Last Chance

Friday, April 10, 2020
Please note: this article was actually written Tuesday, April 7. I saved it on a flash drive just in time before those ferocious storms and tornadoes ripped through Northeast Ohio causing immense damage. I did not get my power back until last night. Everything is happening so fast now that everything I wrote here seems obsolete, but I will still publish it because it is important in the progression of things. But "Phase Two" is beginning right now, and that is the climate disaster. We have now, an unending agenda of increasingly dangerous weather, in fact the whole eastern half of the U.S., especially the South is seriously threatened. Just in the past couple days I have accumulated enough information for another long article. But what is becoming clearer to me now is that these two separate and distinct realities we are experiencing are absolutely happening without a doubt in my mind. It all depends on your perception whether you go up the spiral or down into oblivion. I have had a breakthrough in all this disaster of the past few days, and will share that in my next article, which I will try to write in between cleaning up the mess. And so now, here are my last thoughts on Tuesday before the storm hit.

My intention when I posted my last article was to take a break and relax a little. That did not happen, but what IS happening is that all the forces of evil are working their way up through the bowels of the earth. They now realize this awakening they have worked so hard to prevent, is in fact going to happen. We have reached the point of no return. We are right on the cusp of the Two Worlds, splitting off and never to reconnect again. It's showtime, and the final battle has begun.

All I wanted was to sit on my porch and color for a couple days. Though we FINALLY had a break from the rain, the wind was terrible and freezing cold. Then it finally stopped and we had a warm day. Now keep in mind, I live back in a woods, far off the road, and that is for a reason, being that I really don't want to be around people. When I am outside, I want to listen to the birds and frogs and experience the peace. I do not own a TV or CD player so I keep silence here all the time. So no sooner did I go out to color, my neighbors, who live far enough away that I should not have to listen to them, played their music SO LOUD that it shook my porch. I really hate rock music, except for some stuff from the 60s and early 70s, but THIS!!! And then they went on to rap. Absolutely NO CLUE that there are other people in the world than themselves, (which is pretty much the way most people function these days). And no, I am NOT friends with my neightbors, any of them.

Meanwhile, when I was stocking up on supplies several weeks ago, I bought Molly a big bag of dog food from ALDI. I usually get her the Pure Being brand, which is all natural, but they were unable to keep that stocked, plus it does not come in a big bag. SO I got their other brand that does come in a big bag. Well, she ate it for a few days, then got SO sick. We were up for three nights going out with diarrhea. I went today to Dollar General and got two bags of Beneful, Grain Free, and all natural, so she is eating again, and seems better. But the point is here, when all this stuff happens to me at once, I know I am under attack, because I feel evil all around me. Those who are super-sensitive to energies will understand what I mean. Do you remember the TV show Ghost Whisperer? The surreal world Melinda experienced when a spirit was "contacting" her? Well, that is the feeling I get. I will drop things, or sometimes they will fly out of my hands, then just disappear. Like Melinda, I begin to feel this veil between me and the "normal" world. Lisa Renee has also spoken of surreal experiences lately.

And now we are back to rain, our 60th day of precipitation this year, with possible wind, hail, and tornadoes. And then snow, because we are going to get FUCKING COLD again with. Here are the 6-10 Day and 8-14 Day Outlooks from the NWS Climate Prediction Center. Is this weather warfare? Are we being attacked by the weather? HELL YES. Keep us in a state of fear and distraction. And of course that means millions more tons of lead iodide and silver iodide raining down on us in the form of ice nucleation to keep us in a fake cool-down. The past few days have been one thing after another, so this is just the tip of the iceberg.

6-10 Day Outlook from the NWS

8-14 Day Outlook from the NWS

That is a big change from when this whole virus thing started. What does all this have to do with the virus? Everything, and I will explain. First let me quote Dane. He always says that the way we live on this planet is unsustainable and that alone guarantees the collapse of civilization. We cannot have unlimited babies, have unlimited growth, unlimited technology, unlimited new businesses, unlimited development and make unlimited money on a FINITE planet with FINITE resources. Anyone with a partial brain stem can see that. So it is a moot point whether this virus was started on purpose or not. The fact that we are packed like sardines on this planet GUARANTEES a pandemic at some point, and also a collapse.

And as for the paradigm shift, it will be an entirely new way of operating, and my regular readers know how much time I have spent on the possibilities in a new paradigm. If you are a new reader, go back and read my older articles, especially from about 2018 on.The problem is, rather than let the whole old paradigm collapse because it is totally unsustainable, and it WILL collapse, no matter what, people panic and worry about what? Well, money of course, the very thing of which we should let go. To explain in computer terms, you cannot load a new operating system while you are running the old one. And if you have two hard drives, you can have two operating systems on your computer, but they will be separate entities. And that's where we are now. If we are unable to shift to or escape to the new paradigm, this old one will collapse anyways. What will happen then? Will we be stuck under Alien control for thousands more years? I would really hate to think we would miss our one opportunity to escape, and that window will only be open for a short time. We had better make the choice now as to which one we want to be in, and act accordingly. Because this virus and the shut-down it has offered has given us one LAST CHANCE to decide how we want to behave, where we want our energy to go, and what vibrational frequencies we choose to embrace. It is coming, it is here, whether you like it or not. My regular readers should be all prepared to go forth into the new. And before I go on, I want to bring your attention to Chautauqua's latest blog, which fits perfectly with all I have been writing.
The Covid-19 Imperative
And I also lifted one of his pictures because it is a perfect illustration of what I am saying. There is no in-between any more. We must choose one or the other and the difference is stark. And we must guide our behavior to suit the one we choose. Ignorance, greed, apathy, and self-absorption will not get you the rainbow. And neither will, ESPECIALLY, sitting on the fence, and waiting for someone else to do what needs to be done. Awake, responsible and open to unlimited possibilities are some key words here. Add to that, love, compassion, joy, selflessness, honesty and integrity and you're on the right track. On the sidebar of Chautauqua's website, he writes, "If you don't know where you are going; any road will get you there." That certainly applies more than ever now.

Last Chance

Now I just want to share thoughts about what I am noticing and articles I've saved since last week and how I'm interpreting them. First, what prompted me to write an article with this title is the fact that, as I said, I have been feeling that humanity is getting one final last chance to wake up, open their eyes, see the truth, and especially see just how fragile our life on this planet is. But that is not happening, and phase two is gonna be much worse. The whole virus thing has been "in-your-face" and anyone that is not brain dead should say, "Hey, how did this happen?" then begin to see through the lies, to connect the dots, including and especially the climate disaster just waiting to happen and will be phase two of the collapse, and we ain't seen nothing yet, because the virus shutdown will look like a party compared to the reality of the climate disaster, AND 5G, AND Fukushima, AND all the other lies and toxic shit that has been going on on this planet that people should have been paying attention to but not only never gave a thought but abused those who were TRYING to get their attention.

I have used this whole social distancing thing to get away from all the people I know—literally, I've only talked to one person, once, because she called me and I did not encourage her to call me back. And I have been wondering a lot if any one of these people have said to themselves, "Gee, I wish I had paid more attention to LC." Or, "Gosh, LC was right, because she said this would happen." And so on. But the sad conclusion to which I have come says that not one of them even remembers a word I said, even though I have known so many people for so many years and have never kept my mouth shut about what was to come. But I really doubt that they are capable of even making the connection, say, between climate engineering and the virus. All of us on Dane's team are pros at connecting the dots. I know one person that can't even, or won't, is a better word even make the connection between vaccines and the fact that her grandson is autistic, though we have gotten into heated arguments when I have tried to supply her with credible information. But, that is all over now, because it will make no difference. Our last chance is here and you either get it or you don't.

But what I am seeing now is more and more people falling deeper into sleep, and that also prompted me to write this article. And why? Well, Trump for one thing because HE has turned this WHOLE THING into a financial crisis rather than a health crisis. HE has turned this whole thing into his usual string of lies. One of the characteristics of a person who is awakened is that they are able to see through the lies and illusions, but what I am seeing now are people, even Dane's people who are supposedly "awake" falling into the trap of "look what THEY are doing to us" and the "Elite" had this planned and all the other beliefs out there. And remember, we are split between two worlds now, so these beliefs ARE correct, IF you are heading down that path of total annihilation

But if you are heading down the OTHER path, you know we NEED EVERYTHING to collapse in order to be rid of this false reality. We NEED people to see through the lies and the lies are now in everyone's face. People choose to believe lies because it is easier than facing the truth. Facing the truth requires change, and most people would rather live a lie than admit nothing works on this planet any more.

All that is happening is for a reason. Wake up, gather your courage—we CANNOT go on living as we do, even though most people are (or believe they are), totally comfortable in a world that lacks truth and integrity and the ability to see beyond material gain. THIS CRISIS was predicted in Bringers of the Dawn 28 years ago. Its purpose is to rid the planet of Reptilian control. How? By waking people up to remember who they are. By shining a light on the chains that bind us so we may break free. But what I am seeing instead is NOT a good sign. What I see are people whining because of the economy and because they are not allowed to go out and entertain themselves as they please. Remember WE EACH must make the choice—Rainbow or Dystopian Trash Heap: Which will you choose? The road paved with gold will not lead you to the rainbow. Let it all go and immerse yourself in your inner light— the wisdom of your soul, and you will find the means to not only survive, but to break free of all that we think is so important, to find that it is not important at all. We DO and always HAVE had the abililty to create our own reality. We will never know that while we cling desperately to the material world as it passes away.

But, one way or another, and probably after it is too late, I still believe that all will be disclosed, especially concerning the hostile alien presence that has controlled us for eons. And THEN will come the wailing and gnashing of teeth. But what I am perhaps most leery about is that Trump will push things back to "normal" just for the sake of the economy, because that is what he is all about. This moment in time when the whole world is shut down, is the opportune time for the truth to come out, but if the illusion of a "great economy" can be foisted on the majority of people, they will soon forget their suffering, and it is the deepest suffering that will finally wake people up. And the Alien controllers know that these ignorant humans can be controlled with money, so getting the economy moving is of utmost importance to them. So, even though every word that comes out of Trump's mouth is a big fat lie, the people on Wall Street believe him, or even if they know he's lying, they don't care because the "illusion" of everything going back to "normal" can make them big bucks because people are buying into it. I was talking to some guy when I was out running errands last week, and made a crack about Trump, and he smiled and said, "Yeah, but we get that stimulas check." Trump is a hero because of the stimulus check! These STUPID PEOPLE. They only hear what makes them feel good for the moment. So I guess the point I am most trying to stress is, that if you find yourself wishing we could just return to "normal," STOP, just stop now. "Normal" is gone—we must move on. It's like a woman who stays with a man who beats her just because it is familiar. Now, more than ever, we need to yearn for the unfamiliar. I am to the point where just the thought of returning to where we were several months ago makes me sick. We ALL must work to keep the energy moving forward and away from all we thought was life.

Now, on to articles I've saved, but first, two quotes from two of Dane's regular community members. These appeared on his
Global Alert News for March 28.
There are some people who get it. But I wish his people could see the opportunities in the collapse. Actually it is 2.2 trillion, not 6.2, but either way, WHERE THE HELL is that money gonna come from? And how long can they keep "stimulating" the economy that will inevitably collapse because, as Dane says, it is unsustainable.

'a' simple horseman says:
March 30, 2020 at 7:32 pm
I heard a good quote this evening in regards to the "CARES" bill, "6.2 TRILLION DOLLARS!". The average citizen has no idea how they have been ___. "What they are doing is like instead of sending a real fire truck to a fire, they're sending crooks to rob the house before it burns down". Jimmy Dore.
Gary Morrow says:
March 30, 2020 at 2:05 am
The recently passed helicopter money stimulus bill is sure to aggravate the already ridiculous level of inequality in America. People living paycheck to paycheck are expected to have several months worth of emergency funds set aside, while multi billion dollar corporations claim to be on the verge of bankruptcy after a single month of reduced profits and are begging for bailouts. Helicopter money is the last stage of a dying economic system.

And speaking of crooks.
Hedge funder Bill Ackman: I made $2.6 billion off coronavirus market crash

Here is an excellent summary of Trump's reign.
History's verdict on Trump will be devastating
I cannot imagine why ANYONE would give him credit for anything. Everything he says is a lie. People who believe such phony bullshit do not have a snowball's chance in hell to wake up. This next one is from March 31, but nothing has changed—he's still making stuff up.
Trump insists on congratulations while America braces for the worst
Report: Pentagon Knew Of Possible Coronavirus Threat For Years
Fact Check: Trump baselessly disputes HHS IG report, repeats several other false claims at Monday's coronavirus briefing
And what about this one. Talk about tacky.
Trump uses coronavirus briefing to unveil new military counternarcotics mission
And look at this next one. REALLY??? WHYYYYYY?
"An open license to pollute": Trump administration indefinitely suspends environmental protection laws during coronavirus pandemic
Trump rule could kill "billions of birds" and devastate endangered species, former wildlife chief says

And here are some about people doing stupid things. They SHOULD be arrested for violating social distancing orders. Americans have this arrogant self-interest that makes them think they can do whatever they please no matter who it harms. And then they call it "martial law" or "police state."
Police are arresting and fining people for violating social distancing orders
More than 40 spring breakers who ignored public health advice test positive for coronavirus

People are so afraid of a military takeover, but what I'm seeing is a mess for them as well as the rest of the world. Now if enough of them would get REALLY sick, maybe those planes would STOP SPRAYING US.
Outbreak On U.S. Aircraft Carrier 'Accelerating,' Commander Warns Pentagon
Commander of aircraft carrier hit by coronavirus removed for 'poor judgment' after sounding alarm
Acting Navy Secretary Lashes Out On Virus-Plagued Ship At Commander He Fired

And here's more on planes. Why aren't ALL these planes grounded? Well, we KNOW the reason when we look up, and we KNOW the reason when we have to suffer through weather terrorism. One would THINK people would finally start to notice that there are still all these streaks in the sky, and yet hardly ANY planes supposedly flying. And even worse, a HUGE chunk of that "Stimulus" is going to the airlines.
Coronavirus: U.S. Still Seeing Thousands Of Flights, Despite A Drop In Air Travel
Get 'em down, KEEP 'em down.
Trump Could Recommend Airlines Ground More Flights
And this is what's coming next when the global climate crashes.
A fire at a Florida airport destroyed more than 3,500 rental cars
And how about this? 5G DOES make people sick and is could very well BE connected to the virus. This is another case of people needing to learn when the media is lying or covering up the facts.
YouTube tries to limit spread of false 5G coronavirus claims after cellphone towers attacked

But I saved the worst for last. This is the rant I wrote to myself upon reading this article:

I have been SO upset ever since I read this.
Already Reeling from Flooding and Heat Waves, Farmers Struggle as Coronavirus Pandemic Takes Hold
Here is a quote from that article:
"R.C. Hatton Farm in South Florida was recently forced to mow down a million pounds of green beans because there are no restaurants, cruise ships, schools, airlines or theme parks to sell them to now, the Miami Herald reported."
ARE YOU FUCKING SHITTING ME!!!! That's FOOD. We can't throw away food in a looming food crisis. OMG!!!! I'm SPEECHLESS!!! What stupidity. Take them to food banks for Christ's sake or to people who are starving, or will be. My jaw has hit the floor. WHAT are these people THINKING??? I thought this crisis would wake people up, maybe even make them smarter, but all I see is deepening stupidity. ALL THAT FOOD GOING TO WASTE. And you go to ALDI and can't find a package of frozen green beans to save your life. THAT is how CAPITALISM works, and THAT is why it is all coming down. We CANNOT operate like this any more. THIS MAKES ME SICK!!!

(I want to add that today, Friday, April 10, I DID go to ALDI and in fact they had bagged fresh green beans—the first time I have ever seen them in an ALDI store!!)

And here's a couple more:
Farmers Dumping Milk as Coronavirus Pandemic Hits Hard
Dairy farmers forced to dump milk as schools and restaurants close
My god, children are starving because they cannot get school lunches. WHY is this milk not given to the children that need it?

And I am still upset, first because the thought of throwing food away isn't even comprehensible to me. I grew up on this farm and WE NEVER THREW AWAY FOOD. Period. But what makes this even worse is that it gives people this false sense of abundance when we should be thinking in terms of food shortages because our planet has become so decimated that growing food becomes more difficult every year. But you see, these people, the toilet paper hoarders and the ones who tore into the grocery stores and snatched up everything before others could, really don't give a flying fuck whether other people have what they need, as long as THEY get what they want. It's like the people that sickened others by not practicing social distancing and my neighbors who really don't give a shit about the fact that I wanted to quietly and peacefully sit on my porch and color, when they cranked up their music about a million decibels for two days straight. And that's what this article is about. It seems this "crisis" has brought out the worst in so many people, their true colors, and these are NOT the ones who will be heading down the fork in the road leading to the rainbow. No matter what is going on around us now, WE must choose to stay true to our path and not judge reality by what seems to be going on in this world. I will say it one more time. Perhaps this virus has been a gift to us to make the final choice on how we would react. We are TRULY experiencing two separate worlds now, and both ARE real, depending on your perceptions and vibrational frequencies. Be extremely careful where your thoughts go and what beliefs you tap into. I've said that a million times, but now it is crucial. Do you choose to believe that the Elites are establishing their New World Order? Or do you choose to believe that all this evil, all these lies are being flushed up so that we may shine a light on them and render them powerless? Both are true statements, and which ever one you choose to believe will determine which fork in the road you will take.

As mentioned at the top, this article was written on Tuesday right before that horrendous (engineered) "system" moved through Northeast Ohio. That is one way of looking at it, and that would be true. But, if the two realities are splitting off, there is another way of looking at these horrors, and it is also true. When I finally "got it" I was dumb-struck that it took me so long. In my next article, I will share what happened with this storm, and two different interpretations. It is imperative now that we be able to see all that happens now as a way towards healing our deepest wounds so that we may move forward and out.

And one last thing—If you have not read my review of The Eyes of Darkness, please do so. That is the book that supposedly "predicted" the coronavirus pandemic. People on Dane's site were talking about it, how some online sources were charging up to $800 for the book, which was indeed true as I found out myself. I hope no one was dumb enough to pay that. With most sources, it was just sold out, but for me this FREE eBook sorta fell into my lap and the link comes with the review. And, no, it does NOT predict the virus, as the CNN article below says, but it is about some creepy stuff our government is doing in biolabs, which I am sure is not all fiction. Plus it is a REALLY good book, and the copy I downloaded from was excellent.
No, Dean Koontz did not predict the coronavirus in a 1981 novel

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