When the Right Brain Doesn't Know What the Left Brain is Doing

I read The Dragons of Eden: Speculations on the Evolution of Human Intelligence about the same time I read Bringers of the Dawn, and wrote a comparably long review. But unlike Bringers of the Dawn, which is metaphysically/spiritually based, The Dragons of Eden is not. It is a scientific-based book by one of my contemporary heroes, the late Carl Sagan, and it hit me with the same impact as Bringers of the Dawn. For this reason, I chose to write a separate article, rather than combining the review and article. In the review, I highlighted areas that I will cover in this article, and there are lots of highlights (13). I cannot urge you strongly enough to read the review, and I suggest you read it now, before you go any further in this article. I have put about three week's work into this project, and I would like to think that people will follow through and benefit from it.

We are truly in a horrendous situation, and NO ONE should be focused on anything but doing what needs to be done to change the direction of our outcome. The Pentagon has just released a 146-page document for preparing the U.S. for long-term war.
Pentagon Report Points To US Preparations For Total War
Our tax dollars at work . . . .
Atlas 5 rocket boosts $1.8 billion military satellite into space
Folks, this is not good. Does ANYONE think we can win a nuclear war with Russia or anyone on the planet? I am so sick of killing and killing and killing. We kill people and animals and plants, rivers and oceans, the sky.
Idaho Game Commissioner Resigns After Killing 'Family Of Baboons' In Africa
STOP!! JUST STOP. How can people sit back and do nothing? How can people stand it? It is tearing me apart from the depth of my soul. Killing a beautiful family of baboons, then posing them. OMG!! Killing a giraffe. How could anyone kill a giraffe? Going overseas and killing innocent people to protect oil interests. Killing for no reason but money, greed, power, and aggression, purely Reptilian traits (see book review). I can understand us defending ourselves, such as the Indigenous Americans fought to protect what was rightfully theirs from the invasion of Greedy White Men. But this? Where have our morals and ethics gone? We have been a brutal race since the Reptilian Invasion, but there has been some semblance of ethical behavior. The Medieval knights had a moral code of chivalry. There used to be a code of ethics for war and people could be tried for war crimes. Certain practices were banned, such as biological and chemical warfare, I believe, and I KNOW weather warfare was banned after Vietnam. But look at us now!!! Anything goes, it seems. If a nuclear war with Russia or China or ANYONE breaks out, it is lights out for the entire planet. Why are people being so ignorant and apathetic and self-serving, blind and deaf to what is going on before their very eyes and unwilling to take a stand. WHY?

It would be SO GOOD, if what goes around comes around would finally kick in, and there are glimpses of it. The #MeToo Movement is taking its toll, but Kavanaugh still got confirmed. Perhaps all those who voted for him will themselves be voted out of office. The Catholic Church is also floundering in the mire of their evil, and it's about time. My heart breaks for the victims of Hurricane Michael and the flooding in Texas, who have lost everything, and some lost loved ones, too. These are OBVIOUSLY human-manipulated weather events, as is all the weather everywhere on the planet. Ohio has gone from frying to freezing overnight. They want to make sure to ruin any farmer that still has crops to harvest, which would be me. After everything has been killed off, I will bet it will get warm again.

But as I said, what goes around comes around is kicking in. If there is one silver lining in the horrendous cloud that hit Florida, it is this:
Florida Air Force base suffers "widespread catastrophic damage" from Michael
It's about time these bastards paid for their crimes. Ultimately, the only way to wipe out the evil from this planet is through a backlash such as this, and those who are working for peace and goodwill creating a reality where this atrocious behavior cannot survive because it is not supported by the new energy, and then lots of people on this planet will be wiped out. Complacency is Complicity, and those who are not standing up for what is right, are supporting evil. Paul Levy speaks of this in Dispelling Wetiko: Breaking the Curse of Evil. And it will eventually play itself out. That is what was spoken of in Bringers of the Dawn. The question is, will it happen before the entire planet is destroyed. In any case, I spend hours a day working on myself to make sure I am pointed in the right direction and holding the higher frequencies. I will speak more about this in an upcoming article.

So what is making people so fucking ignorant and apathetic these days. Bringers of the Dawn spoke of the DNA alterations that were done during the Reptilian Invasion, but Carl Sagan, in his discussion on the evolution of the human brain gave me greater insight. Of course, altering our DNA would affect the way our brains function. Interbreeding with Reptilians (and we all have or had Reptilian blood) would also supply us with an inherited lust for evil. Sagan actually speaks of that, in a round-about way. But also the fact that we are being doused with mind-control agents, from geoengineering sprays, which we know alter our brain's ability to function, plus all the more subtle or hidden means, like microwave/cell phone towers, cell phones and WiFi, GMOs, and the constant propaganda being spat at us. OK, when our military sprays us day in and day out with toxic metals, that's a little harder to avoid, but the other stuff is mostly a matter of choice. And ALL of it we can overcome by working CONSTANTLY on strengthening our minds. When you read the review, just note HOW AMAZING are our brains!! They are the most powerful computer on the face of the Earth, and off the Earth, too, I'll bet. And yet, we use SO LITTLE of what we were born with. THEY know what sources of power we have in our skulls, or they would not be doing so much to disable it. But the terrifying part is, those who have their fingers on the nuclear buttons are the ones who are most exposed to these toxins. DUH! The people that are up in the planes spraying this stuff day after day are the ones who are going most insane from it, and they are the ones in power!

As I said, I spend hours a day working on myself. We cannot ultimately change others, but we CAN change ourselves. I devise brain challenges for myself. After reading Sagan's book, I have begun a project of strengthening the right side of my brain, where intuitive insight comes from. We have lost our intuitive sense. Society is being lured into fully left-brain functions. I, who was once so intuitive, find I have much to do to revitalize that gift. Creativity also comes from the right side of the brain, and of course, the ultimate in creativity is what I have been working on for nearly forty years, that is using my mind to manifest matter. We could all do that at one time, and that is THEIR greatest fear. If we can manifest all we need, we can no longer be held in slavery.

Inspired by Sagan, I have begun writing sessions with my left hand (right-brain). (I am right-handed.) What is coming out on paper is not at all what is going on in my conscious mind, and the first time that happened, it startled me. And so, either this will help, or it will lead me to the next step, because I have no intention of continuing as I am. I AM BETTER THAN THIS, and so are you. DO NOT SETTLE FOR LESS!!

One of the things I am finding so distressing about people these days is their lack of curiousity. One of the authors who wrote one of the many nasty books (deservedly) about Trump made the point that he had no curiousity about things. Carl Sagan was an immensely curious person, which is one of the things I loved about him. That curiousity shines forth in his books, and gives me a great deal to ponder. We all need to ponder about life. It is essential to survival, and replaces worrying with a positive energy. I have an interest in just about everything. I am a voracious reader, and have written hundreds of book review. And I wonder why more people are not reading them. I learn from everything, and with few exceptions, even in books seemingly unrelated to our predicament, I gain insight, or a different way of perceiving reality. Remember, those triggers that were mentioned in Bringers of the Dawn can come from anywhere, and they often come from where you least expect them. Be aware of everything.

The other thing that distresses me about humans now, is their lack of open-mindedness and shunning diversity when we need to embrace all possibilities. We need to view reality from all angles, both scientifc and metaphysic and give ear to all view points to see if there is something that can expand us. I have friends and acquaintances from all walks of life, all ethnic groups, religions, sexual orientations and belief systems. I don't have to agree with all of them, but I am enriched, which gives me so many more possibilities. But those who wish to control us are doing their damnedest to create separation. After the invasion, we were separated from our spiritual selves. We used to be connected to our male and female energies, but that was severed, too. Sagan speaks of people with split brains, who really cannot function correctly because there is no communication between the hemispheres. And yet, is that not happening to us, though more subtly? Rather than expanding our reality, we keep making it smaller, until we will find ourselves all alone. Then we stand in solitude against a legion of oppressors. Who do you think will win? Racism in this country has gotten insane. Why? I cannot wrap my mind around it. When I was growing up, I never heard a disparaging word spoken about any group of people, ever. It all stuns me.

Video: Georgia Woman Calls Police On Black Babysitter.

But the point is, we are falling for the divide and conquer tactic, and people are too stupid to see it. and that goes for those who think the Russians or Chinese or people from the Middle East are out to get us. It is all propaganda to keep us in a state of fear and chaos, so the Reptilian Race will remain well-fed. We are in the midst of a raging war, but it is like apples and oranges—unevenly stacked, their technology against our minds. Which is winning? Which SHOULD win? Our minds, if we were using them to full potential, would be much stronger than any technology.

One of the things that Sagan mentioned, which I have never heard before was about the Big Bang. OK, so we all know what that was, but he offers the possibility that it was not the beginning of everything, but a destruction of everything was previously was. Take a while to ponder that. Is another Big Bang coming? Were WE around before this one but just cannot remember?

As I scanned through my review, the one thing I had highlighted that I haven't covered concerns dreaming. As I have said before, I believe dreams are a means for mind-control programming, and I have proof of that with my life, certain things that have plagued me that were "placed" in my mind over night over an extended period of time. Maybe someday I'll go public with that, but not now. But that isn't the whole picture, and Sagan's "memory dump" theory makes sense, too, and the need for more sleep when dealing with intellectual material. Now, I always deal with intellectual material, and I usually need only about six or so hours of sleep a night. But since I started on this project, well, it's been more like eight or nine, plus a nap!! And my dreams have been wild these past few weeks. Memory dump, indeed!!

I want to close with one last quote from Sagan, which I did not include in the review. He quotes a Catholic "Saint" surely a handmaiden of evil and ignorance:

In a time in some respects similar to our own, St. Augustine of Hippo, after a lusty and intellectually inventive young manhood, withdrew from the world of sense and intellect and advised others to do likewise. "There is another form of temptation, even more fraught with danger. This is the disease of curiosity. . . . It is this which drives us on to try to discover the secrets of nature, those secrets which are beyond our understanding, which can avail us nothing and which men should not wish to learn. . . . In this immense forest, full of pitfalls and perils, I have drawn myself back, and pulled myself away from these thorns. In the midst of all these things which float unceasingly around me in everyday life, I am never surprised at any of them, and never captivated by my genuine desire to study them. . . . I no longer dream of the stars." The time of Augustine's death, 430 A.D., marks the beginning of the Dark Ages in Europe.

And we are certainly in a Dark Age right now. But it will not flow into an Age of Enlightenment, a Renaissance, as before. We are heading down a road not ever before taken, and if we survive, we will find ourselves in an entirely new reality. There is no other way. We have worn out the old paradigm over all these thousands of years and cannot revive it or work with it under different names and faces. There are no other options. Not this time.

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