It has been my intention to stay away from articles this year, and I have a Bible article in process to explain my decision. However, I am becoming increasingly alarmed over the weather situation and the agenda that appears to be unfolding. We are WAAAAAY past the point where we can debate the geoengineering issue, and as Dane says, the one silver lining in this cloud is that more and more people are waking up to it. And consequently, what appears to me to be happening is that the experimental slow-kill being carried out on this planet by our government and others, (and I think we will find very soon that they are all being run by the same group of beings who are most likely not of this planet), is accelerating into its possible culmination of fast-kill. What better way to elimintate the majority of the over-population, while still leaving much of the planet semi-inhabitable for the elite to take over, as opposed to a nuclear holocaust, which would take centuries to heal.

Let's start with here in the eastern U.S.. This has been the winter from hell. Every time the sun dares to appear, we are inundated with thick dark skies and torrential rainfall, followed by a "cold front" and high winds that cool us down for a few days. The "snow" that falls afterwards in literally unreal. This goop, made of toxic metals, including lead iodide and other very poisonous substances, has a quality unlike anything I have ever experienced. During that "Polar Vortex," (yeah, right), I could barely walk my dogs. Not that there was so much snow. The "blizzard" preceding it dropped only seven inches here, not that much for a normal Ohio winter in the past. But the problem is, everywhere I stepped, it turned to solid ice. I had to keep finding new paths to walk the dogs because I could barely keep my balance. Never, ever have I seen anything like this.

Yesterday, it was so cold I could hardly force myself to go outside, but of course I had to. While the thermometer read in the upper 20s, it felt like below zero, and it was NOT "wind chill." We had an all-day off-and-on drizzle of snow which amounted to nothing more than a coating, but my entire yard was like a sheet of glass. In the moonlight, it sparkled like crystals, which would have been pretty if it wasn't so deadly. We dropped down to 9.1 degrees last night!! Way too cold for the mid-end of February. The spraying is now going on nearly 24/7. Though I couldn't see through the toxic goo, every time I went ouside, I could hear them up there, grinding away. As of yesterday, we were supposed to be up to 42 degrees, according to the NWS, and partly sunny. This morning, today's "forecast" high dropped to 32 degrees. Here is the anomaly map for today, courtesy of the Climate Change Institute at the Unversity of Maine. Does it not seem odd to you that the most drastic "abnormally low" temperatures ON THE WHOLE PLANET, are in the U.S.? While most of the rest of the planet is abnormally hot to extremely abnormally hot. Gosh, just imagine how the heating and cooling industries are benefitting. Plus, this toxic shit is SO drying. I cannot seem to keep hydrated, and I am filling my pets' water bowls constantly. And when it melts, there is really very little water, because, of course, it isn't water.

Temperature Anomaly Map for February 19, 2019

For most of my life, I could not wait for spring to arrive. It meant warm, dry balmy days where one could work (or play) outside in jeans and a sweatshirt, and maybe a light jacket, with a light and pleasant breeze. Now, I have come to dread it, because the minute it shows signs of warming up, we get doused and deluged with toxic sprays and even more toxic rain/snow. In my growing-up years, precipitation came maybe an average of five days of month, depending on the time of year. NOW, it is five days a week or more. These psychopathic semi-lifeforms have decided that we are not allowed to have sunshine and pleasant weather any more, at least here in Ohio. How demented, how perverted is that? We are right on the pathway where some of the worst weather modification is taking place.

The south is pretty bad, too. I have a friend who is from Myrtle Beach, and her mom still lives there. She said a couple weeks ago, they were 90 DEGREES!! OMG! Now the southern states are due for another deluge. If you study all the maps, as I do, and I have about 15-20 different pages to which I refer, you can easily "see" how they are aiming for a certain goal. They have been trying to produce this flood in the south, or mid-south, for a couple weeks, and it looks as if it may materialize, but not quite as severe as they had wished. Here is the 7-day QPF (Quantitative Precipitation Forecast) for February 19, 2019, 7 AM through February 26, 2019, 7 AM from NOAA. The tiny buff-colored specks are 7-10 inches, and the pale orange is 5-7 inches, but what they had planned mid-week was that much in a 3-4 day period. This is bad enough, but that would have been even more deadly. The more you study these maps, the more you are able to see into the minds of these horrible creatures. and this is the slow-kill. Or at least, make as many people homeless as possible. But the fast-kill may be in sight. I believe they now have the technology to wipe out an immense segment of the population and make it look like an "act of god." And what "gods?" The Reptilian ones that have been infiltrating this planet for eons.

QPF for February 19, 2019, 7 AM through February 26, 2019, 7 AM

The weather media, of course, is trying to make it LOOK natural. In fact, the whole climate change thing has become a "sensation," which has served to distract the population from the real cause. I realize that children such as Greta Thunberg are totally sincere in their efforts, and that goes for all the kids skipping school in Europe to participate in climate marches, and there are thousands of them. But they are too young and innocent to understand the real agenda, that being the fact that our climate situation is not an unfortunate by-product of our poor stewardship of the planet, which is bad enough, but that it is an act of warfare which has been in development for decades. And so, these well meaning people, both children and adults, are playing into the hands of the perpetrators.

The meteorologist are the ones that truly make me want to puke. I cannot believe that THEY do not understand what is really going on, especially those at the NWS and NOAA. OF COURSE they know. I don't care how much they are getting paid or even threatened, I cannot fathom their inability or unwillingness to speak the truth. I think the Weather Channel website is probably the worst. They create all these cutesie headline for weather systems that can and do kill people. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THEIR BRAINS? Titles like "It's a Doozy," or "Tired of all this snow yet?" or "The worst is yet to come." Even worse are their "funny" little videos of people falling on the ice, or how about this one:
Watch School Bus Flip Over on Icy Road in Kansas City
Why would people want to watch these things? (I did not watch it.)
Here is a recent one, on the flooding I mentioned above:
Deluge Won't End for Days: What We Know.
These are people's lives and property, and they treat it all as entertainment. I cannot wrap my mind around that mentality. The NWS is just as bad. Just read their "Forecast Discussions," on their local forecast pages. Trying to be witty in emergency situations is just tacky. Last week they kept us on a "Hazardous Weather" alert when there was no hazardous weather in sight. I have found also that their forecasts are becoming more and more bizarre. A couple days ago, I watched a snowfall "model" that depicted a huge area of snow where there was not a speck. We were "supposed" to get 1-3 inches, but got almost nothing. A couple days ago, we were on a "Winter Weather Advisory." We had about ten minutes of sleet that left little white patches scattered all over. And yet, even the frozen ground feels like a skating rink.

Here is one of the most bizarre visuals I ever saw. It is the hourly forecast graphics for my specific location, published February 10, 2019, for February12-13. The top row shows wind chill, dew point and temperature. Look at the zigzags in the green dewpoint. REALLY? In the third row, the green shows the relative humidity doing the same thing, plus the temperature and sky cover. We never did get those 43 mph wind gusts, by the way.

Hourly Forecast Graph for February 12-13, 2019

And so, what must we do? Obviously at this point, the ONLY choice is full disclosure and immediate halting of all geoengineering activities if we wish to stand a chance of surviving on this planet past the next couple years, and not 10 or 20 years, as the "climate experts" would have us believe. The window is closing faster and faster as we see more deadly weather events happening around the planet at an alarmingly accelerated pace. Stopping the activity would certainly leave us extremely hot, but at least the planet would have the chance to begin rebalancing herself, and we really don't know how long that would take. We may be surprised to find that it could happen much quicker than we think, but without stopping geoengineering NOW, we do not have a chance. I suspect that here in Northeast Ohio it would get very hot, but at least we would see the sun again, and the deluges would cease. The sun is a healer. We NEED the sun. Especially here in the entire eastern US, where we have been under water for SOOOOOOOO long.

The thing is, the long-term forecasts for the entire US put out by NOAA and the NWS predicted a warm and dry winter for the east and cold for the west. I was looking so forward to that relief. So what the fuck happened? It obviously reversed, and now, OMG, I would rather be here in Ohio that anywhere on the west coast. WHAT ARE THEY DOING TO THE PEOPLE OUT THERE? It truly terrifies me. Here is the
NWS/NOAA Climate Prediction page.

Dane has said that the engineered cooldowns are the worst of the geoengineering activities, and he has done many articles and videos on them. Here is his latest, that unbelievable "snowstorm" that hit Northern California.
Climate Extremes, Geoengineering And Winter Weather Whiplash.
I agree with him, because not only is this devastating to all life on the planet, but it fuels the fires of confusion for those who STILL do not "get it," and do not understand how seriously hot the planet has actually become.

Everyone, and I do mean EVERYONE needs to take on this burden of educating every single person with whom they come in contact, of this ILLEGAL, CRIMINAL activitiy going on in our skies. With all this preparation they have done, once the majority of the population knows and goes on a rampage, of course, they will have a weapon to kill us. But there is also the possibility that disclosure will render them impotent and powerless and that's the one I'm counting on. What is NOT acceptable is to sit around and do nothing. Even with the changes I have made this year, which I will talk about in my next Bible article, as mentioned above, I cannot and will not shut up about this. Anyone who loves this planet and all her plants and creatures must speak out, or realize they are being a total hypocrite. What is happening in California—that is, the long drought now followed by deluge, is also happening in Australia, and it is heartbreaking, especially for all the hundreds of thousands of poor animals who have died. Here is a recent article, but again, keep in mind there is NO mention of geoengineering, and until THAT becomes the main talking point, NOTHING will change.
Australia’s Burning, Flooding, Disastrous New Normal

I think what has become so painful to me is trying to function in a world of lies. Those of us who KNOW things and are desperately working to communicate the truth, only to be met with ignorance and apathy are ready to scream inside. I feel like the weight of the world sits on my shoulders, and I know that Dane and his community are feeling the same way. We need disclosure on SO many issues. They are out there, published on websites such as Common Dreams or Global Research, which I link quite often in these articles, but the majority of the population is seeing the world through an entirely different screen. A modern-day Tower of Babel, perhaps, and not by accident. The links in this chain must be broken, and once one goes, the whole delusion will come down with a thud. We are in the midst of an epic battle yet few realize we are at war. What will it take to open the eyes of the blind and bring the world to justice?

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