Preparing to Survive

The most important thing to remember is that, simulated reality or not, all physical reality exists in our minds and our minds create our reality. I have been working on this for nearly forty years and it is FINALLY becoming manifest in my physical world. Why has it taken so long? Because it is our minds that have been hijacked, eons ago. I often wonder, and I am wondering a lot more these days, if that force has not been long gone. Like a distant galaxy that died millions of years ago, its light is just now reaching earth, I think it is very possible that the force that corrupted our minds no longer exists. All that exists is its effects, and they are weakening.

Those that think they are in control are the ones hopelessly imprisoned by the Matrix and its corrupted software. They are nothing but parasites, and parasites destroy their host. Only one who has absolutely no control over their own mind would destroy the very environment that allows it to survive. Here is where I disagree totally with Dane. He believes that all these people know about geoengineering and its fatal effects on the entire global life-support system, but choose to be quiet because of their pension and paycheck. It may appear that way on the surface, but only one who has totally lost their mind would behave so insanely. All one has to do is closely observe the activity of the National Weather Service to witness insanity in action. Their data makes absolutely no sense whatsoever any more. Or at least it does not to me.

And so I will say once again—only those with strong minds will survive. Those who believe they are in control are delusional. They have very weak minds, or no minds at all. Like Trump. I have no idea how we, I will transition to the reality in which I wish to exist. For a long time I thought it would be like awakening from a dream, and ultimately the final step will most likely be that. But for now, what I am experiencing is a gradual slipping away. The less I participate in the Matrix, the farther down the path I go. These next articles will focus on that, plus how to set ourselves up to survive until we get there. That will be the focus of this article.

One more point on mind-control. I am discovering that it is this one aspect of ourselves that has been corrupted, and that is the mechanism that converts thoughts into what we perceive as physical reality. It has been hijacked into doing the bidding of those who turned us into labrats. We have a powerful overwrite mechanism, too, we just need to strengthen it to delete the old programs, so our inner creator manifests OUR needs and desires, not that of another being. That has proved to be the most difficult, as the program itself was set up to resist those attempts. Focusing our conscious mind forward into the reality in which we want to exist will gradually break the program. It is important that we acknowledge that we have created all the shitty stuff that has happened to us. It was not our agenda, but we still created it. When that finally sinks in, it can be overwhelming to our minds to realize how much power we actually do have. So make sure when you manifest something you DO want, that you give yourself credit for creating it. Your overwrite mechanism kicked in, and was able to create outside the Matrix programming. If you do that every time, it will strengthen your ability to manifest, plus weaken the effects of the old program.

Right now, other than continuing to create my desired reality in my mind, my other immediate goal is to set myself up to be as independent as I can be. I am getting my only debt paid off, and replacing as much as I can of what I need right now to get me through. A new wheelbarrow. That was needed badly because I am rebuilding what has been destroyed with my soil. That is a long term job, but laying down compost, manure, grass clippings is a strong step. I am concentrating on putting to use any usable area on my farm to grow food. Jung has lots of berry bushes on sale. They produce quickly and fruit is healthful and provides natural sugars. They can be frozen, or, if the power grid goes down, they can be dried. And once established, they last forever and can be multiplied. They also have berry bushes for city/suburb gardeners, like the tiny Jelly Bean Blueberry bush, that grow only two feet tall. (You can check out my Favorite Seed Companies pages for lots of reliable, GMO-free seed and plant sources.) I just planted two more tubs of Swiss Chard, and plan to clean out the south half of the greenhouse, where I usually keep potted plants like peppers, eggplants and herbs. But I am preparing it to plant directly, so I can sow other greens, like kales and collards, and mustards which are perennial with a little care and usually self-seed, except for the collards, which I have never seen last more than a year. I now have three tubs of mizuna, all which planted themselves. It is a Japanese mustard. You just have to learn to recognize what the baby plant looks like so you don't pull it up when you weed. These crops are very easy to grow and extremely nutritional, and that goes for all, or most cole crops, which are called brassicas. That includes cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, turnips, kohlrabi and all kinds of Asian vegetables.

No matter where you live, you can plant or be an advocate of planting. We are running out of oxygen as the carbon dioxide levels continue to rise and the only way to reverse that is to cover the earth with plants. Unless we all want to go around in oxygen masks, and when push comes to shove, only the rich will be able to afford them. If you live in the city, fight for parks and a cease of development, especially asphalt and parking lots. Look at what other countries are doing, especially Asia. Cover the walls of brick building with vining plants. Fight for the right to allow weeds and brush to grow in designated areas. Plant areas in parks with native wildflowers that often grow as weeds but are beautiful and attract bees, butterflies, dragonflies and birds. Many seed catalogs have collections that attact specific creatures, and Wildseed Farms in Texas sells bulk wildflower seeds, that are also cultivated flower garden seeds, very cheap. They also provide a map with each variety according to its native habitat. These are plants that are either perennial or will self-seed. Be creative. The more you flex those creative muscles, continuing to use your mind as the creative force, the faster it will take you out of the reality where creativity must be done at this snail's pace physical level.

Buy only what you immediately need and plan to use. Find a use for what is no longer useful. You would be amazed the things I reuse on the farm. Then recycle what cannot possibly be used any more. We are the most wasteful creatures that anyone can imagine. When I used to teach music in the wealthy suburb of Hudson, Ohio, I was appalled on trash pickup days. These people threw away more in one week than I did in ten years, and that is not an exaggeration. If we want to create a future planet for living in peace and harmony with everything natural, then we need to stop being so selfish, arrogant, ignorant, apathetical, closed-minded, self-serving, self-righteous, and just plain fucking stupid. And the stupidest attitude is the one that says "I have the right to produce as many children as I please." Become an advocate of zero births. If you want children, adopt them. Or better yet, go to the local shelter and adopt dogs and cats.

Always buy lawn mowers with rear baggers. Let your grass grow longer, then bag it and put it around your plants. It will hold in the moisture if you live where it is dry, and absorb it if it is too wet. And the grass breaks down into nourishing loam. And that goes for kitchen garbage, too. NEVER EVER throw away food. MY GOD! Growing up as I did, I could not even imagine—could not even wrap my mind around the concept of throwing food away. It did not exist, not on this farm. Return it to the earth to feed all the little worms and bacteria who will recycle it into healthy soil. Buy pine shavings instead of kitty litter. I have repaired a whole washed out field by dumping the daily contents of four litter pans in it. Of course, I cannot grow food there—yet, but there is nice grass and it is level and drains well now. Eventually, after layers break down, I will be able to use it to farm again. I have begun this on my huge west field, that all my life was the main area for our "big" crops—potatoes, squash, pumpkins, etc. The spring crops went in the east field—peas, carrots, lettuce, chard, which was always the first field my dad plowed and disked. But that west field is completely washed out now. There is not a speck of usable soil in it. It is nothing but hard clay. I'm gonna change that.

The only grocery store foods you should stock up on are those which will not perish. Even canned goods lose their quality, but we are not going to need that long to use them. Everything is unravelling so fast now. Just get on Dane's site and start to read. He is absolutely correct in his dire predictions concerning the collapse of the global life-support systems. Don't worry about investing money. Put some away, but assume that there will be a complete collapse of the monetary system, so even those who think their money will rule the world may find themselves eating dandelion leaves to keep from starving.

Remember, we are not trying to save this world. That cannot be done. We are using our minds to create a new one, free of the Matrix and all that has plagued humankind for eons. Strengthen your mind, strengthen your creative powers, break free from what has been and forge a path to what you want it to be. Because unless we perfect mind over matter, we don't have a snowball's chance in hell to survive.

Here are a few links to check out. The first one refers to only one of the problems, the greater one being of course that all the land, air and water is being constantly drenched with toxic chemicals and heavy metals. I never feel like I have been nourished after I eat any more, although it is a little better I think now that my crops are ready. But I have noticed even my dogs and cats never seem satisfied, and I have tried numerous foods for them. They are all a healthy-looking weight, except a couple of my cats are a bit fat. But they are certainly not skinny. I am slender, but I would never refer to myself as skinny. I have muscular limbs, but I certainly don't feel that what I am eating is giving me what I need.

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