Holy Shit!

This is a totally unplanned article. The planned article is for the farm pages, on the arriving food crisis, and I have tons of information. I am not sure I will get to it this week. It has been pretty horrible here, first the THREE INCHES of rain I got last week, and now this miserable cold rain which was originally supposed to be a 20 percent chance and less than a tenth of an inch, but has been going on for six hours now and is up to a quarter. We have more miserable weather on the way—don't kid yourself or believe the lies and propaganda from the weather people. It is totally geoengineered, both the totally anomalous cold for the eastern two-thirds of the country, and the anomalous heat and drought for the west coast. I will speak more of that with the food crisis, but here are a couple maps, first from the Climate Change Institute at the University of Maine, from November 1, 2019, then from the NWS Climate Prediction Center, posted November 4, for the period of November 10 through 14, 2019. Dane, of course, has a lot to say about all this on this weekend's broadcast, but it was a post by his regular community member, a retired journalist from one of the big papers, and I forget which—The Washington Post maybe, or The New York Times. One of the big ones. First, here is the link to Dane: Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, November 2, 2019

Weather Anomalies Map, November 1, 2019

Climate Prediction Center, November 10 through 14, 2019

I have been going through an extremely unsettled mental and spiritual period, which often means a breakthrough, and I believe it came this morning. In the comments section from Dane's broadcast, V. Susan Ferguson posted an article by John Whitehead, who I am completely familiar with, and whose spot-on articles I have linked on this site. This one deals with the movie They Live. Now, that movie is one of those that keeps showing up in my life, and urging me to watch it. This time it was compelling. It is about Aliens masquerading as humans who have been able to create a reality of total hallucinations while they broadcast constant subliminal messages, such as "SUBMIT," "OBEY," "MARRY AND REPRODUCE," "STAY ASLEEP"—any of this sound familiar? Neither Susan or John would be considered "woo-woo," as people such as myself are sometimes called. Although, I must admit that the whole idea of alien interference is embraced by more and more unlikely people. John Whitehead is with the Rutherford Institute, which provides legal assistance to people who are being treated illegally by the government. What a horrible thing that we even should need such an organization. It's all wrong—everything on this planet, which is one of the many reasons I absolutely have zero doubt whatsoever that we ARE being run by aliens. Here is the link to Whitehead's article.
They Live, We Sleep: Beware the Growing Evil in Our Midst
The first sentence reads, "We’re living in two worlds, you and I." Between Two Worlds, eh? And though Whitehead focuses on the symbolic value of the movie, and so do I, there is also a blatant truth in it. Remember, science-fiction is often more "real" than science, because science has become nothing but a big lie, with all these "scientists" being funded by government grants, and so therefore limited (warned) as to what they may reveal of the truth, and it is precious little these days, especially since companies like Monsanto and all these pharmaceutical industries have their own paid scientists to lie for them. I say, very often, as you know, that not only science-fiction, but fairy tales, folk tales, fantasies, and the BIBLE reveal hidden truths in a careful way so that only those "wearing the sunglasses" know it is not make believe or just symbolic.

After you have read John's article, and PLEASE DO, then watch the movie. As you all know, I am not a movie watcher, don't own a TV, and keep my twelve-dollar Walmart speakers in a plastic bag until I need them which is not often. But this was compelling. I struggled over it for days, then found a version, online of the movie that my prehistoric computer with the teeny-tiny hard drive and almost no RAM, could actually play. It is from Internet Archive, an organization that I use ALL THE TIME. They are like Project Gutenberg, but way WAY bigger. If you want a rare digitized book and no one else has it for free, they probably do. And they have movies, too. You have to create an account, but that is OK—they are safe and it is FREE. Here is the link. This movie is from 1988, and if you have not seen it, IT IS A MUST, and if you have seen it, watch it again. It will be going on my Home page to replace The Minds of Men that has been there forever. And all this stuff is available on my Recommended Links page, found on the left-hand column of my Home page, and the bottom of my Book Reviews page.

They Live

This is one of those films that will stick with me and provide food for thought for a long, long time. I will find myself mentally referring back to it, as I do with The Matrix and The Wizard of Oz. I literally sat and watched it with gaping mouth, eyes glued to the screen, saying, OMG! and realizing just how appropriate it all is. The fact that John Nada has to beat the living shit out of his friend Frank to get him to put on the sunglasses to see the world as it really is speaks volumes to those of us working SO HARD to get people to wake up. Dane's people will vouch for this, too. If I had a dollar for every person I gave my web address and Dane's address to that NEVER checked out either, I would be a wealthy woman. And why is that? BECAUSE WE ARE BEING MIND CONTROLLED. We have the sleeping masses who DO NOT know, nor do they WANT to know the truth, and are easily distracted by everything BUT the truth. Then we have those who know damn well the truth of our situation, but CHOOSE to go along because, well, hey, they are making LOTS of money by going along. Then we have those in our midst who are anything but human, and they are in high positions, positions of power, or masquerading as our "normal" friends. When you begin to awaken, you no longer need the sunglasses, you can spot them a mile away. I have been dealing with several of them the past few weeks, which has left me drained to the bone. None of this is fiction. They Live with us now and have for eons.

Right at the end of the movie, Holly says to Nada, "You can't fight it." I will let you watch the movie and see if that proves to be true. This is a much more satifying movie than The Matrix, which got goofy and lost its power by the second and concluding sequel. This one ends with a firm positive statement, and has provided me with more ideas to use in my shamanic explorations. And I believe we ARE fighting it and waking up more and more people, and once we SEE it through our naked eye the "man behind the curtain," he becomes powerless. DISCLOSURE, DISCLOSURE, DISCLOSURE. I want to SEE IT, with or without sunglasses, then it will no longer be just a hunch or theory. It will be a physical reality and therefore, can be dealt with, even as we are stuck in the physical world.

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