Targeted for Misery

No matter where you go, what country you live in, rural, suburb or city, every place on earth now is under some kind of attack. You are either freezing or sweltering, drowning or suffering drought, or under five feet of snow. Or you are somewhere stuck in endless war, hatred, poverty, misery, misery, misery. And I am fairly sure, though it seems as if governments and military, institutions, bankers, and huge corporation are the root cause, and they are certainly carrying out the dirtywork for what seems their gain, the real root of it all is based off-planet. We are truly at war with an alien race and they are losing their foothold, getting desperate, so they have thrown the entire world into chaos and distraction. After such long hard work by so many people and beings, the energy is shifting, therefore, these final days are pure living hell, yet people go their merry way as if life is normal, though they know at some level it is not. Here are some articles I have captured of late, but there are so many now, what is the point of even saving them.

There is one plane disaster after another, and now we have added to that, trains and busses. What is happening to the people's minds who are responsible for navigating these vehicles? Are they texting? Drunk or on drugs? Falling asleep? Or just insane? Here is an article about sleeping pilots. Really makes you wanna fly, doesn't it?

'More than half' of pilots have slept while flying

And here's more:

Shredded tire damages engine, forces United Airlines flight to abort takeoff
Plane goes off the taxiway at Boston's Logan Airport
5 dead in twin-engine plane crash in Florida, authorities say
How flying seriously messes with your mind
Friends and family mourn Maryland couple killed in Christmas Eve plane crash

And here is a real doozy . . .

Malta: Plane blown into airport building by strong winds

Is this all just "happening." Some people think "God" is doing it, or it is just the way life is, but I disagree. and as far as the planes, I have stated before that the best thing that could happen would be to ground all air traffic. That would force this geoengineering atrocity to stop. It will stop, ONE WAY OR ANOTHER, and then people will have a very difficult time pretending everything is normal. NOTHING is normal any more. The world has gone insane, and those of us fighting to keep our sanity on a planet gone over the edge, are the ones who seem abnormal. It is now abnormal to be normal.

It seems certain areas are targeted more then others, or it goes in spells. The poor people in the Philippines have suffered greatly of late. When so much calamity is targeted on one area, it is INSANE to believe it is just happening.

Tropical Storm Tembin: Bridge damage hampers rescuers
Thousands spend Christmas in shelters after storm wallops Philippines
Tembin: Storm weakens as it nears southern Vietnam
Philippines mall fire: At least 37 feared dead in Davao
Pre-dawn bus-van collision leaves 20 dead

Anyone who doesn't understand that we are being targeted for misery is living in a delusional bubble. And so, the familiar whine, "But what can I DO about it?" Here is a list of actions:

1) Meditate, and seek inner wisdom removed from the collective mind.
2) Educate yourself on what is being done to us on the physical plane. That is, what we perceive by our (unreliable) senses, including geoengineering, GMOs, H.A.A.R.P., microwave towers, vaccines, fluoride, the "established" institutions, which includes banking, government and military, pharmaceuticals and chemical medicine, education, the corporate/industrial complex, entertainment, the media and religion. KNOW that these institutions are all lying to the public, are creating a false reality, and are set up to create chaos, confusion, and fear. And those who still believe we can create change by electing new officials are at the TOP of the insanity list.
3) Take physical action where needed. Remember, our physical world is a mirror into the psyche, and the non-physical world. The action we take in the physical world will shift the direction our lives are going in the non-physical world. And that means pointing out to others the insanity and delusions.
4) We are reaching the point, or at least I am, that few people around us, when we look honestly, seem sane. People who can go on with their lives as if all is OK are NOT sane. No one who is sane could stand by and let these atrocities be perpetrated against, not only humanity, but our poor innocent non-human creatures, our trees, oceans, soil, air and water, without taking a stand and speaking out. If people had stood up to Hitler and all the other monsters who have lived, the world would have evolved as it should have been destined. Those monsters are still here and they have a Reptilian bloodline. Turning one's eyes from the current planetary omnicide IS INSANE.

While we speak out, we must also take care to separate ourselves from the collective mind. Keeping ouselves safe, we must now, more than ever, BE A BEACON OF SANITY IN A WORLD GONE MAD.

Once you begin to view the world as insane, somehow, it even seems less evil. People are greedy, selfish, rude, and, yes, very evil, but they are mostly insane. Understanding the insanity enables us to perceive with more compassion, but remembering to distance ourselves from the madness. WE CANNOT SAVE THE WORLD, but perhaps we can still wake a few others up before the end. Although, of late, though I thought for a while people were beginning to "get it," it seems those people have fallen back into a deep sleep. There are some I know who are struggling at a certain level to know the truth, but they are surrounded by really awful friends and family, and are not willing to break out.

And now let's talk about more misery, right here in the U.S. of A.. My heart goes out to all the people on the west coast, especially California, whose residents are under major attack. Why? Why California? But it is certain that the misery out there is not just coincidence. In addition to the cataclysmic fires, drought and probably the worst geoengineering scenario on the continent, here is another horror:

The Flood That Could Change Everything

In fact, all coastal areas will soon find their property under water if we do not stop this criminal atrocity in the skies. Of course, there are those who will find a way to make money off of other people's misery. They may not get their way.

"Climate gentrification" could add value to elevation in real estate

Here in the east and midwest, we are getting walloped with a geoengineered freeze. I live about fifty miles south of Lake Erie, so this is just a bit too close for comfort.

Bitter cold hits northern U.S. as Erie, Pennsylvania, digs out from colossal snowfall

DO NOT for one minute think that this cold and snow misery is real or natural. It is anything but that. Let me expand upon that, since I live here and as usual, pay close attention to what goes on at my farm. First, we have been covered with this slate-gray toxic mess in the sky that is nothing but nucleated ice. It burns your skin, like dry ice. After being outside, bailing drinking water from my well, my hands broke out in a prickly rash. The last few days, my skin has looked more leathery than my turtles' skin. I finally started rubbing petroleum jelly onto my entire body after I get out of the bathtub, and that has made a huge difference. It is a safe product, and I get it very cheap at the dollar store. Some people use coconut oil, which is also very good, but more costly.

Now, back to my well. I have three wells and a cistern on my farm. I won't drink the water from the well piped into my house, but right off the porch is the old "wishing well" with pure good water which I drink and cook with, and give to my animals. It has a built up cement foundation about eight inches high, and is covered with a piece of sheet metal. I have an old cheap tarp covering it to keep the toxic precipitation from leaking in, but a little water does get through because the tarp is all ripped up. The other day, when it was down in the teens and I went to get water, the moisture under the tarp, sitting on the cold sheet metal WAS NOT FROZEN. Does this not seem strange to you???

In any case, the shit hanging over us here is NOT clouds, it is geoengineered chemically nucleated ice. I can hear those planes roaring above it ALL day, even when I walk the dogs at 6 AM. The thing is, overnight it has been CLEAR! Clear skies overnight should feel colder, and clouds overnight should hold the heat down. That is how NATURE works. But the opposite is happening now because the nucleated ice is SO COLD. This evening, in fact, after a supersprayed day, the skies cleared. It was only 8 degrees, but it felt warm walking the dogs, although their feet burn from the nucleated snow. Be sure to not let your pets eat the snow. Molly tends to stick her face in the snow because she likes to go around the yard smelling all the poop piles. I always wipe her face and both her and Rex's feet before we come back into the house.

Last Wednesday we saw the sun for the first time is WEEKS!. It only got up to 18.7 degrees (the low was 2.7 degrees), but it felt WARM! I went into Ravenna to stock up on essentials—you know, cat food, dog food, etc.. It felt downright balmy. That sun was so warm. I came home and took the dogs for a walk, and didn't even wear my winter coat. My hoody was enough. Along with the constant spraying of nucleated ice, they are also blocking the sun. When the sun comes out, my house heats up on its own, but when we go weeks with no sun, there is nothing I can do to warm it up.

I also want to share another bizarre story. On that day, I stopped at Tractor Supply to get some Heet to put in my poor old Ford Truck to keep the fuel lines from freezing. When I went to pay for it, the cashier asked me what year I was born in. I just looked at her and kind of laughed. I said, "What, are people drinking this stuff?" And the guy behind me said "Yes." So I turned to the cashier and gave her my birthdate, then turned around and announced to the four or five people in line, "I am 62 years old and I do NOT drink Heet."

We must be a beacon of sanity in a world gone mad.

I want to now give you more info on weather maps. PLEASE make it a habit to study them. ANYONE who is paying attention can see that NOTHING concerning the climate is natural. It is so obvious for those who pay attention. People have lost all touch, not only with their spiritual selves but with nature and the spiritual aspect of the planet, and this is heading us down the road to total utter destruction. People see the planet as something they can use for their own gratification, not something which has her own life and spirit and must be respected—be our partner toward harmonious living. It makes me sick.

Anyways, here are some screenshots I took last Wednesday morning, before I went to Ravenna from my favorite weather map at WFMJ TV 21

There are lots of tools on this map that are easy to use, and I have discussed them in other articles. But here is what I did for these sceenshots.The first is a satellite image of the whole country. It shows the natural clouds.The one next to it shows the "Future" view, in other words, what the weather manipulators have in store for us. Remember, the "models" that are used to "forecast" (or rather "schedule") the weather are based on what they are spraying. Period. In the next row, you can see a close-up of the Great Lakes area, which is just getting day after day of misery. DOES THAT LOOK LIKE CLOUDS? Or does it look like chemtrails? And last, is the map showing the temperature, with purple being very cold and white even colder. Now look above at the image above it and the spraying patterns. Do you see how they have trapped that cold air over us? But when compared to the first image, the "actual" satellite, there is very little connection. Clouds used to play a role in our weather. Now they have little to do with it. They have been overtaken by these toxic chemical assaults

Future Satellite for Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Satellite for Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Temperature Map for Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Close-up of Great Lakes Future Satellit

Here is a NASA screenshot over eastern Europe. It clearly shows the geoengineering mess, and they are obviously not "natural" clouds." The link below that one is another source of geoengineering information.

NASA Worldview

And this one is an excellent source of weather maps. Just take a look at global temperatures. We are in the deep freeze while the rest of the planet roasts. Does that seem normal to you??

Climate Reanalyzer

And finally, as usual, I will close this article with some quotes from Paul Levy's Dispelling Wetiko: Breaking the Curse of Evil

The greater the gap between the conscious and the unconscious, the greater the chance of falling under the collective psychosis such as wetiko. The less permeability, and hence communication and dialogue between the conscious ego and the informing influence of the wisdom of the unconscious, that is, the greater dissociation between the two, the greater the probability of being infected with the leprosy of collective thinking.
Masses are veritable breeding grounds for psychic epidemics. Though using individuals as its instruments, evil needs the unconscious masses for its genesis and proliferation on the world stage. In a collective psychosis, people literally stop thinking for themselves and let others think for them like sheep (or "sheeple") who just follow wherever they are being led, even if it's off the hearest cliff. Losing touch with their own discernment and ability for critical thinking, the "mass man" becomes part of the mindless herd and falls prey to "group think," whose members co-dependently enable each other to uphold their shared version of the wetiko world.
Anyone who doesn't buy into the arbitrarily established story is marginalized and demonized, and called either crazy, a conspiracy theorist, or even a terrorist ("You're either with us or you're with the enemy"). Such a group consensus about the nature of reality gets increasingly hard to sustain as time passes, however, as, like a house of cards ready to collapse at any moment, its vision of the world is based on the fundamental error of not being true.

And we are about there now. My deepest wish, my clearest goal, is that it will all collapse before the entire planet is destroyed. We are fighting the most desperate war ever waged on this planet, and the majority of people are unaware. Be conscious. Question EVERYTHING. Pay attention to events, details and information/data. Don't believe what anyone says unless you check it our yourself. Be a beacon of sanity in a world gone mad.

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