Understanding the Nature of Our Imprisonment

Here on Planet Earth, as we continue to hurl into oblivion at the speed of light, the most important thing we can do is escape our imprisonment. I believe it is the only way we will survive, and we must seek to do it while we are alive. I shudder at what will happen to us if it all ends and the Reptilians are still in control. We are ending a HUGE cycle, and the window of opportunity for transition and escape is open, but when this is all over and a new era begins, we will once again become amnesiacs and take another thousands of years to awaken. And if the Reptilians are still in control, they will make it even more difficult for us to escape in the next round, because remember, they will not lose their memories. For those who think Jesus will swoop down and rescue the ones who have succumbed to the mind control of the Church and carry them off to Paradise, I would seriously question that. Go back and read my article Who Your Gods Are: Bringers of the Dawn Revisited, and certainly read Bringers of the Dawn if you have not already. You can download it for free or read it online.

So does that mean that those who have died before us will be stuck in the cycle? Not if we can purge the planet of Reptilian control. That is the whole key, escaping the prison, but how can we escape imprisonment when the vast majority of people do not even realize they aren't free? I am going to quote again from Bringers of the Dawn, this time from the chapter entitled "OUTSIDE THE ULTIMATE TYRANNY."

The ultimate tyranny in a society is not control by martial law. It is control by the psychological manipulation of consciousness, through which reality is defined so that those who exist within it do not even realize that they are in prison. They do not even realize that there is something outside of where they exist. We represent what is outside of what you have been taught exists. It is where you sometimes venture and where we want you to dwell; it is outside of where society has told you you can live.

You have been controlled like sheep in a pen by those who think they own you—from the government to the World Management Team to those in space. You have been deprived of knowledge by frequency control. Think of frequency as individual broadcasting and receiving through which you dial into the station of your choice. It is the broadcasting of carrier waves of intelligence. The range of frequency is unlimited, and the range of intelligent matter transmitted is unlimited.

Frequency control limits the number of stations you can tune into. As members of the Family of Light, you must anchor new frequencies through static chaos and bring them into the physical realm. The range of accessibility on this planet to a variety of frequencies has been very minimal for a long time because of many things that you most desperately need to become aware of. As you learn about your own personal history and discover patterns of ineffectual behavior that you must break and change, the planet pulses through its own patterns of behavior. You are about to repeat history as a planet in a most dramatic way.

The Pleiadians then go on to speak of those of us who have come to the planet to be "systems busters." There is an invisible war going on in the physical world that is quite visible beyond here. Remember, as above, so below and all the terrors that are intensifying by the minute are mirrors to the energetic world and what is happening off-planet. And also remember, even though we have benevolant help off-planet, too, this is NOT a done deal. But I believe it is almost done so, as I see it we really have a few months to make sure it goes as planned. And that means waking up fast.

As systems busters and potential Keepers of Frequency, you will obviously go into the areas where your specialties are most needed. Many of the beings who have incarnated as members of the Family of Light came to the United States because this is the land where you can make the most progress. This also happens to be a land where denial is pervasive. You believe that you live in the land of the free and the home of the brave, yet you live in the most controlled experimental society on the planet. The tyranny that has been set up here is rather interesting, because it is a tyranny without walls. As a country and a collective consciousness, the United States still has not reached an awareness that something is not right. The environment of the United States is actually much more controlled than that of the former Soviet Union, where the control was obvious.

Because everyone is so frightened of giving up the system in the United States, they are going to be forced to give it up. The system is corrupt, it does not work, it does not honor life, and it does not honor Earth. That is the bottom line. If something does not honor life and does not honor Earth, you can bet it is going to fall, and it is going to fall big time.

Consciousness must change. This is part of the Divine Plan, and this opportunity and setup are not going to be missed. There has been an overinvolvement in the material world and a complete lack of understanding of the nonphysical world that exists all around you, so there will be a reprioritizing of what comes first in life. People will stand up, once they have lost everything, who had never thought of standing up when they owned everything. People will awaken to the incredible potential of themselves.

So how can people motivate themselves to escape a prison when they do not even understand the nature of their imprisonment? The fact is, there are blatant clues all around us, but most people choose to find a "logical" explanation for all that is going on, even when there is no logic at all. It is just another attempt at denial, and the media nurtures it. The weather people keep making up all these new and "catchy" weather terms to keep it all light and fun, even when people's farmland that has been in their family for generations sits under water for the entire summer, or when, like Dane, you can stand in your back yard and see smoke from the oncoming fires in the distance.

So, if it is mind control that is causing all the problems and we are in an "invisible" prison, why should we continue to fight the atrocity in the sky? I mean, I am the first to admit that none of this is probably "real," but remember, as above, so below, and what we are experiencing is a mirror to the non-physical or off-planet reality, which IS real. From climate engineering, GMOs, vaccines, 5G, flouride and all the other toxic shit that we are immersed in, they are all just a means to keep us from remembering, to keep us in a state of mind control, to keep us from seeing the prison in which we abide. I know I sound like a broken record but lots and lots of people STILL do not "get it."

Modern technology is one of the biggest weapons of frequency control. You have been sold devices for entertainment and convenience, and they are all involved with frequency control. We recommend strongly that you get rid of your television sets. They are the primary tool used to manipulate your consciousness on a day-to-day basis. This experiment is so finely tuned that you respond subliminally to disease via the television. So there is an entire generation that is killing itself by watching television—and supporting the medical society while they are doing it.

Sometimes liberating information is broadcast—perhaps even a New Age show. However, you may watch such a television show about how uplifted and unlimited you can be, while subliminally you are being hit with a frequency that keeps you from original thinking. This subliminal keeps you immobilized and holds you in a "survive, arrive, be-on-time, be-silent, go-to-work" society. Television also promotes inactivity and a sedentary, obese life. Look around you. Wake up, humans!

Most of the subliminals on television are done through technology that was developed in conjunction with off-planetary beings. The use of subliminals to upset human consciousness has become a worldwide program. If you think about the houses that have two, three, and four televisions in them, you must agree that this has been a very successful marketing program. Some people who know about the subliminals on television feel that they are immune to them. However, the effects of television are so permeating that no matter how clear you say you are going to be, you cannot counterbalance what the technology is presently doing to your vibrational frequency.

We have said that there are entities who feed off your emotional bodies. Think about what a clever tool television is for them. All over the world, billions of humans are emitting emotional juices into the atmosphere based upon what they are watching on the tube. They don't have to have too many wars anymore to get you all riled up, they can simply make movies!

Electronics also jam your frequency. Even when they are not specifically designed to jam your frequency, sometimes there is incompatibility between the electronic frequency of something and yourself. Plus, as we said, many of them are designed to create static so that you will always stay at a certain vibratory rate, turning you into safe, harmless, inactive, productive cattle.

This control has been going on since the Invasion, but religion was one of the main means to keep people helpless. And not just Christianity. Even the ancient myths gave clear warning to what would happen when one broke out of the control system and remembered how powerful they really were. Just read about Prometheus, or Asclepius, or even Jesus—people who were punished for remembering they were gods and could do god-like things, such as healing and teaching the truth about our original nature. And that means, our ability to manifest our reality at all levels.

And so now, as we near the end of this long, long cycle, more and more atrocities are happening before our very eyes. Are these horrors being perpetrated by the evil ones to put us in our places? Or by the benevevolent ones, to shock us out of our slumber? A bit of both, I think. We have been lied to for ages, and the lies must be exposed and disclosed. WE CANNOT MOVE INTO A HIGHER FREQUENCY BURDENED BY THESE LIES. You've heard that before, eh? This had been quite a year for me. I have literally had the living shit beat out of me, but through it all I am learning that I CAN indeed manifest my physical reality, because, in tiny bits, I can now see it happening and there is no other explanation for my experiences of late. I keep myself surrounded by this light that I have discovered in another dimension, and see the whole planet moving into it, too. There are signs that the Controllers are losing more control every day. The weather is one area. There is zero possibility that they can continue to manipulate the weather. Period. This week was one example, when we were under marginal risk for both flash flooding and severe storms, and we had neither, if fact we had nothing except a light, brief drizzle. FINALLY. Those are the clues I look for. A person from Florida just commented on Dane's site that it appears they are steering Hurricane Dorian to hit them.But perhaps that won't happen either. When they lose control of it all, maybe THEN it will all become obvious

It never fails to amaze me that people cannot see what is already obvious, or even worse, see it but choose to look the other way. How could someone like Hilter rise to power as he did and do such horrendous things? What kind of people are we breeding on this planet that would allow such things as this? Why is it OK with ANYONE that people in the government can pick and choose who dies, or get flooded or burned out or poisoned? Or that we are being experimented upon like guinea pigs and sprayed like bugs. HOW IS THAT OK?? Why would any human being allow such atrocities and not speak out? They are doing everything in their power to defile us at every level, because when you are in a state of defilement, you cannot move to a higher frequency. They have so many tricks up their sleeves, do they not? And just at the time when people should be aghast, instead they are in denial. Dane always talks about the "normalcy bias" being perpetrated by the media. Why would anyone believe the media? Or the government? It is indeed our minds and our consciousness that has been imprisoned.

Here are a few article of interest. How it is OK to steer a hurricane to devastate "lesser" people so it does not hurt "important" people? How can people stand by as the AMAZON RAINFOREST burns? And how can we sit quietly when anyone with a BRAIN should know that ALL these people that are so filthy fucking rich did NOT get that way because they are good business people. They got rich from drug trafficking and sex trafficking and child porn and every other hideous form of corruption. How can anyone think that is OK unless their mind is trapped and controlled?

Their neighborhood was flooded to save Houston
Flying above the Amazon fires, 'all you can see is death'
JP Morgan cargo ship released, minus the $1.3 billion worth of cocaine found onboard

The people who were not affected closed their eyes, but now the problems are so universal that NO ONE can look away for long. NO ONE escapes the climate issues. The Amazon Rainforest is a greatest source of oxygen for the planet. Who can escape the need for oxygen? When your land is under water, or you have absolutely NO water—who can escape that? We will awaken OR be wiped out. If/when we remember, we will also remember that we can manifest the world as we want it. People will slip away, I believe. It is that bifurcation thing that I mentioned in Multiple Scenarios

But there are signs of awakening and fighting back. Each step we take at the physical level reduces the control they have over us at the non-physical level, and for those actively seeking, more doors into other dimensions will open without this tremendous force which has been working against us. I am tired, I will have you know, exhausted as I have never felt in my life. I have spent SO MUCH of my life looking over my shoulder to see what they are trying to do to me, and what I have to do to resist them. ENOUGH. My goal upon escaping this mess is to just relax for as long as I need before I begin my next projects. I want to curl up with my books and coloring books and surround myself with all my pets that are with me now and the ones that have passed, and enjoy all my beautiful plants, wherever I end up—either on this planet when it has been purged, or more likely, that planet I keep seeing in my future. I hold this in my mind every minute of my life, but we still must purge this planet first in order to be free. WE ARE NOT FREE YET. Knowing that we are not free is the most important step—we are not free physically, mentally, or spiritually!! I KNOW what I am capable of doing, and so I behave as if I am doing it. That is creating our reality with our minds, and if we expect to move on, rather than get wiped out into oblivion, we ALL must start NOW to create the reality we desire as if we are free. NEVER let up.

I want to share a paragraph from Lisa Renee's recent blog called Krystic Individualism. She has been writing lately on many of the same subjects I am covering,

It is impossible to know what it is to be an authentic human when our planet is subjected to an aggressive and ongoing alien hybridization agenda, shaping human culture to become more hospitable to the master-slave narrative imposed by the handlers. How can humanity pursue concepts of authentic individualism or humanism when it is being covertly exposed to electromagnetic signals and chemicals designed to mind control the population into a destructive, damaged and evolving state of consciousness? Hence, full disclosure must be a part of our true spiritual awakening, as we cannot know our innate human-ness until we can see that we have been subjected to a death culture that is based in slavery and anti-human control.

It has been said that the best defense is a good offense. Just as when people go to AA and admit they are alcoholics, no one can move out of this situation without facing themselves and admitting, "Yes, I am being mind controlled. I am not free and none of what is happening on this planet is normal or OK." And that is scary to admit, that you are and have always been under the control of another being. But from there you can find your inner strength, because the whole idea of it should be SO LOATHSOME that allowing one's self to submit to it should never be an option. One of my regular readers asked me today where I get such inner strength. Well, there it is. My self-respect will not succumb to this atrocity.

But there is another source of my strength, that I discovered as I continued to think about the question. As a shaman for many years, I have been able to travel along alternative timelines and other dimensions, and I love what I see, which is my future self in a world that is filled with wonder and magic. I have been there; I AM there, and when the illusion of this Reptilian experiment has been put to an end, I can see a life that excites me and fills me with joy and enthusiasm. It is that vision that I have held for a very long time and NOTHING will keep me from it. And so, day by day, little by little, I integrate it into this un-reality, until finally THIS will cease to exist. It is not enough that we put an end to this situation, but we must ALWAYS hold the new vision clearly before us. Our own reality that is OURS to create.

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