In Control

It seems I am finally coming out of this terrible stupor I have been in for the past number of weeks. I experience this several times a year, and it is usually pretty bad, especially now, as my consciousness is growing by leaps and bounds. What I have discovered over the years is that when I reach a certain level, I must leap to a new dimension or "reality," but in the process of doing that, I become naked, as it were, at the energetic level. I feel like a knight going into battle without his (or her!) armor. Thus, I become extremely vulnerable to attacks. The Reptilians have a heyday, and do their best to keep my level static, or even lower it. I also know that when I emerge, if I am still alive, I will have entered a new energetic reality.

And if you have not figured this out, please remember that my articles are usually chronological, according to what I have experienced, so be sure to read my last article, Bizarro and its follow up Between Two Worlds: Cosmic Dream Farm, 2019, the September 30 issue. That will get you up to date on what I am speaking of now.

I am a firm believe in the theory that all possibilities are being played out, at least hypothetically. Those like myself seek to enter a different world, and I do not think it will be a sudden move, at least at this point, because our systems could not handle it. At least I'm not sure mine could. But nevertheless, I am still moving into different dimensions, with these huge leaps every three or four months. I think that is also the reason for the beyond bizarre events that have happened to me in the past several weeks, plus the fact that they have been fucking with my mind more than usual, just because, as I mentioned above, they could. But there are other clues. I often find that I lose regular readers to gain new ones, and I have noticed the same with Dane's community. It's the bifurcation thing again, and we all must move to where our souls and our heart-felt agenda are leading us. I also notice that many things in my outer world have shifted, and I know I shifted them. It is a movement very subtle, but no where near as subtle as the past, and it is speeding up greatly, so maybe it isn't that subtle any more. Actually it is more like a brick hitting my head. I guess that's not subtle at all, then . . . . But however you want to look at it, we are all shifting, some descending into their own hell, and others rising to the paradise they are creating. But which ever direction you are going, none of it is very pleasant these days for anyone.

But when I emerge, there is often so much greater clarity, a sure sign that I have had a massive expansion of consciousness. Something will trigger an element that I need to analyze, and that trigger often comes in the form of a book. This one that I read as I was emerging, was a doozy, and creepy as hell. It takes place in the late 1600s to early 1700s, and, though "religious" in nature, it could very well be speaking of aliens as well as demons. And the main theme is possession and control, a very appropriate subject for our current conditions here on Planet Earth. I always recommend reading my book reviews because one must always seek to broaden their world view in order to completely comprehend the complexity of our situation and what we must do to end the horror engulfing us now. Novels, especially historical novels provide volumes of hidden clues.

The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner

In Bringers of the Dawn, the Pleaidians made it very clear that this reality we are experiencing was created as a "Free-Will Universe," They also pointed out that other dimensions may not be so, and the dimension where I am heading, or perhaps and even likely creating is not a "Free-Will Dimension." What we have now has proved to be an experiment gone horrendously wrong, and our new world must not emulate it. It does not work, and we MUST NOT try it again. I firmly believe we must move to a dimension where we can freely express ourselves in what we create and how we live our lives. But there MUST be an iron rule that no one may interfere with others' rights to create and express, and the consequences of that MUST BE instant karma. Whatever one does to harm or hinder the rights of another being will find themselves imprisoned by their own chains. Does that extend to how we interact with animals? That's a tough one, not knowing the consciousness level of all creatures, ar even plants, especially trees. But I would most definitely say that any type of abuse would trigger that karma back to the person. I envision a world where I would be able to protect, for instance, my farm from being destroyed by insects, but in a way that that protection would prohibit an insect from even reaching the plants. My ideal, REALLY ideal world would be one in which there was no pain, death, or suffering for any living creature. And the lion shall lie down with the lamb. So, does a tomato plant suffer when you pick a tomato? OK, well now we're getting goofy and I'm not even going there.

If you look around at this planet, and the state we are in, one hundred percent of the impending extinction of our entire civilization is being caused by a perverted obession—frenzy, desperation of people that have a need to control everything, and this is NOT a human trait. This was born out of the Alien Invasion, and is a product of not only non-humans but non-organic beings—'bots—'droids—those things that have no souls and have replicated and shapeshifted into human-looking creatures. I have always wondered what the REAL population of this planet would be if all the non-organic agents were wiped out. Probably not that many actual living beings would remain.

This whole control thing is not new, of course, but its magnitude, especially since so many are waking up and struggling free, has put it in the limelight, to anyone paying attention that has more than two functioning brain cells. Smart-this, smart-that, Alexa, and Elon Musk with his brain chips—one would have to be a vegetable to not comprehend all the ways we are being controlled, and along with that comes surveillance. And the more you move away from the control program, the harder they work to control you. People such as myself experience the hell I have suffered through because I can see who is working the strings. And so, anything that is MY agenda—I'm talking even simple things like taking a few weeks off to catch up on my coloring and reading, MUST be stopped, because it is my agenda and not theirs. This became SO apparent in the past few weeks. I mean, seriously, how threatening is it to sit and color pictures of dinosaurs?? It does not matter what I am doing, I must be kept distracted. And so are you, I guarantee, although most people accept it as "part of life."

We have been indoctrinated into this mindset that guarantees our lives will not be easy, and that we must submit to "god's" will. If people only knew that those gods are and always have been nothing but Reptilian invaders. Please read my article,
Who Your Gods Are: Bringers of the Dawn Revisited
Of course, perhaps not quite as much now as in earlier centuries, but it is still pretty bad, the number of people who will cheerfully endure the most horrid lives because it is "god's will." I have always found that disturbing, even in the days before I broke with religion. What kind of cruel and miserable god would put people—faithful people who love and trust their chosen deity, through such a life of agony? It never made sense to me, and now enrages me when I see people who could make a difference by speaking up, doing their part. I have a friend that KNOWS about climate engineering, vaccines, GMOs and the whole shebang, but will not speak up because she believes "god" is behind it all and doesn't want to interfere. But as these things begin to effect her, that stubborn mindset is beginning to break down, I believe. I just cannot understand what kind of person would think it is OK under ANY circumstances for people to control our weather, and who gets killed by a tornado or whose farm goes under water in a flood. The control freaks are getting so out of control at this point that they are committing the most heinous crimes and acts right in everybody's face AS IF THEY HAVE A RIGHT. And when people do not speak up, they appparently DO have a right. I see THAT beginning to break down, however, and it is happening now at blinding speed. The moron in the White House will soon be gone, I hope. The fact that we have put up with him this long is shameful, and makes us look like a bunch of stupid fucking assholes to the rest of the world. Except perhaps England and they have their own version of Trump. More and more people are talking about what REALLY happened on 9/11, and after disclosure about climate engineering and alien interference, disclosure about 9/11 is next in line. We ARE moving to a new dimension, at least those of us here. I have no doubt there are other realities where Trump is already in jail, and those where he has become a dictator, which was his "assignment" when he got "installed" as president, I suspect.

I want to make one more point, and that is about the "New-Age" movement, which so many of us got sucked into, and realized, after damage was done, that it was nothing more than another facet of the control program. Bernhard Guenther has spoken of this quite a bit, and so have I, and I was certainly engulfed in it. Had I broken away sooner, I might have avoided the devastation I've experienced over the past twenty years. The thing is, while many people simply jumped on the bandwagon and made a bundle of money writing books and giving workshops on ten easy ways to become wealthy just by visualizing it, there were also some who I believe were really sincere. Shakti Gawain was my favorite, and I was saddened to learn that she died suddenly, last year, I believe. She was a great one for affirmations, and for probably several years, I would recite a list of affirmations every day as I walked up and down my driveway. She got that from the Silva Mind Control Method, a course that I took, and so did many of the famous people from the sixties, including John Lennon. His song, Beautful Boy included the lyrics, "Every day, in every way, it's getting better and better," which was a trademark Silva affirmation. But José Silva was also a strict Catholic, and all his affirmations included the big "if"—"if it is god's will," that is. There should be no ifs in creative manifestation. You just DO IT. I'm sure Jesus didn't ask god if it was okay to turn the water into wine. At the point when I took the course, I was in desperate condition from damage done, and was beginning to see through the sham, even though Silva was the first to use these methods, starting back in the 40s, I believe. But there were other things to which I could not reconcile my beliefs and both Shakti Gawai and Sonia Choquette were both guilty of this. They would cheerfully write these "success" stories of clients who "got what they wanted," by using their methods. Well, not really. I remember one who was trying to manifest something in particular and her house ended up burning down and the insurance money got her what she wanted, or something like that. In fact, Shakti Gawain's business was hit by a hurrincane, I think it was, in Hawaii, and her insurance money got her a better building. So I got to the point where I didn't trust the "Universe" any more than I trusted "god" and was afraid to ask for anything because I didn't want to get it through another disaster. It took me a while because I was a bit dense then, but substuting the word "Universe" for "God" and then asking for what you wanted was no different than people praying to have wishes granted. What it effectively did, or does in both cases, is leave final judgment of what we are allowed to have, in the hand of a source other than ourselves. I finally woke up and saw that the New Age movement was just an extension of religion with more trendy words, but ultimately left us in the hand of others' control and decisions. It implied that someone else knew better what was right for us, and STILL kept us in a state of disempowerment.

But as I grew in my own power, I realized that it is ME who is in control of my own fate. Period. We are all entrenched in rules of limitation, and those that are not are the ones who take whatever they want from anybody they can get it from, no matter how criminal or immoral. The only solution I can see to this is to create a dimension of, "Free-Will" with certain rules, as mentioned above, that mainly concerns our rights to create and express our lives as we please, as long as it does not infringe upon the rights of others. THAT is what has emerged for me from the past few weeks of down time. I think the most important thing we can all do is to scrupulously examine all aspects of our lives to root out every way in which it is being controlled by someone else. The list will be long, I assure you, especially if you have not been quite as conscious as you should be. Being willing to take full responsibility for your life and what you create is a first step. Then just watch all the ways in which you are hindered. And another point, dating back to the New Age trend—it was widely believed, or taught at least, that creating should be fun and easy, and if you were running into problems manifesting what you wanted, perhaps the Universe or your soul or whateverthehell was sending you a message that this was not "right" for you when in fact, it WAS RIGHT, but someone or thing out there thought it would be a risk for you to have what you wanted. If that happened, too many of us would have awakened to the truth that we not only CAN but SHOULD BE manifesting our own reality, creating our physical world with our minds. THAT has been the truth to cover up, and it still is. And it is probably the reason for the desperation to control. Just look around and everything in our civilization that is sold to us, both phyically and psychologically, promises to make our lives freer, happier, richer, more popular and loads of other bullshit, but what it is really all doing is tightening the chains. Push is coming to shove—it has been for a long time, but there is something now that is screaming out urgency in our awakening. Mass awakening, even a very small percentage of the population, could shift everything. And a flash shock out of our amnesia could and would change everything on the planet in an instant. Just think about that. I do all the time. We have this belief that changes come slow and since the planet is in SUCH a disastrous state, at the physical level it WOULD take millions of years to undo the damage and make it life-sustaining again. But creating with our minds bypasses the physical level and is instant. Imagine waking up and remembering you have the ability to form your environment by projecting it from your mind. The chains fall away and so do the limitations. It is time. Now. Let us begin.

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