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Sigh . . . . Where do I begin? There is so much to say, it overwhelms me. Let's start with Global Insanity. First, I want to apologize that I have not gotten an article out. I have been suffering from tendonitis, or something in my arm which is so painful, and it is directly related to typing or being at my computer. Yesterday I spent a good part of the day digging and doing farm work that required big movements of my arms and upper body, and feel ten times better today. Also, I think sitting at my computer has been so stressful because I've been badly in need of a new monitor. I have never bought a new one. I always get the $10 variety at Hardparts computer hardware in Ravenna, you know, the old white ones. Well, this one had a wobbly screen that got so bad it was affecting my eyes. So, I found a nice new one at Walmart for only $84. As you know, I really like Walmart. I love I have never been disappointed with their products or service. I love Walmart products. I will not buy bathroom towel sets anywhere else. I get the cheapo ones that are in the laundry every week, and they still last years and years. Well, I saw this ONN monitor online, so I began calling the local stores. I asked LOTS of questions, because years ago I had ordered a monitor from Amazon. That was the year everything I bought from them was junk, and I order very little from them now. Well, this monitor—it was like there were pixels missing. Letters and numbers would display in broken lines. I sent it back, of course. But I have been reluctanct to buy another, because of all these ancient computers I have, and I thought maybe they would not be compatible. I wasn't totally sure if it was the monitor or my computer.

The store in Brimfield had the monitor I wanted "in transit," meaning, it would probably not arrive that day, and since I needed to go to Lowes, too, I called the Alliance store, because they also have a Lowes nearby. And there began my trip into insanity.

So, I had the tech department hold this monitor for me because they only had one. When I arrived, I asked them again to assure me that this model had what I needed to connect with my computer, (a VGA connection). They assured me it did. So I bought it, then went to the Automotive department to see if I could get a copy made of my car key. There were only two employees there, and the one that was not tied up working with a customer was a moron. Tired of waiting, I went to get cat food and a couple other items, then went back to Automotive. The moron was just hanging up the phone, and there was no one else there. He dropped the receiver as he hung up and it broke. So he fumbles trying to put it back together. Then he calls his cell phone to see if it works. Meanwhile more customers are arriving. I finally get to ask him if he could make a copy of my key. No. It is encrypted. It is a Volkswagen. Nobody steals a Volkswagen. Then I had another question, far simpler. I had my little air tank which I keep filled with air. I needed some. The nozzle at most gas stations are too small. (I refuse to pay for air but at the Get-Go station (Giant Eagle grocery), it is free.) Can I take my tank back to the garage and get some air? No. Why? Because the tank might explode. I walked out muttering a string of four-letter words.

The insanity continued as I went to Lowes. I went in the outdoor lawn and garden area, because I needed vermiculite. It is fenced in and partially roofed, and as I approached, an older cashier was looking up and saying something about an animal. I assumed a bird was inside the roofed area. I was wrong. I could see fur on the steel beam above the checkout area. It was hollow and the creature had its head down in the hollow part. The cashier was saying, "kitty, kitty, kitty." I am thinking, "Are you fucking shitting me?" IT WASN'T A CAT, IT WAS A 'COON. OMG!! Cats do not look like 'coons, especially in broad daylight. I quickly got my vermiculite and left. And the car dealership down the road gladly put air in my little tank.

So I get home, anxious to hook up my new monitor. I get the stand attached, go to hook up the VGA cable. Where's the cable? I looked through the empty box ten times. The cable is not there. It apparently is not included. After all the questions I asked, no one at Walmart could tell me I had to buy this cable? SERIOUSLY?? And this is their best-selling monitor? So I called the store back. No one in electronics knows SHIT. I asked to speak to the manager. He never came to the phone. I called the store back and asked to speak to the manager. He didn't GIVE A SHIT. His answer was "We're just a retail store." !!! No one knows their products. This is corporate insanity and it's not just Walmart. No matter where you go, the employees are stupid at worst and uninformed at best, but with no incentive to become informed. Anyways, the next morning I went to the Brimfield store and got the cable I needed. The monitor works beautifully. I highly recommend it for those that don't need something special. It is 21.5', a nice big screen compared to what I had. And I also called Walmart Corporate, and actually spoke to an AMERICAN (as opposed to someone in India or the Phillipines). She was very nice and helpful and said the Alliance store would be contacted about training their employees.

And here is some scary insanity. I was driving home on Route 14, from Ravenna. Much of it is hilly, but the stretch right before my road is flat. So here, this idiot, probably drunk or on drugs, is passing a semi. He doesn't seem to notice there is a line of cars in the lane he is now occupying, and has no intention of pulling back into his lane. I actually had to slow down and pull off the road, because he ended up passing the semi as he passed alongside me. Had I not pulled off the road, that would have been a multi-fatality wreck at the speed he was going. I really hate to drive any more, or even go out. It is the Matrix mind-control program in a state of free-fall and it is getting beyond scary.

And here is more insanity. My heart aches for those of you in California and the western U.S..Those fires!!! OMG! If you are not aware, Dane had a huge climate/geoengineering awareness event planned for July 28, with himself and four other speakers. People had driven lots of miles to attend, and it was cancelled because the fires are now in Redding, Dane's home town. How much longer before the whole west burns up? And Europe is just as bad. What will it take to start a MASS PROTEST against geoengineering, that is flooding or burning the entire planet, with little in between, certainly nothing even resembling "natural" weather? The NWS is the worst example of insanity I can think of. The local offices, who, like local station meteorologists, probably have little input into their forecasts. I would imagine it is all coming from the military/government and Raytheon, because nothing makes sense. The forecast discussions, which I always read are full of errors and inaccuracies. As you know, and I have written much about this in other articles, I have numerous NOAA/NWS sources I use, and NONE of them corroborate the others. The excessive rainful maps will highlight flood areas where no rain is falling. And the QPF maps always show WAY more rain than actually happens, thankfully. And, as I mentioned before, those maps give a grim confirmation to the grisly reality of eastern flooding and western drought. Unless you make a point to study these maps, which are a clear indicator of the totally unnatural weather we are having, YOU are part of the insanity. IT IS NOT OK.

People are so far removed from what is natural that they no longer make a connection between land and food. Yeah, so this is a simulated reality, but until we escape or break free, we have to live by this reality's rules if we want to survive. When all the land has been devastated, where will we grow food? It is not the future, it is happening now and worsening by the minute. Both Dane and his community are becoming more and more dire every day. Many are suggesting ways to become independent, and I have agreed with that for decades. This year, I am not even worrying about selling anything. I am growing to provide for myself. A while back I mentioned how all the brambles that had overtaken what was originally planned for a cottage flower garden around my house, had disappeared. It was my intention to fill it with perennials, and that is still my intention. I started some lupines, foxglove, and cantebury bells, plus I transplanted my wallflowers there. But for now, it is filled with winter squash—acorn, buttercup, delicata, Long Island cheese, jumbo pink banana and others. Those are vegetables that, when mature and cured, will keep a long time. If I am facing starvation I can think of a lot worse things to eat to survive than yummy and nutritious squash. And my butternut growing in the greenhouse has become monstrous. Now I realize, nothing grows without water or sunshine or under water or when it's 120 degrees, but there are things we can do to prepare. If you live in the city or suburbs, start a community garden or rooftop garden or create an indoor growing area with plant lights. You can grow greens, which can be perennial, like kales and they mature fast and are continuous. When I taught piano in Hudson, a wealthy suburb, I knew a Filipino woman who threw all her kitchen garbage out her back window. She had the most gorgeous flowers, and also collected rare orchids. We are SO wasteful. MAKE USE OF EVERYTHING you own. Be resourceful and stop supporting the corporate demons. Not only will that give you the creativity to survive when few others will, but it will keep you on a moving path away from the Matrix and this simulated relaity. That is happening with me now. That is another reason I am finding it difficult to write these articles, because much of me is no longer "here." I am not experiencing much of what others are, especially when I stay here back in my woods away from everyone.We all must have a firm game plan in place for what is fast approaching. Face it with courage and trust in your magical abilities. The more you trust them, the more they appear. That creative part of you that was meant to provide for your needs and wants, the part that has been living as corrupt software, will begin to work out the bugs, and function as it always was supposed to do. Remind it that it is here to serve YOU, and it answers only to YOUR needs, not to those of the false reality and mind-control program.

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And let me end this article with a comment from marc, one of the community's favorites, for his passion for the earth, and his brutal honesty. It is from Dane's Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, July 21, 2018, #154 I also do not believe "they" are able to control much of anything any more. It is all out of control, including the people in charge of it, especially the ones at the top. They think they are mind-controlling us, but they are being mind-controlled by something not from this planet.

Let me see if I have this right: the geoengineers most assuredly have the capability to create rain virtually anywhere. This is arguably one of the easiest accomplishments in their resume. Whether or not they have INTENTIONALLY caused some of the deluges now in progress is open to question. But it is clear that the geoengineers CHOOSE NOT to cause rain events over and around forest fire events for that could be tantamount to them "showing their hand". So what happens?? They let these horrific fires go on. And on. And on, when THEY CLEARLY HAVE THE MEANS TO MITIGATE IF NOT TERMINATE SOME, IF NOT ALL, OF THESE FIRES. Is this not complete and utter diabolical madness? Where all the small regional cloud seeders whose claims to fame are allegedly their ability to encourage rain events? So let me see if I have this right: our military/government has spent the last 70 years developing ways to control weather AND THEY CAN'T GET IT TOGETHER TO F**KING RAIN OUT THE HUNDREDS OF WESTERN FOREST FIRES????? CONTINUING ON THAT LINE OF REASONING….YOU MEAN TO TELL ME THEY CAN'T, AFTER 70 OR MORE YEARS AND BILLIONS OF DOLLARS WORTH OF WEATHER MODIFICATION RESEARCH, THEY CAN'T FIGURE OUT HOW TO BRING REGULAR RAINS TO THE SAN JOAQUIN VALLEY???? 

 Etc, etc, You get my point, I'm sure. They are stone-cold drunk, as in INTOXICATED, on their relatively newfound ability to completely manipulate the weather with their diabolical machines and their fleets of winged grim-reapers. It could not possibly be more clear that these worthless, lowbrow DNA-defective shitheads who are behind the weather and environmental catastrophes are the veritable incarnations of evil and have never had the slightest benevolent intent. We all should ask ourselves why. When mere mortal, so-called humans realize they've gained the keys to the entire kingdom, apparently it is a rare thing indeed for any semblance of real intelligence, compassion and restraint to find it's way into the game. 

 I regularly watch weather videos from around the world and there are indeed some horrible events underway all the time now. Are the shit-for-brains geoengineers behind ALL such events?? Is this the full meaning of "full spectrum dominance"?? Is this really even possible?? Can we logically attribute virtually all weather anomalies (heat waves, deluges, droughts, blizzards, whatever) to the direct techno-manipulations of this cabal of losers?? Really? OR…….(and I think this is closer to the truth) is their psychopathic attempt at "full spectrum dominance" actually proving to be unattainable given the exponential changes now on the increase? Is their entire experiment running amok? Have they almost completely lost control of the "bigger picture" goals they once salivated over?? I confess I have some difficulty believing these bastards have the pinpoint accuracy in designing weather across the planet such as it is. In their efforts to gain complete control, much appears to be increasingly "out of control". "Full spectrum dominance" not only sounds laughably idiotic, but it may prove to be ultimately pointless, even if they come close to pulling it off.

Yes, marc, very well stated, as usual.

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