Livin' the Dream

OK, so I told you when I began writing articles again, they would go in a totally different direction. Well, here it is, and this is BIGGY.

Things have become soooooo surreal lately, coupled with what we perceive to be corruption, fakery and lies, added to a downward spiral toward ecological, social, environmental, financial (and a bunch of other "als") collapse. I am feeling more and more walled in by the surrounding horrors, feeling like there is no other option than to escape this planet. My journeys through time and space led me to Dan Brown's Inferno, (please refer to my last article, Thoughts Like Cancers Spreading.

I have begun to question absolutely everything on this planet that we are experiencing, asking myself, is it real, or just a dream? We are not the first to ask that question.The ancient Greek philosophers did, too, and René Descartes (1596-1650) seriously pondered that possibility in his "Dream Argument" (Meditations on First Philosophy), which I have just downloaded as an eBook. I have also pulled out Dante's Divine Comedy, which is sitting right next to me, even as I write, whispering to me that I must read it again soon. I read it years ago, when I was in college or grad school, I believe, but my mind was much less worldly back then. My ability to understand the deeper meanings of all the literature I read now, was non-existent back then. Even though I was a very good reader, my life experience was not yet developed.

I realize I have been questioning reality in these articles for quite some time, but this is taking me in a whole new direction, and that is upward. Finally. In The Divine Comedy, Dante travels through Hell (Inferno) gradually working his way up to Purgatory, and finally to Paradise. It wasn't just the Catholics that believed one must go through hell to reach heaven. Dante is guided by the ancient Roman poet, Virgil. In his great epic poem, The Aeneid, Aeneas must cross the River Styx (Hell) to reach Paradise, where he communes with his deceased father.

Is that really true? I don't believe in heaven or hell or god or any of the myths, and they are ALL myths; stories we pass down that have evolved, or devolved as we have. The Greeks, Romans, Egyptians—they all had their myths, which to them at the time, was the truth. Some people today, especially Christians who think their beliefs are the only legitimate ones, look at these ancient Pagans as uncivilized heathens and barbarians, but Jesus is no less a myth. As I have been saying, now that the Nag Hammadi Codices are being studied by Bible scholars (NOT church leaders), more people are seeing just how mythical the Jesus story is. So how can something be truth one minute, and suddenly it is not truth? I spoke of this in Thoughts Like Cancers Spreading. When enough people embrace a view, it becomes a truth. But does that make it true or real?

What is becoming clearer to me each day is that we have NOTHING but our stories. It is our stories, our myths, that allow us to perceive the abstract in a comprehendable form, which can be labelled and communicated with others. Anyone who is operating at higher levels of spiritual knowledge understands that the Bible is allegory, and so were all the ancient gods and their stories, which preceded the Biblical characters. Add to the that more modern beliefs of simulation, the Reptilian Invasion, the New World Order, Deep State, Military Police, and all of Orwell's nightmares coming true.

But is any of it true? Or is it just a dream?

Lately I have not been dreaming much, but for a while, I had quite horrible nightmares. Then I realized I was being programmed during the night, and I was able to put a stop to it. But was that true? Was anyone really programming me?; is the government really mind-controlling us? Perhaps not. Most likely, these were just the collective thoughts of the world, working their way through my dream state. A dream within a dream. But I found that, when the situation got so terrible that I could no longer stand it—I woke up! In a sweat, with heart pounding, but I woke up. Are you getting my drift?

I am quite certain that no matter what we do on this planet, NOTHING is going to get any better. EVER. Chemtrails will never be stopped. Government and banking corruption with never stop, and our state of living will get SO BAD that the only way out is to—wake up!

Ever since I read The Kybalion, I have been searching for that Universal Mind, the ALL, the highest frequencies. My last journey through time and space jolted me, and I realized there was a Force urging me to awaken. Keep in mind this is just a story, so that I can communicate my experience. I felt like I had completed Hell and Purgatory, and was finally being pulled into Paradise.

All of you reading this—think back when you first became drawn toward seeking higher consciousness. I would bet that nearly everyone would remember there was something going on in their life that they knew was wrong, questions popped up about their beliefs, or even more likely, a crisis that could not be solved by physical means. Some let it go, and prefered to stifle the urge and live in denial, creating their own false reality in which they play-acted as if everything was normal. These are the ones who end up on drugs, alcohol, in one dysfunctional relationship after another, seeking more money, more things, more sex, more babies, more, MORE, MORE, and never satiated. That's the world today. But for most of you reading this, you were unable to stifle urge to awaken. It was too strong, and the need too great.

I remember my growth was gradual for a while, then suddenly, it was like a kundalini experience, and I could not stop immersing myself in all that lead to spiritual growth—books, workshops, yoga, meditation—I voraciously devoured anything and everything that I thought would open my consciousness. I expected bliss and personal power. But what I got was Hell. It has taken me twenty years to understand this, and I just "got it," these past couple days. Dan Brown, the Kybalion, Dante—it all makes sense. In order to get to heaven, one must cross the River Styx. Hell lasted quite a while, and then came Purgatory. Those are the years when I became certified in DNA cleansing and began practicing Shamanism. Of course my goal all this time was to reach a level of mastery to which I had devoted my life. To create my life of bliss and freedom here on this planet. Most people still do believe that something here on earth will miraculously change. It will not. It's a dangling carrot, that's all.

It is nothing but a dream. Here is how I am perceiving the whole situation now, and remember, this is all a story, to enable me to communicate the abstract.

In the past, and even now, many people think death is really an awakening. I do not. I think it's a trip back to the recycling bin, where we have to roll the hamster wheel through yet one more lifetime. This coming awakening is really THE GREAT AWAKENING, a MASS AWAKENING, where unlike individual deaths, many people will leave this reality, the dream, at once, or very close together. So why is it taking so long? Because we must give consent. Of all the people I have ever known, I consider myself more ready that anyone, and yet . . . I begin to think about leaving my animals, my farm, my books— even as bad as it is, there is so much here that I love. That is all shifting as I integrate the dream idea. When we awaken from a dream, even a really pleasant one, do we ever miss the people we are dreaming about? Do we ever mourn because we left them, and worry if someone will be there to care for them? No, of course not. When our dream ends, so do they. I think it is our ties to the physical world that is making us reluctant to move on now, even though it is a dream. Understand? So therefore, all that is dear to us must APPEAR to be destroyed (but it's not real, remember), in order for us to give our consent to move on, otherwise we, in the back of our minds will continue to nurture some hope that this Earth might be fixed. It won't. It will continue to worsen until we are so walled in, cornered, that we will give up our hold. But there is nothing to give up. It's a dream. When a baby is ready to leave the womb, it must, or it will die, and will have to go through the process all over again. The only way to get to the next level is to let go of the previous one. And, good lord, why would we want to hold on to this? The next level is paradise.

And so, will I continue to warn people against chemtrails? Yes, but for a different reason now. I went to the farm shop where I go for supplies today, and the lady who waited on me was absolutely clueless as to what was going on in the sky. OMG, she works with farmers! How could anyone working with the land be so unaware? So I gave her information and showed her my website. And my motive was this: awareness is the first step towards awakening. As I stated above, we all began with something that triggered our awareness that something was wrong. That's why EVERYTHING is going wrong now. It is triggering awareness and awareness triggers awakening. When people are happy and satisfied, they do very little internal spiritual work. Growth begins in Hell, and works its way to Paradise.

So, do I think all 7-8 billion of us will awaken? Perhaps there are only a small number of us after all, and the rest are dream characters—you know, those non-descript strangers who show up in the crowds of the dreamscape that you wonder who the hell they are. I usually do not know most of the people in my dreams. I sometimes wonder if I knew them at one time, but most likely they are phantoms. Perhaps the majority of the planet's current population is, too. But for those who are not, if they do not wake up now, their next lifetime will most likely truly be a hell worse than this.

But the best part of this is that I finally sense a benevolence—something I have not experienced in a while. Not "God," but the higher frequency energy, drawing me to it like moths to a light. Perhaps all the evil, the horror we have been subjected to is there for the sole purpose of waking us up.

I, for one, do not intend to wait until things get the worst they can get. I have begun integrating this information and pulling away, no longer even entertaining the idea that things on this planet will improve. I'm preparing to move on. Am I saying farewell to my dogs and cats and turtles? Packing my books, mourning my farm? Hell no. It's not dying, it's waking up! If I am dreaming of my pets, when I awaken, they are still there, in a different form. What is important to me will be created at a higher level, or already is. Everything else is not important and I won't remember it anyways. All I know is that I am so done with being asleep. Wake up from the dream! All of you. It is time!

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