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During the period when I took my hiatus from activism and everything else going on in the world, I did a sort of memory dump, like clearing an overloaded RAM stick. Now I have returned much more focused, and from what I am observing, we are on the cusp of reaching our goal, or at least the goal of those who are conscious. I have put forth 100 percent of my effort into getting around this by rising above the physical world, but my conclusion is that we cannot until we stop this criminal atrocity in the skies. It is the magician's spell that is keeping us locked in to lower frequencies. Break this, and EVERYTHING will change. I promise! This is the key, both at the physical and metaphysical levels. In this article, I'm going to provide you with ammunition, and if everyone follows my suggestions, (and I'm sure you can think of more), and tells their friends, we CAN shut the whole game down. We are reaching, or have reached critical mass. I believe that where we are now, we have the numbers on our side. More people know about this and are fighting it than not. And why? Because it is affecting all of us. Most people don't give a crap when the problem lies with other people, but now there isn't one person on this planet that isn't physically affected by some dangerous aspect of the criminal conduct of our government and military, and those of other nations. I am going to focus on the weather, but of course that's just part of the catastrophe, along with the complete collapse of the Earth's life-support system and the health of every living thing on the planet.

If you live in the Northeastern section of the U.S., particularly the Great Lakes states, you are most likely contemplating building an ark. It is becoming an everyday thing now, to get pummeled, not just with rain, but torrential and life threatening rain, severe storms, flood watches and warnings, tornadoes. There is rarely one day goes by that someone, in Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Pennsylvania, and especially Ohio, isn't in a dangerous weather situation. Here in NE Ohio—well, just the thought of rain makes me sick. I remember growing up. From May to September, I could count on most of the time waking up to sunshine and a gorgeous day. Not that we didn't have rain—of course rain is essential for farming. On the hot muggy days, afternoons or evenings would often bring a heat storm. The wind would blow and the sky would darken and the rain would come. Then it would stop and the skies would clear and the sun would be back out. NOTHING can dry out any more. For one reason, 60% of our sunshine is now blocked. 60 PERCENT!!!! I am having a serious problem with spindly seedlings IN THE GREENHOUSE. OMG! The only thing that makes plants spindly is LACK OF LIGHT. How can you have lack of light in a greenhouse, especially one as big as mine? Our skies here are so dark most of the time, and people ARE noticing, and wanting to know why. That's a GOOD sign. Then we have the other half of the country suffering from 120 degree temperatures, drought and wildfires. Western Canada is almost always under some severe weather threat. Unbelievable!

The thing is, the goal of these criminals is to "control the weather." HAH! That's a joke, and not a funny one. The weather is so out of control right now that in my opinion, it can be compared to some deadly virus that has gotten loose and is operating independent of any human force. If these people responsible for spraying think they are safe, they can think again. Because the force of these manipulated elements are so strong now, any one of them could go rip-roaring across the country and destroy everything and everyone in its path, and NO ONE is immune. The storms hitting us are so violent, that they are capable at any moment of evolving into a superstorm of the magnitude this planet has never seen since its primeval days. When we are blasted with storms capable of producing 2-5 inches of rain an hour, THAT IS A PROBLEM. And it is happening NOW. (I am going to provide you with resources in a bit.)

Out west, what is to stop temperatures from soaring even higher than they are. Just how much heat can life endure? Who can raise crops in either of these conditions, extreme heat and drought, or flooding? Supposedly Monsanto has developed GMO seeds to withstand these conditions, but if all the people are dead, what good is food? Monsanto obviously hasn't thought this out thoroughly.

We also know that the toxic concoction we are being doused with is a desiccant and incendiary. I remember a number of years ago numerous buildings caught fire in the village of Garrettsville not far from me. I remember my initial panic was for the safety of the veterinary hospital there, and the animals who might be confined. But I don't think the fire was near it. Anyways, as far as I know, there was never an official "cause" for this outbreak, but in the back of my mind, all this time I have had my suspicions. With the tons and tons of this shit that is now in the sky, it surprises me that the very firmament doesn't catch fire. Perhaps that will be the next step in this ongoing disaster—everything that goes up, blows up. It would certainly shut down all air traffic, and that would be a good thing.

Anyways, that is an overview of what is going on. Now, I will provide you with tools and ammunition. One big heave-ho from all of us could push this over the edge—the hundredth monkey thing, and when that happens, the whole globe will be turned upside down. It won't be pretty, no matter what happens, but it will be liberating.

First, once again let me again share the weather map that I know inside out because I have studied it so intensely. I have obtaineded an incomprehensible body of data just by learning how to use the tools provided. This is a must for anyone living in the U.S. If you are using a mobile device, I believe you need to download an APP. It is a full-screen map of the entire country, with rain graphically represented, and it is extremely accurate. I prefer this type to the doppler radar types, because those are confusing. Apparently the NWS are confused by them, too, because they can't forecast the current weather correctly, let alone a week in advance. But that's another paragraph.

It is from WFMJ TV in Youngstown, my old bosses, who also own the Youngstown Vindicator, for whom I wrote. There is a little white star to mark your location. If you click on the "locations" in the lower left corner, you can set it to open at your house by clicking your saved location. The map automatically opens to radar, which shows the rain. There is a five-minute delay which updates on the 3s and 8s (3:03, 5:08, for instance). The page reloads evey ten minutes which is annoying. By clicking the arrow, you can see for the past two hours what the rain has been doing. Now, if you click "Future," you can see what the rain will supposedly be doing for the next twenty-four hours, and here is where it gets interesting. The current rain and the beginning of the future rain should look identical, because the future begins where the current is now. This used to be very accurate. I could make a fairly good forecast for myself by using this tool. But lately, it is WAAAY off. The thing is, and here is what is interesting, is that this future model is apparently based on the models used by the NWS, BECAUSE, their forecasts usually match these models. But the other thing is, they are SO inaccurate now, making everything coming from NOAA and NWS totally useless information. For example, one day last week, I got up early and there was supposed to be no rain. But there, on this map, was a huge purple mass coming at us (the burgundy/purples are extremely heavy rain and often severe, too). So, I got on the NWS forecast page, and clicked on the map where the rain was currently hitting—northeast Indiana, southern Michigan and western Ohio. Their current conditions were displayed as "fair," and in fact, the "future" model showed no rain there at all!! But suddenly they noticed, and all these warnings went up at once. DUH! Really? Do you understand what I'm saying? It seems the NWS is not even looking at the same map I'm observing, but I trust my little Bing map, because what it dispalys for current weather is always correct. I have begun to perceive it this way: current map is what is really going on, but the future map is what "they" are trying to make happen. And I have also noticed that the NWS will keep a high percentage chance of rain in the forecast, even when it is obvious that all rain has passed. But by clicking on the "future," it will still be there.

And I can prove this. If you click on the "Layers" in the bottom right, you get a whole tool box for discovery. If you click on Satellite, you should see the cloud cover. You do, really, but you also see that the mass of stuff hanging over your house is NOT clouds. If you click "Future," you will see the chemtrails, no doubt about it. You can literally see the trails and dots they make. NOW, if you click Radar/Satellite, "Future," it becomes clear just what the weather manipulators are attempting to do. Really—study these and it will all make sense. Couple that with what the NWS is forecasting, and weather mysteries suddenly become clear. YOU CAN SEE THEM DOING THIS TO US, and see what they are attempting to do, and see how often they fail and how often they are successful.

The other tool that is extremely important is the "Storm Tracks." They are arrows that show how the body of rain is moving. You may also use them to ascertain the accuracy of the current map vs. the future. If rain is showing up on the future map where there are no arrows, you can tell it is not accurate. These arrows also helped me discover a nasty little game the manipulators were playing during mostly May and June. They discovered they could create these, what are known as "Comma Clouds,", but on the map they look like spinning pinwheels. They would begin in Washington or Oregon, then spin all across the country east. By the time they got to Ohio, they had enlarged, I remember in one case, to a pinwheel that covered from Ohio and Pennsylvania to the tip of Florida. Now, when you have a storm system that is spinning on a vortex, it is, well, pretty much like a tornado. And these things held SO much water. If you happened to be under the central vortex, you got deluged, because it didn't go anywhere but around in circles. Then they discovered they could split these off. At one point, I'll bet there were twenty of them spinning at once over the eastern half of the country. You can easily see these little vortices but using the "Storm Tracks" tool. When you really study what they're doing, the weather TRULY becomes an act of terrorism. C'mon people. THAT IS NOT OK. We ALL have to push and shove till this stops. More fuel for that in a minute.

After you have explored the Bing map and all its tools, here are some from the NWS/NOAA. You don't even need to check their forecasts, you can determine your own. First, go to the National Weather Service. You can click on the map, and it will take you to your local office where you can click more specifically to where you live. The big map also shows alerts for the whole country. When you have clicked on your specific area, you can scroll down below the forecast text to the "Forecast Discussion," just to see how they are grasping at straws and usually don't have a clue. There is also a glossary. PW means "Precipitable Water" and tells the potential amount of rain the system will hold. They have lately been in the two-inch range, and that is just plain scary. The page I use most often is the National Forecast Charts. On the colume to the left, click QPF, the Quantitative Precipitation Forecasts. This one is really telling because you can see the exact same pattern repeat every week, and you can see how much rain is predicted, and it is usually bad news. The good news is that even that is becoming less accurate. But they are still good tools, at least to see how the minds of the maniacs are working and what they are attempting to do.

I cannot urge you enough to study this material thoroughly. You will be armed with essential data, and know the working of their minds. You will also see how often they have begun to fail in their plans. NONE of these weather patterns are even remotely natural, and you will clearly discover that, too. At some point, and I think it's about now, Mother Earth will rebel. We need to be ready.

Now, the next most important and essential task we must all devote out time to is getting material out to the people who don't want to hear it, and this is a list of materials to send:

FrankenSkies is available to watch for free. I have it now on my Home page. It will take you to PLEASE watch this eighty-minute documentary. The information it contains is undisputable. I also have it on my links page, which you can access from the left colum of my Home page, or on my Book Reviews page.

As mentioned above, there has been a lot more good news about this issue lately, in addition to more people catching on. The movie is one, and the situation in Rhode Island is another. In my last article, S.O.S. I told you about the LegiScan page to keep you updated on the progress on the bill by Justin Price to ban geoengineering. They are in adjournment now, but have recommended passage of the bill! (REALLY!!!!!) Their next step is to implement a plan to enforce it, if I am understanding correctly. What we can do is open the bill up to view it, (if you scroll to the bottom of the page, you can see the entire original bill by clicking, under Rhode Island State Sources, the middle line called "Text.") This needs to be sent to your local TV station meteorologists, newspapers, and state and federal politicians. And the NWS/NOAA.

And here is another, that actually names NOAA as being party to the game. It is a treaty on "Weather Modification Activities between the U.S. and Canada". And it is dated 1975!!!

Every day now, it seems something new opens up to provide us with weapons against those that have held us prisoner for so long. The walls are coming down but they need EVERYONE to push hard. Tell your friends and get to work. We can bombard those who need to know, with a truth that can no longer be denied. And if all this isn't enough, do some research on the current flooding disasters in Japan, China, and India. Here is a video. Think that can't happen in the U.S.? Think again. It can happen ANYWHERE if enough rain falls.

And one last point, and you can take this however you want. During the period when I was purging my mind of all beliefs and questioning everything, I "assumed" nothing was true. After it was all over, I was left with a body of beliefs that did not go away. As I said before, the criminal atrocity in the skies, and the key role it is playing in our imprisonment is one. The other is that I believed, and still do, that Earth was "seeded" by an extremely advanced race, and those of us who are conscious are the remainder of those offspring. I also believe that the entire awakening process is based on the premise that we will once again be in contact with "Home Base," in fact, I don't think we were ever meant to lose contact in the first place. That is where everything went wrong, and I still believe all this shit floating in the sky is an attempt to prevent communication. SO. What I've been doing is attempting communication, obviously not technologically, but metaphysically. The thing is that I am not listening for responses, because I think, and this is a BIG issue with what is going on in the "Ascension Community,"—that we have duped into believing that we are getting messages and instructions, when in fact we are getting lies and bullshit purposely downloaded into us. Therefore, I am speaking to "them" but not listening for a response. I am looking for physical changes that confirm my communication is reaching my destiny. I have had a few amazing ones that give me the courage to continue this process. Do whatever you want with that information, but PLEASE follow my instructions in the paragraphs above.

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