How Would it Feel?

To say these last few weeks have been from hell would be an understatement. Death Culture and the alien mind control agenda have been in an all-out attack, not just on me, but everywhere I look. If you have not read my last article, Using the Environment as a Mind Control Device, please do, and be sure to read the two articles by Chautauqua concerning the Alien Agenda. It makes absolute sense that they are planning to take over the planet for themselves, and the hell with the rest of us. The ones who consent to becoming non-organic hybrids will survive, and the rest of us will be purged.

For years I have kept my animals healthy and long-lived just by holistic healing and wellness practice. This last winter was devastating, however. I cannot imagine how many tons of lead and silver iodide they must have dumped on us to keep us so cold when the rest of the world is so hot. But it has taken its toll on life, not only in the U.S. but all over the planet. Everywhere you look is death. Last Monday, I took my precious Rex to the vet, as a last resort, only to find he had a terminal illness. The vet recommended euthnasia. I wish I had disagreed, because I have since spoken to a friend who rescues dogs, and there could have been another possible option. I am just sick over it. Now, his poor sister Molly, who loved him more than any other being in the world cannot understand why her best friend is not by her side, as he was for ten-and-a-half years. I have had them since they were four weeks old.

So that was last Monday. I have five sibling cats—a feral litter I found as tiny babies nearly thirteen years ago. Two of them have not been well, either, and my tiniest one, Sofie, was going downhill fast. She just couldn't breathe and had terrible coughing spells, plus she was so dehydrated. Everyone is dehydrated, no matter how much water they drink because these particulates they are dousing us with are desiccants. Her condition worsened, but yesterday I got her eating canned food mixed with water all throughout the day. By the end of the day, her eyes were back to normal and her tongue was nice and pink again. I had part of a bowl of food mixed and covered to keep it warm, hoping I could get her to eat one more time. I had fallen asleep on the couch reading, and woke up at 1:30. I thought I'd get her to eat. She had just gotten up to use the litter pan, and seemed wobbly, then started gasping for breath. There was nothing I could do this time to help her. She died in my arms. My poor sweet Sofie, gone. Two in one week.

One of my friends had her dog euthanized the week before Rex. He had cancer, and my friend who rescues horses lost one of her goats. The doctors also found more cancer in her husband. Another friend has a brain tumor, and another friend whom I've known for 30 years—they own the pet crematorium—just lost her youngest brother. She said his organs just stopped working. She is devastated.

When I was driving out to Autintown to meet her to drop off Rex's body, I was struck by how everything along the way reeked of death. The trees, the land, the houses—not just physically, but energetically—like a zombie apocalypse. You go into a store and the signs are all trying to sell you something, but there is a hollow death-look in people's faces.

Last Monday when I got home from the vet, I got on my computer and the first thing that struck me was the breaking news that Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris was on fire. I gasped and my jaw dropped, and I thought, "something is very wrong." It is, of course. I read somewhere, I thought it was the Weather Channel site that "climate change" was partially responsible for that fire.

You know, there have been strange fires lately, even around here. And I have to wonder how we here in Northeast Ohio can be under a fire risk when it never stops raining. Well, I found my answer, and it is methane, which is also the looming unfathomable catastrophe as the Arctic continues to melt at an unprecedented rate. It was from a post by "Andrew of Scotland" on Dane's site, who is an expert on sea ice. He said, "The Notre Dame smoke detectors went off for 23 minutes before anyone acted. The fire department was called when the flames became visible. Methane in the atmosphere is combustible when it reaches between 5% . Currently it is about .3%, but that will change quickly. Do we have to wait until the atmosphere ignites to become convinced that methane is a problem?" He also brought up the website Arctic News. OMG!!! Just look at that graph. New data indicates that by next year, the planet will be too hot to support life. As I have been saying.

Accelerated Global Heating

A few weeks ago I read the apocalyptic science fiction novel Japan Sinks. In it, the old man notes how nature is behaving strangely, and blooming profusely, a sign that something is wrong. One of Dane's regular community members who goes by the name Simple Horseman, noted this: "The older larch fir here are coning out in unprecedented form. This is not good. It means that the aerosols have filtered down to tap root level. The tree is shutting down, casting its seed." I have had a Japanese Weeping Cherry for over two decades, and was stunned when I saw it blooming this year as I have never seen it before. I also found a little irony in the fact that it is Japanese. I also want to point out that my pet turtles, whom I have lived with for almost twenty years have always gone into a semi-hibernation during the winter. But not this year. Usually one large can of food would last the whole winter, but this year, a month. They knew the cold was fake.

Japanese Weeping Cherry

But not everything is thriving, in fact, most everything is dying. I have had perennial onions for years and years, and this winter, only four survived. I also had promised myself roses, so I bought two when they were on sale at Park Seed last fall. I had them potted up in the greenhouse, and on a utility table, but still the one died. Park replaced it, but still . . . . I am not a big garlic fan, but I decided last fall to plant a little of the only two varieties I ever plant. The Musik is doing fine, but every single one of the Elephant Garlic sets rotted. Dane, of course, laments the death of all the beautiful trees in California. His father was an arborist, so Dane is certainly well educated in that area. He said he planted one hundred saplings. Every single one died. That is scary.

You know, this is not at all the article I was planning. I was going to spend a couple months on the only subject I think is truly important now, and that is learning everything about the alien mind control program and how they are working us. What is really "real"? But the thing is, everything is changing so fast now that what was relevant yesterday is not today. Lisa Renee, whom I often quote here has been writing a lot on how, little by little, the alien agenda is being shut down. And in spite of certainly feeling under attack, I absolutely agree with her. I have been saying that their attacks on the entire planet have been SO intense lately, plus the urgency in getting 5G rolled out, which has nothing to do with "The Internet of Things" but everything to do with mind control and surveillance, must mean that they know they're losing more and more of their grip, and have resorted to acts of desperation. And also keep in mind that no matter how terrible the attack, including events like mass shootings and tornadoes, in the mind of an alien, it is just a distraction to keep us from knowing the truth about what they are up to.

But perhaps what I have been through, especially with the deaths of my two precious babies, is not an attack. As I sat on my porch today, I started thinking what an indescribable joy and relief it would be when we were finally free of this force that has been manipulating our lives for eons. The answer I got, however, was a bit shocking. How would it feel? Well, probably exactly as it feels right now, and getting worse. Why? Because our whole reality that we have based our lives upon is fake. Some people call it a hologram or projection, obviously 3-D because we can hear and see and touch and smell and feel it, making it seem all the more real. But what would happen when all the fakery dissolves. How would it feel? It would feel like we have no home base any more, nothing to which we can relate on any level. I believe the infiltration of the alien mind control agenda has been so thorough and so complete, that when it is gone, we will be left with basically nothing. That is, for those who have not prepared. I have been preparing, and so I am not one follow anything carved in stone. All of these things that are collapsing perhaps are doing so because they are not real to begin with. That has given me a whole new perspective on the events of late. And other things also make more sense.

I never, under any circumstances consider myself flaky or spacey, but lately, I have felt like I am wandering in a surreal landscape. I will look at something and see something totally inappropriate, then it quickly becomes what it should be. A glitch in the Matrix. I hope. And I know I have been under stress lately, more so than usual, and we had to deal with a full moon which, though I am absolutely NOT into astrology, it seems the full moon days contain an energy that magnifies the evil of our Controllers and makes their task easier. But it also makes sense that if the mind control agenda IS shutting down, we WILL be wandering in a surreal landscape until we can get our bearings in a new reality. I am even getting very confused about the passage of time because I'll think of something that happened yesterday and it seems months, years ago, yet things that happened years ago—well, I cannot believe so much time has passed. I take that as a good sign, too, because "time" is just as fake as the Matrix. In any case, it seems my waking reality is becoming more dream-like and kinda creepy.

And so, no matter what, we are in for a rough ride. I still think it is important to NEVER let up on seeking the truth about what is being done to us and how it is being done. Once Dorothy saw the Man Behind the Curtain, he was only a humbug. I see this as waking up from a dream, but when you awaken, you know you were dreaming. Here, perhaps that will become apparent the more the Matrix shuts down. Or not. Perhaps we will be thrust into another reality all at once. I am ready. Freedom is always better than imprisonment, but it always requires more responsibility. I'm ready for that too. Are you?

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