Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

In this article I am going to talk, obviously, about preparing for the collapse that is lurking just around the corner. I am also covering weather and food issues and whatever else I can squeeze in without this article becoming a short book. I am so inundated with material to share, my little Notepad page where I save articles and make notes to myself, growing a mile long. One thing I want to emphasize is that we should not fear the collapse or look upon it with dread or the end of the world. I look upon it as breaking free from the invisible chains in which we have been bound, the end of the mind-control agenda, and especially the end of Alien control. The reality, which is anything but real, MUST collapse—it is the cause of our misery. Why would we want to sustain it, and it is NOT sustainable. Most people don't see it that way. But if you have been preparing, you will know that it is the power of our MINDS that can and will complete our mission successfully. DO NOT EVER LOSE SIGHT OF THAT. Thoughtforms are energy. Use them to collapse this false dimension in which we are stuck. What we fear has control over us. Cultivate your mind to work FOR you, not against.

I want to talk more about oranges. In my last article, The Straw That Broke the Camel's Back, I spoke of seriously eating apples, (ascorbic acid), and oranges and grapefruits, (citric acid), all rich in Vitamin C, which DOES fight illness, as proven in my case, in fact there has been a drastic improvement in my brain functions. I feel so much mentally sharper, my memory is improving, and I feel more in control of my mind. These fruits mentioned are also excellent for chelation of heavy metals, and it is becoming more and more my opinion that a vast number of the diseases and health-related issues of which the global population is suffering are related to heavy metal poisoning. You may be diagnosed with cancer or high blood pressure or diabetes, or flu, but the underlying cause of our poor health, including mental, is because we are being doused every day with toxic heavy metals that interfere with every single one of our body functions. Period.

Even my animals are suffering, in particular one of my cats who has lost so much weight. Molly loves apples and oranges, bananas, carrots . . . I can hand her any one of those and she will gobble them up. I always have a container of carrot puree mixed with cider vinegar and non-GMO sunflower oil, which gets mixed in with every bowl of dry food she eats. (I get the sunflower oil from Walmart, and it is less than $4.00 a bottle. It comes from the Ukraine and is part of a network of all-women owned and operated companies.) The cats, however, are a bit pickier. So yesterday, I put a thin slice of apple, some orange, and sliced celery, which is excellent for regulating the body's natural insulin, in a bowl and poured a little hot water over it, allowing it to steep. Then I mashed it up. I gave Tyler that though an eye-dropper, and it wasn't too much of a struggle, and he seemed to maybe like it. Then in the evening, when they all get a canned-food snack, which I mix with warm water, I also mixed in the fruit infusion. All got eaten and no one complained. I am going to do this now every day to try to detox everyone in this house, except for the turtles who seem to be pretty healthy. The best way to prepare oranges is to wash them thoroughly, cut off the ends, cut them in half, then each half in slices. That's the way I always eat them anyways, but it also makes it easier to remove the outer skin, which you do not want to give to cats or dogs. I am going to update my Recommended Links page as soon as I have time, and will include a Pet Health section with articles that have been very useful, including a couple on what fruits and vegetables are beneficial to cats and dogs.

By the way, have you noticed how many celebrities are just, well, dropping dead? Young ones, too. So how many regular people that we don't hear about are doing the same?

Now I want to talk about the impending food crisis and preparing for what is coming. Those who prepare have a much greater chance or surviving. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out. Of course, we do not know how this will all play out, but I am using my mental energy, gearing the collapse towards the financial markets. These wealthy, evil beings that have control need to lose control. Period. MONEY is what is giving them control. I will repeat again what Dane said: "There will not be a recession. It will be a complete collapse. All these rich people that are orchestrating these disasters think they will benefit from them, but if it ALL collapses, who will bail them out? If there is nothing? And keep in mind that the stock markets have absolutely nothing to back up all this fake wealth. There NOTHING to cash in. It does not exist. THAT will be a global and final crash. It is nearly here. And so all these people who have benefited from government bailouts from crashes that THEY orchestrated, may find themselves in line at the soup kitchen. But there may not even be any soup. Or even kitchens. You see, THESE types of people have counted on their money to get them WHATEVER they please, but it ain't gonna be true, very soon. No food means no food. These people DO NOT get it. But WE do, and we can survive.

So here are some ideas. Again stock up, carefully on food. Date and rotate all canned and packaged foods. Keep in mind that even they can go bad, so don't store them too long. I am becoming more aggressive about planning what to stock. Maxwell House coffee containers are excellent for storage. Along with canned goods are rice and dried beans, which will keep long if stored air-tight. Glass jars with lids are good, too. Don't forget to be well-stocked with pet foods. If you live in the city and have limited storage space, find ways to get together as a community, those who are awake and aware, and maybe get a storage unit if someone has property or relatives out in the country.

Investigate ways to get along without electricity, because the grid WILL go down. At the point when it gets THAT bad, I am thinking that air traffic will certainly be grounded. Just look at the effect the coronavirus is having in so many areas. It won't take much to bring it all down, because it is ALL so shaky at this point. At that point, too, those who live in the north will not have to worry about heat because when they stop spraying, it WILL get hot. Become independent of outside resources as much as you possibly can. And I cannot emphasize this enough, but you MUST get rid of any credit cards and pay off debts. That is ESSENTIAL. Get as far away from the money system as you can, and if you have been taking everything I've been saying seriously, when the cracks in the Matrix appear, you will find yourself more and more able to create all you need with your mind. Practice, practice, practice. We are doing it now, you know. Bringing all this to a head is OUR doing. Though the Alien controllers and their earthbound minions THINK they have a handle on it, it IS getting away from them. Do what you need to do at all levels and never stop, especially now when we are so close. Anyways, make a list of all the ways you can sustain yourself, and what is important to you. I am downloading hundreds of free eBooks, and trusting that there will be some form of free power to keep my batteries charged. There are lots and lots of brilliant and creative people on this planet who have been kept quiet, but when they are free, we will find all kinds of ways to live in a harmonious and sustainable existence, and find that all we ever needed has been kept hidden from us all these centuries.

For these people that think they can gain from a financial collapse, and Trump with his "Great Economy" and the stock market going up and up—well, it is just not true. First of all, they want population control, but if half the people are dead, who will be there to spend the money and make them rich, Eh? Never thought of that. The coronavirus is bringing a lot of business to a screeching halt, and that might not have been planned. As Dane always says, everything is FAR Worse than what we are being told, and soon they will not be able to hide it. They must be found-out and disempowered before they have a chance to destroy the whole planet. As Dane says, the apocalypse will not be televised. Disclosure, disclosure, disclosure. We must give them no place to hide.

Here are some of the articles I have saved pertaining to food and finance.
City-Sized Locust Swarms are Expanding Across East Africa and Threatening Food Supplies
HSBC plans to cut 35,000 jobs as profit drops 33%
Pier 1 files for bankruptcy
Apple's coronavirus warning just shaved $34 billion off its stock market value
Beijing expels three Wall Street Journal reporters
China is disinfecting and destroying cash to contain the coronavirus
Extreme Weather Could Spark Economic Recession 'Likes of Which We've Never Seen Before,' Research Warns
Climate Crisis Could Cause a Third of Plant and Animal Species to Disappear Within 50 Years: Study
The two above from Common Dreams are pure bullshit, TOTALLY downplaying the urgency we face now, TOTALLY delusional. DO NOT SUPPORT Common Dreams. They are as bad as the MSM, and articles like these make our job of warning the public even more difficult.
Hundreds of Thousands of Dead Mussels Cover New Zealand Beach
Boy Scouts of America files for bankruptcy. Hundreds of sexual abuse lawsuits are now on hold

And speaking of sexual perversion, here are a few more that take me into a world that I cannot even fathom.
Sugar-Coated Pimping
Barclays bank CEO Jes Staley's relationship with Jeffrey Epstein under investigation
The Super Bowl's Biggest Losers: The Boys and Girls Being Sold for Sex 20 Times a Day
And this next one is so disgusting I want to puke. And you think they don't want us to become 'bots and 'droids?
'Sexbots are coming': Scientists say 'digisexuals' inevitable as more people bond with robots.

Next I want to talk about the weather and for anyone who doesn't notice that things are getting REALLY bad, well, the only thing I can say is that their one last remaining brain cell must have died. We'll start with this godawful out-of-control thing that hit the UK and much of Europe. Wind gusts of 125 mph are quite out of the ordinary for something that is not even a "hurricane." How can people NOT notice that each ones gets worse and worse?
Storm Ciara Kills 8 in High Winds, Heavy Rain; Damage Reported in Several Countries
But the one that followed on the heels of Ciara, Dennis, that is, was even worse—much worse for the UK. Again, it's that completely anomalous behavior of the barometric pressure, which is surely being manipulated by EMFs.
Bomb Cyclone Storm Dennis, One of the Most Intense North Atlantic Storms on Record, Triggers Massive Flooding in U.K.
Severe Floods From Storm Dennis Still Threaten Large Parts of the UK
And here are some TRULY horrifying videos from the BBC. Just look at those cars floating away!!
Storm Dennis: Major incidents declared in south Wales and Herefordshire

And here is one from Austalia. OMG, first the whole country is on fire, then it's under water. Do you think this is normal? Do you think we can survive much longer with this worsening scenario?
Australia – Floods in Southern Queensland as Rivers Rise
Then we go further south to the coldest place on the planet, where penguins are out sunbathing on the beach in nearly 70 degrees weather.
Temperature in Antarctica Soars Past 69°F as NOAA Reports Last Month Was World's Hottest January on Record

And last I want to cover our own flooding disasters in the Deep South, of which still more is on its way. And then that delusional article I posted above from Common Dreams stated that agriculture is being "disrupted." DISRUPTED?? It is being DECIMATED. And ALL THESE PEOPLE who are losing their homes and everything they possess. Where will they go? This will NOT STOP unless we STOP THOSE WHO ARE DOING IT.
Rockslide Derails Train in Kentucky; Rain-Damaged Alabama Highway Shuts Down Indefinitely
"This Thing Isn't Over Yet": Officials Warn Flooding in Mississippi and Tennessee to Continue
And here's a good one. Really? Or a real lie? Meanwhile, the Great Lakes have not even froze this year. The liars at The Weather Channel always have a neat and tidy explanation for all the completely anomalous weather events that are hitting us left and right.
Polar Vortex Grows Arctic Sea Ice to 10-Year High, but There's a Catch
Actually, we have broken heat records, globally for the last four or five years, and it will only get worse. Try as they might, they certainly have not been able to cool us down here in Ohio. Wind, snow, ice, sleet, and millions of tons of toxic heavy metal raining down on us almost constantly, and we STILL keep warming up. It looks like we may actually have a clear week for once in the last six or seven months. We shall see. Perhaps they are regrouping and looking for a new formula to experiment upon us. Greta Thunberg is NOT a happy camper.
In 141 years of record-keeping, there has never been a warmer January

I hope everyone is keeping watch on the QPF page. Here is the map for 7 pm tonight, Wednesday, February 19, to 7 pm Thursday, February 20. As you can see, the Gulf States and Deep South get drenched again, to add to the flooding misery, and it heads off to the lower East Coast, that have not gotten hit quite as bad.

QPF for February 19, 7 pm to February 20, 7 pm

Days 2 and 3 are pretty quiet for most of the country, with the exception of some light to moderate rain in the Southwest, but on Days 4-5 and 6-7, you can see how they are once again attempting to push a flood up the Tennessee/Ohio Valley, using the rain from the Southwest. But once again, it doesn't seem to want to go that far north, and heads off again to the lower East Coast. According to The Weather Channel, it doesn't look like they are going rotate it around and push it up the Gulf, because we have an amazingly and unusual string of dry days, at least so far, forecast. One thing I have noticed is that the QPFs are WAY high for my area. Our weekly storm, which was supposed to drop between a quarter and a half an inch on us, ended up only hitting me with a scant tenth-of-an-inch, which is still more than I needed. I've noticed that they have way overshot the past several storm "systems," and the only way we got our weekly inch of liquid precipitation has been through snow melt—this extremely wet, heavy snow that has a gel-like quality. Below are Days 4-5 and Days 6-7, all 7 pm to 7 pm. Remember, these two are 48-hour maps.

QPF for February 23, 7 pm to February 25, 7 pm

QPF for February 25, 7 pm to February 27, 7 pm

I have managed to make a dent in my storehouse of information, but still have more to share, about the coronavirus, planes, and other stiff, so another article is forthcoming.

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