Mind Games

I was planning a Bible article next, but it will require more extensive research than I have time to do right now. I have been exhausted lately, and even took a nap on the couch Sunday around 6:30. I told Molly to wake me between 8 and 8:30 so I wouldn't end up sleeping until 1 a.m. then have to get up and do my late evening chores. She got me up at 8:17! Isn't she a smart dog? I do this on a regular basis, so it wasn't just a fluke. I am so blessed to have such a sweet baby as a housemate. And people try to say animals don't understand when we speak to them! Of course they do!! My possums make funny faces at me in response to when I talk to them in the evening, so even THEY know. They also yawn a lot, so I must be boring. Animals are much wiser than the majority of people presently on the planet, that's for sure. They are the precious innocents suffering most for our evil.

Anyways, the information I am sharing here sort of materialized on its own, so I figured it was what was needed to be next. And as promised, I am continuing on my theme of control/mind control, the agenda that has kept us prisoners for eons and eons. And when we break the spell, just as in fairy and folk tales, EVERYTHING will change. In a flash! Remember, fairy and folk tales, and myths, too, did not just result from people's imaginations. They were based on things that actually happened, and the way people perceived events long, long ago, while humanity still was MUCH connected to the non-physical world and understood that magic, both white and black, were very real, and the non-physical world was (AND IS!!) just as real, in fact, more real than the physical world. And look how much we have devolved. Pot-smoking Elon Musk with his brain chips . . . .

I also want to remind eveyone to keep up with all three of my platforms for current news; my articles, Bible articles and Between Two Worlds farm articles, all of which are featured on my Home page and clearly designated when something new had been posted. And make sure you clear your browser cache on a regular basis, or you may not get the most current page. I clear mine after every couple pages I visit, especially since my computer is so old and small, and stuff builds up then it runs slow. And people who use WordPress or other software to display their websites are often using space-consuming scripts, which is most everyone except the handful of people like me who actually write their own code. And most people allow ads. Dane does NOT and neither do the regular "spiritual" sites I visit such as Lisa Renee's Energetic Synthesis and Chautaugua's Augureye. With most browsers, clearing the cache is simple. With Internet Explorer, at least the older ones, click "Tools," then "Delete Browsing History." I do not have the "Passwords," "Form Data," or "History" checked. I manually delete "History," or can delete it by day, by clicking "Favorites" in the left-hand corner of the tool bar, then clicking history. For Firefox, click "Options," then "Advanced," then "Clear Now," to the right of "Cached Web Content." And I also clear my history in the tool bar, leaving "Offline Website Data" unchecked. Firefox also has an "Add-On" called "NoScript," which I highly recommend because it blocks dangerous scripts, and you can set it to block all adds on any page, which I do. You can play with it to adjust it for every page you visit regularly. Sometimes pages will not display correctly, then click at the bottom, "Temporarily allow all this page." On some pages (only those you trust), you sometimes have to disable it by clicking "Add-Ons." I have to do that when I place an order with Dover. I am telling you this for several reasons: one, so you always can access my most recent materials, and two because there are lots and lots of nasty beings out there who want to fuck up your computer. Keeping things tidy is prudent. I also want to mention again, that the best way to always get my latest Home Page is to bookmark my site on the Welcome to Cosmic Dream page. I see many, many hits to my Home page on my stats, that never go anywhere. If they are a code 304, that means the visitor got an old page because their browser returned to it without updating it. I really did not plan on discussing this in this article, but I guess it is important.

Now on to the business at hand, which is breaking the spell of the mind-control agenda. Last year I closed with the article, Breaking the Spell. I usually do not urge my readers to go back to very old articles, because everything is changing so fast that we must keep up to date. However, upon scanning through this one, it is still absolutely timely, and I urge you to read it again. I believe that this whole human/physical experiment was to enable us to explore and manifest our physical reality along with living in the non-physical realm, perhaps something very new, at the time when it was instigated. It was a grand idea, and would have turned out incredibly, I believe, if we had not been invaded and "altered." What has happened is that we have become controlled by the physical world, rather than vice-versa. I also believe that the physical world, ISN'T real, at least in our normal way of perceiving reality. THAT is why it should have been a breeze to create, to manifest instantly those physical things which should have been wondrous, such as the awesome beauty of nature. It should have all been a projection of our minds into a world of matter, that, had all been working as planned, could be altered, expanded, improved with our minds. Changing our minds meant changing our "reality." And it STILL does, we have just lost sight of that. And so, I am here to remind all of us, including myself that changing our mind means changing our reality. It does not mean giving up our physical material world and things that we love and give us pleasure. It means we must not be controlled by THEM, but instead, WE must re-establish control.

Of course, that would be the worst-case scenario for the Alien Agenda, which is why our physical world is becoming more and more filled with terror and horror. It is to FORCE us to react to things that at the deepest level we KNOW are not real, and there lies the trap from which we must escape. THEY are keeping us rooted in a (false) physical reality, like being an avatar imprisoned in a computer game, which indeed we are. And so we are kept in a state of fear or absolute dependence in the physical reality. I read somewhere—probably something someone posted on Dane's site, that people worth millions of dollars are very, very unhappy. They, too are slaves to the physical world as much as those living in abject poverty. And now, ALL OF US are facing these catastrophic events on the planet, that kill and destroy people from all walks of life. The unspeakably horrendous fires now sweeping across California are wiping out the rich and poor, it makes no difference. And ditto for the floods, hurricanes, tornados, record heat, and poisons being sprayed on us 24/7. Even if we know it is all an illusion, we still react. How could we not? But the important thing is, when we ARE reacting, to always know that is it an illusion that we are reacting to. There are those who say it is the "plan" to wipe out most of the populations, but I disagree. It is an agenda gone horribly wrong that will destroy us all, good and evil, and those precious innocent animals and plants.

It is not enough to know mentally, or even at the spiritual or non-physical world that it IS an illusion. When a fire comes at you, you run to escape. Period. But when we are finally able to see that "Man Behind the Curtain," THEN we will no longer be forced to react. As long as we are FORCED to do anything, we are STILL under the mind control agenda. When we finally reach the point where we go our own direction, doing it OUR way, then we will know we have escaped. It has been my goal for quite a while to figure out ALL the ways that man behind the curtain has been fooling us. We all know that all the microwave and electromagnetic frequencies are disrupting our ability to function correctly. Ditto for GMOs, vaccines, flouride, and of course, the biggie, next to EMFs, would be climate enigineering, which is mostly mind-bending poisons. Hell, maybe even Elon Musk's brain chips are being sprayed on us. This Alien technology has enable us to work with unbelievably tiny particles, so I say that only half in jest. And I hope everyone read the horrors of 5G I mentioned, from the 5G Space Appeal, in my October 21 issue of Between Two Worlds. Be sure to read the link I provided to Arthur Firstenberg's Cell Phone Task Force article.

But the point is, our minds are being fucked with more than most people can even remotely fathom. I keep bringing up the part from Bringers of the Dawn where the Pleiadians speak of group hallucinations. This is not something from woo-woo land. In the documentary The Minds of Men, they speak of brain surgery and stimulation done on human subject while they were conscious, which enabled them to see things as if they were real. Carl Sagan also spoke of this at length in his book, The Dragons of Eden: Speculations on the Evolution of Human Intelligence, although from a different perspective, Sagan from the aspect of seeking greater knowledge about people with epilepsy and how to combat seizures. One case sticks out in my memory, of a man who, when stimulated, saw butterflies flying around him and reached out to grasp them. Was it a memory stored in his brain? Many other patients relived events from their lives. I wonder, too, if this brain stimulation did not enable people to see into other dimensions, or perhaps past lives from way long ago, reliving the horrors of the Reptilian Invasion. There are so many possibilities, and we must be aware of as many as possible to finally make sense out of what is being done to us.

In The Minds of Men, we learned that it was actually mind control experiments being done without the patient's knowledge or approval. Did Sagan know? I would hope not. He had such a fine reputation and was so beloved by the public, myself included, I would be heartbroken to find he was part of the government's sleazy agenda. But the point is, hallucinations can be induced and controlled, and as these experiments took place quite a while back, just think how much more advanced we are now. So Musk's brain chips being sprayed on us does not seem so outlandish.

And so our goal must be to figure it all out. Once we can actually SEE, I mean physically, the operations of the machine behind the horrors of this planet, then indeed the spell will be broken, it will have no more effect on us, and we will be free. That is the hard part. We have to finally be able to literally, physically experience the awareness of what they are doing to us. I cannot stress this enough. We operate SO much by our five senses, which is the problem, of course, and so in order to solve the problem we must see it at the physical level, like pulling the curtain back and seeing a machine projecting what we mistake for the physical world. Like a hologram. Chautaugua wrote in one of his articles about a hologramatic experience that blew him away because it was so "real." THAT'S what I'm talking about. How are they doing this??

And so to enable us to make these discoveries, we must invent all kinds of mind games for ourselves to strengthen us, improve our "vision," and break us away. I have been doing that for years, and I am, well, not a "normal" person anymore, to be sure, and that is GOOD. In addition to all the things I always mention, such as doing without a cell phone, WiFi, microwave oven, medical drugs of any kind, meat and animal products, and electricity pretty much, I invent games for my mind. Of course, I always stress reading and in my case writing code, but crossword puzzles and brain teasers—anything that keeps your brain forming new paths and connections will help to replace the ones that are being purposely destroyed in the attempt to turn us into a world of zombies. They have been quite successful, but that does not mean WE have to lie down and take it.

But even more beneficial are the non-physical mind activities I do, and I want to focus on that. Actually, it is shamanic stuff, like astral travel, time travel and projections into other realities. But it is like a game, and builds up brain muscles that most people have no idea they even possess. As I have written about frequently, I do astral travel and time travel, projecting myself into the future, which is just as real as our "reality." We have to always keep in mind that the physical world is merely a projection of our minds, and we have been disconnected from that link that enables us to be aware of that, therefore everything in the physical world seems "real," and for most people, sadly, it is the ONLY reality.

Something new I have just started is to see myself in the very near future. I chose the random date of November 20, and I imagine myself free of the mind control program. Then I bring my consciousness into that future self, and look back and "remember" how I did it or how it happened. I am receiving some immensely interesting information. I see myself on my porch at my table. The sky is blue and there are no planes, and it is warm. I am wearing a teeshirt and light sweat pants. The plants in my greenhouse are all healthy and producing much food. The flowers are in bloom, and all the horrors I have suffered through have faded away. The burden, that force that has plagued me for so long is gone and life has become easy. I am learning each day how to imporve my abilities. Remember, if we can imagine it, we can create it and the products of our imaginations are more "real" than this technological nightmare in which we are imprisoned. There are SO many things we can do now, and NOW is the time to begin creating. Do it YOUR way, but do it now.;

Push yourself each day to greater heights. Explore the outer Universe, then go within, and find a place to reside inside your heart chakra—a place of refuge that is ALWAYS there. Fill it with light then blast that light out into your outer environment. Find "black holes" both out there and within, and go through them to experience new and wondrous realities. Never forget that if you can imagine it, it is REAL. I have been doing this for years, and I cannot even imagine the person I was last year. The difference is phenomenal. I had mentioned a while back about a loyal reader asking me how I stayed so strong, and this is yet another response to that question. NEVER STOP CHALLENGING YOURSELF. Even when I am doing other things, like coloring, for instance, there is a part of my brain/spirit hard at work ALWAYS. When I walk down my long driveway to check my mailbox, I often imagine my feet not touching the ground, but floating on air. It WILL actually happen one of these days. In fact, the Tibetan Lamas, who, at least in the past, isolated themselves from civilization, were able to do unbelievable feats in their physical existence. This one is called lung-gom-pa, that idea of leaping in the air, which enabled them to cover vast territory in a short time. I speak about it in my review of Magic and Mystery in Tibet. This is a HIGHLY recommended book for everyone who is reading this article, because David-Neel experienced these feats first-hand while traveling in the "forbidden lands." And she learned to do some herself, too. At one point in our past history, they were not feats at all but part of our regular abilities. Once we grasp that truth, they we begin to realize JUST HOW MUCH we have devolved into lowlife—all of us. We MUST regain what was ours to begin with. You can download this book, by the way, as a PDF file or for Nook or Kindle at Theosophy World or get it from Dover Publications in book form. As I write this article it is presently on sale. It is one of the best non-fictional books I have ever read.

Of course, once 5G is fully launched, there will be no isolated place on the planet, as the so-called goal of these 20,000 (!!!) satellites that will be launched is to bring the internet to every inch of the world. Elon Musk and his Space-E program is responsible for a good many of them. Perhaps he will ride along on one of them and spend the rest of eternity literally out in space. We really do not need to concern ourselves, however, because once those 20,000 satellites are launched, it will kill every living thing on the planet. We pretty much know that for sure. Again, I refer you to Arthur Firstenberg and the information I provided in the October 21 issue of Betweeen Two Worlds.

All ancient religions speak of people who were able to do non-human feats, and from these, I suspect, were formed the gods of ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome. The Bible speaks of Jesus and his "miracles, which were not miracles at all but abilities to form the physical world through our minds. HE had not been corrupted, and these feats were simple for him. And he also told us that we could do just as much, and more. The medieval Muslim pilgrim, Ibn Battuta speaks also of mystical feats he witnessed as he traveled from Africa to China in what ended up to be a decades-long trip. In my copy of The Travels of Ibn Battuta in the Near East, Asia and Africa, 1325-1354, the editor is not only skeptical, but ridicules the idea of the extraordinary powers of the mystics. In the Footnotes from the Hindustan section, page 150 in my book, the editor says, "They generally set out with fastings, mortifications, and silence, just as the ancient Pythagoreans did, which seems to be the state in which our traveller had placed himself; and they persevere till they have fully pursuaded themselves, that heaven and earth are entirely at their command." As we move further into the more "modern" world, non-physical feats seem more and more ridiculous to most people. And so we are left with Elon Musk and his brain chips.

When you establish a routine of mind-spirit activities such as this, you can expect to have shit thrown in your face, because you suddenly become a threat to the status quo. SUPER!! You are on the right track. Be sure to keep a record of your thoughts. I make notes on paper—I use envelopes that come in the mail as bookmarks, which also enables me to write down thoughts as I read, plus I keep a Notepad page on my desktop with additional links and notes (that I ALWAYS save on a flash drive).

I'm going to end this article with a few of the links to other articles I've been saving, starting with one by Lisa Renee. Notice that she uses that "helicopter" sculpture I posted in my last Bible article, The Scales Fell From His Eyes. In this one, Lisa provides more ways in which we are being controlled by the NAA (Negative Alien Agenda). It is not only the Aliens, but people who are so unconscious that they allow themselves to submit to these agendas, lured by a false sense of rewards, such as power and wealth. These people are no longer "human" or even fully "organic," as they are allowing themselves to become mechanized and computerized. Yep, Elon Musk . . . again. I really don't like him at all, you probably notice. He is a dangerous man with dangerous ideas.

What is Lack of Empathy?

And here is one from Truth Dig, relating to our political system, and how we are also manipulated through THAT. Just look at his eyes. Does he look human? My opinion at this point is that the whole lot of them in Washington—White House, Congress, Senate, Republicans and Democrats—all need to be flushed down the sewer pipe, every one of them. Bernie Sanders for president? OMG!! Really? The LAST thing we need is another rich old white man in the White House. With heart problems . . . .

The American Villain Who Gave Us Donald Trump

And here's one that Elon Musk could love. And it contains some pretty scary and REAL scenarios. Like having our limbs controlled by hackers which force us to walk into traffic. That's like something out of a sci-fi horror film. I have to keep asking myself how any of this can really be happening and how there are people who support it. ASTOUNDING!! And on that note I will end. Please take this all seriously and devise your own mind games. Do a workout every day, until it becomes natural 24/7. The way I see it, it is our only way out.

"Smart" pills are here and we need to consider the risks

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