Dissolving the Gordian Knot

I have been extremely busy of late with everything happening so fast now, plus the fact that we in NE Ohio went from snow to hot, and therefore, farm chores occupy much of my time. I will be getting out the 2018 Farm Series ASAP. I wanted to touch base with you on a few essential bits of information that have made themselves known to me since I wrote Lab Rats, so please read that one first if you have not yet.

First, my intense heavy-metal detox project has been grueling. Most of the skin rashes have disappeared, and I make sure I drink a half gallon of water a day which is a seemingly outrageous amount for a petite body like mine, but keep in mind, the nano-particles of aluminum with which we are being doused daily are extreme desiccants, drying us inside out. Under normal conditions, I would never need this much water, and I am finding I need less as I become detoxed. But the main point here is that once you seriously get rid of heavy metals, you can begin to resist the lab rat experiments that are being forced upon us. The metals in our bodies are a means for them to mind-control us. Trust me on this. Get rid of these toxins in your body. Remember, once you see it from this persepctive, you can compare it to the cruel experiments "scientists" are doing today to animals. And to people. These are not barbaric alien lifeforms, they are highly intelligent beings using us for? What? Well. how about this? To do their bidding. I have said this over and over. THEY do not have the wherewithal to create with their minds, so they have been using us, genetically modifying us, tampering with us and manipulating us to "train us" like Pavlov's dog, not to salivate, but to, upon command, which is in the form of some mental/psychological/emotional stimulation, to create on demand. Do they give a fuck that the earth is being destroyed? Hell, no, it is THEIR lab. Reality exists only in our minds, so I suggest that those of you who have not begun building your dream planet had better begin yesterday. Perhaps we will not need astral travel at all because the entire universe exists only in our minds. As we clear our minds, we can create OUR world as we want it and the rest will fall away. That actually seems to be happening to me.

The reason being, is that the "experiment" is experiencing some glitches, that meaning that we are waking up and seeing the cage, and plotting to escape, globally. If you have not noticed the desperation the "scientists" are using to keep us submissive, than you are totally in the illusion. But what I see is that more and more people are beginning to question the nature of our reality. Most probably do not even realize they are doing it, but we, people like myself, Dane, people fighting against vaccines, GMOs, and all the other poisons that are the "scientists'" lab supplies—what we have done is sow the seeds of doubt. Once you begin to doubt the veracity of anything, the doubt persists and the subject can no longer be fully embraced as truth at a very deep level that works its way to the surface unconsciously and uncontrolably. They of course, are attempting to control it, but their efforts are becoming more and more outlandish. I look at the news articles being published, and think, "That cannot possibly be true. It is all so "in your face" now. And have you noticed the news articles on national news sites, such as cbsnews.com are full of vulgarities and typos. Who or WHAT is really writing this shit? And for all THEIR efforts, their key players are dropping like flies. Criminal and morally reprehensible behavior is being spewed out to the public like a garden hose full pressure. I read somewhere that Trump will leave office (the sooner the better), a very poor man because he is so inundated with lawsuits. It couldn't happen to a more deserving person.

But the thing is, and I talk to my "experiementors" frequently—I tell them, yes, I acknowledge that you do have power here on this planet, because of course, no matter how much we think we love the earth, I believe we will eventually have to face the truth that it is nothing but a huge lab. But remember, reality is only in our minds. So, I tell them that I am completely aware that they are completely capable of doing hideous and deadly things to us (which they are), and can wipe us all out if they choose. BUT, they still cannot get what they want, what they REALLY want, and that is our ability to create with our minds. They MUST create through us. When we reach the level where they can no longer do that, they are done with the experiment. That piece of knowledge has drastically changed my life. It reminds me of a silly essay writted by G.K.Chesterton, in a collection called All Things Considered, about why the early Christian martyrs were able to laugh and sing while they were being skinned alive or boiled in hot oil. It was because they knew something their torturers did NOT know. So, therefore, since the "scientists" have given me my physical reality, created by me through THEIR manipulations, they can do what they will, but they can NEVER have my creative gift. It is the ONE thing that we humans, (or whatever it turns out we really are) have that they can NEVER acquire, other than to use US for their own means. It is not theirs for the taking. EVER. Nor is it ours to give them, even if we should wish. That little bit of knowledge is life-changing.

And life IS changing. For the first time in twenty years, I am beginning to see solutions and FINALLY a result for all the work I have done for all these decades in "learning" to manifest with my mind. Of course, that is a joke. We ALL can manifest with our minds and we do it daily without thought. But it is when we realize that our minds have been programmed to do THEIR bidding, then suddenly find that we have manifested something with our own thoughts and are shocked at how different it feels. THEN we "get it." That has happened to me, first beginning late last year, and other situations are opening up to me, which I am not ready to share publicly at this point, but they are coming from MY creative intent for MY benefit, not me being used by proxy to manifest THEIR intent. And part of it, also, has to do with the overall energy shift on the planet—that enough of us lab rats have opened our eyes and seen the cages, like Dorothy's awakened moment when she saw what The Man Behind the Curtain really was—this global shift is also providing a more and more nurturing environment for our escape. Within my regular circle of friends, one particular person with whom I did not always get along with is now becoming an amazing ally to me, and not only me, but working for the greater good of all, as opposed to self-interest. I am very proud of him for his great surge of spiritual growth. And so now, we are united in carrying out a program, much of which I have created, that has the potential to benefit and bring harmony to a local situation that involves a great number of people. I was the creative energy behind it, but he is in the position of power, and he is using that position now very wisely and selflessly. For those who know the situation of which I speak, it has the potential to be an incredible shift of attitudes and behavior.

One more point I wish to make. Though much of what I have recently experienced concerns money, PLEASE do not allow that to delude you into think that your creative powers are being released because you suddenly get richer. On the contrary. My situation has been such dire poverty for twenty years, that the shift I have experienced has allowed me to break free of one area where I was being terrorized. And by changing that, THEIR power over me has lessened just a very tiny bit. One fraction of the Gordian knot has been severed ever so slightly. My opinion is and always has been, for many decades, is that money is simply another tool, along with religion, that has kept the populations in the dark. Religion has very little power any more, which is why our captors have had to resort to poisoning our bodies and minds to keep us submissive. However, my opinion is also "Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar." Therefore, my most immediate goal is to get rid of my small debt all together, and live nearly free of money. As we continue to break away from the established institutions, we also provide more barriers to their control. If you receive unexpected money and use it to buy more material wealth, then you are only going deeper into the cage mindset. Use any money you can to get out of debt and free yourself from obligations. And my advice is to think only short-term. You may find you have to make a choice that would be better for long-term benefits, but at least in my opinion, we don't have long-term on this planet, no matter which way we go. So think only in the NOW and go for the short-term options when faced with a choice. But that's just my opinion and ultimately, you must choose for yourself.

Though I do not want to share specifics yet, there is one fascinating occurrence that has happened here on the farm. I have been thinking that I would like to write novels, in fact I have toyed with that idea for decades. If I did write, it would be in the sci-fi/fantasy genre, and the books would be autobiographical. If I tried to write serious non-fiction books about the bizarre things that have happened to me, people would think I had gone off the deep end, and it probably would be much more fun in the form of a novel. But in any case, my own experiences ultimately have formed and even proved so many of my theories, especially concerning alien interference.

Twenty years ago is when life began getting so surreal, and I won't supply the history for that statement, but let's just say that things happened that were unexplainable. When I first set the farm up as a serious business, I did a great amount of landscaping, and one of my project was to turn the area around my house into a cottage garden. You have no idea how industrious I was. I just NEVER stopped working. But everything took on a life of its own. Soon, I found my beautiful flowers strangled by brambles that I could not control. I would spend days cleaning them out, and they would come right back. It was like the curse of Sleeping Beauty—I kid you not, something had taken control of me and my property, and soon it became so pervasive that it was like a place that had been abandoned for years and years. There was nothing I could do to deal with this force. But something kept me here, (leaving the property would have only moved the curse to a new location), and just in the past, oh, not even a year, something has begun to change. The change is drastic now. Suddenly the brambles have basically disappeared. There are some, but they are mostly gone. Yesterday, I cleaned up what was supposed to have been my cottage garden and it only took me less than an hour and little effort. But what was even more amazing is that when I looked at it, though there is a drastic difference in appearance, it looked normal to me. I figured that I had been seeing and creating it in my inner mind, so the physical display seemed familiar. Very strange!

And furthermore, on the west side of my farm, near the road, I had planted an orchard—apple trees and peach and pear and cherry. Many died, but quite a few survived, but did nothing except turn into big trees. And of course, the brambles took over. Well, as I was walking down the drive I looked into that field, and realize that all these fruit trees were in MASSIVE bloom. I took my cutters, and began working my way through. Most of what I cut were shrubby trees with skinny trunks, and only a few brambles. But the fruit trees— OMG!! I was completely stunned. That is the first time they have bloomed in TWENTY YEARS! And I did nothing to change their situation, other than severing these psychic brambles that have surrounded me for all these years.

Many of us have worked so hard, and even if we know in our minds that the physical world is an illusion, it is the only way we have (at least for now), of seeing our progress. It has taken SO VERY LONG, but our work is showing up at the physical level, having worked its way down through the spiritual, psychic and mental layers. We must continue to progress to our total freedom, not by fighting this force but by overwriting it. Decide what you want, then make it be. The time is ripe for our rebirth.

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