Multiple Scenarios

For anyone that is even remotely paying attention, it is obvious that something very massive is happening on this planet. If anyone tries to say they know how this will all turn out, they are either very arrogant, very ignorant, or lying. NOBODY knows, but those of us who have made it their life's mission have some ideas that are more than just a whimsey or even educated guess. For these past few months, I have been guided on my journeys to another dimension and given specific instructions, which I have carried out to the best of my ability. All the others who have been devoted to this transformation have had their own specific tasks. I have had the feeling lately that my work is wrapping up and that we will be moving into the next phase. Will another series of tasks come along? Lately I have felt a sense of culmination, that we have gone as far as we can go, perhaps, and now we need to allow the seeds we have sown germinate. In other words, things seem to be taking on a life of their own, much different than business as usual, and that is good. What I will try to do is put into words several possible scenarios that have rolled around my mind of late. I am making a point to be as prepared as possible for at least a number of them. I see these as directions in which all this long hard work that many of us have been doing for numerous lifetimes may take us, combined with the opposing forces that are still active on this planet and universe, but definitely not as strong. Lisa Renee at Energetic Synthesis has written a great deal lately about breakthroughs by and with the groups she works with. We are by no means in the clear or guaranteed to prevail, however there are some times when we just must step out of the way and let our manifestations generate their own power.

The one scenario I absoutely DO NOT buy into is the one that many Christians believe, that Jesus will come again and take them and burn the rest in hell. So many of these people who brag about being "saved" are some of the wickedest, laziest, most mean and selfish people I have ever known. This is OUR planet and OUR problem, and most of the solution is about OUR transformation, in fact THAT is the purpose. If someone swoops down to save us, we will only go on to someplace else, too stupid and weak to prevent that exact same thing from happening again. WE have to grow in strength, wisdom, and responsibility to take care of ourselves so that what has happened here will NEVER happen again. That is called FREEDOM, but how can one break out of the prison walls when one does not even recognize the fact that they are not free, or understand the nature of their enslavement. That is the place where the vast majority of people still reside. And in nearly every scenario I speak of here, I do not see any way in which all people will end up in the same place. In fact, I see a number of vastly different places to accomodate the frequency levels of the planet's population.

The first scenario is the one I hold with the lowest possibility, although with many people, it seems to be the direction we are heading. And that being total annihilation. Of course, for the ones who believe "when you're dead you're dead" and nothing comes after, that must be a pretty bleak way of looking at life. I have believed for a very long time that this "end-of-the-world" transformation will also free us from death, but will we reach the level we need to reach before the planet's final collapse? I certainly do not want to incarnate again and go through this hell one more time. The events happening now are in freefall. The Arctic is literally on fire. Why wouldn't it be? The men in their flying machines have pulled down all the cold Arctic air and moisture along with it, with the help of electromagnetic frequencies, and dumped it on the eastern half of the U.S., where the rich and stupid people believe the outrageous lies coming from the likes of The Weather Channel, which offers "simple explanations" (lies) for the increasingly bizarre and anomalous weather we are ALL now suffering. Meanwhile we are on the edge of extermination. Arctic News gives us till next year, and other sources range from 2023 to 2026, but I think, with what I am observing, that is WAY too generous.

I want to point out that this is the strictly physical aspect of the planetary collapse, which is why I do not totally buy into it, HOWEVER, one MUST thoroughly educate themselves on what is happening at the PHYSICAL level in order to take the necessary action at the NON-PHYSICAL level. The physical world is our mirror to the energetic world. One of the tragedies of the whole "New Age" movement is that it taught people to just ignore what they didn't want to face in their physical reality. The movement began with the right intentions, but was sabotaged by the Reptilian Mind Control program. THAT is why we are so far behind in our evolution. And unless you pay very close attention to the events taking place on the planet, you will not have a clear picture of our predicament. WE MUST CONNECT ALL THE DOTS.

Dane is the best dot-connector I can think of, and the best thing I can recommend is studying the materials at Geoengineering Watch, especially his community's comments. For those of you who still do not "get it," most of my articles this summer/fall are being published on my farm series, Between Two Worlds. I have volumes of materials to share concerning the physical world, which will be on those pages. Here I want to cover the energetic stuff. However, let me leave you with just a few important links. Please keep in mind that if you do not follow through with the materials I provide, you are really not taking this seriously, and it is DEAD serious. Knowledge is power. The more you know, the more you will understand the work of the Reptilian Controllers, and THAT is the root of the problem which must be disclosed and banished.

You can find links to the important sites I talk about all the time on my Recommended Links page. It is also found on the left column of my Home page, about 3/4 of the way down in the "Book Reviews" section, and on my Book Reviews link at the top of the page. And if any of you are STILL not familiar with Dane's site, then shame on you. You are not taking this seriously at all. His weekly broadcasts become increasingly more dire with each issue. Here is a comment from a community member from North Carolina, which I found particularly disturbing. It is from this week's broadcast, Global Alert News.

Jonathan O'Quinn says:
August 4, 2019 at 3:51 am

I have for the past four or five years now been finding very sticky clumps of white fuzzy material that looks like clumps of spider webs floating down from the sky. I see it in the trees and on the grass. I collected a small amount and sent it to an independent non-government lab in New England where it was tested and came back as nylon. Unfortunately, my sample size wasn't large enough for them to say anything beyond that.

I had my soil tested about 4 years ago, I Waters agricultural labs. The amount of aluminum in my sample came back at a level equivalent to 1198 lb of aluminum per acre of soil.

I'm seeing more and more trees around Greenville the either have ceased to thrive and grow at a normal rate, or the tops of the trees in many cases are starting to look like they've been scorched with no leaves at all in the upper branches, just dead looking branches at the top and some green leaves down below. This is in Greenville North Carolina.

And people still think we will be able to grow food, no problem. I certainly cannot. I picked the few blackberries that actually ripened on my outside bushes yesterday, and they were inedible, all seeds with absolutely no flavor. My outside containers that I usually have filled with various greens have STILL not dried out enough to plant, and what I did plant has drowned. I finally took my berry bushes outside from the greenhouse, and in a short while, the leaves turned strange colors. If they have been spraying us for 70 years, and currently an estimated 20 million tons of aluminum per year, I believe, how can anyone expect our soil to be anything but contaminated? And when you follow the link above, be sure to read Gail's comment (from Yellowhead County, Alberta), about the miles of trees she came across while driving on the highway that were completely devoid of leaves, when just a week ago, they were all green. That is plain fucking scary. She is one of my favorite community members, who is extremely well-educated, well-informed and well-aware.

So that is most of what I will say on the strictly physical stuff, the rest will be covered in my next issue of Between Two Worlds. I now want to discuss other possible scenarios, many of which will concern "bifurcation." Lisa Renee, at Energetic Synthesis speaks of this frequently, and I am a firm believer, in fact, we are well into it. It means that the planet, energetically, is splitting in two because there is such a vast difference between those who are awakening and those who are not, cannot, or choose not to. Unfortunately we who are awakening can still see much of what is happening on the side of those who are asleep, but I personally am finding that I have very little interest in what is going on in many areas of the news which previously interested me. I seem to be drawn to the articles that supply information that I need, and the rest does not even exist for me, for instance most having to do with politics and money, since those institutions are on the verge of imminent collapse. The bifurcation thing is really important, and there are many possible scenarios which could stem from it.

So here is one. Years ago, I was with two friends. We had gone to a local radical church, which was hosting a group of exiled Tibetan Monks. They offered a special prayer program, and an exhibition of the sand mandala which they had created, which was then dumped into Lake Erie, as a blessing. Anyways, the place was packed, and unfortunately, there was a large group of rude and obnoxious people who talked during the whole program. Since the monks did not speak English except for one, and he was difficult to hear and understand, my two friends and I became very frustrated. Then, as if by magic, about two thirds of the audience just got up and walked out!! I will never forget this experience. Suddenly, the energy shifted drastically. We moved to the front and each received a personal blessing from one of the monks. When we left, I said to my friends, "You understand what just happened, right?" But I don't think they did, really. It was a physical manifestation of the coming bifurcation. When those who were not able to comprehend the higher frequencies departed, those of us who did felt like the air had suddenly cleared.

Do you not notice just how many people are leaving the planet now? Lisa Renee frequently speaks of this, too. I have noticed that more and more celebrities are dying, a couple billionaires in the last two months. I'm not saying that people who are rich are not evolved, but most are not because they have mostly had things so easy that there has been no reason to do personal work on themselves. And when they suddenly realize how empty their lives are they OD or commit suicide, especially the young ones.

Billionaire Chris Cline dies in a helicopter crash near the Bahamas, governor says
Saoirse Kennedy Hill, a granddaughter of Robert F. Kennedy, dead after being found unresponsive at family compound

I don't know how many people are aware of the Georgia Guidestones. I was not, until a couple years ago, and I still am not sure how I feel about them, nor have I given them much thought. But I do agree with their basic premise, mostly.
Georgia Guidestones
However, in the scenario I have just described, there is a major flaw. OK, so the evil people or those who can't or do not wish to evolve leave the planet. We are left with the other ones who STILL may not be able to reach the point of awakening. Yes, they may be good people, but I know lots of good people who still cannot imagine living without the money system, government, medical system, etc., etc.. In other words, yeah, these are people who are much better than the evil, greedy ones we have now, but anyone who still believes in these "systems" will never free themselves from the Matrix, and thus, are still tied mostly to the third dimension, and that is what we want to leave. So, it would only be a matter of time until those people developed the same greed and evil that we have now, in other words, history would repeat itself yet one more time, and it simply CANNOT. Right now the planet itself is such a polluted, corrupted mess, that we require metaphysical, energetic means to restore it. Plus, until humanity begins to function at the energetic level, there will always be a doorway to Reptilian invasion.

Here is another bifurcation scenario. We have the evil ones who think they can destroy the planet, then either descend into their underground cities, which I have serious doubts about, even though people swear it is true. Because the mess they are making would require millions of years to heal, and I cannot believe people could live underground for that long. Supposedly there are races that still live in the center of the earth, but they are other-dimensional, and certainly not human. Do the Reptilians believe they can restore the planet? Or are they converting their followers into "bots" like them? That is what the transhumanism movement is, and the subject of Dan Brown's latest book, Origin. That is certainly the goal of nut-cases like Elon Musk, who is working on chips to insert into people's brains to connect them with their cell phones. I don't think he has much human left in him. Paul Vonharnish made a very appropriate comment about him on Dane's Global Alert News for July 27, 2019. In fact, there were many interesting comments on that page. Anyways, Paul says:

"There used to be places called asylums for nut jobs like Elon Musk, but the corporate/capitalist estate has turned the directional sign around… Please read the entire article, then ask yourselves how to economically sterilize the military kooks and techno-lunatics gleefully destroying our planet."

He then supplies a link which everyone should read.

Space Lunacy: $ Trillion Space Games and False Prophecies by Billionaires While Rome Burns.

OK, so this tells me that they know they are destroying the Earth, perhaps because they want to kill off all of us who are fighting for disclosure about everything from climate engineering, 9/11, vaccines, GMOs and especially Alein Interference. They know they have lost, and are making their get-away plans so they can fuck up yet another planet. Hm? And just leave the rest of us here to die from their messes.

So, in this scenario, which is probably closest to the one currently happening, we have an energetic war being waged, of which the VAST majority of the population hasn't a clue. The destruction of the planet is for a reason, and deliberate, including the mass murders of late, in El Paso, Texas and Yikes!! Dayton, Ohio. Ohio has been making the news a little too much lately and not on good things. Below is another one about a tragedy concerning puppy kisses. Yep, let's just keep filling people up with more and more vaccines and all kinds of drugs and toxins, and pretty soon we will have NO immune system left at all. That one was in Canton, which is only about 35 minutes away from me.

The Dayton shooter wore a mask, bulletproof vest and hearing protection as he opened fire, police chief says
A woman lost her hands and legs to an infection from puppy kisses

Now, in this scenario, which is like the one spoken of in Bringers of the Dawn, one in which we return to Earth and reclaim it, and banish the Reptilian invaders, DISCLOSURE is one of the main goals. I wish people would get this because it is so important. DISCLOSURE about climate engineering, 9/11, 5G, and all the other horrors we are dealing with WILL lead to DISCLOSURE about Alien Interference, because THAT is the root of the problem. We must attack the physical symptoms first to show the world what is going on energetically. I am seeing more and more signs of disclosure in many areas. This one, posted by Dennie on this weeks Global Alert News linked above, is an article from a Marin County, CA. paper, (near San Francisco, I believe) calling for DISCLOSURE about CLIMATE ENGINEERING!!! WOW!! He was quite excited.

Marin Voice: Is weather geoengineering happening over Northern California?

This one gives me even greater hope that truth will be revealed.

New York Area Fire Commissioners Make History, Call for New 9/11 Investigation.

And more and more articles about military corruption are showing up all the time.

Exclusive: Top US Navy SEAL tells commanders in letter: 'We have a problem'

And here is another. Now, I admit, I have never heard of this man, nor his book, nor would I ever want to read it. Now, he could be making this confession purely for good publicity. Don't know. However, there is that slight possibility that indeed he has awakened to the lies. More and more people are, and thus, the bifurcation comes.

Joshua Harris, a former pastor who wrote relationship book, says his marriage is over and he is no longer Christian

As the splitting of the two worlds becomes deeper, there will be no place for those sitting on the fence. Being a "good" person is not the same as being an awakened person. My closest friend is extremely good, but still asleep in many areas, although I pester her constantly and she takes it seriously because she knows I care about her. But the fact is, when the bottom falls out on the Matrix, and THAT is the goal for which those like myself are pushing without letting up—when that happens, unless people understand the energetic reality as well as the physical one, they will be in shock, because the bottom will fall out in their whole world. It will probably even be a shocker for those like myself who are extremely aware. I don't think even WE have a clue as to how much Reptilian evil has infiltrated our lives. I have lately been keenly aware of JUST HOW MUCH sorcery is being used on me, and how I can fight it using White Magic. That has been a great deal of my focus lately, and I am, once more becoming also aware of just how powerful I am or have the potential to be. Each day I teach myself how to use this power with a great deal of discernment, and I am being guided in this process immensely. WE WILL NEED THESE SKILLS TO SURVIVE. We must also be more and more aware of the MIND CONTROL PROGRAM, both the government/military one and the Reptilian one, which are all from the same root source. I really don't think, again, that even I am aware of its total infiltration into our lives. But none of this we can fight at the physical level. We MUST know how to work with energy. There is guidance for EVERYONE who truly desires it, but take care and be advised: the Guides will know who is sincere and who is not because you will be put to the tests. This is not for wimps nor is it easy. I have devoted most of my adult life to it. I suggest you read The Pilgrim's Progress and apply it to your life.

And though the elites believe they have it all under control, there are more and more signs that they are totally out of control, although they are too arrogant to even realize it. But, as I said, nobody knows how this will all play out. Therefore, I am attempting to be prepared for all possibilities. Why am I planting all these fruit bushes if the planet will be dead by next year? Why am I buying and saving seeds for next year when I truly do not believe there will be a next year? If the bifurcation plays out, there will be a total splitting of the worlds, in fact I see evidence of this happning already. No one knows how long this transition period will last, either. And so, without even being aware of going anywhere, there is a possibility we will find ourselves in a different world, a seamless transition, perhaps.

Will we wake up one morning, still in the same place, and yet realize something is very different? Will a vast segment of the population be missing? That may be in the final phase, or maybe a vast number of people will suddenly die, and we will have the same experience I had in the church with the monks. Do I believe if the Earth's population was reduced to a few million that most of the problems we are dealing with would either be solved on their own, or be easier to solve? It depends on the nature of the people who remain, but certainly a drastic population reduction would allow Nature to rebalance herself. But if we are living in a simulated reality, that would not be the case. I have played with all these possibilities in my mind for years. We need to know the truth about what is really happening on on this planet before we can fully understand where we are going, or need, or want to go. We still have many dots to connect.

All I do know is that nothing is the same and it is all getting more and more bizarre by the day. Does anybody really know what time it is? Seriously, the "time" thing has become wacky. Sometimes I feel like we are nowhere NEAR 2019. Where have those years gone? I can barely remember the past and I look back thirty years and it seems like only a few. I think the whole time thing is a big part of the Matrix, and when we escape it, we will find time, or our perception of it much slower and relaxed.

Or perhaps, and this is yet another bifurcation scenario, but I have always played with the idea that, at least for those who desire it, we will be able to create our own unique timeline. That would of course be after we had developed our creation/manifestation skills to a very high degree. The sky's the limit, and that is my goal. Once we are freed from this frequency fence, I think infinite possibilities will open up for us, those who have put their efforts into this awakening process.

But we are still a ways from that, but not from the collapse/transformation of this reality, so we need to deal with the present situation first. Everyone must do their part for the greater good in order to reap the benefits. Those who work with only their own interests in mind will find themselves in a place where they had not intended. After we have served the planet and done what we came here to do, then we can enjoy our rewards, and create the life of our dreams, but not before. There is much work still to be done, and I will say this again and again and again. DISCLOSURE, DISCLOSURE, DISCLOSURE. Before we can move on, we have to bring the lies to the Light. We CANNOT live in a higher frequency while we are burdened by lies. Start with what's going on in the sky, and that will lead straight to the truth about Alien Interference and Mind Control.

And last, let me end with bringing your attention to two books that everyone should read. The first is The Lincoln Conspiracy—the possible truth about Linclon's assassination, derived from immense reseach of previously unknown or unpublished documents. Our government has been corrupt from the get-go. I highly recommend this book, and the movie that goes with it.

The other one is a fascinating "alternative reality" book about a woman who goes back in time and murders Hitler called Elleander Morning. Again, highly recommended reading. At least read my reviews.

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