certainly absolutely know.
By the way, we have an illegal federal gag order right now on all national weather service and all National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) employees, the weathermen. An illegal federal gag order. Common sense should state that if there wasn’t something very big they’re hiding; they would not put this gag order onto the weathermen—on top of the fact that the government scientists have no first amendment protection to begin with.
So if your listeners truly want to help, all they have to do from their own home computer is simply share credible data with others … I’ve spoken to a NOAA scientist myself, face to face, who told me off the record ‘We all know this is going on. We don’t know what to do. We don’t have first amendment protection’…
I’ve been in high-level Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) locked-door meetings arranged by congressional rep. I was told by five EPA officials in this meeting that the system is rigged, ‘We’re told what to test for and what not to test for.’ I mean, this is truly an issue of unimaginable magnitude and gravity. We need the population to help us bring it to the light of day.”

That concludes the part of this article I wrote. I have two pages of notes, and will just mention some of that stuff now. First, the name of this article is of the utmost importance, which is why I decided to publish it.

Back when I was a kid, everyone kept the Sabbath—Sunday, a day of rest. For many, it had nothing to do with religion, but was a day to STOP and relax with family and friends. Most businesses were closed, in fact, if I remember correctly, even smaller gas stations closed. We needed that shut-down time to reboot, to let go, to incorporate the week's activities and lessons into our systems. But then the Demon-God money just became too powerful, and it took control without our knowledge, but WITH our consent, and as a result, here we are in 2016, the greediest, stupidest, rudest, most selfish, and disgusting race that ever inhabited this planet. Mark Twain is rolling over in his grave. He thought the 1400s were bad. (PLEASE, read my review of his Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc, especially the quote at the end.

Shutting down is what this planet needs now more than anything else, and it WILL happen, with or WITHOUT our consent. The money system is about to go belly-up. (If you don't understand the true financial cataclysm on the brink of collapse, read the articles at USA Watchdog.) That's the best thing that could happen. It will force everyone to STOP and pay attention. This election disgrace (BOTH candidates are an embarrassment) has gotten the attention of a good percentage of the world. PLUS, a total financial collapse would CERTAINLY ground the chemtrail planes.

OK, I've been saying this for a good long time, and this is the last I will say it. Stopping the planes will change everything on the planet. These chemtrails are what some call the "frequency fence." They are what is keeping us from exiting the illusion, from waking up. Believe me!!!. I can tell such an immense difference in my ability to think straight on the days there is lighter spraying, although those are rare. The dosage is being increased by day. And they are now MICROWAVING us. See Dane's latest article: Climate Engineering and Microwaved Skies. EGAD! But, you see, the problem, (for them), is that we're waking up in spite of it all, BIG TIME. I have been doing some really effective Shamanic work to boost the process, and frankly, I would rather spend my time doing that at this pont than staring at a computer screen. If anyone would like to know what I'm doing and join me (recommended), send me an email: (That's not a link, you have to copy and paste it.)

For what it's worth, and my thoughts don't seem to be worth too much to anyone these days, but I believe that what is happening now is the final purging of the last remnant of Reptilian DNA. I DO NOT believe the Reptilians still exist. I think they were destroyed ages ago. But we have been running on this program for eons. However, there is nothing to support it or back it or update it, (kinda like my XP), despite the opinions of the majority out there. That's why it's all collasping. But you cannot sit back and just watch it implode, or you will end up under the pile of debris, This is the time we must all take the most severe action. We are waaaay past the eleventh hour here; we're a second before midnight.

And along with people waking up to the criminality of our government and military, a light is being shone on numerous shadows. Here is one everyone in America should check out. Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. These people are proving that the "official" explanation for what happened that day was totally fabricated. Most of us knew that, but they are scientifically proving it.

And, incidentally, if you ever listen to Dane's Saturday broadcasts, and are not old enough to recognize the voice in the opening speaking of Secret Societies, it is President John F. Kennedy.

And one last word I must include, and it is about my most loathed government agency, the National Weather Service. How can these people live with themselves, knowing they are stealing taxpayer money to tell them lies? They don't even have a clue any more. As I've mentioned numerous times, I always read the "Forecast Discussions." They are a joke. The one here is Cleveland has a few frequently used lines. One is "We'll just have to wait and see where the front is." REALLY??? You can pretend to predict the temperatures and rainfall a week in advance, and you don't know where a fucking front is? What, did the AIR FORCE forget to send you that email?? And here's another favorite: "We'll let the night shift decide." OMG! These are supposedly professional meteorologists. And since when does a COLD FRONT come up from the SOUTH????? The last one did! HA!

And as for the farm here, I am so wet, I think I could go four months without a drop of precipitation and not dry out. We had our second powerline pole ROT AND FALL TO THE GROUND, in two months, within a half mile from my house. Talk about the grid going down. I have had 23 inches of rain here since July 15. And as Dane says, the weather isn't forecast any more, it's scheduled. I get my deluge on Thursdays and Sundays. How about you?

Well, enough of this shit. I've got better things to do, and that means using every ounce of energy to lay these bastards flat. I hope you join me.

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