Anyone who pays attention to the news will know that this past week, "climate scientists" (government agents and shills) released a fury of "shocking" statistics as to the catastrophic damage we have suffered, especially here in the U.S., due to "climate change." You notice I used quotes around these terms, mainly because this whole scenario was overflowing with lies. So, are we in that bad condition? No. The condition we are in is WAAAAAY worse, and I want to clarify this (dis)information so that all my readers can fully understand what is REALLY going on on this planet, particularly if you live in the U.S.A., but really every part of the planet is in EXTREME dire straits.

I copied every article I found, but I have to say that, though I glanced through them, I didn't read them through for the reason stated above. But believe me, there was a good reason they were published, especially falling right after the apocalytic fires in California. And, have you noticed that, just as quickly as they all appeared, then POOF!!, they disappeared. However, the main reason they are less than credible is that NONE of them mention geoengineering as a factor, and until THAT is brought into the light, all the carbon taxes and emission reductions will not be worth a shit, and the the time the government fiddle-farts around with passing laws, then of course, giving exemptions to favorite corporations that give them big money, we will all be long dead, 'cause that is coming up here REAL soon. It is ALL A GAME. These people know goddamn well exactly what is going on because it has been carefully orchestrated from the start. Here are the articles:

New government report reveals staggering economic and health toll of climate change
Federal report says climate change will wallop U.S. economy

This second one from NBC—OMG, I could not believe the fourth paragraph!!! In other words, we have devastating news for you, but we hope you don't read it. Enjoy your turkey and shopping. Holy Shit!

The report had originally been scheduled for release in December, but the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced on Wednesday that it would be released Friday. Releasing information on the day after Thanksgiving is generally considered a way to minimize its impact, since many people don't follow the news closely on long holiday weekends.
Government Climate Report Warns of Worsening U.S. Disasters
Mass deaths and mayhem: National Climate Assessment's most shocking warnings
Climate Change Is Already Hurting U.S. Communities, Federal Report Says

Besides the fact that the cataclysmic effects of geoengineering on every facet of life on the planet is omitted completely from the studies, the other thing that makes them mostly useless is that most are speaking as if we have till the end of the century to get our act together. In Dane's recent Saturday radio broadcast, from November 24, 2018, he kept referring fact that these reports continually used the words "could, may, might"—totally assinine, when we are already so deep into disaster that there is no longer a doubt it will happen because it IS and HAS BEEN happening for a long while. Now, there is hardly a day goes by that there is not a weather related catastrophe. The situation is HERE NOW, in our faces and tearing up our lives, along with killing off every form of life on the planet. HERE. NOW. NOT THE FUTURE.

And here are some even scarier stats. Gives you another factor in the equation that you may not have considered. The thing is, until you completely connect the dots you will not see the big heinous reality of the scenario being unfurled before our very eyes. Please read this article all the way through. It is a good one, and NOT from the MSM. Criticizing all the wars the U.S. is involved in is just as taboo as geoengineering. Why? Because the majority of the population STILL believes that our military is here to protect us from the "bad guys." Until people get over this Pollyanna mindset, we will continue to accelerate in the descending spiral until there is no life left on the planet at all. The fact is, our government and global governments no longer even try to disguise the fact that they are not here to serve the people. It has become a "Big Boys With Toys" but with very small balls, and to compensate for their anatomical deficiencies, they are waging a no-holds-barred holocaust against the entire planet. Their only goal is to satisfiy their ego and lust for power, and the hell with the fact that they may have no planet left to control when it is all over. But, of course, they're not thinking that far ahead. Kind of like the governor and governor-elect of California that KNOW DAMN WELL why the wildfires are out of control, but still refuse to take the brave and honorable step towards exposing the truth to the public.

Is Climate the Worst Casualty of War?

This next article is from the Weather Channel website, which in general, is nothing but lies and propaganda. Many believe that this is the upcoming possibility. When the global temperatures reach the point of death for all life, those in power will create a "nuclear winter" as described in the article, (and I am sure they have the capability to do this), while they are safely stashed away in their underground bunkers. I have issues with that, because it will take centuries to recover from a disaster such as that, and, I dunno about you, but I don't think I could spend more than a couple days underground without going stark raving mad. Do you actually think all these wicked people will create a harmonious community as they pass the centuries in bliss, waiting, like a cicada, to emerge once again? Seriously? They'll fucking kill each other by the end of a month.

Here's the 'Worst Year to Be Alive,' as Determined by Historians and Scientists

And here's another scary one. Just the thought that weapons of this magnitude could be and ARE aimed as us as much as any other country should absolutely stop everyone in their tracks.

Video: U.S. Offensive Aerospace Capabilities Directed against the Whole Planet: America’s MUOS Satellite Communications System in Sicily

And if you don't think these world leaders are consumed with lust for power, you are truly living in a bubble. It has been like this forever, but never with the absolutely terrifying technology we have today, capable of wiping out the entire planet at the push of a button. If you have never listened to any of Dane's Saturday broadcasts, at least listen to the first few minutes, while then Vice-President Lyndon Baines Johnson, absolutely raving with the thought of ruling the world, roars and gesticulates like a TV preacher that, "He who controls the weather, controls the world"

Of course, I am sure most of you know about the heartbreaking death of nearly 200 sea turtles off the coast of Cape Cod. News like this just devastates me. My love for all the non-human life on this planet knows no bounds, both flora and fauna, and of course, it is these precious lives that are so innocent, that are being forced to succumb to the evils of humans, both the ones directly responsible and those who refuse to speak up on behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves. I speak up and rescue life when I am able. So does Dane and so very many members of his community that lovingly care for the innocent ones. But I cannot stand those who claim to love animals, yet sit by and observe these atrocities and say and do nothing, especially the ones that claim "God" will take care of it. What a bunch of FUCKING HYPOCRITES. If you believe "God" created the world, then how can you possibly sit back and watch these evil beings destroy this creation? But the matter goes much deeper, of course, because every time we fail to save the life of an innocent one, we strike another nail in our coffin. Dane spoke about this and it is coming up a lot recently, that the web of life, the entanglement of life is so strong that the demise of one link on the chain will begin an even more rapid destruction of us. WE ARE NOT ALONE ON THIS PLANET, NOR ARE WE BETTER THAN THE REST OF LIFE. In fact, right now, I think we are at the bottom of the pit. If all HUMANS would die, the plants and animals could finally live in peace. Incidentally, one of Dane's community members commented that chemical ice nucleation was certainly the cause of the turtles dying, and he commented that there were other factors, too, so I am thinking he will address that. More on nucleation later on in this article.

More than 100 sea turtles found dead off Cape Cod

So now, we get to the title of this article. Along with the above links, came two about "proposed, experimental" geoengineering experiments, that just might help alleviate the problems of "climate change." This is so bad, I can't even use my usual plethora of vulgarities to describe the level of lying being done by the government and "climate scientists, such as the extremely creepy Harvard professor, Dr. David Keith, whom I am sure is well paid to keep the general population in a state of total ignorance, stupidity and confusion about the fact that geoengineering HAS been going on for over 70 years, and is the single biggest factor in the global mess in which we find ourselves now. And as far as dimming the sun . . . OMG!! HOW MUCH DIMMER CAN WE GET? Here in Northeast Ohio, we have nearly forgotten what the sun looks like. People don't even seem to notice that nearly every day looks like dawn to dusk without the in-between part. IT IS KILLING ME. I am such a sunshine person. Sunshine is LIFE. Why do you think all the ancient PAGAN religions worshipped the sun?

Controversial spraying method aims to curb global warming
Dimming the sun: The answer to global warming?

Earlier this year, I believe it was, Matt Landman, who produced the documentary Frankenskies, emailed me a video of a seminar he and, I believe, five other activists presented. One point in which he made a big deal, kind of different than Dane's perspective, and which made an impression on me and made a great deal of sense, was the concept of "Problem-Reaction-Solution," carefully orchestrated by all those involved in not only geoengineering, but all the other potentially deadly activities that are confronting us daily. The publication of these articles this week made me think of this, and realize that Matt is probably quite right. I wonder if, had we not begun geoengineering, would we have a climate issue of this magnitude? Absolutely not! And so, we have these people in the government that have deliberately created a problem—a multitude of problems, in fact. We have California in a drought crisis. The east in a deluge crisis. Animals dying. Arctic sea ice melting, ocean level rising, daily violent weather all over the globe, global temperastures rising out of control. The Problem. But it would NOT have been a problem if people had not screwed with the weather in the first place. So the government continues to deny "Climate Change," but the People, they're smarter than that, heh? Things continue to worsen and the People cry out more and more to the government to save them, and finally, when it gets SO bad, a few liars for hire "Climate Scientists" come out with this "novel" idea of spraying aerosols to alleviate "Climate Change," but hey, it might not work and it might not be safe. The Solution. That's where we are now, but I can tell you the next part of the story before it happens. When things get absolutely unbearable, and we're pretty close, the People will urge, beg the government to try their novel "experiment" of spraying aerosols because that is a last resort. The government agrees, this ongoing criminal practice that caused the problems in the first place is passed into law now making it not only legal but next to impossible to stop, and the Government now has the entire country on its knees. The Solution. And total control, just what they wanted. Do you understand this? PLEASE. This is the reason I put this article on emergency status. Everyone reading this must make sure they tell everyone they know that this is a ploy, a lie, and a trap.

I just read the book Utopia written by Sir Thomas More and published in 1516. He said, " . . . as if it were his advantage that his people should have neither riches nor liberty; since these things make them less easy and less willing to submit to a cruel and unjust government; whereas necessity and poverty blunts them, makes the patient, beats them down, and breaks that height of spirit, that might otherwise dispose them to rebel." Here we are, centuries later, and facing a global crisis of dictatorship from which the human race may never be freed. Please think long and hard about this and then decide if Christmas shopping and sports are all that important. WE NEED EVERY SINGLE PERSON TO EDUCATE EVERY PERSON YOU KNOW. We need to stop this before it's too late.

Spreading the word at this point is the most beneficial physical activity anyone can do to halt this atrocity. We do not have time to go through courts and government channels. We need to organize, stabilize, and refuse to cooperate with the program. Stop spending money. Starve them out with boycotts and lack of support. These war games are being funded by huge corporations, who are receiving the most benefit. Put them out of business. So you may lose your standard of living. If you do not face this issue boldy and head on, you will surely lose your life.

The other activity in which you must seriously engage is at the non-physical level. OK, so I realize not everyone is a Shaman or trained in metaphysical techniques as I am. Don't waste time learning that stuff at this point. EVERYONE can quickly learn how to sit quietly and visualize what is needed. They say as the light increases, so does the darkness, and that is surely true. Gateways and portals are beginning to open that have been locked for a long time. I have recently found a new source of energy and light, which I call The Central Sun, and it has been filling me up and searching my physical and etheric body for any last remnants of Reptilian implants. The difference has been like night and day. My goal is to completely be disconnected from Reptilian mind-control, and when that happens, I will be free to leave. When we are free, then we can battle the Reptilian forces from a distance. My goal is to shut down all air traffic. Please, I ask all of you to join me in visualizing this task. THAT ALONE would IMMEDIATELY change everything. It would shut down wars and the military all over the globe, and most of all, it would put an immediate halt to the spraying. Ohio would suddenly dry up and get warm and sunny. California would begin to heal from their massive devastation, as would the rest of the planet. Yes, things would get very uncomfortable and it would be very hot, but with an immediate halt healing could finally begin. We must work on this at all levels and NEVER GIVE UP.

And if we do not, the scenario only worsens, day by day. California will be deluged, then dry up again and the fires will rage on. We here in the east will barely see a day without precipitation, and no sun to dry anything out. Please be aware of all the weather maps available online. I have listed numerous resources throughout my articles, but here is one of my favorites, from NOAA, the QPF (Quantitative Precipitation Forecast), that shows the amount of precipitable water expected at any given time. You can view 24 hour periods or 6 hour periods, for Day1, 2, 3, 4-5, and 6-7, plus five-day and seven-day totals. It is updated 3-4 times a day. If you are in the east and think we might get a break from the rain, think again. Below is the latest map from today, November 26, 2018. It shows the expected rainfall from noon today until noon Monday a week from today. Not a pretty sight when you are already up to your knees in water. And in order to continue keeping us cold, we will continue to be sprayed with extremely toxic nucleated ice which contains, among other poisons, lead iodide. Then they wonder why Michigan's water is so full of lead. Well, go figure, they are getting doused with it. This is NOT going to stop on its own. We have to take ownership of OUR planet and OUR own health and well-being, along with the innocents, who cannot speak for themselves. We are in a desperate race for survival.

Quantitative Precipitation Forecast Maps

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