More Questions Than Answers

Look out!
Helter skelter
Helter skelter
Helter skelter
Look out!
Helter skelter
She's coming down fast
Yes she is
Yes she is
Coming down fast

The immortal words of Sir Paul McCartney pretty well sum up the situation here on Planet Earth as we accelerate to the End of Time. Anyone that tries to say they know what is really happening is delusional. We are so fucked at this point, it is difficult to know which end is up. But, because people like myself have a moral obligation to try to sort it all out, I will offer my random thoughts here in this article. I am not claiming any of this is true, it is just the way my mind is processing it. If it is helpful to you, go for it.

First, my heart is breaking for the situation in Houston, as I'm sure all of yours are, too. My first thoughts are always for the poor innocent creatures suffering from human evil, especially those in shelters, zoos, or nature reserves that may not be able to escape. Usually there are lots of pictures of animals being evacuated with humans. I know in the past, people had to leave their pets, but then people began refusing evacuation without them. A good choice, so now they are included in evacuations. I do not know if Houston has a zoo, and at this point, I don't want to know. I have seen enough horror to leave me numb. But I have to say, some of the pictures and articles have left me wondering about the truth of what is really going on. I'll see how this all plays out before I say any more. But I will say this: I keep hearing how Houston is going to get hit again, yet there is nothing on any of the NWS maps that indicates Harvey is moving backwards. Apparently it is The Weather Channel claiming this, I believe, and they are known for weather false flags and propaganda. I never take them seriously.

Second, I want to say that I am grateful, amazed, no, astounded, that my website is still online, seeings how it lives on one of the 10,000 or so hard drives at the HostGator building in Houston. The fact that they still have internet connection is mind-boggling, although I am having communication issues with my directory, so I am hesitant to attempt to load any large files.

Of course, there is much being published now that Harvey is a geoengineered storm. I am sure it is, but I do not believe it is being "controlled" as some claim it is. I think the weather and everything else is so utterly fucking out of control now, that we are in the final milliseconds till midnight. And if any of you think this scenario can't happen to you, think again. OK, maybe here in Northeast Ohio we won't get a hurricane, but something just as bad or worse can hit us. That is why we need an escape. NOW. She's coming down fast . . . .

There are those who say that this event was geoengineered as another attempt to cool down the frying pan that is much of the U.S. and the rest of the world. That obviously IS NOT in control at all. Here is the latest projections for temp./precip averages from the NOAA Climate Prediction Center. We ain't even beginning to cool down. And here is another even more dire map from Popular Science, showing global wildfires. OMG!! Italy and the Ukraine are infernos. Does anyone really believe we have much longer to live on this planet?

The thing is, people who are aware of these issues have become too polarized. They are either strictly focused on scientifc data, in denial of the metaphysical or off planet forces at work. Or, they have drifted totally into woo-woo land and are not looking at what is our actual physical situation. I know most of us, myself included, have drifted there, probably because we are so sensitive, and the physical world is just plain painful. But as I went through my total re-calibration earlier in the year, I have now successfully integrated the two, and I am finding that dealing with the physical world, as a means to escape the Matrix is the route we need to take.

The eclipse we had last week was a whopper. It is said that eclipses can drastically shift energy. I am not a believer in astrology, but I know the eclipse thing is true. The last one of this type occured in 1979, and it was at the beginning of 1980, 37 years ago, that my life was turned upside down, and I began what Bernhard Guenther call the "perilous path toward awakening." I personally had the bottom fall out, energetically speaking, last Monday during that eclipse, and I am still recovering, trying to make sense of where I am now. But this is what I am perceiving:

To put it bluntly, the Matrix is shutting down. It has been for quite a while, just like when a computer operating system begins to fail. Little issues pop up all over, then boom, it's down. I do not believe that so many of us would be as conscious as we are if the "Occult Hostile Forces" (again, from Bernhard Guenther), were still completely in control. I think they have been losing control for quite some time. A crack in the dam appears here, then there, then two or three more, then hundreds until the whole thing collapses. Now every day, a new whistleblower speaks up, or a new documentary is released, or new information hits the internet, putting together the pieces of the complete state of slavery and control in which we've been living for eons, without our awareness. The fact that we are beginning to see the Matrix and how it works is a shredding of the veil. These "Occult Hostile Forces" (occult meaning "hidden"), cannot continue functioning once they are discovered. That is their weakness. Our knowing renders them impotent.

In my last article, Reconnecting to Source I spoke of requesting help from my original race, and one of my most urgent requests was "Show me what's hidden." To that I have been answered way beyond my expectations. For so many years, I've struggled with the need to be an activist, and the need to escape the illusion of the physical world. I finally am able to reconcile the two because I understand my motives. We all must commit ourselves to activism, here in our final days, not because stopping the activity will make a difference. It will not, not at this late date. But it WILL be the means for disclosure, and it is disclosure that will shut the Matrix down. When Dorothy saw the Wizard as he really was, the spell was broken. So, we must work like hell to get it all out in the open. That will set us free. They cannot control us when we KNOW we are being controlled and we know HOW we are being controlled.

Now, what is going to happen when the Matrix shuts down all together. You see it happening now, and the final days will most likely be total destruction, for those still operating in that system. Disclosure enables us to separate from the illusion, and an illusion cannot hurt us unless we perceive it as real. Am I making sense. See it all for what it is, shine a light on it, and its power vanishes. At least that's the road I am taking, but again, more questions than answers.

We have all kinds of opportunities now to shine our lights on the illusion. Here are just some examples. Many people now are coming forward with information about the criminal activities of the government(s), especially the Shadow Government. That is good, but it is only a half truth, because, as I stated in my last article, there is a hidden force beyond that, which is really running the planet. As they continue to be disempowered, the Matrix will shut down more and more rapidly. And there will be nothing to support it. I believe we've reached that point, which is why the Shadow Government, and false powers here are lashing out at everything and anything. They are losing their backup, and finding themselves all alone. The physical entities here are merely agents of these Occult Hostile Forces, and if they are losing control, the rest of it will go down. Their plans are falling apart, at least that's how I see it. The New World Order? I don't think so. They are losing control of every aspect of the operation of this planet. Again, all the information now being revealed would still be hidden if they were still in power! Remember that!! They cannot stop it from being revealed. It's the cracks in the dam.

Here are some articles I've found interesting. First, a new 9-part documentary series has come out about GMOs. You can access the first episode here. I began watching it last night. I was very impressed with Dr. Zachary Bush. He shared some really useful information about the dawning of the "chemical farming" age, plus shared information about how these toxins work in our bodies—lots of very good stuff to know. Then the second interview began. Oh, my! We have to listen to this chirpy little "FoodBabe" go on and on about how, if we just ate organic, GMO foods, everyone would be healthy. I got sick and turned it off, and wrote her a letter. You may contact her here.

Here is a copy of my letter:

I listened to enough of GMOs Revealed to become quite upset by your interview. I have been an organic farmer for over 20 years, also fighting GMOs. But the planetary crisis now is geoengineering, and being doused daily with heavy metals, especially aluminum, has made organic farming a joke. NOTHING IS ORGANIC ANYMORE! I challenge you to get your blood, hair or urine (and rain water) tested for heavy metals (you must request that specifically). All soil, water and air on the planet is now saturated with these toxins, and they are NOT being sprayed by farmers. Why do you think Monsanto has developed aluminum-resistant seeds that thrive under adverse conditions? Telling people all they need to do is eat non-GMO foods to be healthy is delusional. The root of the problem is geoengineering (also financially supported by Monsanto). This year has seen record crop loss because of flooding/drought and 100+ degree temps. Until we stop geoengineering, growing healthy food is a sham.

I urge you to do the same. While I welcome anything that exposes these crimes, this particular babe is actually working against the race to expose geoengineering, the root of most of the evils now taking place on the planet. We know that glyphosate (RoundUp) is showing up in organic foods. Here is another article, Glyphosate Food Testing Results. And have you noticed the new labeling laws? More and more products are showing up admitting the use of genetically modified food. Nearly all cereals! I am in the process of creating a scathing letter to send to Kellogg's, which I will share. I strongly urge EVERYONE to do the same. Remember, once it is all exposed, the game is up. The Matrix comes down, and those who have prepared, who have separated from the illusion, will go free. At least, that's my game plan. Create your own operating system as you work to shut this one down. This is the best opportunity we will have, and this window may not stay open too long. NOBODY IS ALLOWED TO SIT ON THEIR LAZY ASS! Do what needs to be done, and let's get the hell out. This is our priority. If we wish to become masters at creating our own physical reality, then we must face our reality as it is now, and constantly modify it, at the physical and metaphysical levels. We need to build up our own mental/spiritual base so we have a place to stand when the rest falls away.

Here are a couple other articles of interest: Chemical Haze Drifts Ashore Near Birling Gap, England. Gosh, can't imagine where that might have come from. Chemtrail planes, perhaps? . . . . And shit like this still makes me ask the question, WHAT ARE THEY HIDING UP THERE??

And here is one of the scariest: Sixteen US staff in Cuba hurt in "acoustic attack". Many people now, myself included are complaining of ringing and other sounds in our ears, young people, too. For the past couple months, my dogs start going crazy at night, barking and barking and barking. I go out and investigate, and there is usually nothing anywhere, except sometimes a little 'possum that likes to explore the contents of my recycling bags. My friend in Akron has been going through exactly the same thing with her dogs and ears, (and she is only 30). I find this shit really unnerving. I remember, I believe it was in FrankenSkies, where someone from the military was saying that they had finished their project with HAARP (which is scary enough), but then said that they were renting it to others. HAARP is so dangerous it should be torn down, not rented out!! That facility would certainly have the capability for "acoustic attacks." OMG. What have we come to?

And here is one last article that just came out, and made me drop my jaw. Should We Be Looking for Space Aliens a Bit Closer to Home? NO SHIT! They're finally getting it. In fact, I am seeing more and more MSM articles pertaining to alien communication. Is that their way of priming the global population to accept the fact that the government knows full well we are in communication with aliens and have been for a long time?

But, we cannot allow fear of these horrors to stop us at this stage of the game. Living in denial is the worst decision anyone could make. We have an opportunity never before available. Bring it all out in the open. Shine a light. Disclosure, disclosure, disclosure. OUR KNOWING IS THEIR UNDOING. Everybody get to work now.

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