The Great Purge

It is inevitable. We all know that. We cannot continue in this state of MASSIVE overpopulation. We do not have a bubonic plague as they did in medieval times, which effectively controlled the population. I have heard that 500 million is an ideal population for this planet. I agree. Will we come down to Darwin's "survival of the fittest? Certainly we are due for an evolution of the species—long overdue. But who is to survive? Those who are pushing the transhumanism agenda? Or those who are heading towards greater spiritual consciousness? Is there an inevitability here? Most of us have believed that spiritual evolution is inevitable. Is it? I am still hedging my bets in that direction.

Pandemics, however, do not pick and choose. Or do they? We know that we are being sprayed with toxins, including bioweapons and it will probably get much worse. However, I continue to stick to MY agenda. Dane is the first one to say that we KNOW, from the history of vaccines that, for instance after the polio vaccine was created, polio cases spiked after they had begun to decline before the vaccine. And we KNOW that it is those who were vaccinated against measles that actually were spreading it. He spoke of all this way back in one of his GAN broadcasts. Childhood diseases are necessary because they boost the human body's natural immune system. Most people have NO immune system these days because at the first sniffle, they run to the doctor and get filled up with drugs. What a completely unnatural and toxic way to live. Do I believe that those who have been filled to the brim with shots and vaccines will be the least immune? Absolutely, but we DO NOT KNOW what they plan to spray on us, so I am in a state of questioning, but not concluding. We should all be living especially wisely and prudently these days. TAKE NOTHING for granted and pay attention to which way the wind blows.

Does part of the NWO include the evolution of a completely new species? A superior human being? Just what is that? Someone who is part 'bot or 'droid? Or someone who has nurtured their spiritual life and is in the process of unlimited expansion of mental capabilities. That's where I am headed, because I KNOW and so do they, that the evolved MIND is SO MUCH MORE POWERFUL than any electronic or computerized device. That's why they are attacking our minds and mental capacities. Work everyday, and even as you sleep to build, build, build that brain!! And eat lots of oranges and apples because they detox and clear the system. I am becoming more and more convinced that they are miracle foods and we are all stuffing on them—me, Molly, and the cats. And I always feel so much more mentally clear when I pour these fruits into my body. I plan to keep it up, because your body naturally eliminates an overload of Vitamin C, and with all the toxins out there, I think I have a long ways to go before I OD. For those who live near Marc's (Great Lakes area), they have really great produce, including three-pound bags of apples last week for $2.00. Aldi, which is working its way to the West Coast, had tiny mandarins, three-pound bags for $1.99, and they are REALLY GOOD. The ads just came out for next week, and they have four-pound bags of oranges for $1.99. Stock up with as much as you can consume without wasting any, and be acutely aware of the movement of the virus into your area. If you see that approaching, make sure you have what you need to last a couple months, but in actuality, I think this will be VERY prolonged. Make a list of what you usually need. Don't forget things like toilet paper and personal items. Be wise and alert!

And I still cannot help but wondering if this was an ooops. Were they developing a vaccine to save the elites? Did the virus escape accidentally?? China seems to be in such a state of panic. Were they planning a release but not ready yet? And as for us, we must keep strong and I highly recommend connecting to Dane's community, whether you post or not. Just knowing you are part of the miniscule segment of the population that is NOT insane and can clearly see the truth through all the lies can be strengthening. Also know that, as horrible as it seems, and I guarantee, will get much worse, a massive purging is absolutely necessary. Even the Pleiadians said that in Bringers of the Dawn. Lisa Renee said at the beginning of the year that 2020 would see massive exits from this planet. The bifurcation of course if what we look for—a splitting of those who are working their way upwards, and those who are spiraling into the mire of evil, apathy, and ignorance. It looks like this potential global pandemic will be the domino that sets off the whole shebang, starting with the stock market, which cannot collapse fast enough as far as I am concerned. I will, for the third time, quote Dane in saying that there will not be a recession this time, but a total collapse. The further removed from relying on money in order to survive you are, the better chance you have to deal with what is coming. What I want more than anything is to see all these evil elites lose everything. The only thing they have going for them, what gives them their power is WEALTH. Without their wealth they are NOTHING. They have no strength of character, no morals ot ethics, and absolutely NO idea of how to live creatively. Theft and corruption are their main means of survival. But when the stock market goes down this time, there will be no bailouts, and certainly NO recovery. We don't know how bad the virus will get, but I expect it will get pretty bad, certainly from a financial standpoint. When everything gets shut down indefinitely, SO MUCH wealth will be lost, it will never be replaced. It isn't real to begin with, just part of the mosaic of lies that have given people this horrendously false pretty image. That NEEDS TO GO. I don't care how difficult it will be to get through, we cannot move forward in any aspect of life on or off this planet while we are imprisoned in such a web of lies. Period. And the other thing is, that when the wealthy elites are put out of power, Alien Interference will greatly suffer, and THAT is MY main goal. Once we free ourselves from the mind-control agenda, whole new ways of living will open to us. DO NOT EVER FORGET THAT. We are unable to see beyond the prison walls at the moment, but that is not forever.

I still have tons a material to share, so I will cram in all I can and plan to do another article in the next several days. I have other projects I am working on, that perhaps are only important to me, but I find that if I plow ahead and keep focused on my agenda, it builds strength and determination. For those who read my book reviews, I have a number of really appropriate ones coming up, in respect to all that is happening. If you have not read
Great Speeches on Gay Rights,
that is an absolute MUST. First, we all should support any type of human rights and constantly fight against discrimination for any group of people being treated with less than equality just because they are in a minority. Provided, of course that their activities do not harm others. Because if we allow discrimination against any group of people, sooner or later we will all find ourselves in a minority, especially with the current racist-bigot in the White House. The window of who is considered "acceptable" is growing smaller and smaller. Soon, light-skinned billionaires will be the only ones with actual rights. Hell, we're there now. Another reason the stock market needs to crash.

And the other thing about the above book is the wealth of historical perspective it provides. WOW!! I spent over two weeks working on it, and the review is quite long. I wrote about all eighteen speeches, but it only takes about five minutes to read. I especially found the information on Harvey Milk SO interesting. He was the first gay to be elected to public, office—on the Board of Supervisors in San Francisco. Not long after giving the "Hope Speech," he was assassinated, along with the mayor of San Francisco, who was not gay but supported gay rights. Dan White, a former Supervisor, killed the mayor, then Harvey. And this is the creepy part: Dan was affiliated with the Jonestown suicides in Guyana, South America, the group of which was originally from San Francisco. WOW, how interesting!! I provided lots of outside links, too. We all need to be well-informed in the history of our country and the world. Growing up in the 60s, I remember so much of this stuff, but of course, did not understand it as I do now. Hindsight is 20/20, they say.

Here are more article on the coronavirus, which, as you certainly know, has NOT been confined to China. I want to mention a comment on Dane's Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, February 22, 2020.
It is by Andrew from Scotland, who publishes a newsletter, and also posts it on Dane's site. I do not always agree with everything he says, but this I do. First he says:

Sam Carana is now also suggesting that humans could become functionally extinct this year . . . "A species can be declared functionally extinct when they are threatened to be wiped out by a catastrophe that appears to be both imminent and inescapable, and which would cause their numbers to dwindle below a critical threshold required for the survival of the species".

Then he says, "The first 1,000 deaths globally took 33 days . . . the next 1,000 deaths took 8 days. The first 1,000 cases outwith [sic] China took 38 days . . . the next 1,000 cases will probably take 7 days (to 27th Feb)." And as for China, he says:

China's GDP has shrunk so much that their greenhouse gas emissions have been cut by a quarter—thus speeding up abrupt climate change and global heating, due to the decrease in global dimming. The lack of air traffic over China has also increased global heating.

He posted that on February 23, 11:13 a.m.. Sam Carana is at Arctic News. Here is their latest.
Arctic Ocean February 2020
Just LOOK at the global anomalies. As usual, the most anomalously COLD place on the planet is in North America, although this year it has shifted north considerably, probably because we are just too hot any farther south to cool us down, even with spraying every day. And Andrew is right—when they stop spraying, we WILL heat up considerably, but if we do not STOP IT NOW, there will be no chance whatsoever of survival. That window is closing fast. I would rather bear with the heat now, with the assumption that we DO NOT KNOW how long it will take the planet to begin the process of healing and self-regulation. Plus the fact that, as stated above, once we are free of the Alien Agenda, we will rediscover our power of creation. I think those of us who have pursued this path will find ourselves delighted.

Anyways, on to coronavirus news. First, the Cruise from Hell. This one is called "out of the frying pan and into the fire," as the saying goes.
Americans evacuated from a quarantined cruise ship get stuck on buses with no bathrooms and fly 10 hours in cargo planes
Italy, South Korea, Iran, and probably soon the U.S. will be the next China. Wall Street has had a couple of bad days. But not bad enough, as far as I'm concerned. The Dow fell 1,000 points yesterday.
Dow tumbles nearly 900 points as coronavirus fears continue
Tenerife hotel on partial lockdown as Italian man tests positive for coronavirus
Amazon may not have enough goods from China for Prime Day, report says
Aw, what a pity, huh? I weep tiny tears . . .
Trump claims coronavirus is 'going to go away' despite mounting concerns
And that one makes me think that maybe the virus got released before all the wealthy people were ready.
Hundreds Of Animals Drop Dead In China After Being Poisoned By Virus Disinfectant
South Korea Reports 123 New Coronavirus Cases; Italy Declares State Of Emergency: Virus Updates
Coronavirus Found In China Prisons, As Cases Spike In South Korea

OK, enough of that for now. Here are some strange stories from The Weather (Liars) Channel. Remember, their mantra is "cold, cold, cold." They are always telling us how cold it has been this winter when in fact it has been WAY above normal. We here in Northeast Ohio did not even APPROACH zero or below. And so, they had posted on their site how we were finally going to get a "prolonged" cold snap. ??? OK, so we have three days when it will only get up to the upper twenties for daytime highs. And a few days after, we're back to the fifties. I had pages saved, but The Weather Channel tends to change their stories, especially when they realize they have published total bullshit. They had a map posted for several days to show how much below normal March would be. In fact, this is the latest Outlook Map from NWS, which isn't any more reliable than The Weather Channel, because let's face it, the people who are controlling the weather are losing control. Just WAIT until that virus REALLY hits us here in the U.S..
Climate Prediction Center
This one is today's map, February 25, and is valid for March 02 to 06, 2020. But these are not very accurate, I have found, and sometimes can totally change from one day to the next.

6 to 10 Day Outlooks, Valid: March 02 to 06, 2020

Ah, and I see now by consulting my personal forecast, that those highs in the twenties have come up to the thirties instead, except for Thursday. But it has rained all this week and we are "scheduled" to have rain nearly all next week, too. Perhaps. Whenever we DARE to warm up, we get deluged. This WILL change you know. This virus WILL have an effect on the flying and spraying. And I want to mention to be sure and listen to Dane's Global Alert News for this week linked above. He spends most of his time speaking about what I am covering, that is, the virus and its effects, the impending collapse, and climate engineering, which, as he states, is nothing short of weather warfare at this point. A couple weeks ago, he made a remark about the "circulation of storms," as I have been talking about. Apparently that was losing its effectiveness, because they are experimenting with a different pattern. All I know is that for the past ten years we have been deluged. The water tables are SO HIGH that a tenth-of-an-inch of rain literally floods me. I wish I could send it to the West Coast, where they are already in a drought. Dane always says that you can't talk about climate change without talking about climate engineering, and you can't speak of that without talking about geoengineered cool-downs. People in his community have mentioned how it feels like dry ice. One person from Michigan—the Great Lakes region, where they are killing us, that it feels so much colder than it is. IT IS NOT WIND CHILL. It is lead iodide and silver iodide. And Dane once again spoke of the danger of surfactants, the slippery stuff in soap, which is being added to the toxic brew.
'We Couldn't See Anything': Deadly 200-Vehicle Pileup Near Montreal, Canada, Preceded by Whiteout
OH!! I just found that page with the totally fake map. Compare it with the one above.
Big Changes to March 2020 Temperature Outlook Thanks to Unexpected Pattern Change
It is all part of the delusion, and mind-control, and disinformation and distraction agenda. Keep talking about COLD and people will not notice that the fucking penguins are out sunbathing on the Antarctic beach in nearly seventy-degree weather.

And now today they're telling us about this "prolonged snow." Really??
Heavy, Prolonged Lake-Effect Snow Could Hit Eastern Great Lakes Late This Week
Dane said in his broadcast this week, that one of these days, these people in the media who have lied for the perpetrators of all this evil, will be found guilty along with them. I LIVE FOR THAT DAY.

And here is an article that I find TRULY baffling (speaking of lies and the liars that write them). Now, OK, so have YOU heard of 14,000 people in the U.S. this year dying from influenza, which according to THIS article has been much more deadly. So, why have WE not been quarantined? Wearing surgical masks? What is wrong with this picture?
A deadly virus is spreading from state to state and has infected 26 million Americans so far. It's the flu
I am still scratching my head on that one. I mean, those numbers are WAY higher than the coronavirus. What makes this "flu" different? Why isn't it causing the same emergency? What I really wonder is why there is such a panic about the coronavirus. What do they know that we do not? Is it because it was created as a bioweapon in a lab? We know that for a fact. So why the panic?

Anyways, yes, I still have more information to share. While we can, you know. Who knows what will go down. The internet? The grid. Prepare, and be ready for anything, 'cause I believe this is IT.

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