This Hell Called Planet Earth

This Saturday I did something I had never done before: I sat down and listened to Dane's Global Alert News shortly after it was posted. I don't think I have ever heard him sound so distraught. I also have a lot to cover, so this will be another long article. Read it in sections if you need to, or read it a couple times, but please absorb this material and never stop connecting the dots.

As I have mentioned before, the one huge difference between Dane's philosophy and mine is that he gives too much power to what we perceive as physical reality without taking into consideration that there are WAY more unseen forces at work, on both sides, than what we are aware of with our five senses. There is now a battle of Biblical proportions being waged off-planet, and what we are seeing is a reflection of that. And so I do NOT give the controllers the level of power that some people do.

We must be open to the, not possibility but probability, that events we see as another step towards utter destruction, actually may benefit our cause. Dane focused this last news report on the coronavirus, and I will share his info and what I have also gathered. HOWEVER, we have witnessed these panics before, and many just fizzle out. I could be totally wrong, but I believe this will be the case here. But the question of why is still up for grabs. It could be that it in fact is an accidentally escaped virus from a bio-lab, with perhaps another purpose than to cause a global pandemic. If it were to do that, then the scumballs of the earth, like the majority of the population in Washington D.C. would also be at risk. Perhaps it is just another false flag event meant to scare people into getting vaccines and shots which probably now contain even more toxic or mind-controlling substances, or maybe even Elon Musk's brain chips. Because every time I see photos, I think, there is something fishy, or staged going on. Plus, when you consider global populations, the number of deaths have been miniscule. And, with all the modern-day travel, does it seem like it is spreading rapidly? It does not, to me. We shall see where this all goes.

Now let's consider something else. Those controllers who are off-planet can use their technology to manipulate our reality, but so can those who are our allies. I just today literally had something disappear, and when that happens, I know I am being targeted. In fact, I have had a shitty week of being targeted and have accomplished little. So now, let's say that it is OUR allies who have orchestrated this. Yep, always a possibility. What good would that do? Well, even in Bringers of the Dawn, it was predicted that an event would happen that would suddenly kill a vast number of people, which would FINALLY trigger an awakening. But there is another huge benefit. Just look at all these flights being cancelled. GROUND ALL AIR TRAFFIC. It WILL happen, one way or another. That will be the end game for those in power. No air traffic, no war, no climate engineering, which in itself will open the skies suddenly to the atrocity that has been going on. And even those who have NEVER noticed that they are spraying the living hell out of us, will notice when the sun finally appears again, especially here in Ohio, where the last even remotely sunny day we've had was on January 7. There have been only two other days the entire month of January that we have had sunshine, those being January 1 and 6, and a peek on January 14 and 20. On January 22, they must have mis-measured the amounts of surfactants in their toxic brew, because the whole atmosphere smelled like laundry detergent. All the other days have been this THICK mass of greyish white toxic shit that often floats down in the form of poison fog, or a constant wetness in the air. Out of 30 days this month, it has rained/snowed,sleeted/drizzled, or misted on 18. I keep records, you know, since 1994, and I strongly recommend you all do. It will provide more evidence when you do your activist work. I KNOW that here in Ohio, just ONE day of not spraying will make a drastic change, because even a little break from it allows peeks of sunshine almost immediately. But we have NOT had a break from it, and I do not even want to IMAGINE just how much toxic shit is being dropped on us, but I am sure the amount is incomprehensible.

And so, that brings us to the helicopter crash that killed Kobe Bryant. Here is an updated report.
Los Angeles Lakers get together for first time since learning of Kobe Bryant's death
OMG, just look at that wreckage! At least none of the occupants would have suffered, because it appears they all would have been killed instantly, and I have not heard otherwise. But again, we have to look at the wake-up call. Was it really fog? Or was it layers and layers and layers of this thick toxic shit that people from all over the planet are now experiencing. Solar Radiation Management. Dimming the Sun. Do these people actually believe that life on earth can continue with that over our heads? But, again, let's go back to grounding all air traffic. Does it not seem inevitable that at some point, probably soon, NOTHING will be able to fly because, seriously, who can navigate through THAT? And that would be something positive to come out of all this. Never allow yourselves to forget that there are forces at work here that even the most conscious of us are not aware of. And THOSE are the forces that WILL steer this war to our victory. We must continue putting out thoughts, constantly, because those thoughts have an energy of their own, and are more powerful than anything in the physical world.

I now want to return to Dane's broadcast, linked above, about the bio-labs. I believe I found one of the articles in which he perhaps gathered some of his information. And USA Today is a fairly mainstream publication, wouldn't you say?
Inside America's secretive biolabs
The article talks about how lab animals that had been infected with their dealy experiments accidentally escaped. Even infected cattle that were "accidentally" sold to meat processors. Accidentally?? My opinion is that NO ONE should be eating animals, and NO ANIMAL should be used in any of these labs. Period. If these people want to play their deadly games, they can use their own bodies to experiment upon. Here are a couple more articles. Last year, or maybe the year before, I had written about Plum Island, where AIDS and Lyme Disease "accidentally" escaped. The info is out there for anyone that really wants to know the truth and I hope that applies to all my faithful readers. And I double-thank all of you who are reading my book reviews. Read, read, read, because you never know where the next clue will come from, and clues are EVERYWHERE!
Over 100 U.S. Labs Secretly Carrying Out Illegal & Dangerous Biological Warfare Experiments
Russia claims US running secret bio weapons lab in Georgia
And don't you wonder about this one?? Hmmmm.
Acclaimed Harvard Scientist Is Arrested, Accused Of Lying About Ties To China
These so-called "experts" are mostly all evil, I would imagine. There is an interesting conversation about Dr. Mercola in the comments from Dane's broadcast. I remember when that happened because I had copied and pasted parts of the interview in an article. Then when I tried to check the link, it had disappeared. I believe I emailed Dane on that one, too, and he told me what happened, as he explains in this week's comments. Remember the movie, They Live. Just HOW MANY real people will be left, once we put on those sunglasses? The truth is coming out all over the place. And more and more people that one would not suspect, are getting wise to the Alien thing. BaneB, who is an older man, and regular contributor, noted that AI was Artificial Intelligence AND Alien Invasion. I never thought of that, but of course it is true, and I am glad that sort of thing is showing up in Dane's community.
Airlines around the world are suspending flights to China as the coronavirus spreads
Coronavirus Infections Climb, Thousands Held on Cruise Ship in Italy Over Infection Fears
That is not the original article I had saved. The Weather Channel has a bad habit of updating and adding to old articles without saving the original, but the reason I saved it was that it mentioned the "wild animal sales," and I wondered, WTF?
Coronavirus outbreak's fast spread of "great concern" to global health officials
And here is another that made me scratch my head in wonder. Why would people be out shopping in a health crisis????
Japan tourism company faces 20,000 cancellations from coronavirus outbreak
And I cannot IMAGINE how anyone could even set foot in Japan, with Fukushima. And the Olympics!!! OMG, people SERIOUSLY need to get their priorities in line with reality.

I next want to just mention some points from Dane's broadcast from the notes I took. You can do further research, and listen to his show at his site. He played a clip of Ken Caldeira speaking about climate engineering, he being, along with David Keith, the two main PAID LIARS for the government on this subject. Anyways, THIS was not a lie, when he said ON THE RECORD that they can and DO put pathogens in the clouds when they spray. This was also discussed in The Minds of Men, I believe, and I think Frankenskies, too. Poor or minority communities have been targeted for "experiments" for years. Dane has spoken of it too, and he said the Army has conducted "239 open air experiments." He spoke of an "outbreak: in Washington state, but that they "had prepared." So, in other words, it was no secret that the population would be doused with bio-warfare ingredients. He mentioned a quote by Kissinger that "depopulation should be the highest priority," and one from Zbigniew Brzezinski that states, "previously it was easier to control a million people rather than killing them, now it is easier to kill them." These are our leaders, keep in mind. How can ANYONE be STUPID enough to trust ANY OF THESE PEOPLE?? He also pointed out that the whales, which are all dying, have an intelligence level greater than humans. It wouldn't take much these days. And he stated that there are globally 450 nuclear facilities, which I believe he meant as in Fukushima times 450. And that is a certainty when the grids go down and all hell breaks loose. Just be aware so you know what needs your energy. Knowledge is power, and I have seen too many potential apocalyptic scenarios suddenly stopped.

He also mentioned Trump's repeal of water protection. Fucking Moron no longer even describes that man. He is just plain evil to the core.
'This Will Be the Biggest Loss of Clean Water Protection the Country Has Ever Seen': Trump Finalizes Clean Water Rule Replacement
If you do not read any other of the links I have provided, and I hope you do, please read this one. And he is the one who went around claiming that American has the cleanest water and air in the world, when in fact, study after study has proven that America's drinking water is contaminated. And add to that, all the tons and tons and tons of toxic shit falling from the skies EVERY DAY . . . . And people STILL believe the lies. And that is why I say, there WILL be a massive crisis, orchestrated by our thoughtforms and off-planet allies, which will lead to a great awakening. And I believe it will happen soon.

The last thing I want to cover is the weather, and some of the points Dane made in his broadcast. Such as Raytheon and their "scheduled weather," the geoengineered cool-downs that are purposely confusing the ignorant public, and meteorologists, especially The Weather Channel making up totally absurd and ridiculous explanations for the accelerating anomalies taking place on our planet. Like all those birds that dropped dead, 200, I believe—just fell out of the sky. The official explanation was that they were being pursued by a predatory bird. Anyone with at least one functioning brain cell would find that preposterous.

Here are some things I have observed recently. There has been tiny patches of snow all over my yard, mostly the driveway for ages, despite the fact that we have gone FIVE days with above freezing temperatures. These are not thick chunks, they are barely a coating. I can always tell when they overdose us on the silver iodide, which affects my skin greatly. I want to point out that even in my teen years, I always had clear skin, and never a cold sore or anything of that nature. NOW, when they give us such a massive dose, as happened yesterday, as they were apparently DETERMINED to get us below freezing, I go out and as soon as the air touches my skin, I feel like it is burning. This morning I woke up with the side of my lip cracked and oozing. Yuk. And I had finally gotten it healed from the onslaught we suffered through most of the month of January.

And here's another WTF. When we had that extremely wet mushy deluge that turned into nearly an INCH of liquid precipitation (remember, an inch of snow approximately equals a tenth-of-an-inch of liquid), it froze in my driveway like stalagmites. It was so thick and gelatinous that it never smoothed down from the track of my tires! Then it froze, hard. I thought, one of these days that is going to puncture my tires. Well, Sunday I had to run an errand, and when I got to the end of my long drive, I was like, what the hell. So I got out and I was literally on the rim. Of course, my can of Fix-a-Flat that I dutifully carry was frozen, and even warming it up did no good, but this tire was so gone, I doubt if it would have helped. SO I waited until Monday and called Van's Tire where I always buy used tires for $45, and they had one waiting for me. I had AAA tow me because I needed to be in Alliance anyways and I still had four tows available through March when my membership renewal is due. Anyways, the young tow truck driver, Logan, knew me so we talked on the way. Well, I talked about what is going on in the skies. He has a farm, and really listened to what I was saying. He finally said, "Wow, you have really given me something to think about." So, something good came out of it. Anyways, it turned out the tire they saved for me was defective, which is the first time that ever happened, so they put my spare on , PLUS fixed the valve leak in my other one all for $18. But I still need a tire. Of course, I lost two days when I could have gotten things accomplished.

I mentioned this in my last article, but I want to focus more on it now. For almost the entire month, we have gotten a deluge, ALWAYS over the weekend, either Friday-Saturday, or Saturday-Sunday, resulting in close to an inch of rain followed by snow to bring the total up to at least an inch of liquid precipitation. WHY is it SO important that we, and most of us in the Ohio-Tennessee Valley-Great Lakes and Northeast region get SO MUCH RAIN??? WHY??? And again, I urge everyone to buy a rain gauge, keep records and buy other weather equipment. I am thinking of getting a barometer at some point, because this high pressure—WAY high pressure that so many are talking about has me even more concerned.

I want to point out what makes these "systems" even more anomalous, if you know what to observe. EVERY "cold front" has been preceded by a "warm front." In other words, they "allow" the temps to rise by not spraying for a couple days, then drag all that moisture up from the Gulf, dump tons and tons of silver iodide into it, and drown the shit out of us. The heat is followed by intense cold and very high—frighteningly high winds. Become proficient at reading weather maps and data. I doubt that many are. DO NOT rely on meteorologists because THEY ARE LYING. Here are some things to get you started, and my favorite resource is the QPF maps at the NWS. All these systems we have suffered througth this month here in the East were actually ONE system being recycled, I don't care what cutsie name it was labelled. They gather moisture from the Gulf, push it North/Northeast, then drag it down the East Coast, and push it back North again, in one continuous circle. I have watched them do it all month. But it seems the pattern has broken. It is my understanding that they must have something "natural" to work with—certain conditions that will work.

Here are a series of maps for today, January 30, beginning with Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, then Days 4-5 and Days 6-7. They are updated every twelve hours. Here in the east, 12Z is 7 a.m and 00Z is 7 p.m.. After the time change, it will run 8-2. The morning maps run 7 a.m. to 7 a.m. and the afternoon maps run 7 p.m. to 7 p.m.. So they cover 24 hours, except the last two which cover 48 hours. One thing I have found disturbing is that lately they carry one day's map to the next day with little change. There used to be a great deal of change, because, trying to pinpoint rainfall totals that far in advance should require adjustment. Apparently Raytheon thinks they have is all under control.

Well, they don't. This past week, they have struggled to make the rain do what they want it to do, and though we are supposed to get rain, as least on Saturday, it does not appear to be the normal deluge. I have watched them all week with this "system," They keep trying to push it North up through the Tennessee-Ohio Valleys, but it wants to drop Southeast. And remember how The Weather Channel, all last weekend kept going on and on about the terrible wintry mess we were all supposed to have. That never materialized either. At worse, we just had a string of DARK drizzly days that hovered in the mid-thirties.

Here is the Quantitative Precipitation Forecasts page, and it covers the 48 states. The images posted here are for this afternoon, January 30, in other words, 7 p.m. today to 7 p.m. Friday for Day 1, and so on. You can see in Day 1, all the rain along the east coast moving towards the Gulf. The very light green is less than a tenth-of-an-inch. But rather than coming up the Valley, it heads off the East Coast, which you can see in Day 2. In Day 3, they are trying another tactic, bring cold air down from the North, but that still wants to evade most of Ohio. In the bottom two, which remember, cover 48 hours, they are once again trying to push all that moisture up from the Gulf, this time combining it with moisture from the West. But in Days 6-7, the very last one, we see, at least at this point, it breaks up again, dropping between a quarter and a half of an inch of rain over 48 hours, the rest drifting off the East-Southeast Coast. I follow these religiously, and when you become familiar with them, they provide a wealth of information into the minds of those trying to control the weather, but are not always successful. Pay attention and practice reading maps.

Day 2

Day 1

Day 3

Day 6-7

Day 4-5

I had much more to share, but this will have to do for now. No matter what they are attempting to do to us, we must NEVER let up, especially in our thoughts and minds. They KNOW how powerful our minds are, and yet we still do not. I never underestimate the power of determination, and we have the opportunity, right now, to accomplish our task—our mission. I do NOT want to EVER have to live another lifetime here, at least under Alien control. And I'll bet you do not either. Our number one immediate task—GROUND ALL AIR TRAFFIC. Send that message out over and over. Energy often has a strange way of materializing, and in this case, perhaps we just need to let it go and do its thing, but it MUST be done.

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