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I had a Bible article planned next, but this is more pressing. If you have not yet read my book review, please do, because this article will not make much sense without knowing the background. This is a continuation of what I began in the review, which focused more on Peretti's offensive prejudice against any religion but Fundamentalist Christianity. Having stated my arguments against that, I will now focus on all the reasons why this novel had such a profound impact on me. It also influenced my last article Invaded, so if you have not yet read that, please do. Though Peretti and I have somewhat different ideas about the Dark Forces out there that have taken over the planet, they're less different than one might expect between a Fundamentalist Christian and a Pagan. What blew me away was that he verbalized it in a way that I had never done, and he was spot on. It made me wonder just why I had never perceived it as he did, and I suppose it is probably because I have been battling these horrors for so many years and so many lifetimes that I just don't analyze it anymore. But analyzing it helps to clarify the issues, which I why this novel is so important in the work many of us are now doing. There is a sense of non-fictional reality and familiarity in this book, and I am wondering if Peretti just made it all up, or if he, too, has experienced what he wrote. Here is the link to the book review.

This Present Darkness

The first thing that jolted me was the people that were attacked by demonic forces, and the effect they had on the victim's physical and psychological state. It has been a long time since anything in life has been "normal," but for the past two years, our waking "reality" has become more and more dream-like and surreal. The line between waking and dreaming is growing thinner, which is why I am questioning the "reality" of everything that is happening to me now, and a lot is happening and it is not pleasant. I feel like, as any moment, the Matrix is just gonna snap.

And I am not alone in this. V. Susan Ferguson made an interesting comment on Dane's most recent Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, May 16, 2020
She is a former professional journalist, and is not given over to woo-woo land. But what she says here is not just in Seattle, it is ALL OVER the place. Simple Horseman commented that "there is nowhere to run," and I totally agree. On May 18, 2020 at 11:11 am, Susan wrote:

VSF: Last night I had one of those waking-dreams that are more like visions than dreams. I live on the Olympic Peninsula in WA State and in the dream-vision I saw the city of Seattle as a putrid dark evil place. A source of evil. The image was very visual and also a feeling. When I woke up I realized that Seattle is home to Gates.
In fact I lived in Seattle 1995-2000 and never thought of Seattle as the center of darkness and evil. However I did have, many times, visions of the entire city in a massive earthquake event, with tall buildings swaying violently dropping tons of glass on the streets below. I "saw" this while standing on the street. At other times when driving in my car, I saw giant tsunami waves cover the city, me and my car. This happened so often that I eventually moved away.

What she says is true, familiar, and creepy. In the book review, I included a quotes about the effect a demonic attack had on one of the characters. Peretti also describes his demons as Reptilian. Even more important, he connects the blackness in the sky with the presence of demons. I know for a fact that I feel invaded every day that we have these black or grey or thick pasty-white skies. And he also connects the trashing of property with the presence of demons. I know on the extremely rare days when I feel totally at peace and energetic, it is on clear days without spraying. I am able to get up in the morning and go about my plans for the day without hindrance, when on most days, each step I take is an effort, like a ball and chain around my leg. I know I am not alone in that either. Dane's documentary, The Dimming should have come out last year, and he has had one setback after another.

And speaking of the skies, we have now had 96!!!! days of precipitation this year, and many in the East are having catastrophic flooding, like Michigan and the Carolinas. We were supposed to have a nice string of warm sunny days, but now we are scheduled for six days of rain. We have had only fifteen days of sunshine, which averages three days per month. The remaining days without precipitation range from clear then cloudy, or cloudy then clear, but I could count on one hand the number of days we have not been noticably sprayed. The days of precipitation range from a few sprinkles to a deluge that goes on for days. We rarely go more than two days without rain, and it is usually just one. Never in all my years growing up was there anything even close to this. Don't you think there is a connection between the skies and the evil? Just the fact that they are spraying us with toxic shit is evil in itself, but I often wonder what the hell else is going on up there that they don't want us to see. As I wrote in my last article, we are playing out our memories of the Reptilian Invasion, but we are also under attack. Our memories make us more vulnerable to experience a repeating pattern, both individually and globally. Plus, as in the novel, those who are speaking out against the evil are also the ones most under attack. Whether or not we are experiencing this in a waking or dream state, or somewhere in between, we obviously must take bold steps to bring it to an end. The only thing that keeps me going now is my absolutely firm belief that nothing, nothing stays the same forever, and all of this misery in our faces right now is the Great Purge. As in holistic healing, all "dis-ease" begins at the outer levels of our aura, as a spiritual issue, and when not solved at that level, mostly because it goes unrecognized, then it begins to work its way inward, and the closer to the physical level it comes, the more blatant it is, so that we cannot miss it. Unfortunately, most people are not able to trace the root cause, and it will eat away at them until it kills them. Ignoring this stuff is not an option, therefore

Anyways, there were quite a few references to the black skies and the presence of demons in the novel, which I found interesting, especially since it was written in 1986. Here are a couple quotes from the story that are just a bit too accurate. The first one accompanies the arrival of Ba-al Rafar.

As the demons remained in their basement lair, patting each other's backs and stabbing Complacency's, they took no notice of the strange, unnatural cold front outside. It moved slowly over the town, bringing a harsh wind and chilling rain. Though the evening had promised to be bright and clear, it now grew dark under a low oppressive shroud, half natural, half spirit.
Atop the little white church, Signa and his two companions continued to stand guard as the darkness descended over Ashton, deeper and colder with each passing moment. All over the nearby neighborhood dogs began to bark and howl. Here and there a quarrel broke out among humans.
"He's here," Signa said.

Gosh, that sounds like Northeast Ohio. The second one is toward the end of the book, when the demons are all gathering in Ashton for the takeover.

As they watched, the edges of the cloud dropped like black curtains that gradually wrapped around the town; demons were slipping into place like bricks in a wall. Every sword was drawn, every eye was wary.

It doesn't matter whether you call them demons or aliens or simply dark forces, I have thought for a long time that something else is going on above us that we cannot see. In the novel, the angels and demons could see each other, but the humans could not unless the angels materialized as a human to assist a human, or a demon took possession of someone's body. But all could see and feel the effects of their presence.

And this uncontrollable fear that gripped people in the presence of these demons is also something to which I can relate. I am a pretty courageous person, but when I am being attacked by something I cannot see, but only feel, yet I can see the physical effects it is making, then well, yes, it is terrifying. On the same night that the demons visited Marshall in the story, they also visited Pastor Busche, who had a more violent encounter with them, like something out of The Exorcist. But at least he knew what was attacking him. Marshall did not.

The fear returned and he tightened his grip on the bat. With his back against the door, he looked around the room again. Why was it so dark? The lights were on, but every bulb seemed so dim, as if there were some kind of brown-out. Hogan, he thought to himself, either you've really lost a screw or you're in big, big trouble. He remained frozen there by the door, motionless, looking and listening. There had to be somebody or somethings in the house. He couldn't hear them or see them, but he could certainly feel them.

In addition they also trash people's property and one, the former editor of the Clarion, they killed. I also know what it is like to have things trashed by non-human forces. This next quote, well, yes, this of course IS happening through the mind-control agenda on this planet, being carried out through technology, but also black magic and other Satanic devices. I think what made me so forgiving towards Peretti for his extreme prejudice is that the scenario he creates is EXACTLY what is going on now, only he pinned the blame on the wrong people. HOWEVER. It has occured to me that "New Age" techniques, meant to assist humanity to spiritually evolve, were hijacked by the Controllers. In the book, Peretti makes it clear that these people are in a secret society. They can talk in code and read each others' minds. And they read ours, too, and it is being used as a weapon, not as a spiritual method. And what about "remote viewing?" I know a woman who took a course in that. I knew her through the holistic community I worked with when I wrote for The Vindicator in Youngstown. But the milititary uses it, too, as a weapon and for surveillance. So, do you see what I am saying? Everything that was meant to help us ascend has been stolen or corrupted to be used against us, and yes, much of it became popular during the New Age Movement. And that is NOT fiction. Here is another quote. It is between Ted Harmel, the former owner of the Clarion speaking with the new owner, Marshall Hogan. Ted is terrified to speak of what he knows. He ends up getting killed.

"You said something about . . . melding your minds together?"
"ESP, telepathy, whatever. Your thoughts are not your own, and neither is your life. You're only one segment of the whole. Juleen's highly skilled in such things. She—she knew my every thought. She owned me . . ." This part became difficult for Harmel to speak about. He grew tense, and his voice faltered and dropped in volume. "Maybe she still does. Sometimes I still hear here calling to me . . . moving through my brain."

I want to end with one more quote that, again sounds painfully familiar, and getting more so. And that is the disruption of the flow of energy when these evil forces are at work. Of course Peretti does not call it "energy," but no matter what you call it, normal life stops functioning when their attacks upon us surge. And keep in mind that WE are participating in the agenda because of the memories stored in our DNA, which is replaying the Reptilian Invasion, as I spoke of in my last article, Invaded. Here is a quote from the end of the story, where the demons are all arriving in Ashton for the final takeover.

But this sunny summer Sunday did not feel right to anyone: one farmer had a cow bloating on him while another had a tractor with a burned out magneto that no one seemed to have in stock; and though neither farmer was in any way responsible for the other's problems, they still got in a fight about it. The storeclerks working today were having trouble counting change, and were getting into very uncomfortable discussions with the customers whose change they were trying to count. Every business owner had no desire but to get out of his or her business, because no matter what it was, it was doomed to fail sooner ot later. Many wives were nervous and wanted to go somewhere, anywhere, they didn't know where; their husbands would load the kids into all the station wagons, then the wives wouldn't want to go anymore, then the kids would get into fights in the cars, then their parents would get into fights, and then families would go nowhere while the station wagons remained parked in all those driveways with screams coming through thir windows and their horns honking. The lawnchairseither ripped through under their owners' bottoms or just plain couldn't be found; the streets were hectic with frantic drivers driving with no destination in mind; the dogs, those ever vigilant dogs of Ashton, were barking and howling and whining again, this time with their fur bristling, their tails up and their faces toward the east.

That is mild to what usually happens to me. I range from frustration in not being able to accomplish anything, dropping or losing everything I pick up, getting hurt, or even worse, losing one of my precious pets. And that is what happened yesterday. Odie, one of my female turtles died. My turtles have been with me longer than any of my other pets, and I thought they would see me through the end of this. I am still in a state of shock. I met with the pet cremation lady, who is a very dear and long-term friend of mine (30 years). And that is the subject we dove into the minute we saw each other. We both agree that animals are just dropping dead because of the toxic water (and air), and even worse, these 5G towers and satellites. She is a breast cancer survivor, and has just been diagnosed with another tumor. She is a nurse, a vegetarian, and refuses vaccines for both herself and her houseful of dog-rescues. She is one of the most beautiful souls I have ever known, and that goes for her dear mother, too. She said she has put in writing the instructions to have her remaining pets euthanized if she should die. I think that is a good idea, which I should do, too, but mine are in such poor health now, I wonder how much longer they will survive. And just wait until all 52,000 5G satellites are turned on. Think COVID-19 is bad. We ain't seen nothin' yet. Since Elon Musk is responsible for the bulk of those satellites, perhaps he will honor us by being the first to drop dead. He is launching 120 per month.

Now, that all sounds very depressing, doesn't it? But in fact, my feelings are actually quite optimistic. Obviously I do not believe that suddenly the planet will go back to "normal," or that we will even stop 5G and weather terrorism and vaccines, fluoride, GMOs, and put all the corrupt and evil elite in jail, or even better, send them off in a spaceship to another dimension to have their DNA dismantled so it can never materialize again.

In the book, obviously, "God" and the angels won, and banished the demons. But things had to get SO bad—to hit bottom, actually, for those people who were fighting the bad guys. Because in that way, it brought it all to a head, gave the demons over-confidence, and gathered them all in one spot, where the forces of good were prepared to deal with them.

I have had similar feelings for quite a while, and the COVID-19 "crisis" was a red flag for me that told me the forces were gathering, as I have written in my numerous articles since the outbreak. Even Bernhard Guenther says that we do not know everything that is going on here. We are unable at this point to comprehend it, and we cannot see what is going on behind the scenes. I am not trying to be flaky-optimistic or "keep a positive attitude," but I do have a forty-year track record to look back upon, which gives me confidence to trust when I get this very deep and strong gut feeling that does not fade, even when all appears to be heading in a different direction. That feeling has been growing within me since even before COVID-19, and it gets stronger every day, even though my life is falling apart. I have this sense of just letting it all go, because I am seeing now, just a bit beyond the horizon. I absolutely believe humanity will not see 2021, but where will we be? I think that those of us who have prepared and put SO MUCH WORK into bringing Light and healing to the planet will find ourselves in the world we have been preparing for all this time. I know the game is still up in the air, but I am finding it impossible to believe that all the work, all the divine efforts we have put into freeing this planet, and hence the universe from this force of evil, alien, demonic, or other, will lead to nowhere. We can only really see our efforts here on earth, but I don't think we have a clue as to how much off-planet energy is working towards our freedom. It is BIG, and I get the feeling it continues to grow bigger, as the evil that has been buried in the bowels of the earth for millions of years is finally flushed to the surface where it will be transformed by the Light. I have done my work, and continue to work on myself and my personal healing, but as for the rest, I am pulling away.

I am also pulling away from everything else—people, institutions, money, even much of the internet. I'm finding little interest in anything. I still read and write and color, but find myself hesitant to even plant anything, because I have wasted so many years farming, only to have everything be killed. Something just keeps telling me to wait, to be patient, that all is coming to fruition. But what is more important is that I am shifting my creative process. Every time I think, "Oh, I need to put that on my shopping list," another voice chimes in and says, "nope, you can create it a different way without money." And if I just back off on planting, I will find myself in a new energy where everything thrives and is filled with life. I will be reunited with all my precious animals, who perhaps have only been phantoms here to begin with. I am not even consciously trying to shift the way in which my life operates, it is going there on its own. And each day brings me closer. I am REALLY feeling that whatever is coming, is coming REAL FAST.

And so, as long as I can, I will continue to write, and unless something unforseen happens, I do promise you the two planned Bible articles, which deal with what I just wrote, that is, preparing for the apocalypse and post-apocalypse.

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