I will begin by warning you that this will be a particularly disturbing and somber article, without much opportunity to insert my typical dark humor. It is based on the personal work I have been doing on myself, concerning past-life memories and DNA cleansing, of which I have training and years of experience. I do not ask you to believe all I have to say, or all Lisa Renee or Bernhard Guenther or Dane Wigington says either, because none of us are right about everything. We are all putting together bits and pieces of our discoveries, trying to construct the whole picture. And so it is good to not believe fully any one idea, because if that idea is wrong, then we continue in this downwards spiral. Everyone reading this should at this point be spending great amounts of time and energy in meditation and other spiritual methods that you find helpful. If anyone wishes to delve into the stuff I am doing, please beware, it is nasty, and if you have not explored the area of past lives and DNA cleansing, it can be devastating to the unprepared mind and spirit. Still, it is something every person on this planet will have to deal with, either in this life or wherever we are next. Most people, especially the Christians that think Jesus is going to swoop down and whisk them into heaven, while destroying the heathens like me, think all they have to do is follow the rules and not give a thought about personal spiritual evolution. But there are two immensely important things we all need to think about, of which most people are unaware. First, that trip to heaven may not be imminent. In fact, there is a pretty good chance, if you have not awakened enough, you go back to the recycling bin, only to be forced to endure this living hell again, without remembering all you have accomplished towards enlightenment in this lifetime. That's the bitch, expecially for people like myself, who have accomplished a great deal. But even worse, is that this is the end of the line in this cycle, which many people such as myself and Bernhard Guenther believe. A total re-set will follow the apocalyse to which we are now headed, and the entire planet, or whatever planetary body we are on, will be back to square one, for thousands and thousands of years. Both of these options give me the chills and that sick feeling in the pit of my stomach I have experienced of late. But the point is, we have reached an impasse in which there is no escape. As Guenther says, "This collective Dark Night of the Soul is a necessary process. The only way out is (with)in and through." No one escapes without doing their work, and so my suggestion is that we all devote the remaining time we have here in this reality to working on ourselves. If anyone would like more information on that methods I use, or help or suggestions, please do not hesitate to email me. Unlike most of these other people, I work for free.

Before I continue, I want to take care of a bit of other business. First, here's one that should make us all sit up and take notice, which we should have done after 9/11. Are you okay with this? Most people blindly go with the program, then bitch when they find they are being force to do what they don't want to do.
9/11 saw much of our privacy swept aside. Coronavirus could end it altogether
I would NEVER participate in social media, which is a treasure trove of peoples' personal information for those who seek it. And while you're at it, ditch your cell phone and WiFi, which you should have done long ago because the frequencies which operate them are killing every living thing on the planet. You have no right to complain about the catastrophic effects of 5G. And you think it's bad now, just wait until all those satellites are launched and running. People want to have their cake and eat it too, but the cake is poison to the body and mind and spirit. And if we do not IMMEDIATELY put SPIRIT ahead of all else, the technology will kill us, not save us. The more technology we develop, the more toxic the planet becomes. We are not moving forward, we are plummeting into the abyss. And yet most people will not do the simple things, as mentioned above, which would make an immense impact. I read recently that people were putting more of their money into savings accounts than spending it. If we all would also give up loans and credit cards, and learn to do without what we do not really need (or even things we DO need), we could collapse the whole banking system and put an end to this illegal and immoral usury. There are simple solutions to the problems on this planet, and yet people choose the more toxic and complicated ones which are not making life better but killing us. It is all about behavior. People who are awakened change their behavior; people who are asleep do not.

Here in Northeast Ohio there have now been 92 days this year in which we have had precipitation. Sometimes it is just a sprinkle, but other times, an extended period of deluge, courtesy of the miserable bastards who believe they have the right to control our weather. My greenhouse was just beginning to dry up, and now it is under water again. On Friday morning I sat out in my driveway meditating. The sun was absolutely searing, and the wind was freezing. Then something wet began to fall on me under a clear blue sky. I wasn't just feeling it, I could see it. Whatever it was, it most likely was NOT water and was no doubt toxic. What will it take for people to just look up and see the obvious? How much property and loss of lives will we endure by floods, fires, wind and sprayed-on pathogens before people rise up? There are glimmers of hope lately, though, and that is coming about as a result of this virus. People have been forced to stop what they are doing, and perhaps more are paying attention to what is going on before their very eyes.

And how about this, from
Tracking The Spread Of The Coronavirus Globally
What's wrong with this picture?? Why is the most massive outbreak of the "virus" (or whatever) happening in what is supposedly the most advanced, wealthiest, (at least for a few people), and most powerful, (well, that's debatable, too) country on the face of the earth?

Tracking The Spread Of The Coronavirus Globally

And what about this? The Cleveland Clinic actually has an excellent reputation, at least here in Northeast Ohio.
Former Cleveland Clinic Researcher Allegedly Failed To Disclose Ties To China
And so why is this all happening? Why are people not outraged and open-eyed (and open-minded)? How have we devolved into such an ignorant and apathetic race? I have some theories on this, which have developed out of my intense work in the past couple months. And they are quite a shift from my previous ideas. But first, once again, here are some thoughts from Bernhard Guenther's
Embodying the Warrior Archetype in Service of the Divine

This opportunity for alchemical transformation can only be taken if we collectively rise to the occasion and engage in the greater Work; for the outside will always reflect the inside. The mud and forces of the unconscious and the underworld are rising up; all that you/I/we have suppressed (fears, wounds, and traumas) are coming to the surface, begging to be integrated, healed, and transmuted into wholeness so we can ascend to higher levels of Being; transforming ourselves and how we show up in the world as embodied frequency anchors.
The world is in a very fragile balance and we haven’t reached the “dark night of civilization” yet (which the Mother Mirra Alfassa referred to) which is pointing to a further disintegration for humanity. This “dark night” is not going to be helped by us getting into a fear frequency or a negative or paranoid state of mind, but can act as a sober reality check for the direction we may be headed if things keep going the way they seem to be headed. This impending potential reality means that we cannot spiritually bypass our inner work and shadow any longer, nor can we bypass looking clearly at the darkness in the world and doing what needs to be done to resist these asuric hostile forces that control the matrix. We must rise to the responsibility to engage in both inner and outer work, Being and Doing.
All of this requires consistent practice, and for this Faith and Trust are important; as for many of us it will be a while before we can “see” or “feel” the Divine presence that is always within and all around us; however much veiled by our own ignorance. But once we have had a glimpse of it, we realize that in “losing everything we have” we gain the world, for this “everything” that we lose is mostly related to our false sense of self and the lies we’ve been living because of it (our authenticity) and in the letting go we find complete freedom and our true Self. To be reborn we must learn how to die first, and as we die to the old world the new one can be reborn; as this rebirth process happens both collectively and individually.

And last, a one-liner: "We are in the midst of spiritual upheaval in service to Remembrance, and the battle to reclaim our birthright is being fought through the portal of our human experience." And remembrance is the goal here, because, as I have discovered, to my horror, we DO remember all the horrors of the Reptilian Invasion. Deep within our bodies they are stored, even after we had our bodies and minds corrupted. And these terrible memories (gifts) have been trying to make their way to the Light for ALL THESE THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS OF YEARS. And how are they doing that? By replaying them, over and over and over, like the stream of pigs in the Tenth Dream in Ten Nights Dreaming and The Cat's Grave. And so what have we done in our desperation to remember? We have replayed a program which only creates more horror, in our attempts to escape from it. And then THAT is also added to the memories. We have become SO BOGGED DOWN with these "memory programs" in our DNA, that we can no longer move at all. Like a computer infected with a virus, we keep repeating the same useless patterns because they have overtaken all our functional mechanisms.

And so what if the Reptilians are long gone? I have toyed with this idea in the past and I am toying with it even more now. What if these "snapshots" (for that is how I am perceiving them inside myself), were stored, by us, as a means for remembrance and restoration in the future, but up until now, we have not realized it. They seem like horrors, which have made our life here on earth a living hell of slavery, imprisonment, and terror. But what if they are a "gift"—perhaps the last one we gave ourselves before the Reptilians completely took over our minds? I am really heading more and more in that direction, with the work I have been doing. What if the Reptilians WERE banished, perhaps by a different benevolent race that was looking out for our best interest? And what if it is WE who are re-creating the invasion, each of us playing whatever role we did back then, and when there is no one around to take the needed part in the play, then WE play both parts, by being both the victim AND the victimizer? I am beginning to see that in my own life, and while it is truly agonizing, it is also the first step to freedom. Our lives become not, "them against us," but "us against us," and when we clearly see how we are playing out both roles, then we no longer blame anyone, including ourselves. In other words, our DNA, like a computer virus, keeps re-creating the Invasion, and it will find any way to carry out that program, even if it means self-destruction, which is exactly what we are doing on this planet. When we are able to step back and see the mechanism being carried out, we can then see it as a gift, a means for us to finally remember and take full responsibility for what is happening to us, both within and without. We cannot change others, we can only change ourselves. Once we stop trying to change the outside world, changing our inner one can have immediate effects. I know that to be true in the work I did when I took the course on DNA cleansing.

In truth, Alien influence is still plaguing us, but perhaps they dwell within us as phantoms. In fact, this whole reality might be a phantom. Or perhaps, the more we discover the truth, the less impact THEY will have on our lives. All of the terrors we are now experiencing are rooted in covert activity. Bringing it all into the Light will paralyze it. That is why disclosure must be first and foremost in our agenda, along with our own personal spiritual cleansing. And of course, even if not Aliens, this planet is teeming with dark and demonic forces. Again, getting rid of all this parasitic evil from within will render it impotent without. And once we clear ourselves of the "programs" and memories, they will have no means of working us.

As I have been working with this theory, I have done long and grueling sessions to "replay" all the terrible things that were done to us, and realize that they are happening to me now because I am projecting them into my physical reality. Lately my life has become more and more surreal, and like the dreams in the book quoted above, there is becoming a finer and finer line between the waking world and the dreaming one. Perhaps it is ALL a dream and when we awaken, we will, one by one, find ourselves in a totally different place. I am increasingly feeling that, and I am also feeling that wake-up time is near for me, because I am up against a brick wall in all directions. Is anyone else feeling that? We ALL should be about now. In fact, when we pay attention, all the physical world becomes a mirror to trigger our memories. I have also found that books, even those seemingly innocent ones, will often trigger just perhaps a tiny bit more of this whole picture. Others affect me greatly, such as American Indian Stories and Old Indian Legends. And because I remember my life as an American Indian in the past, the memory for me is even more painful. But just look at the history of this planet, anywhere and any race. The concept of invasion has been burned into our genes. Why? Did we come to this planet as a hostile race? I do not believe that in a minute. We created the earth as a place of peace and harmony. But yet, in our written history (which does not reflect the truth of our origins), it is nothing but invasion and expulsion. Just look at the Bible and religion in general. That is certainly full of invasions and fallen humans beginning with Adam and Eve, expelled from Paradise, as we were "expelled" from the paradise we had created.

In the remainder of this article, I am going to share with you what I believe REALLY happened during the invasion, and it is actually quite a bit different than what is given in Bringers of the Dawn. It is based on, well, just looking around and observing the way things are operating, then using the theory that we are replaying the past in order to remember and heal. It just sorta makes a whole lot of sense. Then I will share what I am personally doing to heal not only myself, the the whole planet. The more people begin to see the reflection of themselves in the horrors we see about us, then accept that as a GIFT, we can set the dominoes in motion, in favor of release and ultimate freedom. We have been carrying this stuff around within us for lifetime after lifetime after lifetime, and it is SO corrupted now, no wonder that we behave as we do, and are filled with diseases, addictions, and mental aberrations. And so I say again, I really need others to help me—as a team, so please email me if you are interested or have questions.

When I am writing a long article, as this one is, I often do it over a couple days. It is at this point that I left off yesterday. It was one of those rare days when I actually felt like I was not being attacked and the day itself was pleasant, and there IS a connection between the weather and the attacks. Today was a repeat, as the six-day deluge they had planned for us does not seem like it will materialize. Anyways, yesterday my porch thermometer went up to 82 degrees, yet it felt comfortably warm without the cold, harsh wind that has made life miserable. It was too wet in the greenhouse, so I decided to color on the porch, PLUS work on finishing the book I am reading called This Present Darkness, which will be appearing on my Home Page rotation, and will be permanent on my Fiction and Religion Indices, under the Book Reviews link. OK, so this book has had a major impact on me, and opened even more doors and turned on more Lights. Then when I got up this morning, I could not BELIEVE the information I found in my morning web browsing. First Lisa Renee's monthly Newsletter, once again, is SO appropriate to this article!!! It always excites me when one of the other respected writers posts materials that support what I am saying, especially at the same time! And again, if her technical stuff annoys you, just skim over it, and read the basic message. What I am seeing now gives me hope that enough of us are waking up. Again, COVID-19 has been a GIFT, to enable many more people to see what is going on behind the scenes.
Precipice of Evolution and Lyran History
Then I went to Dane's newest broadcast
Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, May 16, 2020
PLEASE read the bottom comment, made by Roi on May 16, 2020 at 1:39 pm. This morning he posted more information on the same subject at 9:50 am. It is at the top of the page, but read the one at the bottom first. It is very important to read these two comments! OMG!!! I TOTALLY believe what he says is true, and it is and has been happening for a long time, since WWII, when all this REALLY CREEPY stuff started, such as the spraying of not only aerosols, but extremely toxic pesticides and "experimental" biowarfare agents, plus the development of mind control programs such as MK-ULTRA, and other truly and unimaginably evil activities. But the TRUTH IS COMING OUT. Here are two very disturbing articles posted by former journalist, V. Susan Ferguson.
Italian Politician Demand Bill Gates Arrest For Crimes Against Humanity
Fury in Germany as thousands join protests across country over lockdown measures and a vaccine plan by Bill Gates as Angela Merkel's popularity falls
And I hope his pet company, MONSANTO goes down with him. The world would smell a little better with both of them gone. Anyways, these are example of more "gifts" from COVID-19 and people finally wising up. And now, on to the remainder of what I have to say about the Invasion.

In Bringers of the Dawn, one got the impression that there was a great battle of ownership of the planet, and the Reptilian Race won. But I have always wondered how we, the "creator gods" who created the planet could have been so easily defeated. And the more I dig up my own past-life memories, the more I believe we were defeated because we did not realize there was a war going on. Sounds familiar right away, eh?

And our present situation (a gift to help us see into the past), clearly shows us that they are operating covertly now, which is how they have gained so much power, AND they operated covertly then. The fascinating thing about the book mentioned above, is that THAT is how this demonic invasion happened in the little town of Ashton. Incidentally—OK, so don't laugh, but it is actually a Fundamentalist Christian fantasy/horror novel!! Hey, I am open-minded and look for truth wherever it is to be found!

So, using our present terrible situation as a guide, I began going back and forth, from this lifetime to the time of the invasion, to the time before the invasion, and the time shortly after. What I observed in my sessions was this: I personally began to notice tiny changes. Things suddenly didn't look quite right, and worse yet, I found I was losing just a tiny bit of my creative abilities. But the thing is, we on the planet at that time never took invasion into consideration because, well, it just had never happened to us and we had all kinds of built-in protection. So it never occured to us that some other force was messing with us. As I went to other members of the Earth community and tried to communicate my feelings and hunches, most others began to turn against me, and think there was something going wrong with me. And so not only did I observe this invasive force, at least the best I could, I also found myself become more and more ostracized from the community. I became the weirdo. Anything sound familiar here??

But things began to accelerate. What I first felt as mild fear, an emotion I was not familiar with at the time, soon turned into terror, which, unlike we on the planet now, who live with the concept of terror, we back THEN had no clue, and so not only did I begin to feel an unfamiliar emotion, but I noticed physical changes in my environment, and yet could not see any force that was making them change. And worse, I began to see the beings that I loved and trusted, turn on me in a drastically hateful way—something else that was so novel that I could not comprehend it. In a very short time, I literally saw everything that was mine and everything that I loved being slowly and methodically destroyed. And, thankfully, I DID find others who were aware, although NONE of us had a clue as to why this was happening, or who was doing it. How can you fight an invading force when you are not even able to identify it? THAT is how they worked us.

As things worsened, not only did I have to fight to survive this invisble and unknown assailant, but I had to protect myself from my own community. Divide and conquer. And I began to suspect everyone of conniving behind my back. Well, I think you know the rest of the story, 'cause we are replaying it now, and have been throughout history since then. All of us had stuff implanted, without our knowing it, which gradually left us unable to remember who we were. I remember being in the house that was mine, which gradually began to fill up with other beings that I could not see at first, and when I finally saw them, it was and invasion of foreign beings that barely recognized my existence. And then I forgot that it was my house to begin with, and began living as a servant, eventually with no memory left at all.

Understand? Are you horrified? Yep, so am I, because I look back and remember DREAMING this stuff, like in THIS lifetime, over a period of decades, but did not understand it at the time. My memory is returning, as it is now for many of us. I am now becoming keenly aware of EVERYTHING that triggers an emotional response in me, then allowing myself to feel the terror and let it burn itself out. It is only a memory imbedded in me, but it is deadly. And in my recent past-life journeys, I am now able to see the black spaceships hovering around the planet, which at the time looked like black skies. I think that is another reason these black skies we have now really freak me out. All the horror we see now is a GIFT, to show us the past and help us remember who we were and to see CLEARLY just what we are fighting. Bringing it to the Light renders it impotent. It is a memory, or even worse, a program, a corruption of our DNA, and so we keep replaying it and replaying it and replaying it over millions of years. We are bringing it to the surface now, to the Light, and THAT IS GOOD!!!

I could go on and on with what I have seen, and probably will over the next—well, until we accomplish our goal, and as long as I am still here and alive, but you get the idea for now. Again, feel free to email me if you need help in working on recovering your memories. It is grueling work, but we MUST do it. Here are some of the things I am doing. I have returned numerous times to the past, and there, as an observer, I am able to surround "snapshots" of certain events with intense Light until they dissipate. I have also gone back in time and, knowing what I do now, communicate with my past-self on what was going on and the consequences for the future, BEFORE any of the damage had been done. In that way, I am able to alert other members of the planet while they still trusted me, before THEY had their minds corrupted. We were then able to anticipate the invasion, and stop it in its tracks by making it visible and creating an energetic fence of high-frequency Light which they were not able to penetrate, and also enabled us to capture them and send them off to a different dimension. One thing I learned when I took that DNA cleansing course in 2004 was that if you went back in time and made a change, it would send that change up through the timelines. THAT has proven to be true, as I can attest to over the past sixteen years.

What I have been doing lately, however, is when I feel this terror coming up in me, usually from a trigger, which brings a memory to my consciousness, rather than trying to remain calm and fearless, I go into a meditative state, and allow myself to feel the pain, and most of it is pretty gruesome, seeing again the terrible things that were done to us and to the planet. But knowing that it is just a memory and it cannot hurt me is a step in the right direction. So I can safely re-live a terrible moment, face it, then let it go so it can no longer do me damage. It usually hits me as a knot in my stomach, or pain in my shoulders or spine ot neck. I then focus a crystal white Light around the memory, implant, or even phantom attacker, then bring it up through my spine and through my crown chakra at the top of my head. I keep pulling it until it is out, then dissolve it in the Light. I am also finding that missing parts of myself are filling in the places that had been occupied by this dark energy. Be sure to also work it out of your physical body when you do this. The other day while it was actually a little dry, I push mowed around all my little fruit bushes and doing that work with my shoulders and upper back really helped. Also, I often imagine a punching bag in front of me, and take to punching it until all that bad energy is cleared. You can make the bag look like a Reptilian, or Bill Gates, and add some fun to the process.

Anyways, that is where I am now, and I hope all of you will take heed of our need to get ourselves cleared. It is my belief that getting rid of all this baggage, which is doing nothing but generating more baggage, will set us free very soon. As more of us are set free, we diminish the quantity of all this dark and evil energy on the planet, making it easier for others to do the same. And because this has been such a dark article, I want to leave you with something enlightening. It is a performance of Simon and Garfunkel's Bridge Over Troubled Water, which is an exquisite song to begin with. Incidentally, Art Garfunkel was also a cantor in synagogues in New York, and it is his angelic voice that you hear as lead singer in the original recording. The second one was just recorded in Wales by the health care workers at the theatre which was converted to a hospital. OMG!!! These people can sing! It is in Welsh and English. Enjoy them both and be uplifted.

Bridge Over Troubled Water
Paul Simon praises 'extraordinary' rendition of 'Bridge Over Troubled Water' by health workers

I will continue on this present subject as long as I am able, but who knows what is to come? We shall see. As it stands now, the next couple articles will be Bible articles, and the book review I mentioned should be posted on Tuesday.

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