Remembering: Messages Amidst the Ruins

Back in 2004 I took a course in DNA cleansing. I will not go into details, because I believe the person that presented it was a fraud, and the method she claimed to have developed was actually created by someone else. Furthermore, I also have reason to believe she was in it for the money, because energetically, she was not a sincere or compassionate person. HOWEVER. I am not confusing the message with the messenger, and no matter how much I disliked the person, taking this course literally saved my life, and also set me on a path to do intense past life regressions. For years—in fact for nearly a decade. As I became better at it, I found I was regressing back in time, farther and farther back with each session. And then it stopped, and I found I could not do it any more with any credibility. Nor could I go back beyond the Reptilian Invasion, which is really where I needed to be. And so I stopped, but even with what I did, I do not believe I am the same person who was born in this body. NOT AT ALL.

Most of us think of karma as "what goes around comes around," but the definition this instructor gave us was far more accurate. She said that karma is the repetition of the same behavior, lifetime after lifetime after lifetime. And so, if you were a murderer in one lifetime, that was recorded in your DNA, and you would come back and do it again and again until it was cleared. THAT is why this course was SOOOO effective, because it allowed one to clear out old patterns so that you were not compelled to behave in the programmed manner, and that is what it is, of course, programming, instigated by the Reptilian Invasion, and becoming stronger with each reincarnation. And THAT is what we are faced with on this planet RIGHT NOW, and THAT is good because, whether people want to or not, the replaying of past behavior will become so IN YOUR FACE that it will not be able to be ignored. Do you ever wonder why ALL THESE EVIL PEOPLE are not suffering from their karma, but seem to be allowed, encouraged in fact, to continue their evil deeds? Well, that is why.

OK, so here goes. We are now experiencing so many different realities and they are all "right" depending on the program your DNA is playing out. This COVID-19 thing is making that seriously clear to anyone who is paying attention to what is happening at the energetic level, and that would be very few of us. So call me the odd-(wo)man-out, but I disagree with just about everyone's perceptions. What I have discovered is that possibly we are all playing out the Reptilian Invasion, depending on the role we played, or at least what is recorded in our DNA, and if you look at it all from a purely energetic point of view—OMG, does that ever make sense! Several weeks ago, I began to look at this horror as a gift. It struck me that I personally was replaying the Reptilian Invasion. Why? So I could remember of course, because if we can get past the trauma of probably the most heinous crime that was ever committed in this universe and maybe other ones, too, we JUST MIGHT be able to clear ourselves and return to who we were. It is ALL about remembering. Bringers of the Dawn was all about our need to remember, too, but what I have observed in the work I've been doing over the past couple weeks is that, no matter how horrific you can imagine this event was, it was MUCH worse. No wonder we do not want to remember it. BUT, by remembering the exact events of the Invasion, we will also be able to piece together our pre-Invasion lives, especially our ability to create our physical world with our minds. 'Cause in case you haven't noticed, that particular gift will soon be essential, on the road we are on now, and this is JUST the beginning. So take heed of what I say. All of you, my loyal readers, come back and read what I write week after week for a reason. YOU are essential beings in this drama being unfurled and YOU, like myself are "original creators." I am trying to piece together a scenario of what actually happened as I continue investigating my own life and what I am seeing presented.

As I mentioned in my last couple articles, I am taking this COVID-19 thing more and more into the non-physical realm, and have been collecting more information, especially through past life regressions, which I have been doing again, and yes, I HAVE returned to the time of the Invasion, finally, I believe, and yes, the horror was far worse than anyone could possibly imagine. Gosh, no wonder we are all so fucked up. I see it being played out in my life, with all the destruction I see around me and all over the planet, that feeling of being invaded, (spied upon, surveiled . . eh? get it??), and in more ways than I can name, including my noisy and invasive neighbors who do whatever they please with no regard for anyone else's space. In fact, everywhere I look now I see a message. What is happening in the sky? Well, invasion of course. I wonder if everything—EVERYTHING we are experiencing now is merely a phantom, (and I have wondered that many times in the past). Our controllers simply sit back and enjoy the show because WE are creating THEIR dream! Or even more fascinating would be the possibility that THEY are actually gone and have been for a long time, and WE are creating this hell on earth because we don't realize we are doing it. But once we DO realize it, THEN it can be used for the purpose of healing. We must face our demons head-on. Remember, our physical world is a reflection of what is going on in our non-physical reality. As I have been saying for the past couple months, the time is NOW for all this to be over. We need to heal from the trauma inflicted upon us eons ago so that we may REMEMBER who we are and what we were doing at the time of the Invasion. But that was so long ago. Wouldn't our goals have changed by now? I have also toyed with the idea, many a time, that we have been locked in stasis, where time has not moved forward at all, kinda like Lister in the BBC comedy, Red Dwarf which everyone reading my pages should go back and watch. All episodes are available for viewing, I believe. Anyways, there are times, in fact most of the time, when I feel like time has not moved at all, especially in the past twenty years. I was also especially delighted to see that Lisa Renee has chosen a very similar subject for her weekly blog. When it happens that we both write about the same thing, I KNOW it is confirmation we are both on the right path.
Being Responsible for our Darkness

Several days ago, I began making notes to myself to include in the next article. Occasionally these note take on full paragraphs, and upon going back and reading what I wrote, rather than trying to fit it in to what I have here so far, I am going to quote it as I wrote it on April 19.

WTF?? We ain't even close to being done with this. I know few agree with me, but I still say we absolutely need this collapse in order to begin anew. Bringers of the Dawn stated that clearly, but I have been saying that for decades, WAY before I read Bringers of the Dawn. It is imperative that we wake people up. NOW. We thought, thirty years ago that it would happen because people would be filled with love. That failed. The New Age gurus tempted us with the dangling carrot of a "future of abundance," in other words, if we awakened, we would be rich. Hmm. We have been through Plan A and B and C and . . . well, nothing has worked, so we are now in the realm of desperate times call for desperate measures. THIS is the lifetime we MUST awaken, or we will be stuck in this hell for thousands and thousands more years. I do not believe in fate or destiny, but there are certain things that just MUST BE, and this is the epitome of that. And so I find myself ignoring all the doomsday predictions: NWO, the Police State and Martial Law, Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Gates, or perhaps The Island of Dr. Gates or even Frankengates. He needs to quit fucking with the medical profession, or to state it more bluntly, to quit tampering with human health and genetics. It's bad enough we are stuck with him, but he goes to India and Africa to do his dastardly deeds as well. As for horrors and fears being propagated across the internet, I do not say they are wrong, I just choose to perceive the situation totally differently. Most people have absolutely NO sense of vision, and cannot see the world beyond the third dimension—beyond their own discomforts, which slowly but surely will become nightmares. Been there, done that—still am, and I'm getting mighty tired of it. What will it take to wake people up? We are soon to find out, and they WILL wake up, one way or another, those who are left on this planet. And as for Bill Gates, he is one evil dude and so is his company. THAT is one of the main reasons I still run Windows XP, 'cause it is totally disconnected from Microsoft. And meanwhile, the one thing we should ALL be fighting is what is happening in the skies, which is FAR more deadly than anything else going on on the planet right now because it is slowly killing ALL life and the planet's ability to support it. And it is not just slowly. More and more weather events are wiping out more and more people and property, and that will only get worse if we do not stop it. And as I see it, and have seen it for a long, long time, the only way to assure that it is stopped in its tracks is a complete and total collapse of the money system so that even the disgustingly weathy are brought to their knees. And I have said THAT also for decades.

I am also appalled at how so many people think they MUST be around other people all the time. I am perfectly content to stay as far away from people as I can. These people are the ones who desperately need to go on retreats to learn to love silence and solitude, where we commune with nature and the depths of our soul. We cannot do that in a world of noise and clutter, and the Controllers know that, which is why our world is in such a state of chaos and distraction. Silence and solitude allows us to recognize our inner strength and power and opens access to hidden information.

So I have thrown a great amount of information at you, and now I will attempt to tie it all together. First let's talk about Bill Gates, because he has gotten a lot of attention by Dane and his community lately for what appears to be his growing power in forced vaccinations. He has experimented with the "lesser" peoples in India and Africa—Hey, so we kill a few million of them, eh? BASTARD!! Apparently, I believe India is suing him, but I am not wasting my time doing more research on him. However, Dane did a podcast with Pete Peters, and that was one of the main subjects, at least the first part, which I listened to. Here are some notes I took: "vaccines—Bill Gates killed people in India and Africa;" "Gates Foundation advised Trump against investigating vaccine dangers;" "Gates also stated that there will be no more public meetings until everyone in the U.S. is vaccinated;" "mock pandemic practice run last year." Here is where you can listen—click Hour 2, and I would listen soon because I am not sure how long it will be available.
Dane's podcast with Pete Peters 4/11/20 Hour 2
So the general interpretation of that, with most people operating at the physical level is that the government and everyone in bed with the government wants to vaccinate us all. These Gates vaccines will also contain a chip or something that can be scanned to verify that one has gotten the vaccine, and if not, certain rights will be denied, such as getting a driver's license, etc.. One of the last series I watched on PBS when I still had a TV was a chilling futuristic BBC production similar to that, where surveillance cameras were in everyone's home, and if you did not have a "card" you could not even enter a public building or purchase anything, or certainly get on a plane to escape. I can't remember the name of it, but it IS available on YouTube—the whole series, maybe eight parts, or it was at one point because I looked it up. Maybe I have it saved somewhere. Anyways, many believe we are coming to that, and many dystopian novels have pointed to that also.

THAT is the reason so many think this virus is being deliberately prolonged and will keep surging, and with each surge become more deadly and THAT is certainly happening. The goal, according to many people, Dane included, is that, the public will be made to believe that the virus will never stop circulating unless everyone gets vaccinated, and it will be prolonged until a vaccine is developed, if it has not already. So, keep in mind that ALL of this is true, depending on what timeline you are on. Here are some articles to back it all up. Then I will present my opinion, based on a wider energetic vision. Also keep in mind that we are ALL at this point projecting all this inner stuff that needs to be cleared, and so it will become more and more bizarre, and seemingly disjointed.
Doctors try to untangle why they're seeing 'unprecedented' blood clotting among Covid-19 patients
Broadway star has leg amputated due to coronavirus
Infectious disease expert: We're only in the second inning of the pandemic
She spent 9 days in a coma and relearned how to walk. What this Covid-19 survivor wants protesters to know
U.S. Government’s $3.7 Million Grant to Wuhan Lab at Center of Coronavirus Outbreak
U.S. explores theory virus spread started in Chinese lab
More likely a U.S. lab. But you get the point.

And now let's explore a different perpective. In the DNA course I discussed at the top of this page, one of the big issues was "triggers,"—events that occured that either triggered or "turned on" a program that had been dormant, OR, here's another way to perceive it, an event that triggered a MEMORY. Now people can say that Bill Gates or the government or the military is involved in all these horrible crimes against the population, and that would be true. But what if we say, "Ah, this is a gift. It makes me remember something that terrified me. I am terrified now. What am I afraid of? WHAT HAPPENED TO ME that I do not remember?" Well, there you go. Because that is what I am going through now, and the more I stare all these events in the eye, the less scary they become. Once you can see the secret activity of your enemy, the easier it is to defeat him. What made the DNA course so effective was that we were able to see exactly what had been programmed into our behavior. Seeing it renders it powerless. When we know we are being controlled by a force that is not our own will, then we can simply choose different behavior. Bring it into the Light and set it free. Get it?"

So as we begin to see all the horrors of which we are in the midst, as not someone out to get us, but a gift to bring into the Light, to heal and disperse, until little by little, bit by bit, piece by piece, we regain all that we have lost. As for myself, I feel as if I have FINALLY come full circle, and this has been an immense revelation to me. I have much more investigation to do before I draw full conclusions, but as it stands right now, THIS is what I believe happened during the Reptilian Invasion. Bringers of the Dawn painted a picture of a great war, and I could not help but see in my mind's eye, spacecraft of all types battling it out in the sky for control of Planet Earth. But what if that is not even close to what happened? I have always questioned that story, from way back, long before I read Bringers of the Dawn. I mean, if we were such powerful creators, how could we possibly have lost our creation? Would we not have been able to create a protective shield to keep out those who would harm us? If we created an entire planet, it seems to me that would have been a piece of cake. But what if it happened THIS way. A stealthy evil, slowly, silently crept into our minds, infecting just a teeny tiny bit at a time, nothing we even noticed. Gradually we found ourselves forgetting little things, and becoming aware that something had changed, but not able to remember what it was that was different, because we could not remember what it was like before. By the time we reached that point to even notice, so much damage had been done that confusion ensued. We could not remember who we were, OR who our friends were, so when the evil ones appeared, we did not KNOW they were evil. We began to notice subtle changes in our creation. What was once beauty had become dilapidated, rotted, derelict, yet we could not remember what it looked like when it was beautiful, and after a time, the ugliness began to look normal. And is that not EXACTLY what is happening now??

Does any of this sound familiar? It is truly being played out right now. Pay VERY close attention to EVERYTHING in your physical world. What feelings are triggered? What memories? Be diligent, especially now when everything from the past is being literally puked up into our faces. Do not look away. On the contrary, look good and hard and try to remember. I am going to continue on this theme in subsequent articles, because it just might be the key to awakening. Will everyone awaken? No, of course not. The people who are whining that they cannot bear to be alone have not a chance, but those who are willing to embrace solitude and go deep within will be blessed with wisdom and knowledge from the depths of their souls. Keep your TV and radio and CD player off and unplug your phone. And ditch your cell phone. Now is the perfect time for a retreat in the comfort of your own home.
The School of Life presents: Self-discovery in self-isolation

I personally cannot STAND to be out among people any more. Just running an errand exhausts me. I long for the day when I can just live on my own little planet with lots of animals and plants and eternal peace. There is one more thing I want to cover in this article and that is the weather, which, if you live in the Eastern U.S., PLEASE pay attention. So far I am have not been able to get a good picture on where the weather warfare program fits into the Reptilian Invasion, and in particular, ALL THIS WATER. If you live in the east, buy a rain gauge so you can see just how much water is pouring down upon us. I am at Day 72 in precipitation, which equals two and a half months of rain. There have been only forty days so far this year without precipitation. Here is today's (8 am, April 22, to 8 am April 29), seven day QPF.

8 am, April 22, to 8 am April 29 QPF

I know it looks like I keep posting the same picture, but the issue is that IT JUST NEVER STOPS RAINING. On The Weather Channel fifteen-day outlook, twelve call for rain, and that never changes. How does that fit into a past life memory? I just do not know yet, but I DO know that I often feel like I want to lie down and die if I have to look at one more pasty white sky. When I was growing up, April and May were DIVINE! Lots of sunshine and a gentle warm breeze from the south. Not cold, but not too hot either. We used to enjoy these long days, and warm nights. NOW by the time it warms up, the days are already getting shorter. How can this be? HOW can these demons think they have the right to take our sunshine away from us? The whole idea blows me away, it is so incomprehensible. But I will say this over and over. STOP what is happening in the sky, and all kinds of information will suddenly fall into place.

Here are more important weather articles. Just LOOK at the SIZE of that tornado. OMG!! And this will not stop unless we stop it, and if we do not stop it, sooner or later we will all be destroyed by a weather event, and civilization will once more be wiped out before we were able to remember.
More Than Two-Mile-Wide Mississippi Easter Tornado, One of Largest Ever Documented in U.S., Was State's Widest on Record
OMG, that was NOT NATURAL. The south was hit again a few days later, and today parts are STILL under a tornado watch in effect right now as I write.
Damaging Severe Storms With Tornadoes, Large Hail, High Winds and Flash Flooding Take Aim at the South
And speaking of weather that is NOT NORMAL, yesterday I had snow—I am positive it was snow and not hail but it was certainly chemically nucleated, at 44 degrees!!! We must be dilligent and pay attention to everything, and ask ourselves, "Why?" or "What is this telling us?" Let us all make that our project for the next few weeks and see what we can change in this whole mess. Because we cannot continue on this path, nor can we return to normal because nothing has been normal for along time. And on that comment I will end, and try to get another article out in several days. I am working on some other projects, none of them farming, of course because it is SO FUCKING COLD, but some very absorbing books that my book review fans will find interesting,

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