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It was not my intention to write another article so soon, but the information is flooding me like the forty days of rain we have had so far this year. My page that I use to make myself notes and save articles grows longer by the day. We all need to speak up, speak clearly about our present situation, no matter what the consequences, tell the truth, and force others to do the same. If the media were not such liars, a good portion of the population might still have a chance of waking up, and our task of ridding the planet of this vermin would be much easier. As it stands, we are on our way, no matter what.

And so, are we or are we not in a "pandemic?" Well, we have this one that gives professional-sounding reasons why it has NOT been declared as so, yet.
Coronavirus live updates: 9th US. death is confirmed as WHO rejects pandemic
And then we have this one, that is all about money, and more likely the truth.
Is Wall Street Behind the Delay in Declaring the Coronavirus Outbreak a “Pandemic”?
Of course, the first one is outdated already, as there have been more cases in New York, and deaths elsewhere in the U.S.. And another cruise ship.

Ah, yes, the stock market. Everything on this whole planet caters to the stock markets so that the filthy rich keep getting filthy richer. I'm sick of it. How 'bout you? Don't be afraid. It needs to go, as does everything else connected to this miserable reality we have endured all these thosands of years. If you have gangrene in your leg, you would have to get it cut off. No one wants to lose their leg, but the gangrene is only making things worse. And so it is for those who cling to the misery, and the miserable parasites who are orchestrating it all. Like gangrene, keeping them around much longer will only spread the rot until we are all dead. I don't want to die. I want to get these miserable fuckers off this planet, both the ones in human form and the non-human ones controlling us from afar. Deprive them of their money. Remember, thoughtforms are matter—and energy that travels and effects people far and near. Get your minds working. Send out that energy to collapse this whole mess, the sooner the better so we can get on with building our new world. Read the story of the Hundredth monkey effect
if you are not familiar with it. It has become, over the decades, a symbol of what many of us are doing with our minds.

Anyways, these big babies on Wall Street need to hear the truth. Are we headed for a recession? Nope. A "correction"? Nope, not that either. A complete collapse? Yes! My fondest dream. Set us free from this slavery.
Dow tumbles nearly 1,000 points again, because stocks can't figure out coronavirus
Can't figure it out, eh? It's gonna be around a while. And here is a quote from that article: "The Fed shocked Wall Street Tuesday with an emergency rate cut to give businesses and households a boost, but what message does that send about America's economic resilience." Well, what it does say for sure is that our entire financial system is built on air and lies. Stop mincing words. The fantasy is over.
UK airline Flybe collapses as coronavirus crisis deals the final blow
WHO urges nations to pull "out all the stops" in coronavirus fight: "This is not a drill"
Coronavirus Death Toll Rises in U.S.; First Fatality Reported Outside of Washington State
Anyone DUMB enough to go on a cruise . . .
A cruise ship that carried a man who died from coronavirus is held off the California coast with 3,500 people on board
Coronavirus outbreak spreads across the world
Italy is shutting down all schools nationwide amid coronavirus outbreak
Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft Tell Seattle Workers To Stay Home
Nope, we're mincing words again. NOT recession. Collapse.
Coronavirus Spreads Recession Fears Around The World
And let's not mince words about any of this. This coronavirus is a bioweapon. It was created in a bioweapons lab for the purpose of killing people. It does not matter if is accidentally escaped before it was ready. If we had media on this planet with just one molecule of integrity, the whole world would know about these miserable creatures that think they have the right to eliminate whomever they please. The tide will turn—that I promise, and these people will understand, finally, what it is to be terrorized.

And now the weather. But it's not weather. Or climate change. Or contrails. Or something anomalous. It is weather warfare. Weather terrorism. Let's call it what it is and not mince words. I say this as I head into 41 days of precipitation so far this year, and ten more days straight of rain "scheduled" beginning Monday night.
An East Nashville couple and at least five young children are among the Tennessee tornado victims

And this also falls into the "arranging deck chairs on the Titanic" category. People in this country feel way too safe. We are all hares being hunted by the hounds and should remain at high alert at all times. Is that stressful?? Hell, yes. Does it guarantee to save our lives? Of course not, but living in an alert and prudent manner gives us a better fighting chance. Why would people be in a bar during a tornado or severe weather alert? Why would ANYONE go on a cruise at this point? People are SO STUPID and SO ARROGANT that they think it can happen to anyone but them. I NEVER take that attitude. EVER. No one. ANYWHERE. Is safe from weather warfare. But this does NOT mean living in fear. We should never do that. Be constantly developing your inner strength, and use your mind to project the desired outcome. Hint: That does not mean to "save" this world, it is about creating a whole new paradigm where we are free to create our reality without slavery to money, institutions, basic needs, and certainly world "leaders." It does NOT mean stopping the virus and it ABSOLUTELY does not mean "saving" the stock market. We must endure this collapse in order to wipe out the evil and the evil-doers. We cannot build a new world based on anything from this old one, or we will simply end up with the same. And remember, every time we destroy something that is part of their means to imprison us, the force against us weakens. We must forge ahead every day, no matter what. The stronger we get, the weaker they become. They are parasites that feed off our fears and chaos. Do not give them free lunch.

There has been some interesting commentary, as always, among Dane's community members. Here is his latest
Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, February 29, 2020
And here are some articles I got through his community.
American Fuhrer: Delusionary, Dictatorial Donald Trump Is Drunk on Power
And why? HOW can this all be happening? Because Americans are busy arranging deck chairs on the Titanic . . . . And do you think this next one is an accident?
Vice President Among Seven Iranian Officials to Become Sick With Coronavirus

And speaking of politicians, there's Biden. OMG. Not that I think ANYONE can make a difference, or that ANYONE is that much better than what we already have, but Biden, probably the dullest, most uninspiring of the whole lot of them, who just "magically" seemed to suddenly come alive. Well, most people in the know predicted the Democrats would push out Bernie Sanders, not that I thought he was any better. But I found it interesting that as soon as Biden FINALLY won (South Carolina), suddenly all the others dropped out. Including Bloomberg. So, I wonder how much they paid these others to drop out. Or maybe BLOOMBERG paid them, now that he feels Sanders doesn't have a chance. Or they will make sure he doesn't. What a miserable, corrupt bunch of lying bastards, the whole lot of them. And people STILL think their vote counts? Those are the ones arranging deck chairs on the Titanic.

And this last one. Well, I'm speechless. And on that, I will end my tirade.
Venezuela's Maduro urges women to have six children

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