I am continuing on my theme of preparing for the collapse of the Matrix and the entire planet. If you have not yet read Humpty Dumpty Had A Great Fall yet, please do. While that one is more focused on taking care of ourselves at the physical level, in this one, I return to the non-physical world. I had mentioned somewhere, either in an article or a farm article that so many things on my farm this year have seemed to restore themselves, after years of damaging weather and, more likely, damaging energy. As I had also mentioned, I am finally cleaning out my riased beds along the greenhouse, which I painstakingly built with old cement blocks and built the soil with manure, compost and grass clippings. I had so many perennial herbs and other plants, which are now mostly dead, due to all the horrors I've endured here. Well, I have all but two on the north side of the greenhouse cleaned and planted. I enjoyed my purple beans and Wando peas, which are done and replanted. I also have my chocolate mint, which was one of the survivors, plus purple cauliflower, borage, and some squash. But it was the last bed I just cleaned that I was amazed to actually find good, usable soil. I added manure and grass clippings and planted green beans. And the brambles hve not returned near my porch. My numerous varieties of winter squash all look pretty healthy. I will show you photos in the next In the Wild update.

But the point is, it's not that I have not tried to restore my farm other years, it is that I simply couldn't. Everything I did was an exercise in futility. There is a restoration happening here. Several weeks ago, it suddenly occurred to me—no, I lie—it was a Eureka! moment that hit me like a ton of bricks. Duh. It is not my farm being resotored, IT IS MYSELF being restored. After long centuries, I am certain. Remember, our physical world is a reflection of what is happening at the non-physical level. That is why holistic healing works, but sometimes seems to take longer than just popping drugs. The healing begins at the outer layers of our being, then works its way inward. By the time it manifests in the physical world, the non-physical layers are healed. We can't see all this, of course, making it frustrating, because the only way we can judge our progress is by what we experience at the physical level. At least for now. Anyways, I have been having lots of Eureka! moments lately, and that is what I will share. Because now I am beginning to actually perceive how this rogue Matrix program does its damage. Staring at the Man Behind the Curtain sort of thing.

As the healing process continues, that is, escaping this program that was implanted in us so long ago, we will become more and more conscious of its workings. Once that happens, then we can move along much faster. I have been aware for several years when something from the "program" kicks in. I begin to feel like I am in a surreal situation, and events around me take on a life of their own. It is really quite terrifying, especially at first. But learning to recognize it gives us tools to shut it down. And I do believe the way we CAN shut it down, at least on an individual level, is by non-compliance. What ever direction it is leading you, go the opposite way. Let me elaborate, at least from my experience, but I am quite certain most of you can relate.

We have accepted for eons certain laws of nature and reality. A is followed by B, and we don't question it. 2+2=4. We cannot wrap our mind around it any other way. But what if it is only the Matrix format upon which we are operating? That would jeopardize everthing we believe about the way the universe operates. I have been questioning all of that for years now, but most people don't even give it a thought. It is that blind obeyance that has gotten us to where we are now. I believe we have two options at this point: escape or be destroyed. We are certainly on the fast path to self-destruction at the global level, but individuals CAN break free and go their own way. I will NOT give up on that one. It ain't over till it's over.

First, I want to reiterate that I think it is very likely that whoever put this curse on us is no longer alive and running the program, or else they were bored with us and went on to bigger and better things, because there are so many glitches, and it is breaking down. If we were still being used as their labrats, I think they would be paying more attention. But remember, time and space are illusions, as is the entire physical world. And so, they could be both there and not there. Matter has been proven to behave like that through quantum physics. Whatever the situation, it seems that horrible force that has kept us prisoner for such a very long time is weakening. Every inch you take now, to step away from the Matrix, takes you into a new world.

I have found that this Matrix program is equipped with a built-in overwrite feature, designed to challenge and obliterate every Eureka! moment. And the closer one comes to the truth, the more deadly is the backlash. I used to think I was being "attacked" by whatever it was that was running this program, but now I realize it is all internal, my own implant working to keep me imprisoned. Sucks, doesn't it? It is also happening at the global level, as we can see every time we read the news. BUT, as I mentioned above, the more conscious you are of what the program wants you to do, the more you can refuse to follow the program. This is happening to everyone, but the problem is that the vast majority of the people, number one, have no clue, and number two, have no courage. As soon as something gets a bit difficult, they give it up, then go back to drinking, drugs, sex, money—whatever their favorite means of denial.

This feature works on the concept of problem-reaction-solution. The catasptrophic reality, however, is that we have reached the point, globally and individually, where there are NO solutions but escape. Turning back at this point is not even the remotest option. I would be dead in a flash. I have to keep taking the retaliations as they come, and they are coming fast. The best reaction to one of these overwites, is to just ignore it. Let happen whatever will happen, with the consciousness that it is a simulation and illusion. However, when you reach a certain point, they become life-threatening, which is happening now to people stuck in the floods, wildfires, disease, violence, and all the other nightmares proliferating on this planet. Do what you need to do. If you live in California and your house is in the path of a fire, you need to protect yourself by whatever means. BUT, keep telling yourself that though this is horrific, at the metaphysical level it is not real, then begin training your mind to change the situation, through the power of your mind alone. That way, you are safe at the physical level, but working towards the only REAL solution, and that is through the power of your mind. When you can do that, you have progressed immensely.

What is the worst thing you can do, and we all do it, and this was and is the most difficult for me, is to create a "disaster scenario" in your mind. What if this happens? What would I do? How would I cope? We attach meaning and consequences to everything. This happens so therefore this will happen. Know that this is not true. Deal with every event as its own separate entity. Deal with it then stop it there. Do NOT allow another thought to go beyond the immediate thing you are experiencing. JUST STOP IT IN ITS TRACKS. That is the way the program was designed, you see. Once it got our attention, then a whole domino effect of events would naturally follow, thus weakening us and making us feel helpless and victimized. It has worked that way for centuries. By not letting it go beyond the initial event, the program cannot move on to the next step. Like a computer program in which you have to do something step by step to get results, by not doing a step, the program stops dead in its tracks—it becomes paralyzed.

As more and more of us wake up to the realities of the criminal activities of governments, the military, banks, corporations, the medical industry, scientists, religious institutions, and educational institutions, the Matrix program must produce more and more dangerous physical stimulations to keep us stuck in the illusion. But remember, the bad guys are also running on their own custom program. Why do you think we are being sprayed with poisons now 24/7. Whoever built this software wanted to make damn sure it was permanent. But it isn't. Nothing lasts forever. I believe we are SO CLOSE to breaking through. Like the "hundredth monkey," all it will take is a few to change what too many believe is unchangeable. DO NOT SETTLE FOR LESS THAN YOU ARE WORTH. Every small victory takes us all a step closer. Make every day a Eureka! day. NEVER GIVE UP!

One more note: if you have not listened to Dane's interview with Major General Richard Roellig that I linked in the last article, please do so because I will be discussing it in my next article.

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