I had started two other articles this year, but decided to scrap them. As I said in my previous article, Shutting Down, the next one I wrote would be of a totally different nature, and something inside of me made me keep my word. I found that I could not write about what I had previously written. I had things to say about Trump, and things to say about Dane, but my better judgment has shut me up.

But I will briefly say this: the drama being played out with the White House and the press and everyone else is just that, as it has always been. A distraction, to keep people's minds small and frivolous, focused on what is foolish. Toward the end of last year, a huge energetic shift took place. People are either truly awakening, in which case the whole drama scene no longer piques their interest. Or they are going insane. I see quite a bit of both.

Just in the past couple weeks, I have seen a drastic opening of eyes as to the criminal atrocity going on above us. People that I never thought would wake up are coming to me with photos they took of the sky, especially this past week, when we, here in Northeast Ohio, reached nearly 80 degrees!! They had to spray the hell out of us to attempt to cool us down, then douse us once again with torrential rain, over seven inches so far this year. That is UNBELIEVABLE. We cool down for a day, then go right back up again. And people are begining to notice!!!

Here are two good anti-geoengineering sites, with lots of links and info:
Bye Bye Blue Sky
And if you have not yet watched Michael Murphy's award-winning video,
Why in the World are They Spraying?,
please do so immediately. As you can see, Monsanto, probably the most evil company that has ever been created, has been in cahoots with our government and military for a long time. They are the scumbags who discovered Agent Orange. Interesting, huh?, that the company that now owns nearly every commercial seed producer is also the top producer of maiming and disfiguring toxins.

In any case, I am working like mad to finish my activist work, because I am finding it more and more difficult to descend to that level. We need to jump off the hamster wheel, and fast. We are recycling endlessly, the phoenix rising, the ouroboros consuming itself in an endless cycle, or however you want to look at it, but it still comes out to be another version of the same pattern and that is what we are now in the process of breaking through.

My reading of The Kybalion has left a long-term impact on me. If you have not read it yet, please do so at once if you are serious about awakening and leaving this hell. My review includes the link to read it for free online or download to a device.

The Universe is Mental; The All is Mind. This is one of the most important points stressed throughout the book. I knew that, of course, but I got it reinforced ten-times over. So therefore, if we want to escape, it must be through our minds.

The other important point stressed throughout the book is that we can raise our vibration to escape the effects of the material world. (I think we can even go farther than that, which is what I'm exploring.) But, for the longest time, I pondered this issue of "raising my vibration." Too many "experts" will tell you that "love" will raise your vibration, but I have always thought that was baloney. Some of the most loving people I know are also the most ignorant and unenlightened. Too many people have been taught that it is correct behavior to be "nice," and consequently, most are phony and haven't a clue as to what they really feel about anything. I really DO NOT believe raising one's vibration has anything to do with emotions.

If the ALL is Mind, then raising one's vibration means expanding the mind. I have taken that literally, recently, with interesting results. Sure, I have done a great deal to strengthen my mind, to keep it stimulated, to continuously learn. But what I am doing now is a totally different approach.

I am, and always have been a very creative person, but imagination and creativity are two different things. I used to have a great imagination. Visualizing things that I wanted to create was easy for me, and it worked, too. But as this draconian power emerged (it has always been present, but in the past twenty years or so, it has become an all-encompassing force), I found that my mental visions were being hacked and used against me, and my dreams invaded and used to program and manipulate me. I believe that the technological developments, which have gotten out of control are the means in which they have been able to invade our very thoughts. This includes chemtrails, cellphones and towers, EMFs, HAARP, frequency transmitters, and anything with the word "smart" preceding it. In previous generations, it was religion which had kept the flocks under control. Threaten them with hell, don't let them think on their own, and keep them in a state of helplessness. And god forbid, they should question authority. The sixties began the transition, and the ones who thought they were in control began to sweat.

And so, back to expanding the mind. I remember reading quite a while ago about astronauts whose trips far away from the planet made life-changing differences. Some thought it was because they had left the earth's magnetic field, but more probably, they had left the earth's mind-control devices. In any case, with some, a sense of expansion and enlightenment followed.

And so, it occured to me, to return to my Shamanic practice of "journeying," with some modifications. I began with relaxing into a meditative state, then expanding my mind outward into space. I remember the first thing I noticed, as I floated far away watching the planets orbit around the sun, was how tiny and insignificant the earth really is. That was step-one in putting all of this into perspective. I didn't plan where I wanted to go, I just allowed the process to take me where I needed to be, and every time I returned to earth, I felt more refreshed and strengthened. And better yet, more detached from this reality. Which is why I have begun phasing out my activist work, although I still have a couple more projects planned.

Now, remember, if the Universe is Mental, then, these places to which I have journeyed are real, because they are in my Mind, and the ALL is Mind. So, the places to which I have journeyed are just as real as where I am now, but the bulk of my energy is still here. That can change, and may be the key to escaping this hell. And expanding the mind is equal to raising one's vibration. Reinforcing the power of the mind, and its ability to alter the physical world is of extreme importance, and will return us to our original state. We have forgotten that it is our mind that creates our reality, because the powers on this planet have done everything possible to remove us from our inborn powers. I've found that, after returning from one of my journeys, something will immediately change. I make sure that I give myself credit for creating that change. Too often, we create something and are unable to comprehend that the creating was our own doing. (Again, this goes back to the lies the church has propagated.) Once we start making the connection between what we create and imagine in our minds, we can reinforce our success and it will strengthen.

When I first began doing this, as I expanded outward, I searched for answers to the situation we are facing. I went to those seven new planets that were just discovered, and found, on one, that I could reproduce my farm, except it was in the vision I had held for it, not in its current state of rot and flood. That was fun. But something soon urged me out far beyond this whole solar system (which may all be corrupt, and I'm not even sure where those new planets are located). But I then found myself going to a different dimension, and at the first level, I floated in a sea of pastel lights, accompanied by a sound that reminded me of the little cut glass wind chimes we had when I was a child. It was here that I realized I had no need to get "answers" because there were no longer any questions, but a sense of "knowing" all. At that point, I knew I had transcended a barrier. In fact, I was sucked up into an even higher level, of swirling gold and silver, but I soon dropped back down, because I wasn't ready for that one yet. I have returned to the twinkling pastel lights frequently, and always feel like barriers have been dissolved when I return.

Am I saying this is the solution—our escape from this hell? Perhaps in a couple weeks I will not be doing this at all, but I also know that the next level of expansion and vibration will be made available to me. Plus, I am once again using my visual techniques, way out in space, beyond where anything can interfere with them. I am not, I CANNOT be part of this insanity any longer. It is light years from me, and from many of you, too, who are reading this. I strongly suggest that everyone begin this practice, or whatever you are called to do to expand the mind. Your experience in space will probably be different than mine, but that is certainly OK. The point is, we cannot look backwards anymore and try to fix the problems on this plane, in this dimension. They are not fixable. The most we can do is create exits for those who are ready. The energy has shifted enough to allow us to slip in and out. As we practice and grow stronger, eventually one journey out will be a permanent one.

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