I'll Do It My Way

I am going to focus my much of my attention upon control now, and the "weapons of mass distraction" being used on us in an unprecedented magnitude. Or perhaps they always were, but as we awaken, we can see VERY CLEARLY that what is happening is not "just life." As I have emerged from this stupor which I've been speaking of in the past few articles, as expected, I have been opened to even deeper levels of consciousness. And what I am seeing now is that my life is and always has been nearly totally orchestrated, and so has yours. From the time of the Reptilian Invasion this has been so. But I am becoming SO keenly aware of the workings of the machine, that I have reseolved that NONE OF THIS is even remotely OK, and as more people see the familiar "man behind the curtain," they will gradually move into their own direction and creation, and THAT is what scares the crap out of those that control us.

I literally have shitloads of material to share, and am planning to get several articles out ASAP, including a Farm Article and Bible Article. But for now, I want you to stop reading for a moment and listen to Frank Sinatra's beautiful song. Listen to the wonderful lyrics, then make a promise to live by them, no matter what. You can listen without navigating away from my site, so your place will be saved. I always code my external links to automatically open in a new window. I think that works on mobile devices, too.

I Did It My Way

The vast majority of the population is SO easily controlled. Just hand them a cell phone and they are distracted for hours and hours. Where can you go now—grocery stores, driving, parking lots, banks—everywhere and not see half the people on their phones. But the more you break away, set your purpose, and follow it, no matter how many distractions, obstacles and disasters are sent your way, the more they will target you. Dane is getting hit pretty bad, too. His producer for his upcoming documentary The Dimming died suspiciously. And in his last radio broadcast, he shared the heartbreaking news of the death—poisoning—of their beloved dog. Yeah, I know what it's like when they use pets and loved ones to hone in on their attacks.

Global Alert News from October 12, 2019

I don't usually listen to long videos because my computer is so old and I have such little RAM, so I have to stop frequently and clear everything because all my memory is used up. I know, I need to buy new RAM sticks, but I am not getting much of anything that isn't essential. Anyways, I did listen to this because I wanted to find out more about the dog. I know Dane's broadcasts are pretty alarming, and they are getting more so every issue, but this one was . . . . well, let's just say we ALL need to face these truths. And speaking of weapons of mass distraction, when I went to get out my speakers, the cables had become hopelessley entangled in the handles of the bag, which I had to end up tearing to get them free. Then about 17 minutes into the video, my power went off. It came right back on, but it was enough to knock out my computer and lose the notes I had typed. So I had to waste time rebooting and retyping, etc..

I have said before, I feel like I get SO LITTLE accomplished and then the day is over. This is not my imagination, nor is it normal or natural. THEY control time, too, or our perception of it, because it does not actually exists. It seems to take me forever to do even small tasks that previously I could have done three time faster. It is not that I move slow, in fact, I am a high-energy person. I can run circles around people 40 years younger than me. It is, one, because of all the distractions, and two, because time is flying by. Here's an example of distractions. I sit down to work. Then Molly has to pee so we go for a walk. She spends fifteen minutes catching grasshappers and eating them, then we come in and I have to pee. Then the cats want a treat, somebody's water bowl is empty, the turtles need their tubs cleaned, the litter pan needs scooped and the kerosene heater tanks need filled. Then I see this and that I need to do and something else follows. An hour, literally, has passed. We have become SO accustomed to these distractions because they seem normal.

Pets need care and we all have to pee and eat and take care of little tasks. But each one now comes with a wall of obstacles, plus the fact that we are waking up to the unrealities of our physical world. We have an extreme force working against us, and the more we go against it, the stronger it becomes. So why go against it? First, it is the ONLY way out. YES, we should be activists and we ALL should be telling EVERYONE WE MEET, in the grocery store line or wherever, about climate engineering, and be giving out Dane's site. I hope you all are giving out mine, too. I am picking up lots of new IPs, and lots and lots of people are now reading my book reviews. Remember, books are knowledge, and I find clues wherever I read, 'cause I look for them. We must continue to broaden our worldview in order to arise out of this mess. We can be activists all we want, but ultimately it will be at the non-physical level that we make our escape. And the second reason, of course, is that if we DO NOT fight it, we have absolutely no chance or escaping this quagmire. And I have no intention of spending another lifetime as a slave.

Incidentally, speaking of books, if you have not done so, please read The Twentieth Day of January. It is about a president who gets elected through Russian meddling in order to be their puppet. Imagine that. It was written by a former British Intelligence officer in 1980!!

I think it was the whole coloring book thing that triggered this doubling of rage and determination in me. If you have read my past few articles, I had spoken of just wanting to take a few weeks off and color. Every summer, I look so forward to setting up my coloring on the porch because I hate coloring in artificial lighting. It distorts the colors. But this year, the ENTIRE summer was spent dealing with flooding, two-and-a-half feet of rain in three months. Of course, that ruined crops and prevented SO many from even planting, in a great area across the U.S. All I wanted was to sit down and take a break. But NO, I got three weeks of living hell, simply because I wanted to do it my way, and not do as they were forcing me to do, which is what the flooding did for all of us, and that's why it happened. It is ALL a dstraction to keep us from living our own lives. How perverted is that? They want control of EVERYTHING.

I want to point out that what I do now, IS my choice. I love farming and being with animals, mine and the wild. I love the work I do on my site and reading, but with all those things, there is still a fine line between work and play. Maintaining my site is an unbelievable amount of work and so is reading and writing reviews. The only thing that tips the scales more toward the pleasure side is COLORING, but even that I do as part of my site. THEY want us to be working machines—slaves, and their most important point is that they are able to control every aspect of our existence. WE NEED TO FACE THIS FACT NOW. Is that all OK with you? It should not be OK with anyone. We are creators and it is our RIGHT to create our own lives AS WE PLEASE, as long as we do not interfere with others' rights to do the same. Get that fact firmly entrenched in your mind and start living your lives that way. DO IT YOUR WAY. And just watch how things change. If you are not being attacked, you are not pissing them off. But the more you piss them off, the more you know you are on the right track.

OK, so this is what I have been doing. I am sitting in meditation and projecting myself onto a future earth where we are all free and filled with light. Then I start moving my body into that future body and imagining myself thinking as that future self. There, I can look back and remember the "past," which is really the present, and see how I got to the future, thus making the trip quicker. Once you begin thinking with a more evolved mind, the problems we are suffering through can be easily solved. Hindsight is 20/20, remember. And changing our minds changes our lives. If we ALL practice this or something similar, remember, our thoughts spread as if they are physical matter. We must do this all with our minds, and we must resolve to live our lives as an expression of our unique selves, without interference. We must be ready to take full responsibility for our past, present and future, because it is and ALWAYS HAS BEEN ours alone. And remember, time travel is completely possible. Now I do it with my mind, but my goal is to do it with my body. It is another possible way out.

I cannot say this enough, but everything happening to us now is about CONTROL. Period. They are losing it, and want to assure that won't happen. The book I cited above is about CONTROL. Dane uses that word constantly. At the beginning of every single Global Alert News, a raving L.B.J. shouts like a madman, "He who controls the weather CONTROLS THE WORLD." Go through every single aspect of your lives and just see how much is being controlled. What are your doing that you really would not want to be doing if you didn't "have to?" Probably most everything, for typical people who are still asleep. And the sad part is, if they were free of the control program, they would have no idea what to do with their lives. I would imagine that is certainly not true, I hope, with those reading these pages, but we must constantly dig deeper into the truth of our reality. Analyze everything.

The power outages in California now are certainly part of the control, of which people have no choice. I have spoken about massive outages frequently. I am to the point where, after dark, I carry a little rechargeable flashlight with me all the time, because our power has gone out so much this year. I want to go off the grid, but I have nothing to replace electricity with. But I just don't use that much electricity anyways. I keep nearly everything turned off and I have few appliances. If I HAD to go without power, I could, though there would be inconveniences, but nowhere near what most would suffer. And of course, the horrendous, totally unnatural and often fatal weather we have now on the planet is more about control than about weather. When you have to struggle for your life you do not pay attention to the other evils and criminal acts taking place around you. It is ALL about control.

When we remember our inborn rights, we also remember that NO ONE should ever have to do something against their will. But we are forced to live our lives now mostly against our will. We HAVE to pay taxes and have insurance and follow all these ridiculous laws that benefit no one but the very rich and those in power. And worse yet, we HAVE to breathe poison air and drink poison water and eat god-knows-what in our food, even food we grow or that is labelled "organic." NO ONE should ever be backed into a corner. As we remember our rights, we begin to live as we should.

Concerning relationships, obviously when another person is concerned we cannot always have our way because the new law we must follow is one which says we can create our lives as we wish but must not interfere with another's rights. I know many "experts" say that as we evolve more, we will develop more of a community living style, but I totally disagree. I think we will become more independent. I certainly am now and I spend as little time around people as I can. I would be willing to bet that the vast majority of relationships are based on need rather than mutual compatibility. It is because we seek to make ourselves whole by clinging to another and it rarely works and when it does, one person always gets the shit end of the deal. I know that's a very "New Age" type opinion, but it is true. Once we remember what we are capable of doing, we will be off doing it. Those that do form intimate relationships will find their nature very different than now.

As I said, I have tons of stuff to share, so I will get on with some of that now. Let's move on to the wildfires in California and PG&E shutting off power to about a million people I believe. Here's one from the BBC.
Northern California hit by mega power cuts over wildfire fears
And here's one that should enrage you:
PG&E gas employees wined and dined just before mass power outages
But as it turns out, it seems another energy company in Southern California is responsible for the blaze at Saddle Ridge that wiped out numerous homes and killed two people. This one was from today, and it is still not contained..
Power lines may be at fault in raging fire near Los Angeles, officials say
I don't trust any of these companies anywhere, which is why I keep almost everything shut off. Here's one from V. Susan Ferguson posted on Dane's site, and if this doesn't scare the shit out of you, you must be brain dead. Look at these photos, and the SKIES. OMG, how obvious does it get? The article says that the stench from rotting plants and animals that have been dead since prehistoric times is putrid. Does that sound like something out of a sci-fi novel? And remember, Siberia is just a short trip across Bering Strait from Alaska.
In fast-thawing Siberia, radical climate change is warping the earth beneath the feet of millions

Now let's move on to Typhoon Hagibis. I cannot imagine anything surviving in winds that strong, and as we saw in the Bahamas recently, not much does.
Death Toll Jumps to 48 from Powerful Typhoon Hagibis
But here's something even worse.
2,667 radioactive bags from Fukushima nuke disaster unleashed by Typhoon Hagibis
And here is something mind-boggling and unthinkable—Tokyo is where the 2020 Summer Olympics is to be held. ARE YOU SHITTING ME?? You couldn't get me to set foot anywhere NEAR Japan. By the way, here is a new site I found also through a post on Dane's site.
Fairewinds Energy Education

Please make a point to read the comments at Dane's latest post, which I have linked above from October 12. There is a sad and scary one from Sandy Patrus about putting something on the stove, then falling asleep. If it was not for the dog, they might have lost their home or have been killed. She got lots of sympathetic comments, and I can relate. I am super careful about the stove, and I NEVER lie down when it's on, but I have also found myself doing stupid things or, what really scares me is forgetting a simple word mid-sentence, or the name of a person I know very well. And I am such a verbal person, having a problem with words is upsetting, to say the least. That is another reason I read, read and read, and write code and do all this other stiff to counteract the brain damage we are ALL suffering from. How can we be sprayed 24/7 with all this toxic shit and expect to NOT be physically and mentally affected?

This is a long article and as I said, I have more coming as fast as I can get them put together. Please take this stuff beyond seriously. We all need to get to work, both on ourselves, a never-ending job at this point, and in stopping the atrocity in the skies, ditto. But stopping what is going on in the skies will also clear our minds. Really, I am sure. The few days when they do not spray, I feel such a difference in my whole mental, physical and spiritual outlook. If this article is too long, read part of it, then come back later and read the rest, and follow the links, especially Dane's.

There is one more thing I want to mention, and will mention it again with the latest letter they sent me. I did not post this before because it seemed like it wasn't going anywhere, but I signed it months ago. Please sign if you have not already.

International Appeal: Stop 5G on Earth and in Space

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