Holding Them Accountable

I had planned to write a Farm article next, but decided on a follow-up to Understanding the Nature of Our Imprisonment. But a Between Two Worlds will follow on the heels of this one—at least that's the game plan but I try not to plan more than a day in advance. I am aiming for early next week, so as always, check my Home Page. It will also be a follow-up. I have volumes to write about of both the physical and non-physical world, and indeed, if we are to survive the obliteration of this planet, or, I should say, this reality, we must learn to toggle freely "between two worlds." We must not only exist and plan for the new dimension to which we are moving, but be a driving force to get there. The people that only believe in the "physical reality" and do not have the vision to see beyond it, in many cases have an outlook of doom with few alternatives. Yes, I absolutely believe THIS world will be gone, and we must work hard to evolve beyond it so we are ready to step into the next as it becomes available and it is available NOW.

I realize the vast majority of people believe they will die and go home to their "god," but I ask this question: Why would you want to go to a god that requires death to meet him? It seems to me that would be a Reptilian god who has brainwashed us and stolen our memories to make us forget that we are immortal. Jesus was NOT into death, he was into LIFE. Did he ever make anyone die? No, he brought dead people back to life and taught his disciples to do the same. And when he finally left this planet to be with his "father," he was completely alive and in a physical body. Now, think about that I believe he was an alien to who came here to help us recover our memories, then went back to his home planet or dimension. I've thought that for a long time.

In any case, I am finally beginning to get caught up on some of my projects, most notably that I have now all but a few of my 40 fruit bushes into their permanent places outside, and have finally tidied up the greenhouse so that I can actually function in there. Normally, even in these past abnormal years, I have nearly everything planted by the end of July, and then it is mostly maintenance work, plus fall planting. This year, all spring was SO FUCKING COLD, then the summer was SO FUCKING WET that I am just now feeling like the end of July. Two days ago, I FINALLY cleaned off my porch table and brought out my crayons and coloring books. I look SO forward each year to coloring on the porch because the natural light is so conducive to being artistic. And so this will launch me on what I want to discuss today.

The saying "A good offense is the best defense" doesn't only apply to sports. So many people are waking up to the total lies and corruption of the government media, corporations, military, health industry, and so on and that is very good. Even Dane mentions frequently now that more and more people are seeing the truth about climate engineering. But even better, more and more people are taking that a step further and seeing beyond this false reality andknowing that we are and always have been controlled by an alien race. The physical world is only a mirror, a symbol, or even the symptom of what is going on in the non-physical world and/or off-planet. As above, so below. That comes from The Kybalion, and if you have not read it, I strongly suggest you do. The link to the FREE eBook is on that page.

And so, in my last article I gave everyone some information and understanding all the ways we are being held prisoner on this planet. In this article, I will talk more about how to deal with it. Of course, it is important for us to be free, but for the past several months, I have reversed the situation and have begun "attacking" them so to speak. We are seeing more and more people turning the tables and demanding Restoration, Restitution, Vindication, and Disclosure at the physical level. In the last article I provided a link to a group of people who are suing Huston because the floodwaters were diverted to their "lesser" neighborhoods to save th city. And now, OMG, just look at the Bahamas. I will speak more in depth on that later.

Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth is making more and more headway into proving that the official narrative of that disaster was a total lie and cover up.
Fire Did Not Cause 3rd Tower’s Collapse on 9/11, New Study Finds

Indigenous Americans are finally claiming their rights.
The Cherokee Nation wants a representative in Congress, taking the US government up on a promise it made nearly 200 years ago
And here's another interesting one that shows that more and more people are ready to turn the tables.
Our Ruling Elites Have No Idea How Much We Want to See Them All in Prison Jumpsuits
But again, as I have been saying we do not HAVE a decade, Maybe a year, and the collapse will be due to the climate. But the rest of the article, I believe, does reflect the growing hatred of the general population towards the people in power.

And here, we go back to Hurricane Dorian and a video just posted by Dane showing, indisputably, how microwave towers are able to manipulate the weather. Period. You would have to be a moron to not see and understand this, so it is essential that you watch this video, especially if you are in the Carolinas or in the path of this monster.
Hurricane Dorian, Should We Continue To Expect The Unexpected?
And while I do absolutely and unequivocally believe that these demons can and do decide who gets what weather, I am a little less convinced of their omnipotence. Dane and I will never agree on such things, but I still maintain that this reality is false and simulated. And the most powerful weapon we have is our minds, which of course is why we have been mind-controlled all these eons. So now, as I said, we must be active in both worlds, and activism, such as these example show, is necessary. But what we do with our minds ultimately will have the greater impact, as we are moving out of the third dimension, into one where our reality will be totally a projection of our minds. Practice using your mind to create!!

And as an aside before I continue, I want to mention that someone posted on Dane's site that Jeffrey Epstein's sex island was hit by Dorian, and suggested that was why the hurricane was steered in that direction, but I looked that up and it really was not in direct hit, number one, and number two, the FBI had already raided it. Now, let us see what they do with all the information they have collected.

What I have been doing, especially when I feel like "they" are attacking me, as in sending me one distraction after another, or doing something that is downright dangerous to me, I immediately tap into "offense" mode, in other words, I go after THEM. I have made a mental list of items on my "Restoration, Restitution, Vindication, and Disclosure" agenda and I begin to recite them. Remember, they can and do read our minds and know our thoughts. That's why it is SO important to watch where your mind goes, or you will find yourself manifesting what you do not want because they are pulling the strings. Anyways, let's take RESTORATION. OK, so they have destroyed nearly everything that is mine. My once thriving farm is now a mostly infertile piece of land laden with toxic metals, under water, and in shambles. As is most of the planet now. Add to that, our bodies that are suffering greatly. We are so dehydrated now that, I cannot believe the amount of water I must drink. And I am not even thirsty, but I know when I get dehydrated, I get fatigued, light-headed, and have difficulty concentrating. AH! Don't you think all those extremely desiccant aluminum particles we are eating and breathing are there for a reason? And my animals that have died, and the ones now struggling to stay healthy, which they are not, pets and wild animals—all the planet is struggling with their health. And what about all the money they have stolen from us, between the govenment, who has literally drained us dry, plus insurance companies, banks, and corporations? Most people are not even aware of all the little ways they take what is not theirs, and worse, to use against us!! Make a mental list and recite it. It will also keep you fired up, and when you are fired up, they have much less chance of messing with you. Always let them know you are completely aware of their game. Be one step ahead of them at all times.

And so, I start mentally listing ALL that THEY need to restore, and I hold them accountable in my mind. Remember, and this has been proven through quantum physics, that thoughts are energy particles that are dispersed and picked up by others. That is what the "Hundredth Monkey" story proved. But we don't need that story because we witness collective consciousness 24/7 and though we may not be aware, our thoughs CAN AND DO go out into the world and influence the global mind. So be very careful what you think, especially now, as the frequency fences are being dismantled.

And what about all the non-physical aspects they have stolen or destroyed. They destroyed our DNA and our memory during the Invasion. That was a pretty big deal. But even now, they have stolen my summer, and I am truly angry about that. They have stolen my precious time that could have been put to productive use, but instead I spent nearly the ENTIRE summer dealing with weather disasters. They have stolen my mind. I have worked hard to recover what I can, and I will continue to do that until I am fully restored, but I look back now, as I start to remember my original abilities, and think about how far we all could have advanced had we not been messed with. I have had my energy stolen from me, energy that should have been used to create the reality of my choice. And so, when they start messing with me, I turn around and make demands.

We need to start demanding RESTITUTION. All the ways in which these evil beings have gained and benefitted from using us as their energetic slaves needs to be taken from them and returned to us. THEY need to be made powerless, as they have made us powerless for so many eons. They need to make restitution for all the damage they have done, not only to the planet, but off-planet as well. Hold these thoughts in your hearts and minds. Positive and beneficial thoughts will be soaked up by those who have suffered for so long because so many are looking for answers and solutions. I guarantee, it will make a difference, both in the way they try to control us individually and as a population.

VINDICATION. Ah, there is one we really need to make right. SO many people have suffered mentally, physically, socially—we have been made to look like fools and liars, those us us speaking the truth. We don't have many friends. That's why Dane's site is such a good place to go. We are all suffering the same ostracism when WE are the ones who have awakened to many truths. One of Dane's community members wrote of speaking to some people about climate engineering, and suddenly being made to feel as if he was radioactive. That's a good way to describe it. I was in the local farm shop in Ravenna where I go very often and said something to the cashier who waits on me all the time. At first, she laughed at me, and said, "Oh, you're not talking about chemtrails are you?" Then she proceeded to "explain" to me that they were just vapor trails, and I cut her off and said, "No, I am talking about climate engineering." When she realized she could not laugh me off, then she began to wave her arms to shut me up!! OMG. I suddenly felt as if I had sprouted red horns and a pitchfork. FUCKING MORON. It is those people, and there are millions of them, that I want to see writhe and squirm when the truth finally comes out. I live for the day of VINDICATION.

And along with that come DISCLOSURE, and not only what is going on ON PLANET, but especially what is going on OFF PLANET, and the truth about alien interference. THEN they will be made impotent and we will be free. Do not ever forget that our MINDS are the most powwerful weapon we have, and we need to nurture them and hone them and cultivate their focused activity to be used to get rid of this foul force.

I want to close this article with yet another blog from Lisa Renee, who has lately been very much in sync with what I write about. She, too, sees the inevitability and imminence of disclosure and it could not happen soon enough as far as I am concerned. And remember, we cannot move on to a place of higher frequency while still bearing the burden of these lies. The ones who have perpetrated them need to be made accountable.
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