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I have several projects I am working on for a longer article, which I will post when prepared, provided of course, that I, or any of us are still here, or at least I am at a place where I can communicate with you. The time is coming, and fast as lightning, that every day when I awaken, I think, will this be the day?

For anyone even remotely conscious, (which, sadly, excludes still the greatest percentage of the population), it is painfully obvious that our world is coming to an end, and it must, and I don't say that with gloom and doom. Surviving in this present dimension has been nearly impossible for me for over ten years, because all of the means for physical survival no longer exist in my personal database. And with my complete purging of my internal memory late last year, my entire belief system has been updated. With everything I attempt now, I feel I am moving through quicksand with balls and chains attached to both arms and legs. And the closer I come to awakening, the more obstacles are thrown at me. But there is also something exciting in this, which I will share when I'm ready.

As we stand now, everything, every aspect of life on this planet is imploding—we are in a free fall that is accelerating every day, from the climate, to every institution which has been the fabric of society for centuries. And the more out-of-control everything gets, the more insane are those trying to keep control. THEY ARE NOT IN CONTROL. Every time they stick their finger in the hole-in-the-dam, another even bigger one breaks through.

I listened to a video last week, well, about 25 minutes of it, and then I got bored and realized that what he was covering after that first 25 minutes was stuff of which I had long ago let go, especially since my recent purge. (And I will go into that more in another article.) This video is a presentation given by Bernhard Guenther, (whom I generally hold in high regard) called The Matrix Control System & The Path Towards Awakening. It was at the point when he said that we "want everyone to wake the fuck up," but people can only wake up when they are ready—like there's no urgency—that I began to frown and lose interest. There IS urgency, because if people don't "wake the fuck up" NOW, there will be no planet left to wake up to, because too many other factors are destroying our very life support systems, especially what is going on with the weather and climate. If you have not read my article And Now The Weather, please do so.

However, I still obtained some interesting material in the first third of his talk, and that's what I'll tell you about now.

He began with a chart of layers of the Matrix, beginning with what all of us experience as life—the institutions, and those running them, like members of the governement, which the general public sees as the cause of the problem. That's why people foolishly still believe that electing a new president has the possibility to make changes. IT DOES NOT.

The next layer is a bit more hidden to the general ignorant masses. This includes chemtrails, GMOs, vaccines, EMFs, and all the new and horrible technology that has sprung up just in the past year or so. But the REAL running of the planet is being done by forces OFF PLANET, (which I have spoken of and long believed). Just as holistic healing works from the non-physical level down to the body, which is the most dense level, so the the root of evil occurs way beyond our senses and physical presence. That's why, unless the ROOT of the problem is dealt with, nothing can change at any other level. That is also why we see the government and military behaving insanely, killing all life on this planet, especially with chemtrails and EMFs, seemingly oblivious to the fact that THEY will go down with the rest of us. Guenther made a point of saying that these people are often an embodiment of the evil force beyond the planet, which I have said, too, and which explains why they don't care what they kill. And killing everything in sight is becoming the goal, and growing worse every day. So it IS imperative that we "wake the fuck up," and NOW.

The other aspect of this presentation that I found interesting was his listing of different names and characters for the evil force, according to different spiritual or ethnic backgrounds. The one I have begun investigating, which really sparked resonance within me is Wetiko, the evil spirit of the Native Americans. You may read about it in this article Seeing Wetiko: On Capitalism, Mind Viruses, and Antidotes for a World in Transition. There is also a book I plan to read, if I am around that long. I don't assume I will be, from day to day, at this point. And neither should you. Live every minute as if it's your last.

But the whole point is, that the people who are creating an environment so toxic that we are on the edge of annihilation, are most likely not even "people," and totally unaware of what they are doing, like a robot programmed to do a task. And yes, this is all downright scary shit, but the more you know, the more you can develop a possible escape. Guenther also makes the point that "awakening" will take us to a totally new reality, and if we are still HERE, we are NOT awake, and I absolutely agree, and have said that myself. It is the difference between being asleep and dreaming, and waking up from sleep. That's why I have now narrowed down my immediate task to waking up. Once you begin to perceive it all like that, it no longer seems so daunting. I am to the point where I believe that WAKING UP will take me to another reality and out of this one, so it is my number one priority in life right now, and with all the work I have done for 37 years, and so many of us have done, I think we are much closer than we even can comprehend. And that is the good part.

And THEY, the evil forces, know that, which is why they are bombarding us with every imaginable means to keep us asleep or kill us. They only have two options. I make sure I overwhelm myself now with all the worst news of the day, every day, just to keep myself inspired to NEVER STOP MY MOMENTUM TO WAKE UP. It is ONE LAST TASK.

And along with that, and perhaps as the preliminary, I want to see the "Man Behind the Curtain." I want to see the physical function of how the Matrix is controlling us. Once Dorothy saw The Wizard as he really was, he was no longer a threat. She "woke up" from that illusion in a split second, which paved her way back to Kansas.

When I was studying piano for my Masters degree, the excellent teacher I had specialized in technique, a totally different one than I had ever learned, but I could see how much better it was. I found it extremely difficult at first, but once, just once, when I could feel in my hands that I did it right, I knew I could replicate the physical sensation. Muscle memory is really much stronger than mental, which is why I think we are struggling so much. And so, once I can SEE the illusion in what they are doing, I am certain I will be able to unravel truth of what is hidden, thus, there will be no reason for me to remain asleep.

If you would like extra motivation to inspire you to "wake the fuck up" now, here are some of the current horrors. This whole "5G" thing, though I don't know much about it except that we have no business messing with it, scares the hell out of me. And all these "cell phone" towers springing up out west and everywhere. They apparently are really emitting microwaves, and I have read they have the power to basically cook us from the inside out. Here is a heartbreaking article. The thing is, at this point, I really don't care what happens to the bulk of humanity. Most people are so lazy and stupid and selfish and evil, they don't have the right to occupy what was formerly our precious planet. It is the other living things here that are suffering—the innocent animals and plants, trees, oceans and everything beautiful and harmonious that was once the foundation of planet Earth. It all makes me so sick. Please read this alarming notice put out by the Olympic National Forest in Washington State. And if that's not bad enough, do some research on what is happening to the ice in Antarctica, and the heat in Europe, where they are either drowning or on fire. And the same for our own U.S., except here in the East we are now in the grips of a manipulated cool down, complete with rain nearly every day, (as it has been all summer), now in August, what should "normally" be the hottest and driest month in the year, at least for us here in Ohio.

And to end, there is one last point to make which also serves to explain the deperate insanity gripping those who were once in control, and are now losing all control of a totally out-of-control scenario. And the reason is, it is becoming nearly impossible to stop people from awakening. I don't believe in "fate," but in a case such as this, preventing an entire planet from evolving goes against every Law of the Universe. It is just unnatural, like stuffing a baby back into the womb when it is ready to be born. Evolution and awakening CANNOT be stopped. They have effectively slowed it down, though, for centuries. Religion has probably been the most powerful force keeping people in frequency lockdown for centuries.

I am completing an excellent book on the Incas, which will be showing up on my reviews soon, and permanently on my Ancient Mexican, Pre-Columbian, Aztec, Mayan, Incan Index Page. The Incas ruled with an iron heel, and kept their subjects in a state of fear. But the Indians themselves, through their spiritual beliefs, also kept themselves in what they thought was a constant state of surveillance. They thought everything was alive with a soul—from the rocks to potatoes, to llamas, and all those souls watched every move they made, leaving them feeling that they lived in a way-overpopulated world.

In this Indian world, ever-changing and over-populated, each word, each gesture risked setting in motion infinite repercussions on every plane, whether visible or invisible. The individual, the social, material and moral were narrowly interdependent. An illness was a disorder and a sin.

Behind the passivity of the peasant, the shepherd, the artisan, lay a constant mental tension; friend and foe were everywhere and constant attention had to be given to the smallest details which might pass unobserved and produce reactions. It was prudent not to upset the established order of things, and to mistrust everything abnormal. From this came worship of the huacas and of all things impressive in their grandeur, strength, beauty or originality—the great cats of the forest, the snowy summit, the strangely shaped rock.

And it wasn't just the Indian "savages" that believed such muck. The Romans and Greeks were even worse. See my review of The Ancient City. The dawn of Christianity deepened the sense of surveillance and imprisonment. But here in this century, religion, for most, has lost its power, and that's a good thing, so the Powers have had to resort to technology. Have you not noticed the explosion of new technology? Every day it seems some new horror has been developed. It seems to me that all of this is coming from Wetiko, or the Reptilians or an off-world source, because it is coming so fast. And if they can't stop us, they will kill us, period, and that's the state of things right now. So what is the only solution? WAKE THE FUCK UP. NOW.

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