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This article is a hodgepodge of current insanity, and, as promised, my intention to cover more materials revealed by Paul Levy in his book on the evil virus of insanity, called Wetiko, which is gripping the world in epidemic proportions. More on that below. Let's start with current stuff.

While it may seem that all hopes of the collapse of the Matrix by so many of us is fading away, yet, if you really observe global events with an open and optimistic mind, you can see that that is not the case. The government and media, along with the rich and famous, have found ways for eons to distract public attention from their evil doings. But that just ain't so easy these days. When cnn.com includes a picture of Trump taking a drink of water included in "This week's eye-popping photos," (WTF—Seriously??), then you know desperation has set in. Their little tricks of the trade are not working so well any more. People aren't quite as stupid as they thought. Well, a lot still are, but I still am not sure they're people. They may be more of a hybrid GMO humanoid/mechanoid blend, and their program is growing obsolete and beginning to crash. And so goes the Matrix. It's coming. Just you wait.

And speaking of GMOs, let's talk about Bill Gates. Gates is my second most despised person currently living. Jamie Dimon is number one. Donald Scum-p, as in swamp scum which he promised the gullible he would drain, but they now find it is his personal habitat, is on my top-ten list, too. But anyway, Gates is now saying his new mission is to find a cure for Alzheimer's Disease. Whatthefuck—HEY BILL. You can start by NOT FUNDING geoengineering, 'cause the toxic aluminum nanoparticles are one of the biggest causes of the disease, in which people in their thirties and younger are now being diagnosed. Or didn't you KNOW that? Too much aluminum on your brain, maybe? And speaking of funding, if you really want to do the world a favor, you can get rid of your stock in Monsanto, 'cause they fund that shit too, along with their genetically modified Frankenseeds. Yeah, I know, you want to use GMOs to feed starving underdeveloped countries, but I'll bet you and the missus don't eat that toxic shit, now, DO YOU? What a bunch of fucking liars and phonies.

But, let's return to the subject of distractions. Was I the only one that noticed that when Robert Mueller began his highly publicized investigations into GOP collusion with Russia, suddenly a horrific massacre of innocent people, including babies happens in a tiny rural Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas. Of course, all the media is plastered with this story, as Trump takes off to Asia. And then. What happened to Mueller? Coincidence? Sadly, maybe not.

And speaking of Trump in Asia, Apparently he suggested to Japan that they should start making cars in the U.S. Duh, uh, Japan has been making cars in the U.S. for decades. In 1990, I bought a 1989 Honda Civic (which was the best vehicle I have ever owned in my life), and it was Ohio-made. Then, while still in Japan, he was feeding the fish in a koi pond. Apparently not familiar with the Zen art of mindfulness, he dumps in the entire box of fish food. OMG. He is making this entire country look like a bunch of fucking idiots. One of the Senators or Representatives, don't remember who, was quoted as saying that the White House had become a day-care center. Here is an amusing photo from an article to represent that opinion, which I filched off Chautauqua's site, Augureye Express, entitled Trumps Meltdown, which has lots of other appropriate images, and other related articles.

Trump, from Augureye Express

Getting down to more serious business, and more evidence that the Matrix is collapsing before our very eyes, the most amazing thing is happening to shut down the male patriarchy that has suffocated, stymied and supressed the (un)civilized world for eons. All it took was one woman to accuse Harvey Weinstien of sexual harrassment and, boom—look at what has happened! WOW!! FINALLY! The time was right, because the energies are shifting, and this kind of disgusting behavior will no longer be tolerated. Look how many Hollywood "Greats" have suddenly lost their lifeling careers. Though there is resistance, it is creeping into Washington, D.C., and the "list" which local women know about WILL become public. One way or another, all of these guys will get what they have coming. One of the best stories was the one about Al Franken, with story headlines quoting from his accuser: "His lips were wet and slimy." Now that is just revenge—to have an insult to your sexiness (or lack of) splattered across the media.

Incidentally, and this is even more disgusting—that WE, the taxpayers have been funding a "slush fund," (or, really "hush fund") to pay off victims of sexual harrassment in Washington D.C. to keep their mouths shut. You can read about it at McClatchy DC Bureau website.

But the problem is that so many people refuse to speak up or take action or DO WHAT IS RIGHT. I have been literally making myself physically ill, trying to get people I know to WAKE UP about the atrocity going on in the skies. I have friends, an elderly couple who are very strict "Religious Right" Christians. I truly do love them dearly, but we have many "lively" discussions about issues that they don't want to deal with, and the geoengineering one is a biggie. I asked them the other day, WHY people refuse to stand up for the horror that is poisoning and decimating the entire planet, and they gave me the "it's god's will" crap, which just makes me seethe. I said, "Isn't there something about "god helps those who help themselves" and even more pressing, that we were commanded to be stewards of the earth. As I thought about this conversation later, I came up with many better responses. I have been going on and on to the point where my friends just want me to shut up, about the fact that one of these days, REAL SOON, we are going to go to a grocery store and the shelves will be empty. This is particularly intolerable when I see the amount of food that people throw away. NO FOOD GETS THROWN AWAY IN THE CROW HOUSEHOLD. I have a compost bucket, and food waste, rinds, peels, etc, 'cause that's all the food waste I have, goes into the compost bucket and returned to the Earth, from whence it came. So, do these "Christians" think their god will provide for them when all the food is gone? We have had record crop loss this year, as a result of the criminal atrocity in the skies. It seems to me that "god" would say: "Well, you know, I gave you a planet with absundance for all, and you poisoned it and abused it and stole from it without giving back, so why should I feed you now?" And the "Good Christian" will say, but I followed your commandments and have been a "good person." Hmmm. In MY religion, there is karma, and what goes around comes around. Complacency is complicity. SEEING EVIL and not speaking up against it is the same as DOING EVIL yourself. Paul Levy speaks of that in his Dispelling Wetiko book.

As in the sexual harassment drama, I keep thinking that we are reaching the "hundredth monkey" point in activism against geoengineering, and when we do, suddenly the secret will be out and NO ONE will beable to hide it any more. Here in Ohio, I just cannot begin to state how miserable I am. We have seen the sun three times since October 18. EVERY DAY is SOOOO DARK. Layers and layers of thick black toxic clouds covering us all the time. Then they bring these phony "fronts," which originate from the west coast, being manipulated by microwaves, which deprive California of desperately needed rain, and they dump it on us. Here is an article about Weather Terrorists Control The Climate, which clearly demonstrates how they do it. They dumped nearly THREE INCHES of rain on us Saturday. And it it SO TOXIC. Every time they bring in one of these huge systems (and this was two—a "warm front" and a "cold front"), AT THE SAME TIME, to create the false illusion that "nature" is cooling us down to normal November temperatures. FUCKING LIARS!!! If they would stop spraying, I'll bet we'd jump to the 60s or 70s. With clear blue skies.

But it's all coming out, and the US Navy has helped by their smart-ass and vulgar stunt which they thought was funny, but is an outrage to taxpayers and especially those who know how this was done. Perhaps you have seen it, because it has gone viral, the giant "Penis in the Sky."

US Navy's disgusting idea of humor

The article from which I borrowed this photo is from the West Coast Action Alliance in Washington State, a letter entitled "Navy to Neighbors: "You're F**ked." In case you don't know about this, the Navy has taken over pristine lands in that area, such as parks and nature reserves, where people and animals and plants SHOULD be able to enjoy a sense of peace, harmony, and safety. Now, however, the residents are subjected electromagnetic warfare training, with all the noise and disturbance of explosions and Navy "Growler" flyoevers, one of which created this "artwork." PLEASE, read the accompanying letter linked above—it is EXCELLENT!! WOW! What a gifted choice of words the author used. Be sure to also read about the Navy's arrogant encroachment onto these lands and what local people are doing to get rid of them. This juvenile incident may help, I hope. Keep in mind that this situation CAN and WILL happen where you live if this out-of-control military power continues to go unchecked. It is all so sickening. WHY ARE WE ALLOWING THIS???? What would you do if a young child or grandchild saw this in the sky and asked what it was or why it was there? It just shows how these people in the military have absolutely no regard or respect for life. Was it always like this? I think a lot has changed since WWII, with nuclear weapons, military development of extremely toxic pesticides, as Rachel Carson wrote about in Silent Spring. And this was also the same time the military began developing "weather warfare" chemicals and strategies. Somewhere along the line, people in the military forgot they are here to serve and protect their country. But the truth of the matter is that all war has been manipulated to serve and amuse the shadow governments, which, if you go back a step further, are beholden to our alien controllers. It's all an illusion, and my only goal now is that at least some of us will awaken and escape before the entire planet is destroyed.

But I've wandered, and I have more to say about the above paragraph, but it will have to be in another article. In any case, here is another article about the chemtrail penis, from the Guardian: Penis in the sky: US navy pilots grounded over 'obscene' stunt.

Susan Feguson, who is an extremely intelligent woman who posts regularly on Geoengineering Watch, and lives on Washington's Olympic Peninsula, posted the first article link, with the letter included. She does a great deal of her own research and adds it to the reader posts, and this recent one is beyond disturbing. She has been doing research into molecular electronics because she has taken thousands of NASA Worldviews screenshots, and wanted to understand them better. This also includes nanotechnology, which of course applies to geoengineering. Her friend provided a succinct and disturbing summary:

"Think atmosphere. They are trying to make the atmosphere an electronic integrated circuit using electrostatic, electromagnetic and electrodynamic means. The aluminum, barium, strontium, coal ash carbon, virus, the RNA, proteins enzymes all mimic the elements of a solid state electronic device. This is like having a computer in the sky permitting complete control by the proper programming."

I would wonder if they are not doing that to our brains also.

TOO much power. WAY too much technology, and WAY too little moral and spiritual integrity. One way or another, it cannot continue.

I want to spend the remainder of the article by sharing more material from Paul Levy's Book Dispelling Wetiko: Breaking the Curse of Evil If you have not read that review, please do so before reading the rest of this article. Though, as stated in the review, I have some real issues with this book, there is still a great amount of what he says that I agree with, so, little by little, I will discuss it in my articles. I will pick up where I left off in the review, and in that, I did not even get past the Introduction.

Levy discusses a dream he had of Dracula. He makes the point that vampires operate covertly, and once they are found out, they are made impotent. He likens that to the Wetiko virus/demon, and we can also extend that into the alien agenda, which is another way of perceiving the evil force gripping the planet. Levy says:

Vampires and vampiric entities like wetiko, don't like it when their covert, psychological operations are seen. Just like Dracula in my dream, the last thing the vampiric entity of wetiko wants is for us to be "on to it." Because it gets its power from operating covertly in the shadows and out of sight, seeing a demon takes away its seeming autonomy and omnipotence. For when we see the nonlocal, transpersonal nature of the vampire, not only do we take away its power over us, but it can also no longer see us. By seeing "it" we render ourselves invisible to the vampire, who cannot self-reflectively speculate upon the mirrored reflection of itself which we are holding up to it.

I want to point out that words such as "nonlocal," "transpersonal," "mirror" and "reflection," or words with similar meaning were used ad nauseum throughout the book, because his perception of reality is that everything we experience is within us, or reflects ourselves back to us. Well. I'm not sure about that, because I embraced that belief for years until I got off the "spiritual obsession" path, as I spoke of in the review and it wasn't helpful. I think it is true to a point, but, as I also pointed out in my review, we are in the midst of a technological attack, where our minds are being controlled by an outside force. Levy would not admit there is any outside force. But, I also DO get what he's saying, and by seeing "it" as a reflection of ourselves, we no longer reflect it and it dissapears.

Still, there is wisdom in this vampire statement, which is another reason I am not letting up about the whole atrocity in the sky situation. It is my belief that it is NOT about the weather. Or at least it didn't begin that way. I think from the get-go it was about warfare and mind control, but ended up having this cataclysimic effect on the climate, which perhaps the evil-doers did not even anticipate. More on that in upcoming articles.

CONSCIOUSNESS is the most important quality we must now obtain, and in that, Mr. Levy and I agree wholeheartedly. It is one of the main themes of his book. Once these operations are no longer covert, once the whole world, for instance sees that the U.S.military has become little more than mercenaries—paid killers and destroyers, then the game will be up. But something else will happen, too, and that is, this frequency block that has kept us from reaching our full potential will be released. It is my long-standing belief that when we are able to manifest our reality without interference, we will be able to undo the damage to the planet. But a lot of work needs to be done here REAL fast in order for that to happen. And so, I still say, we must all take responsibility, write letters, emails, Facebook, Twitter, however you communicate, with your friends and with officials and organizations, spread the word about the geoengineering crime. If we can stop that, or at least STOP THE PLANES, for even three or four weeks, I guarantee, something VERY BIG will change.

I have a great deal of material forthcoming, so I plan to put out a series of articles, hopefully quickly. I want to mention again that many of you enter my site through my Articles Index. Be sure to always visit my Home Page, right-hand column. Only one person has read the Wetiko review so far, which really surprises me because I thought many would be interested. I post a great deal of materials on my site, not just Articles. I can view my activities on my stats pages, (I can't tell WHO visits, just HOW MANY). And only one person has viewed my latest "Through the Year At Cosmic Dream Farm," which is actually the predecessor of this article. So please, always check my Home Page carefully.

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