Monsanto and Other Global Terrorists

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I had originally planned to put the Monsanto stuff in a late-season farm article, but I have too much related information, and I have enough for a farm article as well. Please note: some have accused me of being negative in my rants. Being aware of what is going on around you is not negative. Knowledge is power, and awareness gives one fuel to tackle our dismal reality, at least it works that way with me. It is only by connecting the dots to the massive criminal/unethical and increasingly dangerous behavior of the shrinking body of extremely wealthy mostly white men who hold power over most of the globe, that we can find a means to escape. (And the means will NOT be of the normal physical variety, which is why we must be aware of all levels of activity.) And it seems there is in-fighting amongst them, although, we really do not know who the very elite few are that (believe they) hold the fate of all of us in their hands. We shall see. As most of you know, Trump is filling his world up with nukes while he pulls out of a 31-year old pact:
Trump says U.S. will pull out of intermediate range nuke pact
But toward whom are those weapons designated? On the surface, it seems to be Russia, China . . . . But perhaps it is US, the citizens of America. Dane believes that those who are developing weather as a weapon are doing all they can to delay public knowledge of the atrocity in the skies until the last minute. Then what? When Americans, the entire planet finally wakes up, will we be exterminated in our tracks? OK, there are some problems here, such as the fact that there really is no such thing as select mass extermination. Extermination is extermination and any weather/chemical/biological/diabolical means to exterminate obnoxious rebels like myself will also exterminate them. The world has shrunk and there is no means to contain any of these warfare methods in selective killing. In other words, they will go down with the rest of us.

And a mass rebellion is on the edge, though most don't see it. As more and more people get angry and frustrated, a sense of violence is building within, which will explode. And even the most unaware of people are beginning to sense that. The fact that Brett Kavanaugh, who most likely is guilty of sexual assault still was appointed to the Supreme Court, has put the #MeToo Movement down a notch. Add to that, Harvey Weinstein may get out of serving jail time, and it was the accusations against him that started the whole movement.
Is the case against Harvey Weinstein unraveling?

It doesn't matter whether or not you have suffered from sexual harassment/assault—every woman and decent man should be appalled that these CRIMINALS are allowed to get by with a slap on the wrist and some embarrassing publicity. WHO is running things that, just when one thinks the small and abused victims of Slavery Planet Earth may be finally close to justice, someone or something steps in and it all seems to disappear. OK, so I'm not a fan of strippers, but Stormy Daniels, as a citizen, had a justified legal complaint against Trump, and she was just one in a long line of his accusers. WHY are these people walking away with nary a scratch? More and more people are becoming enraged and beyond uncomfortable with that question. A recent poll, for the first time that I can remember in my lifetime, has rated government corruption as the top fear of 2018. (It is usually something to do with the economy.) A whopping 74 percent of people polled chose that fear. Amazingly, also a first, FIVE environmental concerns were rated 53 percent or above in the ten categories!! That includes pollution of bodies of water (ranking second at 62 percent); pollution of drinking water, (third at 61 percent); air pollution, 55 percent; extinction of plant and animal species at 54 percent (YES, really!!); and, get this, global warming and climate change at 53 percent!!! PEOPLE ARE WAKING UP. That is the first time I have ever seen a significant awareness of global warming. Do you think that doesn't scare the shit out of the Powers?
What's Scarier Than Zombies And Ghosts? Government Corruption And Running Out Of Cash
Please note: the title of this article is misleading—actually monetary issues rate only fourth and tenth, with the environmental issues by far outnumbering them.

And so, as this anger builds, it will eventually explode and that scares the shit out of me. I have been a pacifist and advocate of non-violence all my life. But what I see here is all hell breaking loose. It makes me continue to accelerate my quest to get the fuck off this planet ASAP. Here is an extremely interesting article someone posted on Dane's site, where I find much of my good materials.
You Want to Make America Great Again? Start by Making America Free Again
Please read this entire article. Here is a quote from towards the end.

The government’s ongoing attempts to suppress lawful protest activities are intended to send a strong message that in the American police state, you’re either a patriot who marches in lockstep with the government’s dictates or you’re a pariah, a suspect, a criminal, a troublemaker, a terrorist, a radical, a revolutionary.

Yet by muzzling the citizenry, by removing the constitutional steam valves that allow people to speak their minds, air their grievances and contribute to a larger dialogue that hopefully results in a more just world, the government is deliberately stirring the pot, creating a climate in which violence becomes inevitable.

When there is no steam valve—when there is no one to hear what the people have to say, because government representatives have removed themselves so far from their constituents—then frustration builds, anger grows and people become more volatile and desperate to force a conversation.

Then again, perhaps that was the government’s plan all along.

As John F. Kennedy warned in March 1962, “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

The government is making violent revolution inevitable.

How do you lock down a nation?

You sow discontent and fear among the populace.

You teach them to be non-thinkers who passively accept whatever is told them, whether it’s delivered by way of the corporate media or a government handler.

You brainwash them into believing that everything the government does is for their good and anyone who opposes the government is an enemy.

You acclimate them to a state of martial law, carried out by soldiers disguised as police officers but bearing the weapons of war.

You polarize them so that they can never unite and stand united against the government.

You create a climate in which silence is golden and those who speak up are shouted down.

You spread propaganda and lies.

You package the police state in the rhetoric of politicians.

And then, when and if the people finally wake up to the fact that the government is not and has never been their friend, when it’s too late for peaceful protests and violence is all that remains to them as a recourse against tyranny, you use all of the tools you’ve been so carefully amassing—the militarized police, the criminal databases and surveillance and identification systems and private prisons and protest laws—and you shut them down for good.

Divide and conquer.
It’s one of the oldest military strategies in the books, and it’s proven to be the police state’s most effective weapon for maintaining the status quo.

How do you conquer a nation?

Distract the populace with screen devices, with sports, entertainment spectacles, political circuses and materialism.

Keep them focused on their differences—economic, religious, environmental, political, racial—so they can never agree on anything.

And then, when they’re so divided that they are incapable of joining forces against a common threat, start picking them off one by one.

For those of you who are regular readers of my articles, you will recognize here much of what I've been saying. And so, how do we fight it? By speaking out. Words have more power than most imagine. Fill the atmosphere with words of courage and truth, and demand disclosure. Strike up meaningful conversations with anyone standing still. Grocery store lines are a favorite of mine. Order flyers from Dane and hand them out. Keep a list of websites on file cards, with articles such as the one above and hand them out to strangers. Give out MY website, for god's sake. I feel as if I am writing for a very small handful of people, those who are aware there is something beyond the physical appearances that is seriously interfering with our lives. There are many more people who DO know that but are afraid to speak of it because their "friends" might think them weird. Find them. Be the Hundredth Monkey that tips the scales. It is time. Past time.

I keep a copy of the Knollenberg Patent for chemically nucleated ice with me at all times and any time someone DARES to mention the cold weather, I correct them and remind them that the global temperatures at this point are out-of-control hot, and the only reason we feel cold is because the U.S. military is spraying the shit out of us with toxic cool-down chemicals.
Creating Snow Storms, The Knollenberg Patent

But, really, how can we expect the government to behave any differently when we have a (so-called) president that endorses and praises violent behavior.
What Donald Trump did Thursday night in Montana is really dangerous
And people STILL attend his rallies. What would he do if NO ONE showed up? THESE are the kinds of things we can do to make a peaceful impact. What would happen with these elections if NO ONE showed up to vote? Sometime silence speaks louder than words. They would lose power and control immediately. People think that wouldn't be "patriotic." I REFUSE TO VOTE. Why would I vote when all the choices for ANY election are the lowest dregs in the nation? The most corrupt and immoral creatures alive. WHY would anyone vote for ANY of them? The political system is so corrupt and impotent at this point that changing names and faces will not change a thing in the world. THERE IS NOTHING WE CAN DO AT THE PHYSICAL LEVEL. We are on the verge of a paradigm shift, which I will write about soon, where NOTHING will operate as it does now. Be a systems buster, as spoken of in Bringers of the Dawn. Shift the frequencies and teal down the veils. Expose the truth! THAT is our greatest weapon.

An if there is anyone out there that actually believes the bullshit that the economy is thriving in this country, here's food for thought:
The American Economy Is Rigged—And what we can do about it

OK, so it's not just the government, but it's also, and perhaps more so, the extremely wealthy corporations, that are, in fact, in control of the governments and military around the globe. And here is where I offer the latest on Monsanto, one of the most evil, toxic, corrupt and powerful corporations that exists. How did it get there? How did we let something like this happen? This company needs to be dismantled and the people that run it sent back to whatever alien civilization they came from. A one-way ticket.

Of all the global environmental terrorists, aside from those running the geoengineering programs, Monsanto is at the top of the list. Just look at all the thousands of farmers in India who bought into the lies and promises of the Big American Company, (which is now German since Bayer bought it). Was it because of greed? Ignorance and lack of education? Or just vulnerability that induced them to sign a contract with this company that virtually guaranteed failure. Thousands of Indian farmers have committed suicide. It is an epidemic there.

But here in the states, farmers STILL get involved with this company. WHY? Greed, pure and simple. Don't give a fuck what you are doing to your neighbors or the whole planet, as long as YOUR crops yield a bountiful harvest and bring you big bucks. And the very organizations that SHOULD be stopping this kind of mass poisoning of the entire face of the earth are the ones SUPPORTING it, like the Department of Agriculture and the EPA, the latter of which was created as a result of Rachel Carson's untiring research, until she died from cancer, no doubt from the very toxins she fought against. IF you have not read Silent Spring, that is absolutely required reading for anyone reading my website.

But people ARE catching on, like when they get cancer. At the time when the man in California won the nearly three hundred million dollar lawsuit against Monsanto for getting a type of terminal cancer from Roundup, there were about 450 more cases in line. I see it has jumped to 580.
The Monsanto Papers: Roundup (Glyphosate) Cancer Case Key Documents & Analysis
Here's an update on the State of Ohio's lawsuit against them. And this one is for PCBs!!
State, Monsanto continue legal battle over PCBs
I have to admit, I have been in error. I thought Ohio was suing over Roundup, and am ashamed to admit that I did not realize Monsanto was also responsible for PCBs because as you know I keep abreast of all that stuff. I should have known anything that toxic would be produced by Monsanto. I have a wonderful new motto for them: "If It's Poison, We Make It!!"

But, back to Roundup. Any fool should realize that a chemical capable of killing, is also capable of killing humans, or making them very sick. But not only that, Monsanto is KILLING our ability to grow food on this planet, because we are reaching the point where Monsanto drift is raining down on everyone's farms and destroying their ability to grow NON-MONSANTO seeds, that is GMOs. Is that not terrorism? Monsanto seeks the monopoly of seed supply, while destroying the gene pool of open-pollinated varieties that have been on this planet for eons. When they go, we die of starvation. Period. We're just about there. And here I have my own personal bitching to do.

As most of you who read my farm articles know, my once extremely fertile farm now barely yields anything. There are lots of factors. When one is under water, one can grow little but rice and cranberries and lots of fungus. When there is barely any sunshine, plants cannot photosynthesize correctly and seedlings will be weak and spindly, growing to be less-than productive plants. All the toxic heavy metals being sprayed on us day after day have poisoned the water, soil and air, and certainly are killing trees in droves. That also interferes with the plant's uptake of nutrients from the soil and disrupts the level of beneficial nutrients even available. OK, so we KNOW all this.

Recently I started seeing articles on an unfamiliar poison from Monsanto, but the one from NPR floored me. I looked at those pictures, then looked at my plants, which took a nosedive after Hurricane Gordon, a rather insignificant hurricane in the Gulf that sped upwards to Ohio and dropped five inches of rain, from which I have never recovered the damages. Everything just seemed to die after that except for the mold growing on everything. After I read this NPR article, I realized that all those toxins from other farms that were in the atmosphere and carried by the wind, were also most likely carried by the rain, and poured down on everyone. I mentioned in a recent article how all of a sudden everyone's cucurbit crops just curled and dried up. Well, I was driving on my route that I usually take to get where I need to go, and saw this field that made me gasp. It was acres and acres of harvested corn, with two farmers on tractors, but the entire field had been browned to a crisp. Not a green stalk anywhere to be seen, and yet everything around it was unaffected. I thought, that field must have been sprayed with something really toxic, most likely from Monsanto. Why? Just let it fucking rot into the soil. Of course, it most likely was some Monsanto GMO corn.

Anyways, here is the article:
A Drifting Weedkiller Puts Prized Trees At Risk
Just look at that leaf. I had not heard much about Dicamba before, but I am now painfully aware of it. Was it Dicamba that rained down on my, and other local fields? Here are two more articles on that toxin:
Despite A Ban, Arkansas Farmers Are Still Spraying Controversial Weedkiller
Federal Suit Alleges Companies Knew Dicamba Would Drift, Monsanto Created Monopoly
Of course, if you are growing Dicamba resistant crops, you will have a great harvest, but anyone trying to grow normal plants will suffer the fate of the weeds. And not only that, but you will be overcome with an abundance of weeds that have developed a resistance to Dicamba (and Roundup).

And here is one more article, this one on Roundup:
Roundup weed killer may play role in widespread bee deaths, study finds
Any time a company or organization forces you to do business with them, and kills or destroys your property if you don't, that is TERRORISM, pure and simple. If people are fools enough to do business with a company such as Monsanto, fine, let them suffer, as they eventually will. But no one else should have to suffer for it. These are the things that really put me on super-high alert as to the state of our survival.

Anyways, I wrote to NPR for more information on Dicamba and what to do about it if you are an unwilling victim. Of course, they never replied. Fuck the media, the whole lot of them. They will get what's coming to them. Poor Rachel Carson. She must be rolling over in her grave, seeing the very organization she helped found, the EPA, go traitor. She worked and died to fight the Department of Agriculture and military, who lied to people back then that such extremely toxic sprays such as DDT were completely safe, as they killed off whole areas of wildlife and people, too. Well, those have been banned, but toxins just as bad or worse have taken their place. And adding to the fact that farmers are losing their crops, AND their organic standing because of other peoples' poisons, these toxins are messing up the abilities of open pollinated plants to produce fertile seeds. I have complained about low germination rates for several years from seed companies that I KNOW are practicing safe and healthful production. I planted scallop squash as I always do, Total Eclipse this year, which I have grown numerous times. Only one plant survuved and produced one fruit which was grotesquely shaped and inedible. Do I blame the company where I bought the seed? No, but shit like that scares me, and brings the timeline for global starvation even closer. The latest reports from environmental scientists has it at 2021, but even that is too far in the future.

Since I still have so much to say on this subject, I will follow up this article with another related one. Paul Vonharnish, one of Dane's most frequent bloggers, and someone who is obviously extremely intelligent has gone through all the law documents at Cornell University related to all the criminal acts of terrorism to which we are being increasingly exposed. He keeps saying that lawsuits will do no good. These people and companies need to be tried in criminal courts, and I strongly agree. When I wrote to NPR, I asked them, to whom do I turn when there is no local organization that would even support me in my suspicions that my worsening ability to grow food is being caused by other people's irresponsible activities. Here is an article from Ohio. The writer should be banned from ever writing again—such blatant lies and disinformation!! Fortunately the couple responses by intelligent people put the writer to shame.
The real scoop on Roundup

The last thing I want to share in this article are some photos I took. The first two were taken on September 30 and October 2, respectively, right after I read the NPR article on Dicamba leaf curl. Pictured, clockwise from large leaf, Sunflower, two Siouxland Cottonwood leaves (a type of poplar), Maple and Zinnia. In the next photo is what my poor zinnias have looked like for a good part of the summer. It is not insect infestation, and probably not disease, but more likely chemical poisoning. Below those two are various trees and weedy shrubs that ALL have curled leaves, as I have been noticing ever since I read that article. I went out and took those photos just now. Notice that nearly all my trees are still green, even though it is nearly November in Northeast Ohio. Not right at all. The last leaf, as you can see, is a squash, which should NOT be alive outside after we supposedly went down to 30 degrees, at least according to my thermometer. I have green beans still alive, too. Very scary abnormalities.


Leaves with Curl

Leaves with Curl

Leaves with Curl

Leaves with Curl

Leaves with Curl

Leaves with Curl

Leaves with Curl

Leaves with Curl

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