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While I generally do not designate my articles as part of a series, my regular readers know that I DO write them in groups that are connected. This one, therefore, is the next logical one to follow Last Chance and The Storm: Phase Two. Those two dealt with the physical aspects of letting go of a collapsing world, and so now I must begin to focus more on the energetic or non-physical reality where we are headed. That does not mean we will not be in a physical body, it means that what we experience physically will be the result of our non-physical activity—creating and controlling our world with our minds, as Jesus irrefutably showed us we were capable of doing, as he did. Bringers of the Dawn also made it clear that physical creation was and always has been our specialty—one of our many functions that was disabled after the Reptilian Invasion. That is why I CONTINUE to preach that we must let go of the money system. We are capable of creating without it.

Seriously, did anyone actually think this transition would be joyful and pleasant? Yeah, lots of the "New Age" gurus taught us it would be a snap but they lied. We must now return to the void, the nothingness to regain our natural powers. Money has always been a burr up my ass, and IT is what is keeping us locked in to this prison. If you have been doing your work, that means you've been practicing creating your reality with your mind and we must double—triple the amount of time we spend in deep meditation and spiritual work doing whatever we are called to do. I have returned to past-life regressions, which I will discuss at a later time.

Doesn't work, you say? No matter how much you visualize or use your mind to project your desired outcome, things are still the same? OH NO THEY ARE NOT! The world is falling apart, and I will say this yet one more time, THAT IS GOOD. We must return to the stillness, the VOID, and retreat into our minds and souls to guide us now, more than ever. When we are running from one thing to another at the speed of light, we totally miss the stillness and the opportunities it presents. THAT is why this shutdown is GOOD and just maybe we DID create it with our minds! YES, WE! Because it is what is necessary right now, and energy works in strange ways that do not often feel logical when we focus on the physical world.

We must clear out all the false systems on this planet and start with a clean slate. Therefore, you must TRUST that you have prepared for what is coming. I firmly believe that nothing lasts forever, and that includes alien control of this planet. The time has come for that to end. In all these eons, not only WE, but many other off-planet civilizations, most WAY more advanced than humans have been affected by the horrendous situation on Earth, and many have become WAAAY more advanced since the Reptilian Invasion. In other words, we must trust that there is a great deal of energy now going towards not only OUR freedom, but theirs. It is incomprehensible to me that such evil should continue. As the rest of the universe continues to raise its vibration, so must those who are evil because if they do not, they will be the dinosaurs who find themselves without means of support. Here on this planet, that will begin by a complete collapse of the money system, and a complete collapse of the on-planet beings who hold us as slaves. Keep in mind many of these people who thought they were immune to the consequences of their actions are finding themselves caught up big time in this pandemic, starting with the military, and lots of rich and famous people. As the on-planet support wanes, so will the power of those off-planet. Lisa Renee has spoken quite a bit about this too, in the past couple years. Little by little, inch by inch, their power is weakening. I can certainly feel it. So once again, I urge you, warn you even, to not allow yourselves for a minute to yearn for things to return to normal. Nothing has been normal around here for a long time. The attitude seems to be that most people prefer the devil they know rather than the one they don't know. I, however, prefer to believe that what is coming for those who step carefully down our new path, is not a devil at all. And every time a chunk of our old reality breaks off and floats away, it leaves us with a feeling of confusion, like we have no ground on which to put our feet. So, float away, and trust you will land on solid ground when the right time has come. We've lots of work to do before then.

We must resist that urge to scramble for something solid. Get used to floating away and fly away to unknown planets, dimensions. Choose where you want to go next. We must also begin to shift our perceptions of everything we experience and trust that everything is a reflection of ourselves. All the horrors we have suffered, lifetime after lifetime after lifetime are being flushed to the surface for us to recognize and release. You can't possibly think that would be fun or pretty. I will go into this in more detail in my next article, but for now, what I suggest everyone do is to perceive EVERYTHING we are experiencing now in the physical world as a gift to show us what we need to remember and what we need to see—to recognize so it can be finally cleared away and healed. And remember, millions of us have been doing this work for millions of years, but THIS is the grand planetary clearing. Only by approaching it with courage and an open mind will we be able to complete our goal. I do believe enough of us are quite up to the task. And also bear in mind that this activity is EXACTLY what THEY do not want us to do. But, like COVID-19, it has taken on a mind of its own.

That is the bulk of the message I want to cover in this article and it will be shorter than usual because I have other things I must do. The next part will focus on the news items I have saved, and again, please do perceive them with a different set of eyes and an open mind. What do you see that is a reflection of yourself or something that needs to be viewed and healed? Does it seem vaguely familiar to something you remember from lifetimes ago? What about all this WATER? Atlantis? Lemuria? The "Great Flood?" Trump? The ultimate Reptilian Overlord. Of course, he's just a bully with an overblown ego, but WHO is controlling him? Do we remember something hundreds of times more horrible from the past? As I said, I have been doing past-life regressions, and I am seeing things that shock me and make me perceive the Reptilian Invasion in a new and much more terrifying light. And so, here are some important news items. Again, I cannot stress enough that FULL DISCLOSURE is an absolutely MUST if we are to move on with a clean slate. We cannot take all these lies with us to a new and pure world.

And the first and foremost issue MUST be the climate issue and what these incomprehensibly evil beings, both on and off planet, have done to us in the skies. Is it really happening? Or is it a phantom memory to help us remember our past? Is that why it is getting SO BAD? Either way, we must put an end to it. Apparently we were NOT able to stop it during the Reptilian Invasion, but we can NOW. Shutting the global money system down is the best way, because it is the money that controls everything on this planet. I don't care HOW MUCH you think you need money, OR HOW MUCH you believe (and too many do) that the ultra-rich people will always have money, and even stand to gain by global loss. But that is not really happening. The money system is built on commerce, loans, etc., and sooner or later, if those activies grind to a halt, EVERYONE and EVERYTHING will come to a screeching halt. That thought terrifies people, but I urge you to resist that state of mind, because without coming to a screeching halt, we will NOT reach the VOID, the NOTHINGNESS, and will never be able to move forward and remember what we can do and who we really are. I talked to a lady at Walmart yesterday (from a distance), and she was experiencing something good that gave me hope. She was a hairdresser, and these weeks away, which scared her at first, now are making her wonder if she really wants to go back to work. She probably never would have given it a thought, had she not been forced to be still. There is healing in stillness.

Anyways, here is my list of links to share in this article, beginning with that catastrophic line of tornadoes that hit the south on Sunday, April 12, after I posted The Storm. As I said then and will say over and over, if we DO NOT STOP this weather warfare activity, they will wipe out every civilization on the planet, and move on to continue their heinous crimes in some other place. And ask youself, Has this happened to me before, in distant past lives? Had we, as we are now, begun to reach mass consciousness, only to be wiped out and made to begin again without remembering? I would guess that has happened numerous times, but we must NOT let them win this time.

Actually, I think the number may have ended up higher, like 34. No matter how you look at it, it was REALLY BAD and totally ABNORMAL.
Tornado Outbreak Tears Across the South, Killing 32
Damaging Winds Slam New York City
Wind Gusts Over 70 MPH Leave Damage in New York City, Northeast as Powerful Storm Sweeps Through Great Lakes
Storms that spawned tornadoes and killed 18 people in the South are taking aim on the East Coast
And I want to mention that all those terrible winds that were supposed to hit us never materialized on Monday, like as in 60 mph. The NWS put us under a High Wind Watch, with 55 mph gusts, THEN changed it to a High Wind WARNING, with gusts up to 44 mph. ?? Hmm. Anyways, it ended up being a fairly calm day, for US at least, though closer to the Lake and farther East, it was much worse.
And remember, despite what the NWS and especially The Weather (Liars) Channel tries to get us to believe, it is not about the COLD it is about the HEAT. And THAT is what we have to look forward to, as their attempts to cool us down with fake snow and these horrendous winds that are painful on the skin.
Miami Just Had One of Its Most Miserable April Mornings on Record; 2020 Is Hottest Year So Far
What is really making trouble for the Great Lakes is the men in their flying machines, and if THIS IS NOT STOPPED, the virus will seem like a party. Of course the LIARS at The Weather Channel always find a neat and tidy explanation for COMPLETELY anomalous geoengineered weather. What the hell is a seich? Have you EVER heard that word before?
Seiche Causes Flooding Along Lake Erie
And by the way, today is Day 68 of precipitation so far this year. We are scheduled for rain seven out of eight days, except last night it was SNOW, about a half inch. These miserable bastards need to STOP FUCKING WITH THE WEATHER. NONE of it is NATURAL.

And last, I want to close with the food issues that have had me SO UPSET, and others are getting upset, too. I want to point out that when I went out yesterday I had planned to buy a gallon of milk, thinking it would be ultra-cheap because of how much was being thrown away. I discovered that you CANNOT make tapioca pudding with "fake" milk, like almond or oat, or coconut. To my, really, shock, in both Marc's and ALDI, the price of milk had gone UP!! OK, so someone is making a profit from dumping all that perfectly good milk. I smell a rat. How 'bout you?
Farmers are throwing out food that could go to food banks. American Farm Bureau and Feeding America want to change that
Lines at food banks grow as some farmers destroy food
I don't feel too bad about this on at all. Now maybe those farmers won't plow under beans and tomatoes and we will all become vegetarian.
One of the largest pork processing facilities in the US is closing until further notice
And here is the pathetic latest on panic buying. And so, how do people grow food when they are 1) Under Water; 2) Below Freezing; 3) Frying? This unfortunately is the exact same thing as the toilet paper panic. I would be willing to bet that MOST of these people do not have a clue about growing food and MOST of these seeds will be wasted. I have not bought any seeds yet. With 68 days so far of precipitation this year, and below freezing temperatures, I will not waste my money. I still have seeds in a big Sterlite bin from last year and before that, but starting them now would only be a waste. People are so STUPID and SELFISH. It breaks my heart to see food OR potential food go to waste, and yet I know all too well what it is to have crop failure. That is beoming WAY too well known, all over the globe and will go hand-in-hand with the climate crisis.
Seed companies can't keep up as more Americans turn to growing their own food
And here is something else that makes me tremble with rage. It's this illusion of plenty.
'It's just a nightmare.' Trash collectors overwhelmed by rising amount of household waste
And if you REALLY want to see waste, look in the dumpsters at restaurants, not only food people throw away but all the packaging. Carry-outs are even worse. I know at one point restaurants were working with organic farmers to recycle food waste in California, but I don't know if that still is true, and it certainly is not true in most other states. Too much of a bother, I suspect. I NEVER eat restaurant food. EVER. Incidentally, all that food that thawed when my power went out has been put to good use with no waste. I made some casseroles, cookies, and other stuff, so now I have several meals that will last me through the weekend.
And this next one is about truly scuzzy people truly SCREWING people who are risking getting sick to serve them. That tip they promised should be part of the BILL. People make me sick. We really DO need a good purging.
People are luring Instacart shoppers with big tips—and then changing them to zero

And on that cheerful note, I will end. Please do take what I am saying seriously. If you have lost your job, spend your quiet time with a greater purpose, and if you are still working, MAKE time to do inner work.

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