Planetary Meltdown and Global Starvation

As mentioned in my July 4 article, I am going to try to do a number of shorter articles in the next few months, as I am still so unbelievable busy with the farm. I have quite a bit of material to share here, and it has mostly to do with weather and food. It is not some apocalyptic thing in the far future, it is now. Please, everybody, wake up. There is NOTHING more important in your lives than food, water, and air, and those three elements are disappearing. Fast.

Remember, I DO believe we are stuck in a simulated reality, the lab rats of some extremely advanced race. But we are still experiencing this reality at the physical level, and it is at the physical level that we must challenge and escape. It can and will hurt us. Do you want to end up back in the recycling bin to have to do all this in yet another lifetime? Not me! It is OK to be spiritual. We should all strive to live at the highest moral and ethical standards, along with being caring and compassionate beings. But SPIRITUAL evolution is not going to get us out of a TECHNOLOGICAL prison. The choices we make now, the way we behave and our attitudes are extremelty important now and will determine where we end up. And I am NOT talking about Jesus swooping down and taking us to heaven. I am talking about us creating the place where we want to be when this is over. As we begin to slip away, to break our ties with this reality, one by one the links are broken, and a new reality emerges. Each baby step takes us a little further away from the Matrix. I believe this is true because it is what I am experiencing.

As I've been saying for quite a while, I re-assess my reality each moment, and more and more I wonder what "spirituality" is at all. Right now we are caught in a technological hell, and you can't mix the two. I have a feeling most of our perceptions of everything are programmed. We cannot escape a simulated prison by being spiritual. Right now the most important thing is to seek the nature of our reality and exist in it—and it is all in our minds. Once we escape the program—and THAT we DO need to escape, then we will better understand our "spiritual" nature. First things first, and what we are living in now is so distorted, I hesitate to even speculate what is the truth beyond it. Over the past couple years I have strayed more and more from "spirituality." We must be good and moral people and hold our standards high, and we may possibly discover that what we set aside as our spiritual selves is simply a freeing of our true selves.

But something really is changing drastically for me. This is the first time in SO many years that the work I am doing on the farm is actually becoming fruitful. For years I have poured so much effort into what was previously so easy in most of my earlier life, only to have my efforts destroyed. I say this with utmost caution, because I am taking NOTHING for granted now. Things are getting SO much worse on the planet, yet here at the farm, so much is falling into place. Why? Because all the hard work I have done with my mind for these nearly forty years is finally beginning to manifest in the physical world. I cannot even begin to explain the change, but it is there. For one thing, this is the first time in so many years that I cannot wait to get up in the morning to get to work. I am consumed with it. I was always like that before, but then with so many years of failure, I had little inspiration to even plant. Everything I planted died or got destroyed. Do I think someone or something was doing it? Hell, yes. And so what has changed? My mind is getting stronger. But I am still here on this planet like the rest of us, so I do not let up in my mental or physical work. It is my determination to build my physical world, which will become my escape. Slipping away from the Matrix, one step at a time.

And we do not have time, so it is imperative that we all focus on where we want to end up, at the same time making sure that we can survive what is coming. I have several reader's comments from Dane's site that really hit me when I read them.They are all from his weekly broadcast this past Saturday.
Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, July 7, 2018, #152.

This comment is by Donna.

I was invited to a 4th of July block party.  The hostess proudly gave me a tour of her lush back yard.  I pointed out the web like fall out and explained it is from the geoengineering.  She seemed uninterested and simply ignored the information I was giving her.  When we rejoined the rest of the party in the front yard, I started over with the information I had tried to pass on to the uninterested hostess.  The husband and his friends were quite the opposite and showed interest in the information I was giving them.  None of them had a clue that this was going on and were quite receptive to all I was telling them.  They also asked me where they could find some of the information I was talking about.   I gave them this web site as well as ex-CIA (K. Shipp and Cody Snodgrass) to check out more info we'd discussed.  I also told them how there had been Federal gag orders placed on meteorologists, which drew even more interest as one popular meteorologist had just left the local team to retire.  We all thought this seemed odd as he seemed a bit too young to be retiring (where it was said he'd be able to do more cooking and napping).  Now, they too wondered as I had.  Could his decision to retire as the top meteorologist and a member of #1 local news team in a large market (San Diego) have any connection to being forced to be a script reading parrot that no longer tracks/predicts the weather as he was trained and educated to once do?  Just a hunch now questioned by others in this conversation.  Several mentioned that they'd lived here their entire lives and had never seen the drastic temp. changes occur in a day.  The fires were also mentioned and I explained how it all is related, and suggested they get all the info at your web site, which is by far has the most vast compiled resources to explore for.  I then told them that I hoped I hadn't ruined their 4th of July celebration, but if the masses aren't informed and involved very soon, there will be no celebrating….ever.  Everyone (excluding the hostess) were thanking me for the information, shaking my hand.  I asked them all to spread the word, look into the info we'd discussed, which they assured me they would do.  The following day, a massive fire broke out in a near by community, consuming a number of homes.  At this time, they have contained 35%, with another hot day in store, and for the next week as well.  Other fires are also being battled in and around the San Diego area (as well as the entire state).  I hope the information is passed on as they promised to do.  The madness is global and all need to make a stand.  Thank you Dane for the hard work and years of dedication in exposing the truth that needs to be told.  You are a true hero in my eyes, as well as the eyes of others.

Good job here. We ALL need to be responsible and do our research and education because opportunities abound to share what we know. I will start talking to people in parking lots and lines at the grocery store—anywhere you can get someone's attention, especially if you can point to the sky. And as far as the heat—Dane's U.K. activists have said it is so hot there that roads and railways are melting. "Andrew from Scotland" pointed out in his newsletter which he also shares at Geowatch, that "In Scotland, we are having 25-30C temps—at least it is better than the beaches of the Siberian Arctic which are having 30-35C temps and being kippered by the smoke from the massive Siberian wildfires. In the northern hemisphere, crop failures have increased again. Lower yields will inevitably lead to increased food prices. We are still in the early stages of this—wait for simultaneous crop failures."

The next comment is from Marc.

If one is paying attention at all, one cannot dispute even the most dire of Dane's assessments. Things absolutely cannot keep going in the direction they are going without an eventual and certain reckoning. Maybe not next month. Maybe not next year. But…..sooner or later……What does this actually mean? From my own limited, armchair perspective I'll tell you what I think it means. It means, as McPherson repeatedly states, we will NOT for much longer be able to grow grain at the scale necessary for 7 billion to survive. In point of fact, mass starvation and thirst are already in play on a scale heretofore unheard of due to the very scenarios we have all been dreading for some time now. Yes, "grain" (staple crops) feed the world. Remove wheat, rice, soybeans, corn, oats, lentils, beans etc, from the equation and billions will perish. Remove viable, arable agricultural lands from the equation due to floods, drought, aluminum-ization, UVB, UVC, and billions will perish. Remove all viable fish species from the oceans and countless millions will suffer. Really? But if I can still sit in an air-conditioned bar-room, drink an IPA and watch World Cup soccer with my buddies, get drunk and yell and then go eat Mexican food somewhere, do you think I give a shit about your predictions of doom and gloom?? Etcetera….And therein lies the crux of the matter. Until the FOOD doesn't just get more expensive, BUT COMPLETELY RUNS OUT, I think many (in the first world) will gleefully imagine that somehow we'll get through it all. Especially if we hunker down and pray to some god or another…… "We are at all times only 9 meals away from revolution." 

Difficult to say how close we (the planet) are from complete and total agricultural collapse. But, honestly, every signpost is pointing strongly in that direction. I want so very much to believe that somehow, in some way, we can reach an awareness-tipping point that will cause a shift in our collective consciousness as huge as the "abrupt climate shift" we are all now experiencing. But again, let's not fail to remember, we are dealing with complete psychopaths here, who, I am devastated to have to admit, seem for all intents and purposes to DELIGHT in chaos and exploitation and manipulation and human and animal suffering and to exhibit an unquenchable thirst for personal enrichment….. and woe be unto ANYTHING that lies in their path. The very definition of "unsustainable". Nope, this just can't go on like this indefinitely. Something's gotta give real soon.

And here is one from Dennie.

Terrifying.  I have absolutely no idea how most are going to survive this.  This summer's so much hotter than last and next year will be exponentially worse.  I'm facing the truth but somehow I don't know how to change the course, looks like no one much else does either.  God knows people tried in the 70s, with Jimmy Carter putting solar panels on the White House roof, and now we've got Emperor Trump complaining that it's too hot in the White House in February even as he bows to his cronies in the oil and coal industry, who put him there.

Our movement needs a real mouth, hands and especially legs. The people who we need to reach more effectively, those in the "publicly subsidized capitalist Goon Squad," need to have real ears and brains.  They need to take this seriously and get on the side of STOPPING the insanity.  If climate change really is the Number One Threat to national security, then WHY are THEY causing it?  It's clear to me that we have here a great example of the homicidal also being the suicidal.

Can anyone get all of this turned around in time before it's so hot nothing can grow and nothing can live?  I'd say it's going to look a lot like that in increasingly larger parts of the planet and much faster than the scientists have been telling us.  We'd all need to stop driving cars tomorrow.  Ain't gonna happen. 

Smedley Butler was a saint.  I'm going to find a picture of him, have it framed and display it.  2.4 billion rounds of hollow point bullets having been purchased in 2012 by Homeland "Security" for undisclosed use is a complete travesty of and in direct opposition to who these people say they are and whose best interests they really represent.

I have a link to Smedly Butler's booklet, War is a Racket in one of my articles from last year. I will bring him up again in another article because I have more to say about that.

Joseph L said, "In Northern Siberia, along the coast of the Arctic Ocean – where weather observations are scarce – model analyses showed temperatures soaring 40 degrees above normal on July 5, to over 90 degrees." and he also provided this link:
Red-hot planet: All-time heat records have been set all over the world during the past week

And here are more disasters:

Japan floods: At least 122 dead after heavy rain and landslides
This next one is most interesting, and not "bizarre" as the article states. I mean, that's what this is about, isn't it? Weather warfare? If you don't like something a country is doing or what they stand for or believe in, or is they won't bow down and worship the "powerful ones" who rule the earth, just flood them or fry them or starve them or let them die of thirst. This technique was used back during the Vietnam war, flooding out the "enemy," and was ruled to be unethical warfare. Well, no shit. But look how far it has gone since then. The thing is, all these people that think they have so much power in this are living on this planet just like everyone else and will have to suffer the consequences.
Iran accuses Israel of stealing its CLOUDS and SNOW in BIZARRE outburst

And so, please be aware that it is all coming true, all happening now. I would stock up on non-perishable food items—canned goods and dried foods, but make sure you have a cool, dry place to store them, and don't go overboard, but begin gradually then take stock of how you're set. Follow the news carefully and read the handwriting on the wall, and hear the words that are not being spoken. Work on your mind every day to create your reality, then move yourself into it one step at a time. Please note that this requires letting go of all the useless shit most people do and have that only ties them to the Matrix. More on that later. We do not have time to fiddle-fart around. Educate yourself, then share what you know.

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