When the Right Hand Doesn't Know What the Left Hand is Doing

Hi! Anyone out there? I know it's been a while since I've written an article, but I have been using my In The Wild At Cosmic Dream Farm, 2018 as a vehicle for information I usually supply in my articles. As I explained, the production of food and the state of the environment IS the physical aspect of our global well being, so the health of the farms is a mirror to the non-physical health of us. As above, so below. Since we are stuck here in a physical world at the moment, the only way we can see our progress (or regress) is through what we experience at the material level. I have written three farm articles at this date, which may be accessed on both the right and left columns of my Home Page and on my Farm Page. Thanks to the small handful of you who have read them. There's not much inspiration to write when nobody reads, especially since I have been extremely overwhelmed with farm work which, for the first time in years is actually (though I say this cautiously) proving to be fruitful. But now, my big task for today is to plant my last package of sunflower seeds, which will be transplated with the tomatoes, soon to be ready to leave the greenhouse. Yesterday I planted my fifteen varieties of basil, and now the bulk of my immediate work on the farm is done, other than basic day-to-day maintenance and midsummer planting. So I will have a little more time to devote to articles, and I have tons of material to share. I had this one started back in May, and ended up deleting what I wrote because it was so outdated. I plan to do a series of shorter messages.

As usual, the state of the weather is my main focus, because it is the one thing on this planet that NO ONE can avoid, even these people that think they can escape in their underground hideaways, (if all that is true, which I have seriously doubt). Because they are living right here on the surface of the planet, and being subjected to all the toxic shit, floods, heat, fire, volcanos, earthquakes and everything else we are all dealing with. I have been hearing numerous reports by the bloggers on Dane's site who personally know pilots, that they are suffering from illness and so are their families. And even on the main stream news sites, there have been numerous reports of individual airlines attempting to figure out what is making their employees sick. Well no shit. They are up there in the clouds exposed to all the toxins, in addition to what is raining down on us 24/7. It is only a matter of a short time . . . .

Dane has been saying that what will break down the current insanity is the irrefutable collapse of the environment, especially the inability to grow food, (and add to that the increasingly violent and extreme weather). But he also says that the infighting between the powerful is the other factor that will accelerate the collapse of civilization as we know it, and it is that aspect that I will focus on in this article. I want to point out that I almost never listen to Dane's videos. I read the few paragraphs that accompany each article, then glean the rest from his community's comments. the reason for that is because, though I believe he is the most informed man on the planet about geoengineering, I strongly disagree with many of his political views, and many I have found to be downright false. But the main area of contention is his inability to grasp the fact that something off-planet is controlling the Shadow Government. I can understand that he would keep away from that in his website information because he is being strictly scientific, presenting indisputable data that proves his case about geoengineering. But, and this is my impression in my former personal dealings with him, is that he is living strictly in the physical world and cannot see beyond it. And worse, he ostracizes anyone who does not completely agree with him. I have noticed favorite community members come and go, because I know for a fact he heavily edits/deletes comments with which he disagrees. The "other" anti-geoengineering communities, and there are lots of others fighting this atrocity, want nothing to do with him. Divide and conquer. The infighting exists within the powerful, and within the entire world. What those controlling our minds have so carefully planned to cause strife and division among the global populations is turning on to themselves. Therefore, I seek information and disseminate what I believe to be true, and besides that, I take no sides other than seeking the truth.

And so, the very disturbing quote I wish to share with you today comes from Dane's site, by one of his most popular members, Marc, who has said very little these past months. We all welcome his passion toward nature and the planet, and he is one whose veracity I would not doubt. Like myself, he is very spiritually oriented, with leanings toward non-Christian philosophies, and is also a professional musician. A man who can break out in tears when he witnesses the suffering of animals is a man after my own heart. This comment comes from Dane's latest broadcast
Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, June 30, 2018, #151

Among all the useless things I do I also do violin-family restoration. Including bass fiddles. 40 years experience, etc. About 4-5 months ago a guy contacted me about working on his bass. He is a civilian (ex-marine) but does contract work for the military in….wait for it….the field of cell towers/military "communications" infrastructure/ programming, etc. He's also way into bluegrass music and hence his interest in the bass. He finally made it into Tucson to bring me his bass and we got to talking. I tried to "play dumb" about alot of this stuff but after we talked for a half hour about music and other stuff I finally asked him point blank what he does for the military. He is deeply involved in the computer/programming aspect of military communications which, he says occur on an entirely different "system" than ordinary cellphone MF. Playing dumb I asked him if the military uses the "towers" somehow for weather modification via some kind of frequency dispersions. He answered without hesitation, "Yes".  As the conversation developed, it became clear he knew all about SRM, etc, etc. and how these dispersions work with other technologies to influence weather, which he would characterize only as "military objectives". Surprisingly, he didn't exhibit the slightest concern for what I referred to as the "poisoning of the entire world" due to massive aerial dispersions of heavy metals, coal-ash, etc. I could see that he was actually proud to share with me what his work is for the military…he loves what he does, it was clear. However, there were some lines he wouldn't cross regarding the finer points of what he does and I, of course, understand that. I'm quite sure he has a fairly high security clearance commensurate with the job. 

OK, so does anyone else find this really creepy? And here is another scary one.
Cellular Phone Task Force
Got that ringing in your ears these days? It is NOT tinnitus as most doctors are saying. It is these goddamn cell phone towers. Think it's bad now? Just wait till 5G rolls out. And the more sensitive you are to electromagnetic frequencies, the more you will suffer. But the fact is, we are ALL suffering because this is part of the mind-control program. It is making people fucking crazy, and speaking of crazy, no one could be worse than Elon Musk and all the insane projects he has going that serve only him and his ego and are doing a whole lot of damage to everything else. WHY is this allowed. Because the vast majority of the population is standing around picking their noses while they check 600 times a day who texted them and who "likes" them on Facebook. Nero fiddled while Rome burned and now we have 7 billion Neros inhabiting the planet.

And here is more of Musk's insanity.
Tesla driver using Autopilot mode hits police car


What is so obvious to the few of us is that all this technology that people think is so great, is nothing but stronger and stronger chains to keep us imprisoned in the mind-control program, and to turn our own mind to useless jelly. If you don't use it you lose it. Why would ANYONE want a self-driving car? If people would make a serious and truthful observation of the world of technology, they would see it is merely a carrot dangling before the donkey, leading us to the edge of a cliff that we may teeter over ANY DAY NOW. There IS a point of no return. Many have reached it already. Here is an interesting article by Lisa Renee.
Controlling Perception

But now, I want to discuss not only the infighting but the lack of communication within the powerful institutions. Of course, the entire White House situation is a disaster. Why is that man not impeached yet? I don't want to talk too much about Trump because I just ate and I might puke, so I will spare you all the articles I had saved. Have you noticed that suddenly all the stuff about Stormy Daniels, the Russian investigation, Michael Cohen, and other similar stories have basically disappeared. There seems to be a push from the media now, more in favor of him. HOW COULD ANYONE SUPPORT THAT MAN? And does anyone REALLY believe he met with Kim Jong Un and now they are BFF? OMG! What LIES!

But what I want to focus on for now is the National Weather Service, because anyone with one functional molecule of a brain stem left will focus their attention on the skies. That is the key to EVERYTHING evil going on right now. Stop the geoengineering (and EMFs) and the veils will be torn down. I guarantee it. Dane keeps saying that the people at institutions like the NWS, NASA, NOAA, and such know what is going on but are not speaking out because of their paychecks and pensions. I only partly agree. I think those at the top, well, yes, they are, plus I'm sure they are threatened. But the regular workers? I am seeing lots of struggling NWS meteorologists attempting to make sense of the weather. What if they DON'T know? What if it is incomprehensible to them that an innocent job, which, on the surface, seems to exist to protect the populations, is killing them instead? People feel that way about the military, too. I have made it a matter of urgency to collect as much data about the weather, and particularly what is being predicted concerning the weather, which has enabled me to see all the holes in the dam. By doing this, we have our own research to bear witness. EVERYONE should be doing this. PLEASE take this seriously. Why? Well, for one thing, you will know beyond the shadow of a doubt, if you do not already, that two plus two are not adding up to four. Within the NWS, NOTHING is in sync. There are numerous prediction tools, all done by different people, and all paint a different picture. Basically, I believe they are grasping at straws. They no idea what the weather is going to do. For the last three days, here in the east, particularly the Great Lakes region, we have had these runaway storms that move with no pattern, and often they don't move at all. They swirl and swirl around one little area. Yesterday Akron and Warren Ohio, at least from what I observed on the map, got deluged. I'll bet some places in Akron got 2-3 inches within an hour or so. If you are not scared of these "systems," you are NOT paying attention. I remember when I was growing up, we had just rain. The clouds would roll in the rain would fall, then the sun came out again. These "fronts," "systems," go on and on for days—weeks. The older you are, the more you will remember what the weather was like. Ohio summers were gorgeous—you could count on mostly sunny days, with maybe a storm when it got really hot several times a month, NOT a week.

And so, I am going to give you resources to check out. Compare them and see if anything makes sense. Then, take YOUR own research data and tell others. The only way we will break this evil spell is by getting it out in the open. A visible enemy is much less threatening than an invisible one. The man behind the curtain was only a humbug. Not that these off-planet beings are humbugs, but knowledge is power, and the more that know what is going on, the less power they will have against us. Why do you think the main agenda is to dumb us down so we cannot think for ourselves. They KNOW how powerful are our minds! We ALL need to actively participate, even if it is just educating yourself. As each person wises up, THEY will have an increasingly more difficult time keeping us under their control. What do you think 5G is really about???? It's all about mind control. And all these assholes who think they are running the world, the Trumps and the Kims and the Putins and those that are controlling them are really controlling shit. They are just agents for what is controlling them.

And so here are some links to study. I supplied a very interesing one in my July 2 issues of In The Wild At Cosmic Dream Farm. Be sure to read that. Here is the link again:
Quantitative Precipitation Forecasts
It shows the amount of precipitable water during any given period within a week. Here is the National Weather Service. Just click the place where you live and you will reach the local forecast office. Ours here is Cleveland. On that page you can click near where you think your house is. You will be taken to a specific forcast page for you. There is a map on the right side, so you can adjust to your very specific location. Now, on that page, a number of different forecasters attempt to forecast your weather. And remember, it will all be centralized soon, so the government, military, and/or Raytheon, who produces all the weather maps, will be telling them what to tell us. These NWS forecasters are small potatoes. Anyways, there is another graph I use all the time called the Hourly Weather Forecast. Now, you will find that there is often little consistency between the QPF, the local forecast, and this graph. And to make it more confusing, read the Forecast Discussion, just to the left of the Hourly Weather Forecast. You will find even more discrepancies. There is one forecaster who often solves weather forecast dilemmas by saying, "I will let the night shift figure it out." Really. No Shit. These guys are clueless, and often befuddled, and call the weather we are getting "freakish" and other terms that make me believe that perhaps they really do NOT know what is going on. Scary, huh? I mean, this is ALL a government agency. But all government agencies, from the White House down are in a state of dysfunction.

And last, there is one more page, the Excessive Rainfall Forecasts, which are almost never right. It seems there is a goal to predict as much rain as possible for the East and as little possible for the West.

Then, if you want even more conflicting forecasts, go to the Weather Channel website. They spcrialize in drama, and their precipitation probabilities are always WAY higher than NWS. NWS has predicted a 60% chance of rain for us tomorrow (Thursday, July 5), and The Weather Channel says 100%. That's quite a difference.

And last, once again I will prvide the link for my old faithful Interactive Map out of Youngstown at WFMJ TV, owned by my former boss who also owns the Youngstown Vindicator. I used to be able to count on the "Future" radar map to let me know what would be coming in precipitation within a 24 hour period. It was very accurate. But now for the last number of months—since about late winter, the Future setting is about useless. It does not even display an accurate "current," let alone a sensible 24 hours ahead. I find this disturbing, too. It is truly out of control. At 12:37 this afternoon, I took a screenshot of the Future Satellite view. It was another case where the current satellite showed nothing in the way of cloud cover and yet I was hearing thunder. Keep in mind that the Future Satellite view shows the spraying patterns, which is what determines the weather we will experience. I mean just look at it. You can see very defined diagonal lines running parallel. DOES THAT LOOK LIKE NORMAL CLOUDS? They have had to work really hard to cool us down this time, so they can keep up their farce about global warming not actually happening. But it will get increasingly difficult to cool us down because the entire globe is SO FUCKING HOT.

Future Satellite view, July 4, 2018, 12:37 PM

And so, I will end this article that turned out to be much longer than I planned, but I will do some shorters ones, I will end it will a quote Dane uses a lot, by then Vice-President Lyndon B. Johnson: "he who controls the weather, controls the world". Is that OK with you that these people are controlling our lives? Please, everyone, we ALL need to do over and above our part to stop this atrocity in the skies. I am convinced that amazing things will be revealed.

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