Groundhog Day

As in the movie starring Bill Murray, his character wakes up every morning, no matter what has happened the day before, and finds that it is still the same day. But during the day, many important things happen. The Bible article I just published, In The World But Not Of It, I shared some reasons I will no longer be writing many regular articles. At least for a while, I will be sticking with Bible articles, and there is certainly enough material there to keep me supplied, especially since I integrate them with current events. However, the other reason is that there just has not been anything worth reading on the news sites, Honestly, I have felt like every day on the news is a repeat of the day before. For a while, things were moving, such as all the climate stuff, most of which did more damage than good. And even worse, the pages were filled with who was running for president in 2020. We may not be around in 2020. I strongly suggest that we need to deal with the present. I had noticed that many of the sites were running OLD STORIES. Like from months ago. On the front page. Very strange. Even more disheartening, some of the alternative news sites that I at least find more honest than MSM sites, have begun running lots of disinformational news, particularly concerning the climate. I am talking Common Dreams and Truth Dig especially, and even Waking Times, which I have to admite I don't like that much. All three of these sites have linked Dane's material at some point, but now it seems they are naming everything BUT climate engineering as the cause of the weather disasters we, now the entire planet, are facing on a regular basis. And so, I have to wonder if they are not getting government funding, which would come with stipulations, of course. In other words, they have sold out. I read, and I believe posted it here, a while back, that all these so-called environmental groups, supposedly fighting the government, are receiving funding from them. It's that saying about keeping your enemies close.

But then, over the past couple days, all that stuff brewing in the background has begun to make its way to the news sites, whether they want it there or not. The whole thing with Michael Cohen is BIG BIG BIG. Let us hope that everyone, and that would be probably thousands of people, who have a legitimate grudge against the bastard in the White House, will now come forward. I am waiting, waiting, waiting for the day when TRUTH pours out, and once it starts, it will flow for a long, long time. Disclosure is what I live for now. The lies are burying us to the top of our heads. For once in this planet's civilized history, we NEED to know the TRUTH about EVERYTHING, from all the illegal activities of the global governments, militaries, and disgustingly wealthy people, how they have STOLEN from us, SPIED on us, MIND-CONTROLLED us, and are plotting to KILL us. Then we will understand alien interference. Knowledge is power, and I want the power to GET THE HELL OFF THIS PLANET. Hear that, everyone. We have work to do NOW, so let's get 'er done and be off. Incidentally, this article is a follow up to my last article, Sensational, so if you have not read that yet, please do.

Anyways, I have TONS of stuff to share, starting with an amazing little tool I have discovered through the folks at Dane's site, but this one actually works well on my ancient computer. And it is something we can ALL use when people argue with us when we try to tell them that the streaks in the sky are being sprayed by military planes. It is a flight tracker, and I have it set to Northeast Ohio, but you can set it for anywhere in the world. Remember, military planes are unmarked and cannot be tracked. I learned that from Dane's site, too. And it is true. I have been following this for over a week now, and though my skies are filled with toxic goo, I HAVE YET TO SEE A PLANE TRACKED OVER MY HOUSE. This morning I saw a plane off to my north, spraying like hell. Nope—not on the tracker. Just now, as I write, a little private plane, of which there are many around here, and even a skydiving school up the road, flew over, and YEP, that was on the tracker. See how it works? More fuel for our fire, and we need to stoke harder than ever. I get very little legitimate air traffic over my house, by the way, except for the little planes. Almost NO passeners jets, which I knew. This tool is an eye opener.
Live Flight Tracker.

OK, so let's start with the most urgent issue in the planet now, that being of course, the weather. Remember how I mentioned slow-kill and fast-kill in my last article? We are heading more towards the latter. Sunday the east got battered with hurricane force winds, inland. We were "forecast" (scheduled) to have gusts near 70 mph. OMG!! In Ohio!!! Fortunately, the gusts here hit later at night, when they had died down a little, but many people had over 50 mph, and that's bad enough. The Weather Channel website said Snowshoe WV got hit with 88 mph gusts. UNBELIEVABLE. And also fortunately, we were spared the deluge, but some of the mid-Atlantic and southern states are under water. One report said the rivers were "swollen beyond recognition." We will all be like that, rivers or no rivers, because anytime is the sun dares to show its face, it is covered up. This morning when I took the dogs for a walk, the sky was clear and the moon and stars were shining. The sun came up with a vengeance, but now it is covered over. And you think we're gonna warm up any time soon? Think again. Here are some maps from the NWS Climate Prediction Center,
the first two for March 5-9, temperatures and precipitation probabilities, (6-10 Day Outlook); the second for March 7-13 (8-14 Day Outlook).

6-10 Day Outlook

6-10 Day Outlook

8-14 Day Outlook

8-14 Day Outlook

You can see that as long as it stays extremely cold here in the east, they will not deluge us, but on the second map, where the probabilities for below normal temperatures lessen, we also, once again, can expect rain. We are not allowed to see the sun, or to have any semblance of nice weather. I am beginning to dread spring and summer. I honestly don't know how much more of this rain I can take. How evil can this get? This cannot be human, and I don't believe it is.

Anyways, back to the disaster on Sunday—of course power was out all over the place, but not at my house and for once I did not have downed trees. My Vonage phone service went out, however—the first time in eleven years! I believe my woods provides me a sort of windbreak, at least compared to those on higher ground with no protection, but I don't count on it because they can do whatever they damn well please to us UNTIL WE TAKE BACK CONTROL OF THIS PLANET. The reporting station at Akron Fulton International Airport was down until later yesterday afternoon, so the NWS did not have up-to-date data from them, which covers most of Portage and Summit counties. Our local forecasts were updated but the NWS is so full of shit, I trust little of what they say.

And of course, as you can see by the maps, it is SO FUCKING COLD. I dread taking the dogs out because no matter how much I wear, I freeze. I usually have on 2-3 pairs of socks, a tee shirt, long-sleeved shirt and sweatshirt and sweatpants, plus a hoodie, insulated coat and heavy gloves. Sometimes the only thing I can do to warm up is sit in a hot tub.

And the west coast. OMG, I think it is even worse out there. My heart breaks for California. Here is a recent article:
Russian River rises to 45 feet, turning California town into an island
And Flagstaff, Arizona had nearly 40 INCHES of snow on Friday. Stuff like this just short-circuits my mind. Of course, people get hurt, killed, stranded, etc., because they are not paying attention. We need to be terrified of this. It is being orchestrated by psychopaths and the only means of survival is to BE AWARE.

Everyone needs to check out Dane's broadcast from last Saturday.
Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, February 23, 2019, #185.
Even if you don't listen to it, please read the community comments. There are so many good ones, and Dane has SO many intelligent followers. I especially noted the one from Gail, Yellowhead County, Alberta, from February 24, 3:31 pm., about all the dead fish and dolphins washing up. Paul Vonharnish has got to be one of the best. He has done SOOOO much research. There has to be a way to get together and make use of his legal knowledge. He keeps saying that filing lawsuits doed no good. We should be filing criminal charges. That WILL come but it needs to come sooner. He also did a lot of research into silver iodide, which is one of the ingredients in the Knollenberg Patent for chemically nucleated ice, of which, I am sure tons of it, are raining down on us. Imagine if you freeze metal, then touch it. That should give you an idea of why everything feels so fucking cold. The Knollenberg Patent is on Dane's site. I carry a copy of it everywhere I go, and anyone who has a comment about the weather gets to see it whether they want to or not. Here is a link about silver iodide:
Is Cloud Seeding Harmful?
I want to comment about the harmful effects, highlighted in red. Every winter, I suffer with a runny nose and irritated mucous membranes. Two of my cats and one dog have bad coughs. Last year I broke out in the most horrendous skin rash I have ever had, and it lasted forever. This year, I have been buying a petroleum jelly with aloe and vitamin E at Dollar General, the "Rexall" brand. After my evening bath, I rub it all over my skin, and it lasts until my evening bath the next day. It forms a protective coating, and I have not had a rash this year, and I have not ever read about any toxic effects from petroleum jelly. Many of Dane's members have commented on terrible rashes and skin burns this winter. Blue Sue, who lives in Alaska, I believe, where it has been much warmer than the rest of us, has some interesting info about England on her February 27, 9:07 pm comment. There are a number of people from the UK who have also posted. Paul, in his February 25, 7:22 am comment mentions that Greta Thunberg is probably being pimped, and I agree. I think SHE is totally sincere, but too young and naïve to understand the way the world works and just how evil it all is. She has received hate mail, I know, and shot right back. I would like to email her, but I cannot find an address.

Not that I really trust anyone in Washington, but I did call Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and spoke with her secretary, then sent her a long email on climate engineering and why her Green New Deal would not do much good, especially since we do not have the time to implement such a program in time to stop the impending disaster. I think she is more interested in jobs and social reform, not that that isn't good, but jobs won't make a difference when everyone is drowned, burnt up, starving or poisoned. Incidentally, my friend and I have both noticed that there have been way too many empty shelves as our local ALDI stores lately. Red Flag.

There are a couple positive things happening. Several months ago, I found an article from the American Kennel Club:
Fruits & Vegetables Dogs Can and Can’t Eat
I have a nice little chopper I got from ALDI, and I have been making veggie purees to mix with my dogs' food, which they love. I get 3 pound bags of carrots at Marc's and chop a whole bowlful for myself and the dogs. I mix mine with other vegetables, pasta or rice, cottage cheese, and my homemade basil-flavored cider vinegar and non-GMO sunflower oil I get from Walmart. For the dogs, I mix theirs with thawed green beans and sometimes rice, plus plain cider vinegar and the sunflower oil. The vinegar changes their body chemistry to repel fleas, supposedly—we shall see. Plus the carrots are excellent for absorbing toxins and heavy metals in the digestive system. Sometimes I do carrots and oranges for the dogs, and they really like that. Anything citrus or that contains pectin is good for getting rid of heavy metals. Dogs like carrot sticks or chunks, also, in place of rawhide chewies.

Here are some other signs that humanity is taking back control.
In 'Historic Vote,' Ohio City Residents Grant Lake Erie Legal Rights of a Person
'We Refuse to Create Technology for Warfare and Oppression': Microsoft Workers Demand Company End Army Contract
And this last one makes me wonder if there is not more to it than being reported. Interestingly enough, CBS was the ONLY source for it:
More Southwest planes out of commission as airline battles with mechanics
I'd like to see every aircraft across the globe grounded.

As I said, I plan to make articles rare this year, unless something REALLY big happens. But I will continue with Bible articles. I see I have a couple more things I want to share. I had mentioned before about the extremely icy quality of the fake snow this year, and many of Dane's people have noticed it, too, some falling and breaking bones. Some have mentioned an oily quality on their windshields, and I get the "laundry detergent" smell out here all the time, and I don't have close enough neighbors to smell their laundry. Dane has spoken of "surfactants," and no doubt, they are just another of the toxic shit with which we are being doused every day to prolong the cooling effects of the sprays. If people only knew . . . . Here is an article from Wikipedia.

Honestly, it is getting more and more difficult to continue. There is a "force" that rarely leaves me that throws obstacles into nearly everything I try to do, taking me ten times longer to complete even the simplest tasks. And people still don't believe in mind control and alien interference. All I know is that I am SO ready for it to stop and full DISCLOSURE. We all must do our part. Lots of Dane's people are putting up billboards and taking out newspaper ads, with a few lines, a simple image and Dane's site. Disclosure of the atrocity in the sky will break the spell to open full disclosure on everything else. No one is allowed to sit back and do nothing. Everyone has their own unique way to be an activist. PLEASE HELP.

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