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I am going to briefly veer from my articles on alien interference, and still am planning an article on sorcery in the Bible, but the information presented in this article has some urgency. Please keep up with my latest articles, as they are all connected.

The food shortage thing is becoming more and more noticeable not only here in Northeast Ohio, but Dane's activists are seeing it, too, and noting that there seems to be a goal to destroy farmlands.
Spring's Record-Late Arrival in Parts of the U.S. Has a Serious Consequence
2019 Mississippi River Flood the Longest-Lasting Since the Great Flood of 1927
One person in New England wrote that it snowed a few days ago, just as farmers were beginning to plant. Another person from California noted that his wife went to four different stores to buy chicken wings and there were none to be had. Well, in all honesty, I hope grocery stores soon are empty of all parts of the chicken and every other dead animal, but my concern is lack of REAL food, as in vegetables. ALDI has been progressively lacking in more and more frozen vegetables. First it was just peas in the basic package, then corn, and green beans. I mentioned to one of the managers at the Ravenna store that their shelves were getting pretty empty and he said it was a supplier problem. I asked him if he was aware of an impending food shortage and he said he was very aware. Next I went to the Alliance store which is much bigger, and not only were their freezer shelves empty of basic frozen peas, corn and green beans, but the more expensive steam packs were gone, too. There was not a package of frozen peas, corn, or green beans ro be had anywhere in the store. I again spoke to the cashier, and she was aware not only of the shortage, but of what is going on above us. You can be sure that before I left, she had recieved a great deal of information from me, including the Climate Reanalyzer map from the Climate Change Institute at the University of Maine, which has become one of my most telling sources of weather manipulation. When you click on the "Today's Weather," then "2m Temperature Anomaly," it is obvious that the U.S. is being hoodwinked into believing that the planet isn't hotter than hell by being sprayed more heavily than anywhere else in the world. By the way, they were offline for a couple weeks and this is a new address for them. Everyone who wants to know the truth about Climate Engineering should study this map on a regular basis, along with further information from Dane's site.

I know that there have been people hoarding food and water for ten years or more, ready for this crisis, and I have thought that was a bit on the over cautious side. Food and water does go bad, and if these products are not used, they will go to waste over that many years. I can see if they are stored, but used and rotated, but just to hoard them is wasteful. Water DOES go bad, and I have this repugnance against bottled water because I don't think it is any better than tap water, at least here in the country. In the city that would be different. But in any case, there are enough indicators right now that even I am beginning to prepare. And so this article consists of tips from a country dweller, and country dwellers, true country dwellers as myself, are usually more aware and prudent towards food issues and creative survival than city dwellers.

I am not a big fan of canned goods, but in a real crisis, as in, the grid goes down, one must prepare for no electricity. If I had to survive on cold canned vegetables and fruits, I think I could manage. When I was growing up, we always canned, but then and now, I have a fear of botulism, a nasty and fatal little organism. All home canned foods should be boiled 10-15 minutes, period, because no matter how good your canning equipment, there is always a chance of botulism and it happens even in store bought, on occasion. Plus canned food is too processed to leave much nutritional value. Drying is better, but in these wet and moldy times, even the best dried foods may not be safe. In any case, I have been collecting nice, sturdy boxes from ALDI and have begun packing them with canned goods, marked with the date on top, so they can be rotated. But something tells me that won't be necessary, because this crisis is creeping up very fast. I feel bad for those areas that still do not have ALDI stores. They are from Germany, and the best grocery store in the country, as far as I am concerned. They carry tons of vegetarian, vegan, non-GMO, organic foods that are mostly the same price as other products, or only slightly higher, and their food is WAAAY lower than any other store certainly in my area. I get almond milk there for only $1.69 a carton. After they opened in Ravenna, Giant Eagle had to drastically cut their store hours. And ALDI cheese is not cured with calves-stomach lining, making is suitable for vegetarians. And by the way, if you are not yet vegetarian or vegan, I suggest you change that before you are forced to.

I save plastic Maxwell House coffee cans, and they are the best food storage containers to be had. The lids are air tight, and I store all my dry cooking ingredients in them—flour, sugars, and even salt, which actually does not cake up even in this damp environment. Glass jars with lids are good, too, but they are rare. Some of ALDI's products are packed in them, such as pickles, so I save them all. I have tons of 18 gallon Sterlite bins that I get whenever they are on sale. They are not air tight, but make good storage units, especially if there comes a time when we need to store cold food in a hole in the ground. Of course, if we are under water, that won't work, but when the shit hits the fan, these demented rain-makers in their flying machines, I believe, will be grounded, as will all other flying machines. And when the bins are all cracked and full of holes, they go to the greenhouse to be used for potting soil mix. Waste nothing!

This year I will attempt to grow whatever I can, in spite of the situation. My little fruit bushes are growing by leaps and bounds and are full of fruits, even at their tender age. Butternut squash seems to thrive in the greenhouse. I grew enough last year to last me until January. I bought goji berry seeds last fall, so will try my hand at them They can be dried like raisins and so can cranberries. There are cranberry varities suitable for my area, and other fruit bushes and trees that I am going to focus on this year, because if I can enable them to survive, they can provide long-term food, provided we do not fry when the last of the Arctic ice melts. It is important to prepare, but that does NOT ensure survival, remember. It just gives one a better chance. Learn what wild plants are edible. Dover Publications has a number of books on the subject, such as Edible and Useful Wild Plants of the United States and Canada. There are probably better, more modern ones on the market, too.

Check out my Favorite Seed Companies page. Jung Seed and their affiliates are one of my very top favorites. I've been doing business with them for probably 30 years. They have the mini fruit bushes under "fruits" "bushel and berry fruits." I have all three of those, that I bought last fall, and it is those blueberry bushes that are filled with berries. The raspberries and blackberries have blossoms. So, these are plants that can be grown in little pots in very small spaces. So are their cranberries. Plus, this spring, I bought the currant, gooseberry, and raspberry collections, and they are also fruiting, which is amazing because they came as a bare root—a stick with a root on it. If I had planted them outside, they would probably have rotted, but in the greenhouse they are fine. Not sure where I'm going to go with them yet because I think they are safer where they are. If you have the space, please plant perennials. Many garden vegetables are perennial with a little care. Mustard, which is a green, leafy vegetable and a member of the cabbage (brassica) family comes up everywhere. My collards in the greenhouse from last year have just bolted (gone to seed), but not before I got some nice leaves for the bean soup I made yesterday. Parsley is a biennial, which means it bolts the following year after it was sown, but then becomes a perennial. My parsley from last year, also in the greenhouse is lush and prolific. I eat it raw in salads and cooked in everything else. Investigate these foods, which are highly nutritious and will keep producing with little maintenance. My peppermint and chocolate mint are spilling over their pots, and my dill, mizuna (a Japanese salad-type mustard), and borage have re-seeded. Go for the crops that provide high and continuous yields.

Sit down and begin making a list of what you will need for your particular situation. The most IMPORTANT thing now is to prepare in a slow, calm, and meticulous manner. Even if you have little money, and especially so, proceed on a weekly basis, and add a little to your stockpile every week. Be aware of what is on sale and stock up. Dried beans and rice are good keepers in an airtight container, but I have found that pasta is not, and will get moldy if you get deluged. Of course, all those require cooking, but there are ways to cook without power. When I was growing up, we always had a cooking pit in the back yard, and used it all summer. It consisted of some old cement blocks with a couple discarded oven racks. There was always dried sticks to provide fuel. The back yard has been under water for so many years, I never even venture out there, and the fact that I have shitty neighbors that weren't there in my childhood years makes me avoid that area, too. But there are other places that do dry up. Eventually. Maybe. And I can build another pit, if I must, and probably should anyways. There are also websites that teach you how to build solar ovens out of cheap materials, and also little refrigerating units. There are tons of wilderness survival sites that provide useful information. Check them out to get ideas to add to your own.

Keep a box of cigarette lighters, or other fluid-type lighters packed away. If matches get wet, they are useless. Buy a couple kerosene heaters. I have four, and keep a little tank of kerosene available. Kerosene has been a life saver for me, but be sure your source is good. NEVER buy kerosene from Sheetz. It is diesel fuel, or close, that they have labeled as K-1. It stinks and smokes and ruins your wicks. GOOD kerosene will NOT do that. It burns clean and safe. And kerosene is a non-volatile oil, so it is not a fire hazard when used wisely and cautiously!!

If you live in the city, plan for a way out. I cannot imagine a worse situation than being caught in a panic surrounded by millions of people. Buy a tent, or even a truck with a cap. Or if you can afford it, a camper, or even a little storage shed that can be easily assembled somewhere in a woods. I think now would be the time to plan for the worst. As I said, think it out slowly and meticulously without panic, but with a sense of urgency. Because when the shit hits the fan, I can tell you, there will be mass hysteria. People who have been in a blissful slumber concerning the real situation on this planet will be rudely awakened and all hell will break loose. The stores will be mobbed and hoarded, and people will grab whatever is in front of them. Most of it will go to waste, I predict, which will be a tragedy on top of all the other tragedies. Face the fact that the majority of people on this planet are just plain fucking stupid, apathetic and selfish. Bless and assist the ones who are waking up.

Have your money where you can get it easily, but really when the food is gone, even, and especially, the rich people will starve. They think they have it all figured out but they have NOTHING figured out. These people that have life handed to them on a silver platter DO NOT HAVE A CLUE how to survive in a crisis. They have no sense of living by their wits—creative living and survival under horrendous circumstances. I would have hoped that enough people would awaken to stop the insane destruction in which we are being catapulted on this planet, but in reality, I do not believe that will happen and here is why: Even people like Dane, who have done SO much to make people aware of the climate engineering atrocity, and all the others who are speaking up about the horrors of vaccines, fluoride, GMOs, 5G, Monsanto, and the rest of the toxic assault with which we are being deluged—most, or many of these people STILL do not understand and probably never will until it is too late, that the ROOT of the problem is alien interference. If you have not read my article Feedback Loops, please do so. Because it really doesn't matter what we do to stop the assault on Planet Earth, until we rid ouselves of alien attack, the problems will only multiply. I believe, and have believed for decades that the only way to clear this planet is to, well, clear it literally. Right now, the mass consciousness is so mind-controlled without even a clue that they are not living their own lives and reality that all the attempts we make to awaken ourselves and others are going against a MASSIVE energetic force working in the opposite direction. And so, I suppose that global starvation, as opposed to the planet heating up to frying stage and wiping out every living thing, would be the better way to go. It's the old saying about comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable. The comfortable have no reason whatsoever to even notice the horror we are facing. The reason more people are waking up is that so many are losing their comfort. People whose homes are underwater up to the rooftop have experienced a rude awakening. But people like Trump and the rest of the politicians, lawyers, corporate heads, and all those who believe they are untouchable are the ones who will never awaken because they have, or think they have, enough money to be comfortable no matter what others are suffering. But I suspect that will not be true. In any case, what I am saying is that comfortable people (with exceptions of course), stand little chance of awakening, and are dragging the rest of us down. I know this sounds crude, but, a cataclysmic occurence like global starvation could work to equal the playing field. If the survivors on this planet are the awakened ones, we stand a chance of ridding ourselves of alien vermin because there will be less who have succumbed to their mind-control agenda. Remember what I said in my last article that these beings are basic cowards, because they fear us more than we fear them. WE are their energetic food supply, and they cannot use us out in the open—IN THE LIGHT. So they must work covertly under cover of darkness. I often wonder if it is not US, those who have come here ot restore this planet, that are creating certain events, such as global starvation, to purge and weed out the toxic beings that have generated here. If so, then it is up to us to take advantage of the situation, protect ourselves, and let the deed be done. I have always thought that when enough people are gone, there will be a massive and sudden shift.

In order to urge this scenario along, as I mentioned in my last article, it is important that we work with light as much as possible. Learn how to astral travel to different places in the universe, and to other dimensions to reach areas of extreme light and high vibrational frequencies. Fill your astral body up with as much as possble, then return to the earth and release it. I do that numerous times a day. The more you do it, the more light you will be able to hold. Many people have been doing this for years, and it is paying off. I believe it is because of us "bringers of the dawn," that, slowly but surely, the long-awaited shift is arriving, in spite of the efforts to stop it. Never become too confident in its success, but continue expanding your work to bring enlightenment to the planet and yourself. It is never-ending, but I believe there will come a point when it is much MUCH easier, and a task of joy rather than a desperate means of survival. Whatever happens, I think this is the year that it will. We must never relax our diligence to reach our goal.

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