Government Impotence and Global Paralysis

I have tons of information to share with you. Hellooooooo. Anybody out there? Does anyone care? Outside of a handful of faithful readers, I really wonder. This site may not be around much longer though. Spectrum, which bought out Time Warner Cable just raised their monthly crappy-service fee to outrageously high. I cannot afford it, and even if I could, I have my limits to what I will pay. The problem is, the reason these miserable companies get away with gouging is because people pay without question, rather than doing without. This could all change though. We are finally making progress. The Matrix is shutting down. It is everywhere so obvious. The tricky part is, however, to shut them down before they kill us and everything on the planet. More on that in a bit. And please! Sign the petition to stop funding geoengineering. There are millions of us fighting against it. We need to get the word out so people know about the petition. Why is this going so slow?? C'mon people. DO SOMETHING.

Ban all funding for Aluminum, Barium, and Arsenic for use in atmospheric modification for any purpose.

Our government is going nowhere, accomplishing nothing. It is ludicrous for people to believe in the election process any more. And it is not just 'cause Trump is a dick. And a liar. It is because, first, the problems of the world are too immense to be solved through the old paradigm. And so, Washington creates this drama theater to make the comatose mobs think they are doing their jobs, when in fact they are going around picking their noses without a clue. And the other problem is that most of their energy is spent covering their lies. Who was it, Mark Twain, I think, said, "Always tell the truth; there's less to remember." Or something like that. Anyways, the government admitted they don't have a clue as to how to balance the budget. Well, stopping the outrageous waste would help. And finding where all those trillions of missing dollars went. (I'd bet they're up in the sky.)
Budget, FY 2019: The era of Trump deficits has begun
Here is a quote from that article. And no one even seems to blink over it. ALL THAT MONEY Trump has going into defense. NUCLEAR defense. Why are people going on with their lives as if everything will continue as it is? INSANE!!!

But Trump's budget is also an indelible snapshot, a frozen image of the moment when the federal government abandoned all pretense of balancing its books.

A friend and I were discussing the fact that people cannot even put together a sentence correctly. He said he was at a meeting of upper management people (of which he is), and the paper that was handed out amazed him. He, like myself, is a very intellectual person and uses language correctly. Of course, my response was that all this aluminum in our brains is totally decimating our cognitive abilities, along with technology, which has absorbed people's attention to the point they are unable to figure anything out for themselves. As I thought about that conversation later on, I also should have added that in addition, people don't seem to realize how inept they are. They are not curious, nor do they even question things. They take things at face value, what you see is what you get, and they cannot move beyond that level. Fighting all this aluminum is making it beyond challenging even for people like myself, who make a point, every day to do things that stimulate my brain. I cannot imagine how it must be for those who have totally succumbed to the mind control program.

I have two excellent quotes here. The first is from Lisa Renee's Earth's Catalogue of Genetic Material

I feel why this is being brought to our attention is through understanding the surreal reality occurring to delineate sections in the state of bifurcation, as many of us have been talking about how strange it is when you come into contact with a purely third dimensional being. A person who is only using their outward organs of perception, and how surreal their behaviors can be when they act from there. How there is an increased lack of coherence, a lack of cohesion within their thinking. For a lot of us, the lack of coherence is completely obvious and yet, it's not obvious to them. It is surreal to observe such increased levels of incoherence in their state of being, and that they think it's completely normal. When you are observing them, one can see how abnormal it is and that its influenced by something that is not natural or even technological. 3D people that are increasing levels of incoherence appear to be split, they don't make sense, they are easily set off, they can be clearly triggered with anger or with whatever the judgmental factors are that are running in their Ego/Personality program.

The next quote is from a regular reader, Blue Sue, at GeoengineeringWatch, and it was published on January 24, to an article about CNN's BEME News. Now an interesting little tidbit here: These reporters came out and did an interview with Dane, and ended up spending the entire day with him. I can guarantee that by the time they left, they knew A WHOLE LOT about geoengineering. Here is the article he published:
CNN's "Beme" News Comes To California To Cover Climate Engineering Issue
Dane, however, not to be screwed around with by reporters, had one of his attorneys with him and when the reporters "refused to offer any assurance of objectivity in their film release agreement" he refused to sign. OK, so the interesting part is that, two days after Dane published his article, CNN shut down BEME and both Casey Neistat and Matt Hackett left CNN. And CNN had just bought BEME in November, 2016, for $25 million!! I'm not saying this happened because of the interview with Dane, (but it does seem a bit fishy), because apparently Neistat and CNN weren't getting along that well. But it makes one wonder what else he might have been working on that was threatening. My hope is that he starts another independent company, and will eventually air the video with Dane.
CNN is closing its doors on Beme, YouTube star Casey Neistat's video company
Anyways, here is Blue Sue's comments.

Most all of the readers and posters here on Dane's site are awake and aware of the atrocities in our skies thanks to the military industrial complex and their perverted ilk. No doubt about it—the world is run by criminals, and ALL governments are corrupt.
Besides suffering the never ending crimes and lies of puppet/fakers (e.g., Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Trump, et al.) posing as leaders, we're besieged by the blatant and insidious tentacles of technology that continue to infect every aspect of our daily existence—creating and maintaining our near-slavery.
Since the advent of television, our society has been "programmed" by design—to be passive, distracted, desensitized, dumbed-down, and deluded to accept lies and theater as truth and reality. Today's polluted politics are a pitiful and useless sham—pathetic theater to mollify the ignorant and/or feeble minded.  The "programs" on TV today (w/o even mentioning Big Pharma's pathetic drug commercials) are for the most part tragic wasteland. It's beyond sad and disturbing how life is increasingly commoditized (commodified?). Products and profit are more important than people in our war-driven, materially saturated, consumer culture. Nature has been brutally raped and her myriad treasures/creatures ruined/destroyed for pleasure, greed, or through abject disinterest and disregard. Also terribly concerning is the loss of basic life skills amongst our children. Young people today cannot do many things we older folk simply take for granted like changing the oil on our car, making a fire, sewing or mending a shirt, knitting a hat, paring an apple, tying knots, baiting a hook, baking bread, cooking from scratch, balancing a checkbook, reading a map, or planting/tending a garden. Today everything is tech-oriented and as a result, cognitive function in our children and our selves is being rapidly downgraded. How many can even remember phone numbers anymore? I can because I don't use direct dialing on my "dumb" phone. I hope you know that CONVENIENCE IS A TRAP! Most of what we have in our lives to make things easier for us is making us less capable, less self-sufficient, and less empowered—by design!
All the technological trappings starting with hand-held calculators and remote control devices for our TVs to smart phones, back-up monitors in our autos and GPS, etc, etc. are reducing our personal power to function as real human beings that are supported by and (should be) stewards of nature. The loss of life skills only serves the power structure and their control over us. The fast approaching SMART grid will no doubt function as "thought police" and along with 5G will be the "frosting" on our collective cake of doom.
Today I learned from a conversation with a friend who is an avid cross-country skier that she is thrilled with a new app on her iPhone that measures her stride/slide by duration and length, even the degree/angle of her thrust when she pushes off on each leg. We are indeed being monitored more and more in every single aspect of our being these days!  Incredible, and surely there's more to come. Please forgive my wordy ramble, just needed to vent. May we each be the change we hope to see in world.

As I said, the #MeToo movement is the beginning of the end. There is a new energy moving in that will no longer allow behavior of this sort. And I am not just speaking of sexual harassment or abuse, I am talking about bullying, demeaning and disempowering others to gain personal power. And the lies, lies, lies. It is all collapsing, and I have tons of articles you might have missed. This one is one of my favorites. Nature will triumph! Sometimes ya just gotta laugh.

Suspected poacher eaten by lions.

And the crashes! OMG!! Planes and trains and buses, cars, helicopters. Every day! Think it's just coincidence. Probably not. And killing, violence, people doing terrible things to other people and animals and the planet. The program is shutting down, like a computer ready to crash. And the stock market, too, I hope. These miserable bastards need to have their toys taken away.
#MeToo may hit erring execs right where it hurts—in the paycheck
CDC director resigns following report about tobacco stock trading
And she bought Merck stock, too!
Unilever to warn tech giants: Clean up your act or risk losing ad dollars
I guess Facebook and Google and even Amazon are starting the year with the rough ride. Let's hope it continues.
And the horrific child porn-child prostitution operations are being uncovered. This makes my skin crawl; it makes me want to puke. Only a satanic beast could participate in something so heinous. This first one is from 2013, but more and more and MORE are being investigated. These monsters need to be castrated without the comfort of anesthesia.
Patrick Air Force Base: Chief scientist held on $250K bond after child-porn arrest
‘Crisis level': Report says many govt. officials in US convicted of child porn, sex abuse crimes

And it's not just porn, it is all kinds of criminal activity being discovered within our police forces, military, and government. Here's another that just broke.

Baltimore Police Officers Convicted In Corruption Scandal

As I said, it is good that this stuff is coming out in the open, because it is shutting down the Dark World in which the Matrix has its power. BUT, we have to accelerate our efforts before something catastrophic happens that wipes us all out. And there are two scenarios that have the capability to end life on this planet in a flash, the first being nuclear war. Don't you wonder about these false missile warnings? The one in Hawaii, well, that was strange, huh? First he said he pressed the wrong button. He got fired. But then he said he really did think there was an attack.
Hawaii man who sent alert says he was "100 percent sure" attack was real
Then another followed shortly after, but I don't seem to have saved that. It was on the East Coast. Here's more nuclear disaster potentials.
U.S. missile defense system fails latest test
And this one is even scarier.
The Nuclear Posture Review

And on that, I will end, but another article will follow closely because I have a great deal more, including some really interesting breakthroughs. I don't want to overwhelm you with too much information at once, and I hope that you investigate as many of these articles as possible, and connect the dots as to where we are going here. How much longer can the force that has imprisoned us, (and it is NOT from this planet, I assure you), keep us in this false reality? The centuries-old glue that has kept this Matrix held together is coming apart at the seams. When the nefarious puppets that have done the bidding of the Evil Ones become powerless to continue, then will come the Dawning of a New Age.

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