Humpty Dumpty Had A Great Fall

OK, so we have two gargantuan collapses accelerating now on Planet Earth, simulated reality or not, it is what we are experiencing. We have the collapse of what we perceive as the planet's life-support system, and a collapse of the very entities that we perceive have caused it. Most likely they are only a reflection of the off-planet force that is destroying us. As above, so below. Remember that because it is getting very apparent now. Those entities, as I mentioned in my last article may be long-gone, but we are still suffering from the effects of their energy. But it is weakening—all the more reason to believe they no longer exist.

And so, what we must do now is make sure we get them before they get us. Please, everyone, TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY. I have been working on this for forty years and I just want to get the hell out of this Matrix. I'll bet you do, too. If eveyone would just band together and follow a few common sense, easy steps, we could accomplish this in no time at all, which is what we have. As Ringo says in the movie Help! : "There's a certain amount of hurry up involved here." The problem is, following my advice would require that people actually do without, and we, especially in the U.S. have become so used to having what we want when we want it . . .spolied brats, the majority are. And so, we can either do without voluntarily to speed the process up, or we can be forced to live the last segment of our life on earth in utter poverty and misery. THEN, we will no longer have a choice.

It is all I can do to restrain myself from jumping and dancing with glee at the "little problems" Monsanto is dealing with these days, and I have a feeling this may have the domino affect, like the #MeToo movement. Eventually it will make its way to the criminal activity in the skies, of which Monsanto plays a role. But we must keep from becoming over-confident in the face of little victories, because that could be our downfall. Controlled vigilance and a strictness in keeping on the path is mandatory.

Jury orders Monsanto to pay $289 million in Roundup cancer trial
Unsafe levels of a weed killer chemical in oat products, report says.

And if you check out the list of products, you will find that some of them were labelled as ORGANIC. YIKES! False labelling, another nail in the coffin. Or it could just be that the makers of these products were lied to by their suppliers. OR, the shit just drifted by in the air and rain. All organic growers are being threatened by poisons, even the ones that are totally honest, like myself. Here is another site where you can keep track of the lawsuits Monsanto has, I believe I read somewhere, about 450 more, concerning people harmed from glyphosate. I know one is by the State of Ohio for polluting Ohio waterways.

U.S. Right to Know

Here are a couple more stories on how we are being poisoned. Excuse me, but ANY levels of arsenic or lead in any food I or a baby consumes cannot be good. Worrisome? Really?

"Worrisome" levels of lead and arsenic found in baby food
'What did we do?' Families anxious about chemicals found in tap water

So, what can we do? Boycott, for one. WHY would ANYONE purchase something as toxic as Roundup? OMG, that is a concept I cannot even wrap my mind around. But if people would quit supporting Monsanto and their poison product, including GMO seeds, they'd be out of business real soon, and others of the same type would follow shortly.

Here in the Great Lakes area we have Giant Eagle grocery stores. They are gougers. They charge sometime $1-$2 more for their products than other stores. WHY would you shop there, especially now that, here in Ravenna we finally have an ALDI store. I buy Greek yogurt there because it is a healthful food. It comes in about 13 different flavors and I try to keep stocked each week. They are only 69 cents a container. I saw a friend of mine who lives very near the ALDI store, but slightly closer to a Giant Eagle, eating a yogurt from that store. I asked her why she would buy such an expensive product when she is only a couple minutes from ALDI. Because it was closer to go to Giant Eagle. This kind of shit drives me crazy, and allows these stores to stay in business while they basically steal from their customers. Simply refusing to pay these prices would stop this bullshit, or put them out of business. Fortunately, the ALDI store in Ravenna is giving the Giant Eagle store, nearly across from it, a pretty good workout, and they actually ARE lowering some of their prices. BOYCOTTING WORKS. And so does refusing to cooperate and becoming non-compliant. It't fun and easy, because suddenly you realize YOU are in control of the situation and not THEM. Corporate America, (and corporate world) has spent decades mind-controlling the public to believe THEY can supply what people need and want, and it is worth any price to pay. What a load of rubbish!

Perhaps now would be the time to post an article I have been saving for quite a while. Please read it carefully.
The Coming Collapse
I agree with most of it. However, I see the end game a bit differently. While some see the situation from a purely physical viewpoint, I, of course, do not, nor do probably most of my readers who have at least some interest in the metaphysical or energetic aspect of our reality. And I see it like this. There is an unbelievably strong force which has kept us within bounds. Every attempt to break free results in a boomerang effect. But that IS changing, weakening. Even though the force itself is most likely off-planet, by disempowering the physical manifestations of that force—the banks, corporations, governments, military and so on, there will be less energy working against us. I look constantly for that little tiny crack in the damn, through which I can slip into a reality of my own making. Please keep in mind the real goal toward which we should be aiming, and it is not to "save this world." It is to escape it and create another one in which we are free.

Here are a few more signs that a great fall is coming to those who have held control over us for so long. Now, if we could only get rid of Trump . . . .

A West Virginia House panel has voted to impeach the entire state Supreme Court
Catholic Church's "secret archives" detail playbook for concealing abuse

And this one is the epitome of government stupidity, apathy, ignorance and criminal wastefulness. OMG! It makes me sick, not only because ALL THAT FOOD went to waste, but because the people of Puerto Rico desperately needed it. Those people are AMERICAN citizens for god's sake!!! How can we behave like that toward them? Maybe Trump doesn't KNOW they are American citizens. Maybe he thinks they are one of those, y'know shithole countries.

Donations sent to Puerto Rico were found rotting in parking lot

And now let me continue with the numerous ways in which I personally conduct my life to not support the corporate world. I will include specific ways to live more in harmony with nature. Please be sure to keep up with my In the Wild updates. It is linked on both the right and left columns of my Home Page, plus the Farm Page. Also be sure to enter my site on the entrance page, as that often alerts readers to updates.
Welcome to Cosmic Dream
The list of ways in which we can disempower the Corporate World is massive. Believe me, this is just a drop in the bucket of ideas we can all participate in to NOT support what is killing us. And remember, one more time, folks: Yes, I believe this is a simulated reality, but if we do not learn to live in peace, harmony and respect with our environment, no matter what WE create, we will end up down the same sordid path as we are on now. AS ABOVE SO BELOW. Our creative energy is reflected in our physical manifestations, simulated or not. PLEASE TAKE HEED>

Please, give the the electric company as little as you possibly can. I run my 50 gallon water heater only twice a day—in the morning for my bath, and in the evening for my bath, and to do my dishes and other evening chores. 50 gallons goes a long way and it stays hot. I keep the temperature set very low. Why do people think they need boiling hot water from their tap? YOU DON'T. I can and do run my bath from the hot water tap alone and it is a perfectly comfortable temperature. I keep a whistling teakettle for when I need it hotter. I shut off the main breaker when I leave the house. I don't need electricty when I'm not here. A refrigerator stays cold for 24 hours, and I am never gone all that long. I only have one electric clock, and my computer automatically re-sets. Plus, with what the government is doing with frequencies in the sky, I feel safer when all is shut down. In reality, I would like to live without electricity at all. If the Amish can do it, so can I, and we all may need to soon. Another way in which we can prepare to survive.

In addition, never keep anything electrical running unless you are using it. I tend to keep lights (40 watt) on in my house because there is no sun around here, especially the past month, which has been a solid layers of toxic aerosols above us 24/7. Plus living in a woods tends to make it darker. But I have started being even more thrifty than ever.

Please, PLEASE, be aware of the impact on the environment when you buy food or anything else. NEVER buy single-serve item, unless that is the only way available. Yeah, I realize Greek yogurt only comes in single serving, but I have a greenhouse full of yogurt and tofu containers, and plastic jugs. Those are the containers I use to start seeds, and when they get all brittle, they go to the recycling center. There are numerous ways to use plastic containers. I use the yogurt and cottage cheese containers when I mix my paints for my coloring books.

Teach your kids how to pack their own lunch. Never buy single chip bags. Get a box of plastic baggies, the ones with the twisties that can be used over and over. Show them how to fill one with chips from a big bag, then twistie it. Get a big box of oatmeal, rather than the single instant varieties. You can add all kinds of delicious toppings. I cook mine with raisins, then add coconut oil and brown sugar. Maple syrup is good, too, and bananas, but only when they are on sale, which they have not been for a while. Whoever invented the "convenient, single-serve packaging" needs to be strung up by the toes and flogged. They are one of the worst environmental disaster, along with plastic straws, which are soon to be banned, but I couldn't care less because I never use a straw. It's all just another way for Corporate to get richer. Bulk packaging is also almost always way cheaper.

And teach your kids to bring home everything in their lunch bag. I always did. My mother washed the bags and reused them. The apples cores and banana peels went in the compost. Think I'm being ridiculous? On the road we're on now, some of us may be glad to get a banana peel or apple core to keep from starving. I have learned to do without and be extremely thrifty because for so many years I had no choice. Now, my main goal is to create what I need and want outside the money system, which, to anyone paying attention, is obviously rigged to steal from regular people to fill the pockets of the disgustingly wealthy. Do you want to support those people? Do they give a fuck about you? No, and no. I practice manifesting what I want using my mind, every single day, so I will be prepared when the force weakens enough to allow me full throttle. And it is paying off. We must be well skilled when the time comes to jump off the old train, the one that says we must labor like slaves to make a little money to give it back to the Corporate World, so we may have those little worthless pieces of shit that we think are so important. Work toward eliminating that step. Imagine what you want, then make it appear. And the level at which you are conscious of the other forms of life on this planet and that we must live in harmony with them will ultimately determine the kind of world that we create. I am finding that after all these nearly 40 years of working towards manifesting my reality with my mind, it is finally starting to pay off. Handle with care!

And we are truly the most wasteful creatures that one couild imagine. We have defiled this poor planet with tons and tons and tons of discarded useless shit that never should have been manufactured and purchased in the first place. The simplest and most effective way to put the Corporate World out of power is to NOT BUY. Companies that cannot sell their goods quickly go out of business. Banks with no customers cease to exist. Governments become impotent when NO ONE VOTES. And the power structure comes down. That simple, truly, but how many are willing to practice non-compliance and refusal to cooperate? We are heading down an omnicidal path, which envelops every living entity on this planet. With that knowledge, how could anyone continue to behave in this manner?

Always be aware of ways in which we can help other creatures that live here with us. I always, even in the dead of winter, brush my waist-length hair outside, and I brush Molly's long curly hair outside, too. Birds can use this soft material for their nests. I have seen nests made of the strangest materials! I have said again and again, NEVER throw away food. Feed the worms and bacteria that break down organic material that becomes the soil in which we can raise food. Unless you live in a city apartment, there is no excuse for not doing this. If you do live in the city, start a community compost, then use the rich results to plant trees, shrubs and flowers along city streets or in parks. Start a community garden, even on a rooftop apartment building. Many have done that! Create, NOW the peaceful and harmoneous environment in which you want to live. That energy will be carried into the new world, but if we continue our wasteful and selfish ways, we will only end up in something much worse. AS ABOVE SO BELOW.

Always look out for the innocent animals. I check my rainwater catchers in the greenhouse every day. So far this year I have rescued from drowning a mouse, a snake, a bird and two spiders. ALL LIFE IS IMPORTANT. Treat it that way. And for god's sake, DON'T EAT IT. Adopt a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. Our cruelty and disregard for the innocent creatures has developed a race that now has utter disregard for each other. If you can stand by and allow a cow to be slaughtered on your behalf and think it is OK, then you eventually will see no difference in the slaughter of human beings if it serves your fancy. WE ARE THERE RIGHT NOW.

Those are just a few tips, and more will be filling up these pages until all is done. We are very close. Every ounce of energy must be spent on preparation for what is to come. It is my opinion that most will not survive, due to the fact that they have not prepared their MINDS. It is all about the mind. Sure, we should stock up on essentials to get us through, but when the Matrix comes down, the force that has imprisoned us will be so weakened, that those who are prepared will find their jumping off point. And so it shall be, if we determine it thus. Woe to the clueless.

I want to close with an especially important interview from Dane Wigington with Air Force 2-Star Major General Richard H. Roellig:
Geoengineering: An Interview With A US Air Force General
As I have said before, I usually do not listen to Dane's videos, but this one is compelling. Towards the end, Dane brings up the fact the now all weather forecasts are nothing but scripts coming from the same place, in other words, no one, even at NWS can write their own forecast any more. This is becoming more and more obvious because their forecasts are becoming more and more bizarre, with little to do with what is actually happening outside. However, if you look at the models, you will see that the forecast DOES follow what is SUPPOSED to be happening. I find this beyond disturbing. Many in Dane's community are also noticing that "they" have lost control of the weather. What they have "planned" and what really happens are becoming two different things. Is the NWS not embarrassed about this? One person who writes the "Forecast Discussion" at the Cleveland Ohio office, which is my district, constantly says, "The forecast is right on target." My ass. They also discussed the fact that, all these people that we think know what is going on and are not talking, really DO NOT know. I have mentioned that before.

It seems to me that I remember reading somewhere on Dane's site that the weather manipulators must still have something natural to work with. One of Dane's readers commented that they used to draw cold air down from the Arctic, but there isn't much cold air to bring down any more. Yes. I agree, and from what I am observing here, we are heading into the realm of no control very quickly. More food for thought. Take care, and prepare.

And one very final point. They must be reaching desperation because the spraying never stops now. The sky has been so covered with thick white for so long now that you can't even see the planes. But you can hear them. They must be using a different type of aircraft, and these are REALLY loud. I can hear them grinding away every time I go outside. We shall see where this goes. But I personally am hoping for the Great Fall—the Matrix, and all its elements.

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