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This is Part 2 of Who Your Gods Are: Bringers of the Dawn Revisited, so if you have not yet read that, please do. I mentioned I had more to discuss, and so I will cover some here. I want to say again that much of this book truly is inspired. Did Marciniak really channel it from the Pleiadians? It certainly came from somewhere beyond earth. There is too much that makes even more sense here, 27 years after its writing that no one could have known. But perhaps they said what they needed to say, then were off again, and maybe Bringers of the Dawn was Marciniak's only truly authentic channeling. Yeah, I know she published other books and does workshops and videos. And granted, I really have NOT explored her other materials, but based on what I HAVE glanced through, there isn't much that would make me waste my time. I saw a recent one in which she was speaking about the period from now until 2027!!! WE DO NOT HAVE THAT LONG. Pay attention!!! It all seems like basic human New Age drivel, of which still quite a bit is found in the original book. And as someone who lived through the rise and fall of the "New Age," and discovered the hard way that so much of it was bullshit and a springboard for many very common people to make big bucks selling an idea that offered gullible people false hopes of getting rich quick. Well, they certainly did! And so I am extremely skeptical of all this stuff, including channeling. However, as I have stated, there are parts of Bringers of the Dawn that ARE inspired, are truly profound, and re-reading it has triggered something extremely profound in me. I have also bookmarked her other three books and perhaps at some point may read them. Everyone NEEDS to be discerning and if it sounds all love and light and the easy way to evolve, then it is surely baloney. We are at war here, and perhaps the final battle, and there is NOTHING EASY about it. But this is all my perspective and we all live with different filters, so do your own investigation and pursue what seems right for you. Always.

As I have mentioned frequently, I have felt under attack from alien forces, severely for about twenty years now. Others experience that too, and I know it is true. I am sure that all the "frequency fence imprisonment" issues are being carried out by Reptilian and other oppressors. HOWEVER. There have been things happening to me that I am now reassing their source. Do you remember the TV show Ghost Whisperer? It was a while back because I have not owned a TV for about twelve years. I watched it for a number of years, but got bored in the end and so did others, apparently because it was cancelled soon after. But the thing I keep returning to is the process in which Melinda communicated with ghosts. She would slip into another world where terrible and frightening things happened as a means for the ghost to get her attention. Well. That is basically what has been happening to me, although these things are also playing out in my physical reality. It suddenly occurred to me that maybe some of this stuff is NOT Reptilian attacks, but a means to get my attention. And so I have been listening in a whole new way.

Since then, other points have been brought to my attention. First, if we are to be (or were in the past) Masters of Physical Creation, then physical creation cannot be a threat. These horrible things have built a certain strength in me, kinda like throwing someone into Lake Erie to teach them to swim. THAT is most definitely how I have felt. Remember, this time around we do not plan on failing, so desperate times call for desperate measures. How can we be "Creator Gods" when we have no control of our creation. Doesn't matter if your DNA was messed with, and it was, we have to regain our memories and our original abilities if we expect to regain this planet before it is totally destroyed. I have begun to view these horrors as the quickest and most thorough way to meet my goal.

And having come to terms with that, another extremely profound point has worked its way into my consciousness. Throughout the book, the Pleiadians say that regaining Earth will help the whole Universe, and at one point the comment was made that so many other beings would benefit, but no details were ever shared with us on the how or why. And so, let me put forth a theory. The Pleiadians never refer to the Reptilians as evil, but speak of them as a great race. But they have low frequencies and darkness, or lack of light, consciousness, knowledge. It seems to me that if the Creator Gods created this whole Earth they must have been very great gods, too, of course. I count myself as one of them because I have a memory of creation. Now, wouldn't you think if these extremely high-frequency beings created this planet that, well, the frequencies would have been way too high in the first place to even support the entrance of Reptilian life? Yeah. And so maybe, maybe, these Creator Gods were NOT all that high frequency, at least then, and maybe THEY also had ulterior motives, and not always our best interest in mind. Perhaps the whole Earth thing was a mess from the get-go. And now we all pay our price.

What we have going on here is a war of epic proportions played out at the energetic level and the vast majority of the population is totally oblivious to the massive and impending catastrophic situation we find ourselves in. People who still are focused on how much money they can make, are actually planning for their abundant future when the planet is literally falling apart before our very eyes. AAAAARRRGGH!!! I want to strangle these people. And meanwhile, Japan got over three feet of rain this past week!. There is so much water, the land is literally collapsing. Photos of Heavy Rains in Japan Remember my book review, Japan Sinks? So the fact is, the war is getting so bad that the casualties do not pick and choose sides. Have you noticed how many star athletes have just dropped dead recently? And celebrities, many of them very young, including a twenty-year-old Disney Channel star just yesterday. Disney Channel star Cameron Boyce dies at age 20. And the suicide crisis in the military? There are so many that I have stopped saving articles. HOW CAN ANYONE NOT SEE THAT SOMETHING IS VERY WRONG?

The way I see it, we are being attacked from both sides. The "Good Guys", or more likely US before we incarnated, programmed ourselves with a certain set of situations, supposedly guaranteed to trigger our memories and awakening. The 2x4. BUT the "Bad Guys" certainly do not want us to awaken, so THEY are doing eveything in thier power to drug us, poison us, distract us and sometimes really hurt or kill us. And look at the lies, cover-ups, censoring and stifling of those of us who are telling the truth. We are getting it from both sides. In all, I would really rather be someplace other than Planet Earth at the moment. But what I really want is a massive awakening and disclosure. We cannot create a world of LIGHT and high frequencies when our reality is based on lies, as it certainly is now. The two are incongruent. WE ALL need to do our part to bring about these changes both on the physical and energetic planes. Are you?

The other thing I have been feeling very strongly is that there is a major purging going on—a replaying of the whole shebang, over and over and OVER. Perhaps that all needs to work its way out before we can be free, and I certainly have spent forty years working on myself. But what is happening now is coming from some place, some time, very far off, and it has a life of its own. But I suspect that when it is done it will be done and I will be free, and I suspect that there are MANY others who will be freed at the same time. And if that is not profound, I don't know what is. It has been living hell, of course, but a journey towards cleansing and purity. getting rid of all the nasty things the Reptilians did to us. And our own government is STILL doing to us. And most importantly, remembering who we are.

I have just finished The Pilgrim's Progress. OK, so I know that it is the most Christian book in the world next to the Bible, (really). But that pilgrimage, minus all the "God" stuff, has been mine, too. I really can't say I even enjoyed reading it, but it has had an impact on me as profound as Bringers of the Dawn, and reading the two back to back has catapulted me into someplace outside of this planet. I feel I am existing here in body, but the rest of me is already somewhere else. Early in his journey, Christian, who is the Pilgrim in Part One, loses the heavy and painful burden he has been carrying around. He calls it sin, but I call it all the baggage we have been carrying since the Reptilian Invasion. That is what I spoke of above, that it would suddenly be gone—done. That will be the awakening. I feel so close.

But there were many other aspects of the book to which I could relate. The Straight and Narrow Path. I am finding that the closer I come to remembrance there is NO ALLOWANCE to veer from this path, and even if I wanted to, I would be immediately put back on it. And that means not allowing anything to discourage me. THAT has been a problem to me and probably most everyone who has devoted their life to this awakening. You know how when you read something, a single sentence can sometime change your life. Several months ago, in one of Lisa Renee's blogs or newsletters, she made the comment that the Alien oppressors are constantly out to belittle and discredit us. For some reason, that simple truth just blew me away, and I have thought about it ever since. The whole idea of perseverance, which was a quality that was stressed in The Pilgrim's Progress added more to Lisa's statement. Finally I have been able to put my thoughts into words, and have discovered even more of the profound. So here it is.

In Bringers of the Dawn the Pleiadians stressed that we, the Family of Light, or those of us who were Creator Gods, already have what we need to create, we just need to remember. And it occured to me that the reason we cannot manifest what we want is that if something does not happen as we have willed it to happen, we believe that we are not capable of manifesting. Discouragement comes easily because we are still not convinced.

OK, lots of points here. One thing I want to stress is that, in the Bible, when it says Jesus fed the multitudes with one basket of bread and fish, or when he changed the water into wine or walked on the water, I take that literally. In Bringers of the Dawn, when the Pleiadians say that we were Creator Gods, they mean that literally, too. When I speak of this to people, even those who are really part of this process, the reaction always seems to be that, yes, they agree we should be creative.. But most people do not seem to be able to wrap their mind around the "creating something out of nothing" bit. Not creative but Creators. I remember when I was a kid I always liked the TV shows Bewitched and I Dream of Jeannie. Something rang very true to me, a memory that we were all able to create with our minds. I now have numerous reasons to believe I was correct. So why are we not manifesting that perfect world we dream of?

And the answer is, we are more than we realize, but we just do not credit ourselves where credit is due, and because of lifetimes of not noticing all that we have created, our abilities have atrophied. PLUS, the fact that the Reptilians are not only using technology, but sorcery to undermine what we are attempting to create. And so I have adopted a totally new approach to this manifesting issue, and that is to give myself credit for everything that happens in the way I intended. OH MY! That has changed everything, and I have suddenly shifted my attitude towards myself. It is no longer, "when I remember," or "when we deal with the aliens" or whatever, but I KNOW I am doing it NOW. I do remember.

So, what about all the things that go as I did NOT intend. Well, as I said, they are determined to keep us asleep, and are doing everything in their power to thwart our creator attempts. And their plan, of course, is to mind control us into believing that we really do not have the ability to create, thus discrediting all that we DO create. I am moving right through all this bullshit, and when things go horrible, as they really are, and getting worse, I still notice every little thing that I AM able to manifest, and therefore, I build my creator muscles again. The mental shift that has come over me has been massive. NO MATTER WHAT, I know that I can manfest, just like Jesus. He told us we could. I also want to point out that we are getting hit both by Reptilian technology and sorcery. The technology we can stop at the physical level, which is why it is SO important to stop all the atrocities going on in the skies, plus 5G, vaccines, GMOs, and the rest of the toxic poisons being forced on us. I get on Dane's site several times a day to read the community comments. Those people are SO up to date on all the horrible, (and illegal and immoral) things being done to us. Little by little it is all being exposed, and then one day, BOOM, it will all come down. The burden of living with all these lies and deceptions will fall off our collective backs. The forces that are working against us are monumental.

One other point on this is that we must believe it before we do it, and not the other way around. That is the difficult part, and why I say it is important to notice everything in our lives that happen as we planned. As we begin to notice and give ourselves credit for what we have created, we will find there is much to be recognized. The thing is, I have known in my mind and heart that we were meant to be Masters of Physical Creation for a very long time, but knowing it in your mind is not the same as living it. Once we integrate it into our method of living, we will become much more adept. Our minds are the most powerful computers ever built, and we are using only a tiny fraction of our capabilities. We must constantly think bigger, and certainly move quickly at this critical stage of the game. The window in which we have to defeat our oppressors may close, and we do NOT want to lose any opportunities to set ourselves free. And when we do make this transition, everything in our physical existence will most likely change in a flash, like waking up from a dream. Or stupor, in our case.

In dealing with sorcery, however, nothing, NOTHING at the physical level will work against that. I do my Shaman things, and, as I have mentioned, have been journeying numerous times a day to other dimensions to gather the most powerful LIGHT I can find, then filling up with it and bringing it back here. One can fight (and defeat) sorcery with White Magic. Light. And the highest frequencies we are able to find and hold. All of this is supporting my manifesting determination.

Bear with me—I am going to discuss another specific chapter in Bringers of the Dawn. But let me finish with The Pilgrim's Progress. One of the things that has always perplexed me in Christianity, and other mainstream religions is the fact that we should "praise God." Why? Seriously, why? In the book, of course, with original sin, humans are basically worthless lowlife, but Jesus died for our sins, so we are cleansed, so we get to go to Heaven and spend eternity praising "God." Now, if "God" is so much better than us, so magnificent and powerful and omnipotent, WHY would "he" need the praise of some worthless lowlife sinner? I mean, it seems the only ones here on this planet that need constant praise are people like Trump, who deep down have zero sense of self-worth. People who need others to constantly praise them are more interested in their personal ego than in doing good. So why would "God" need our praise? Because the gods are Reptilian, as stated in the chapter I reprinted in my last article. As I pointed out in my review of the Pilgrim's Progress there were alot of things I certainly did NOT agree with, but lots that I did, and still more points that made me think, whether I agreed with them or not. I absolutely recommend reading it. You can download it for free as an eBook at The University of Adelaide. They are in Australia, and their eBooks are usually very good quality. This one is the complete edition, as the one I own.

There is one last point I want to make before going on to the book. And that is this. Are you not sick of living this way? Perhaps those of you who have a comfortable life are just fine with that, but I do not, and AM not. And soon NO ONE will be, as these climate horrors continue to worsen, and we find ourselves starving, or too hot to survive. Parts of India are becoming inhabitable because of the heat. It's that saying about comforting the afflicted and afflicing the comfortable and I have been afflicted a long time. Something from the depths of my soul has said enough, and it is sending shockwaves through my reality. I have been saying for years that I am sick of it all, the way we live on this planet and are forced to survive. But now this rebellion is coming from someplace much deeper, and I cannot escape it even if I tried. But I do not want to escape it. I want my loathing of this world to wake me up to—everything! That refusal to live like this is my ticket out, especially since it has reached the no-option point. THERE IS another way to live, and it has nothing to do with money or the government or any institutions. And each of us, once we get SO THOROUGHLY SICK of what we are enduring here, kind of like a woman who has been abused by her partner, and refuses to put up with it any more. She knows she must make a change in her life. Of course, walking out or getting a divorce is not quite the same as what I am speaking of. Completely changing our operating system on this planet is where I am going with this, and it seems to me that once we stop fighting with ourselves, plus, recognize ourselves as the Creator Gods that we are, we will make the leap, through no physical act of our own. I believe it will be a transition instigated by our souls when we are completely ready, and we will look back and be baffled as to why it took so long. It is the Straight and Narrow Way, and once we have travelled it without giving in to the distractions and all the other stuff that has been put in our way to pull us off track—once we have learned to keep movong forward, NO MATTER WHAT, then we will wake up. I feel so close!!

And now to Bringers of the Dawn. I want to focus on the chapter called "Profound New Boundaries," but I will not present the entire chapter. The material I do quote is highlighted. The first part is about holograms, and many people, especially David Icke have claimed that our reality is nothing but a holographic projection. I'm not sure I believe that, but certainlly I DO believe that false physical events are being projected upon us, and not just visual, but that which we perceive with our (unreliable) senses. Whether it is technology or sorcery remains to be seen, but SOMETHING is happening to give us false data. But I have to say, there are things that are becoming more and more obviously fake, and in our awakening, we are beginning to tell the difference.

Since you are a frequency-controlled society, the ability of humanity to create technologies has been limited. In a less controlled society that has greater outreach or travel capabilities through space and greater interchange between systems, technological advances are quite astounding and uplifting. Many gifts and influences from outside this planet have been hushed up. Some information has, of course, been given to the planet in many different ways, and the resulting technologies have brought about great changes in lifestyle. One of the changes in lifestyle that occurred during this century was the introduction of movies. A whole new way of influencing thought was brought to the planet by the film industry. Just as there is a movie industry on this planet, there are those in space who have a holographic industry. They make holographic inserts-dramas that look just like they are real and insert them through portals into your reality. Since these space beings have been around for hundreds of thousands of years, and humanity's frequencies have been controlled, it is quite easy to hoodwink human beings.

Holographic inserts have been used on Earth to manipulate and control consciousness and to change the story of information to one of disinformation—one of a limited amount of knowledge. As we see it, those who use the holographic inserts are not always after bringing light or information or upliftment to people. They have ulterior motives, although they may pass them off as light.

Holographic experiences, especially viewings in the sky, are set up to influence a large group of people at once. Many, though not all, UFO sightings have been holographic inserts. There have been holographic inserts of one individual, designed in many fashions, projected simultaneously in many different cultures. That is why some of Earth's religious stories are parallel from one corner of the world to another when there was no physical contact. Holographic inserts look exactly like 3-D reality. They are creations of events manufactured and inserted in your reality to look as if they are part of a sequential action. They are used to influence the minds of observers, and they are very difficult to recognize. You will have plenty of practice in the next number of years when, in the Middle East and other areas around this planet, a lot of extraterrestrial activities come into full force and begin to be published. Some of the grand events will be very legitimate, and some of them will be inserts designed to move the consciousness of humanity toward the one world order to be controlled.

They then go on to speak of our messed up DNA and how we must learn to read energies, certainly something I have worked on for forty years, and use that to perceive the world much more than my physical senses. Throughout the book, they talk about "feelings" and "emotions," and I have a disagreement here. Of course we must be in touch with our feelings and emotions, but too many people allow them to run their lives, which is why we have all this out-of-control hatred and rage going on in the world. Intuition would be a much better term to use here, because by developing that tool, we can perceive beyond the emotional level and look at the energetic root of what is really happening. And so, in some instances, if we substitute the word intuition where feelings are used, the paragrahs make more sense.

You will recognize holographic inserts by feeling. They won't feel right— something will feel fishy or strange. When holographic inserts are put into your reality, something is not right. As members of the Family of Light, your codings and filaments will not feel good if you are exposed to holographic inserts because they are used to control you rather than bring you to upliftment. They are used to ride your emotions to a certain point so others can feed off them and to bring you to a certain new level of operation.

These technologies will be used more in the next decade. That is why we say that humanity is in for a drastic awakening as far as what is really real. The boundaries of reality are quite profound.

And in this next section, I found the bit about portals extremely interesting, and which allowed me to make more sense out of things that have perplexed me. And of course, we know that the Middle East has been one of the most violent areas on the face of the earth for eons. Just look at how many major religions have been based there—Islam, Judaism, Christianity, plus the earlier great Egyptian civilization.

We talked about the portal in the Middle East being a dimensional doorway or entryway onto the planet for certain energies to find civilization. Remember, when you leave a planetary sphere and go into space, once you traverse certain belts of consciousness you must find the proper portal to come back onto the planet in the precise time period or corridor of time that you are looking for. This is how systems are kept locked and intact, and how they are prevented from being raided and taken over. There are portals on the South American continent, the North American continent, Asia, China, and all over the globe. The huge portal that we are presently discussing is the portal in the Middle East. It is gigantic.

Many holographic inserts or dramas have been inserted through that portal to upset the minds and beliefs of the population. Since this portal is in the midst of crisis, it is a prime candidate for holographic inserts and also prime for a belief system to alter this chaotic world and get everyone to move in a different direction. Be aware of your feeling centers when these kinds of events begin to occur on this planet.

And next, I certainly agree with the statements about Christ, which those of you know who read my Bible articles. Yes, I believe Jesus was an alien who came to trigger our memories of what we are capable of doing and our abilities to create our physical reality. I have been saying that for years, way before I read this book. And so these paragraphs help to confirm what I have known for a long time. The Roman Empire jumped on the Christianity thing because they saw it as a way to expand their power and control more civilizations. So I was pleased to see the Pleidians address this issue, because in all honesty, I have never heard anyone else but me say these things about Jesus and his purpose for coming to the planet.

A potential holographic insert in this portal is the arrival of extraterrestrials from space. Or Christ returning. Or some god returning, or some savior, or some reason for everyone to begin to follow one way of thinking. At this time, as we see it, it is not of light. An example of a holographic insert that was put on the planet in the past to change the course of history is the crucifixion of Christ. The drama that was played out and passed on historically to you is not the reality that the Christed One came in to play. A version of this entity's life was molded and designed in a holographic entertainment movie, which was then inserted and played out as if it were real.

Christ came in as a committee of beings over a period of time. The story that you have been told is a dramatized, marketed version—a very controlled version of who this entity was and is. Part of the Christ drama you have been taught was a holographic insert. And part of what you will discover in the future about the Christed One has the potential of being another holographic insert. So be aware. Most people would say that we are sacrilegious and of the devil to say this. How can we question what the Bible says? How can we question all of these things? Because they were all said and done by patriarchal organizations that promoted themselves. That was all they were. They were utilized to bring back control of the energy on the planet.

In reality, the Christed One was sent as a systems buster, a member of the Family of Light, to bring light through the portal in the Middle East. This created a way for many to enter and seed a reality that would prepare the consciousness of humanity for the cycle that will terminate in approximately the next twenty years, depending upon how events proceed. The Christed One came not as one entity but as a number of entities, influencing people in humanity's dark hour, an hour when human beings were ready to understand their mysteries. One of the things that was not promoted to you in a very truthful way was that the Christed One was very well accepted. The kind of energy that the Christed beings brought to the planet was received very well.

There are a number of dramas going on with the Christ entity. There is the original blueprint: the plan of the Christed committee to come in, to spread light or information, and to show humans what the human body is capable of doing. Then there are the beings who said, "What are we going to do about this? This one is coming in our portal, and we want control over this portal. How are we going to be able to use this energy? It is a free-will universe, and we can do what we want." So they created a holographic insert of the drama of Christ being crucified to create fear and emotion out of someone else's intentions and to move consciousness in a way that was not originally intended at all. This means that in a free-will universe it is possible, particularly in portal areas, for one group of gods to raid another's story and insert their own version of it. At the time, perhaps, this does not affect many, although over time the impact of the holographic insert is eventually known. We know this is frustrating for many of you. Yet what we are doing by sharing this information with you is getting you to move, feel, remember—and not think so much. This is not a process of logical thinking, it is a process of feeling. What is going on with your body? Ask yourself, "What is my identity? How can this be? Who am I within it?" Then you will begin to release more of who you are to yourself, and you will be able to figure out many things.

And of course, this next statement about light is also what I have been saying, and what I spoke of in the first part of this article. I am also finding that the work I and so many others, such as Lisa Renee, have been doing off-planet is helping more of the frequencies being sent for our assistance to actually reach their goal. That should be obvious, because the awaking is accelerating every day.

Do you understand why you have come here to bust the system? Do you understand how complex frequency control is? Do you understand how fine and thin reality is? Do you understand how available reality control is to the human species—if humans would harmonize with one another, and act as though they were all provided for, and believe and create through their minds? We said some time ago that light is underestimated on this planet. Truly it is. If it became known how many individuals are gaining sovereignty over their thoughts and lives, and how many of them are broadcasting this sovereignty and living to teach it to others, those in charge would do something about it rather quickly. Light is underestimated, and it is a good thing, because light is going to liberate you all.

And that is all I will share in this long article. And I am not done with Bringers of the Dawn. As I said, I am picking it apart for all the little details I missed the first time 'round. The next article, or articles will be a farm one, or two or three because I have volumes of environmental stuff to share. THAT is accelerating even faster, and deadlier by the day. As I said above, we must fight the sorcery with LIGHT, but the technology we can fight with DISCLOSURE. We all must do our part—many parts, in fact. Each of us is capable of doing something that will provide another link to freedom.

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