When Push Comes to Shove

OK, so here goes. I could be wrong about this, or maybe this just applies to me, but my gut keeps telling me that something is gonna break through here, real soon. It seems we are fighting a war of apples and oranges—WE are fighting their technology with our powerful energetic resources and THEY are fighting our powerful energetic resources with their technology. The war is being waged at the non-physical level, manifesting itself in our illusional physical plane. It is a mess and gonna get messier unless a whole lot of people jump on board REAL soon. That may be happening. As I said in my last article, something extremely profound is happening to me, but it is leaving me feeling unbelievably vulnerable as I make this leap to the next level. I go through this on a regular basis, but each one gets more intense. This one has been just terrible. But also, each leap covers vastly more area. I am using every ounce of my multidimentional self to make this a leap beyond the point where I am out of the firing range. If just a FEW of us can escape to that level, we can use that energy to free others that are on the fringe.

And so, this is going to be a VERY short article. In fact I am only writing it because I have some essential materials to share. I strongly recommend that you open each of these links and investigate the information. I wonder how many of you do take this seriously, as the life-threatening situation we are actually in. We are fighting for our lives at all levels now, obvious to most at the physical levels. My heart goes out to people on the U.S. East Coast, particularly the Carolinas, who have suffered the brunt of Florence.

My heart also goes out to the people in Asia and all over the world who are suffering from the manipulated killer weather that is terrorizing, well, all of us. A killer storm just hit the UK—Storm Ali—killed two, 100 mph winds. WHEN IS IT GONNA STOP? WE need to stop it. Nobody is allowed to sit on their butts and do nothing. Spread credible data. GeoengineeringWatch is the best place to start. Stop what is going on above us and EVERYTHING will change.

Here in Northeast Ohio, I am still trying to recover from Hurricane Gordon, who dropped 5 INCHES of rain on me. Many of my plants, at least the ones outside, are rotting and mildewed. In addition, the weeks before the rain, a mildew began killing my squash plants, and I noticed this on other people's plants, too. It seems so few people grow anything out here any more, but certain places I drive past had squash and pumpkins that seemed to shrivel up overnight. And in the past six weeks or so, I have been increasingly attacked by insect pestilence that I have never had a problem with before. Though I planted my tomatoes very late, they are still promising a nice crop, more and more ripening each day. But I am finding tomato hornworms all over the place. They are huge and there is usually only one per plant because one WILL wipe out a whole plant. If I get them, it is usually only one or two a year, but I have had probably ten so far. I cut them in half with a pair of scissors, and that does it, but every few days, I find another when I notice that a plant has been defoliated. And speaking of defoliation, the leaves on the trees are drying up and falling off, which should not be! Leaves don't turn color until the first frost and we haven't come close. We are SO hot. Even when the temperature says it's only 82 degrees, it feels like 95 on your skin. And the leaves aren't turning color, they are just drying up.

Do I think any of this is natural? Of course not. We are being sprayed to death, and I mean that literally. And the killing-off is becoming more desperate because we are waking up and they don't want us to wake up. The convergence of the two forces is terrible to behold. As Dane has been saying, they will stop at nothing to keep us from finding out the truth, and yet it seems that the truth is oozing out all over the place. Here are the links I want to share, the first two being from Lisa Renee's site. The first is her monthly (September) newsletter, and the second is from her weekly blog. THAT one cites Dane, and links to his article on Hurricane Florence, and how it was manipulated to create distraction. I am SO glad she has linked to his site.

Controlled Chaos Strategy

Next is an interview Dane did on 9/11. PLEASE watch this video. Even if you are completly aware that the WTC disaster was in inside job, you will see images that will make you gasp. This event was not only an inside job, but a controlled demolition. I knew that, too, but seeing this footage still was shocking. If you are not familiar with Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, please make yourself familiar. They have over 3,000 professional architects and engineers who are members now that have proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that the official narrative about this atrocity was not only a lie, but an absurd one at that.

GeoengineeringWatch.org interview: Architects And Engineers For 9/11 Truth CEO Speaks Out
Architects And Engineers For 9/11 Truth

And Dane just now published another article and short video on Hurricane Florence and how it was manipulated by microwaves. OMG!!! Just look at the network of of microwave transmission facilities across the country. DO YOU THINK THAT IS SAFE FOR US? FOR YOUR CHILDREN? WHY ARE WE ALLOWING THIS?

Geoengineering Microwave Transmissions And Their Connection To Hurricane Florence

And last, I would like to know what the hell was going on at the solar observatory in New Mexico (not that far from Roswell, by the way). Here is one of the numerous articles, and no official explanation has come forth yet.

A Solar Observatory in New Mexico Has Been Mysteriously Shut Down And Evacuated

Not familiar with Roswell? Here's an article on that:

The Roswell incident: how ‘UFO sighting’ sparked 70 years of conspiracy theories

And we still do not know the truth. And we need to know the truth. About everything. I have never been a big believer in UFO sightings. I think most of them are hoaxes, especially the people that claim they are regularly in touch with benevolent aliens. However, I DO believe the government and military ARE in touch with aliens and they are living among us and they do not need a spaceship to travel. And they are NOT benevolent. We need disclosure on all the terrible things that have been done to humanity and we need it NOW. It's coming. Hold tight. Prepare.

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