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I actually have an entire article hand-written out, plus enough notes for a second article, but I am finding that I have less and less incentive to type it up and publish it. The more I separate from the Collective Mind, the less important it all seems, and that is where I want to be. And furthermore, the more removed I become from it all, the less I am able to put the experience into words. So therefore, I will share just a few highlights, and if and when I write a more informative article, I will elaborate on these points.

First, the more important question that must always be at the front of our minds is: "But what if none of this is true? What if none of this is real?" The reason this is important is that it casts doubts on EVERYTHING we are experiencing, and once you cast doubt, you open your mind to a different path. You see, we need to TOTALLY go in a different direction.

And by the same token, we absolutely NEED to let go of the news, especially the alternative news, which is corrupted to the hilt. Even though we think we know our own minds and are strong in our beliefs, other people's thought also cause us to cast doubt, often in the wrong direction. That is another reason I have been hesitant to write. The written word can be fatal along our path. Believe me, I have studied and observed this in my own life intensely, and even though we think we are strong, the tiniest doubt can place a huge obstacle on all our hard work, thus setting us back again.

Second, we must take responsibility for EVERYTHING that shows up in our lives. This is not to punish ourselves, but to empower ourselves immensely. As long as we have the tiniest shred of belief that someone else, or something else can affect us, we are still operating in a state of victimhood. Once we accept that everything that we experience shows up as a result of something within us that attracted it, we can then see the hidden programs that are running perpetually within our minds, and shut them off.

Please understand that not allowing the thoughts of the Collective Mind within our individual minds is NOT the same as denial. Denial is fear-based—the ostrich with its head in the sand, pretending something isn't there. What I am saying is to make a conscious choice to not allow the beliefs of the world into our own mental and spiritual data. Refer to the second paragraph. What if none of it is real? Once we understand that it is ALL illusion, then we can truly break away.

Third, and this was a real breakthrough for me. I realized we have been thinking this out back-assward. We cannot escape in order to be free. We need to be free in order to escape. Once we are free, escape follows. See again, point two. In order to be free, we cannot allow any of the Collective Mind into our own, because it will attract to us what we do not want, and keep us prisoner.

This is the course of action I have been following. I am still taking my Cosmic Journeys, but now, as I go out into space, I see the world disappearing into the Void, as if it were a black hole. I see my body and everything physical become the emptiness, the nothingness. I observe within this Void, one tiny speck of consciousnes and that is me. People are under the illusion that if we surround ourselves with light, we are protected, but I have found over many long years the the light acts as a porch lamp to moths and mosquitoes, attracting all kinds of pests that only drain us of our energy. When we are in the Void, it all stops, which brings me to Point Four.

We must STOP the creative process! At least until we are far enough removed from the Collective Mind to know beyond doubt that it can no longer influence us. With nearly eight billion people on the planet, the creative process is out of control, and most of the creation is negative and destructive. It just keeps snowballing. We want to be free of our karma, yet we carry the burden of the collective karma, and the more awakened we are, the more we bear it. Many of us have something programmed within us that makes us believe that is our purpose here on earth, especially those who now, or in a past life adhered to Eastern Philosophies, particularly Buddhism. But what if none of that is true? Karma only begets more karma. We need to be free of the whole concept of karma. It's like Christians who brag that Jesus has "saved" them (and therefore they can do whatever the hell they please). There is no magic bullet here. We simply have to adopt a new operating program for our minds. That is why I am finding that spending time in the Void stops the process. And I will continue stopping it until it is entirely shut down within me, and a new mindset takes its place, far, far removed from what we now perceive as reality. Then and only then, will I, will we, individually be able to create our own visions. If we try to create something beautiful now, it comes out corrupted due to the denseness of the current earthly thoughtforms, creations, like most of the world's babies, created by accident.

And one last point: For anyone on the Path, I highly recommend the book Kim by Rudyard Kipling, which review I just published. Granted, there is much in this story, that contradicts what I have stated in this article, but it is such an amazing and beautiful story—Kipling's masterpiece, in fact—that its positive effects will far outweigh any doubts that may arise. You can read the book for free from Project Gutenberg.

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