The REAL Shithole Nation

That would be us, the Untied States of America. Absolutely no national unity any more. No coherence. Fragmented. Coming apart at the seams. After Trump's recent vulgar and offensive description of certain peoples, why is this nation not in an outrage? Why are we not all marching to Washington with barrels of tar and feathers, demanding the impeachment of such an ignorant, arrogant and rude creature that should make every one of us embarrassed and ashamed to be called American? Because we have become a nation of selfish and self-serving people who are only concerned with their own personal wealth and material gain, their own pleasure and self-gratification, a nation existing in a state of apathy and lethargy. What will it take to jerk people out of their stupor? I fear it will be an event of such magnitude that there will be no redemption possible. On behalf of all the decent people who still remain, I beg forgiveness from all the people of Africa, Haiti, El Salvador, and all the myriad other nations and peoples that Trump has insulted and degraded since taking, (stealing) office. He does not express the views of any moral or ethical person. He hasn't even helped the people of PUERTO RICO, who are still living without power and life necessities and they are American citizens!!!! HEY TRUMP! You wanna see a REAL SHITHOLE? Just look in the mirror, and you don't even need to bend over. Incidentally, Trump, the people from Norway DON'T want to be here with you.

Trump referred to Haiti and African nations as ‘shithole’ countries
"Sh*thole countries" respond to Trump's rhetoric
Obama's stern warning for Trump
Trump's outrageous remark shows his affinity for the worst of America's past

Here is a quote from the above article:

Trump doesn't want immigrants from "shithole countries," to come to America. He wants to make America his kind of great again, by taking it back to a time when most immigrants were white, when all decisions were made by coteries of wealthy white men, men who didn't have to worry about pesky women demanding equal treatment, and other minorities demanding their voices be heard; a time when people from poor countries could only dream of coming to America. But even then, the President of the United States knew better than to call other nations—including American allies—shithole countries.

The only bright spot is that, he is losing his staff and there's not exactly a line at the door of people who want to associate with him, so, if he finds himself alone in the White House, he may stand a good chance of being booted. Or maybe SOMEONE will officially declare him the deranged lunatic that he is, and he will be carried away in a straitjacket. We can only hope. This article, in all seriousness, notes recent behavior in Trump that points to dementia.

Doctors want President Trump's head examined

And the national apathy is not just about the president's behavior. Anyone who continues to turn their heads and close their minds about the climate atrocity is not only all I stated above, but thoroughly succumbed to the mind-control program that keeps people glued to their TVs and cell phones and personal dramas. Lionel stated that people have the attention span of a gnat, in his recent interview with Dane Wigington of GeoengineeringWatch. I rarely take the time to sit down and watch a video, but this I did, and it is very good. Lionel has a corny sense of humor that keeps you smiling in the face of the serious subject they are discussing. More people and organizations are throwing in their support to immediately halt the devastating geoengineering programs that are now creating daily weather disasters, most leading to fatalities and major property damage, at the least. The west coast is under attack, even worse than the east. This interview brought up some very interesting points. Dane pointed out that the exact areas that were targeted for these recent out-of-control wildfires were the very ones that got the deluge of rain. Does that seem normal to you? Or planned, more likely. I suppose most of you know that Oprah was one of the wealthy inhabitants of that area whose home got hit. I emailed her through one of her shows, the only one that I could find that might possibly get my message through, begging for her support and assistance in battling this criminal program. I really know little about Oprah, and even when I had a TV long ago, never watched her, but I think she cares about people. After I sent my message, I saw that Dane was also calling for anyone on social media or whatever, to attempt to contact her. She would be a great addition to our cause. But little by little more and more powerful people are joining the fight. As the human-caused disasters begin to hit home for more and more people, particularly those in the public eye, we may have a chance of finally getting the media attention we desperately need, with the resulting public outcry.

Another point Dane made concerned Raytheon, who, as I have pointed out, owns the national weather maps, and it is their script that meteorologists are paid to present to the people as the weather "forecast." Anyone paying attention would have to ask the question, "why would a weapons and ballistics company be in charge of predicting the weather?" and my response is . . . .well, go figure. Lionel and Dane were talking about the day that someone sent Al Roker an image of geoengineered tic-tac-toe spraying patterns in the sky, and his response was, "Isn't nature wonderful." His day in court shall arrive for spreading lethal lies. We must name names and put specific people to the task of defending their lies.

Now, back to "Winter Storm Hunter" that walloped the midwest and east. OMG!!! It had reached 63.5 degrees on Thursday and only got down to 55 degrees overnight, then rose to 57 degrees on Friday. Then when the (fake) "cold front" passed—this line of torrential rain that lasted about ten minutes along with this terrifying wind that blew the rain horizontal, sent the contents of my porch sailing. In fifteen minutes, the temperature plumeted to 41 degrees. I'm sorry, but shit like that just scares the hell out of me because I know it is being manipulated by people who do not give a flying fuck about our safety or well being. Then, it all cleared up, for about two hours. After that the sleet and freezing rain began, but the freezing rain lasted after the temperatures had plummetted to 26 degrees!!! THAT IS NOT NATURAL. Then, we got howling winds and a blizzard.

NONE OF IT IS NATURAL!!! Here are two more imporatant articles on chemical ice nucleation and the totally geoengineering snowstorms:

Geoengineered Winter Weather, The Chemical Ice Nucleation Factor
Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, January 13, 2018, #127

From the article above, I want to reprint some of the reader comments, the first by V. Susan Ferguson, whom I have quoted before, who is extremely intelligent, and, I believe was formerly a correspondent for a major newspaper:

VSF: A new HB 'house bill' law is being pushed through in Washington State that basically gives the entire state to the military here. I live in an electronic warfare EW zone on the Olympic Peninsula here. Washington State is now officially a military zone enterprise. The PDF reads to me that they have covered any possible objection. Ever. They learned from their Whidbey Island experiences and more recent objections over the Olympic Peninsula. WA now belongs to them, they are the priority. The entire state is now a Guam, or Germany & parts of Japan. A friend sent a summary of the bill HB 2341 to me:
"I've had an opportunity to review HB 2341 a little more closely.  It is simply atrocious, not to overstate how bad it is. Simply put, HB 2341 allows the military to dictate what uses shall be allowed, and whether any development shall be allowed, on any land in the State of Washington. This is accomplished by Section 4(a) that removes a prior requirement that at least 100 people be employed on a military facility before the provisions of RCW 36.70A.530 would apply, and removes the requirement that military land be adjacent to land to which the development regulations that the bill addresses would apply. As an example, the military could conclude that residential development in western Clallam County poses an incompatibility with the Navy's Pacific Northwest Electronic Warfare Range because people living there would be adversely affected by the EWR.  That incompatibility would preclude any residential development there. The bill also provides for a state program and state subsidies to condemn property which might otherwise be developed in a manner incompatible with military intentions.  This means more direct subsidization of U.S. Military development with state tax money. There are other procedural and technical provisions in the bill that are also concerning."

It seems to me that the government/military-industrial complex has a nefarious plan to take over the entire west coast, systematically killing off the entire region. Yet the people there do naught to stop it. AMAZING! Really quite dumbfounding. And it could happen where ANY of us live. Here is another reader message from the same article, by frequent writer Paul Vonharnish. Please note that I personally did not watch the recommended video yet.

To those who ask: What can we do about geoengineering and the poisoning of our planet? What can we do with companies such as Raytheon, and the ominous presence of the corporate military dictatorship? How do we put an end to cartels of liars who are enslaved by organizations such as NOAA? How do we end the false realities presented by the media? How do we revolt against the status quo without destroying ourselves and our planet?
I spent most of 2015 perusing various Codes and Statutes I had gleaned from the Cornell University pages. I posted these findings quite often on the pages of Geoengineering Watch during that year, in the hopes that readers might understand the linkage between Lawful processes, versus the bastardization of our "legal" system. Our courts have become little more than corporate controlled cesspools… These "judges" need to be served notice.
There are hundreds of Lawful processes available to the citizenry of our former Republic. This is OUR Nation. This is OUR planet. Everyone must stand up to those occupying "Federal" courts positions, and force them to respect OUR legal processes.  Your forefathers worked hard to develop and implement Common Laws which must be exercised, now.
These two films present the clearest picture of how the "legal" system is actually structured. Though the issues revolve around illegal “Smart Meter” surveillances and private property rights, the Statute processes are applicable to a vast number of situations. Never give up…
InPower Movement: Watch Episodes 1 & 2 FREE!
Posted: 26 August 2017

And last, also from the same article is another comment by reader Horsegirl:

In returning to the US Air Force 1996 manifesto ""Weather as a force multiplier:  Owning the Weather in 2025" it appears they plainly envision a trained horde of phony weather reporters.  Page 8 lays out plans for such a network:
Our vision is that by 2025 the military could influence the weather on a mesoscale (<200 km
2) or microscale (immediate local area) to achieve operational capabilities such as those listed in Table 1. The capability would be the synergistic result of a system consisting of (1) highly trained weather force specialists (WFS) who are members of the CINC's (commander-in-chief's)weather force support element (WFSE); (2) access ports to the global weather network (GWN), where worldwide weather observations and forecasts are obtained
near-real-time from civilian and military sources; (3) a dense, highly accurate local area weather sensing and communication system; (4) an advanced computer local area weather-modification modeling and prediction capability within the area of responsibility (AOR); (5) proven weather-modification intervention technologies; and (6) a feedback capability could be employed to meet a CINC’s needs.
Page 11 depicts our current legion of paid liars deployed as meteorologists:
WFSE personnel will need to be experts in information systems and well schooled in the arts of both offensive and defensive information warfare. They would also have an in-depth understanding of the GWN and an appreciation for how weather-modification could be employed to meet a CINC/s needs
The scope and activity of Raytheon is outlined in these pages in its role of modeling the weather.
Suggested reading for all.  Nothing in this document appears yet left undone.

Now, a little more from me about Raytheon, and my favorite weather map at WFMJ TV. I have explained numerous times in my articles about how to get the most information from this map, so I won't again, but let me share a couple screenshots. The first was from "Hunter", taken at 8:45 PM on Friday, 1/12, as the blizzard was hitting. It is the "satellite view," but the "future" model. Now the "models" are what the meteorologists supposedly use to "forecast" the weather, but, in fact, the models clearly show the spraying patterns, which of course determine how the weather is being manipulated to behave. Look at the lines of trails closing in in the Great Lakes region, which got hit terribly and is where I live. Not only that, but this thing was behaving almost as a "comma cloud" storm, swirling like a pinwheel. The one that is coming next is doing likewise. Seriously, do those look like real clouds?

Future Satellite View, Great Lakes Region, 1/12/18, 8:45 PM

This is one I took as "Grayson" moved up the east coast. It was taken around noon on January 7, and is even more obvious. Yet, I asked someone if they thought those looked like real clouds and they said yes!!! OMG! It is called conditioning, and the media now has so much of the geoengineered sky filmed in movies, TV, and even, and especially, Disney animations, that people have normalized it, which is exactly the goal. For those of you hammered on the east coast, there's what they did to make it happen

Future Satellite View, East Coast, 1/7/18, Noon

I have more to say on this, so a follow-up is imminent. This was not even the next article I had planned, because I have a great deal more to say on imagination and a follow-up to my last article, Across the Universe. So, two articles will be arriving soon.

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