Losing Our Focus

I do not usually praise politicians, but I have to say I am SO PROUD of our Ohio governor, Mike DeWine. When I saw the headlines on this article, I KNEW it would be him before I even opened it.
The single best leader on coronavirus this week
I guess that is why I have not been able to comprehend why people are so angry, screaming that we are "under martial law," (nobody in the US has been under martial law during this "crisis!!"), except maybe Gallup, New Mexico. Or that we are having "our rights taken away."
Elon Musk slams "fascist" social distancing measures in rant about Tesla production
We are not fascist in this country. Yet. So shut the fuck up, Musk. Why don't you go blast yourself off into space on one of your SpaceX rockets. Here in Ohio, at least in my neck of the woods, I have not felt restricted in any offensive way, period. If I need to get in my car and run an errand, I do. The stores have had head-counters to make sure the maximum number of people inside is not exceeded, but in any place I have been, it has not come even close, (yes, I ask). The problem here is that, even with people who are completely aware of the atrocities, there has been exaggeration and false projections as to what is going on. And that includes Dane, and perhaps even myself, although I cannot think of anything offhand, and both Dane and I always tell people to check the facts themselves, and not trust what we are saying totally. Unfortunately, that does not apply to his community and I have read some pretty bizarre "predictions" and exaggerations of situations that I am quite positive are not true. That is why I have been avoiding his site lately. There is some really dark energy there at the moment.

But, of course the MSM lies through their teeth, and so does the alternative news, so we have fact and fiction laced and woven into a surreal pastiche landscape, where "conspiracy theories" run wild. I want to make an extremely important point here, and that is that, yes, much of what has been thrown around on Dane's site, especially by his community members has potential to be true, such as the evil manipulations of Bill Gates and his vaccines. The difference between myself and those people is that I do not necessarily believe these evil-doers will get their way in the end. But the more people automatically assume that all of these predictions and prophesies will actually happen, the more energy we give them to do just that. We are truly on the edge of an apocalypse, which can go either way, and so we must be EXTREMELY careful where our energy goes. But the thing that is becoming SO DEADLY in all this, is that we are being distracted away from what we absolutely know is true, is happening, and will kill us if we do not wake up and stop it now.

This is not the article I had planned next, by the way, so it will be a bit shorter than normal. The one I had planned is a continuation of the last two articles, concerning the past-life work I have been doing. I am still working on that process, and do not yet want to share information on it. But there are two situations that we must stop at the physical level because we KNOW for a fact that they are being perpetrated by human activity on this planet, and this activity can and IS KILLING US. I am referring to climate engineering/weather warfare, and 5G. Elon Musk is responsible for the majority of toxic satellites being launched—120 each month, I believe, and he has just applied for permission to orbit them lower in the earth's atmosphere. These are DEADLY. They are killing our bodies and driving our minds insane. And this activity is being executed by human beings, who must be stopped. YES, we need to use the power of our minds to create the conditions that will enable us to do that, but then we need to take physical action, and that means, however you are best suited to do activist work. If sending emails, or social media is your thing, then put it to use. This is a paragraph from Arthur Firstenberg's latest email.

Last Friday, on April 17, SpaceX submitted a new application to the Federal Communications Commission, requesting permission to lower the altitude of some of its planned satellites. It previously was going to orbit what it calls its "first-generation" satellites in two tiers—one tier at 550 kilometers (340 miles) in altitude, and a second tier at 1200 kilometers (750 miles) in altitude. Now SpaceX wants to place all 4,408 of its first-generation satellites at the lower altitude. One of its stated reasons is to make fewer of the satellites visible from any point on the earth at any given time. However, the lower the satellites are, the brighter they will be. And the more of them are in the ionosphere (which extends up to about 1000 kilometers), the greater the impact on life below.

We ALL should have been using this down-time for this purpose, instead of bitching about how oppressed we are. People have reacted exactly how they were conjoled into reacting, and meanwhile, all this deadly behavior has multiplied under our noses, with very few people paying attention. And that goes ESPECIALLY for what is happening in the skies, and I honestly wonder if I am to survive much longer without losing my mind. We are now at 81 days of precipitation, and 41 days without precipitation for the year, (as of May 1). The days of precipitation have taken up two-thirds of 2020 so far. I made a comment to the cashier at the gas station yesterday, and he said he had not noticed. How can you NOT NOTICE that we have only had TWO DAYS without rain since April 17? THIS IS WHAT TERRIFIES ME, that people can be SO BLIND, and SO STUPID to not notice what is going on in front of their faces? And that this activity has FAR MORE power to kill everything on the planet, WAY more than COVID-19. I do not usually think of myself as one who gets depressed, but when I look outside, just yearning from the depths of my soul, to have warm temperatures and lots of sunshine, and all I see are thick pasty-white clouds and endless rain, knowing that it is all laced with deadly toxins, I am finding it hard to move on, and feeling a desperation I have never felt before. FOR CHRIST'S SAKE!! This is spring in Ohio. For all the years I grew up, I lived for this season. I KNEW I could count on waking up to a big blazing sun and a gentle and warm south breeze—not hot and muggy like summer, but warm and comfortable. April showers bring May flowers, the saying goes, but not non-stop deluge, flooding, and darkness. Even the "wet months" were never like this. It rained, but then the sun came out and dried everything up. By the beginning of May, my dad always had the fields plowed and disked, and we were out planting onions, lettuce, carrots, beets, greens—all the hardy spring crops, so that by June, we were ready for the more tender ones. And there was ALWAYS SUNSHINE, warm, gorgeous sun and beautiful blue skies. How can people NOT NOTICE that something is TERRIBLY WRONG? I cannot even work my greenhouse because it is ankle-deep in water.

I DO WISH things would fall in place for Dane to get his documentary, The Dimming out to the public. We so desperately need that information out in the open. I know he is working as hard as he can and the delays are not his doing. I want to share now some maps I have been collecting over the past week. The first is the latest map from the NWS Outlooks Index from the Climate Prediction Center, Days 6-10, May 8 to 12, posted May 2, 2020.

NWS Climate Prediction Center, Days 6-10, May 8 to 12, 2020

That would apply to Eastern Canada, too, I would assume. For my Canadian readers: your government might not be a shitty as ours, but our shit spills into your country. Sorry. As you look at this map, you can see just how much below normal our temperatures will be, especially in the Great Lakes area, (and apparently they are planning this for most of May), as the new monthly maps just came out a couple days ago. And so we are getting a teeny tiny break in the rain. I believe in the 15-Day outlook for me on The Weather Channel, there were actually five days in which rain is not scheduled. As of this morning. But that is only because all the lead and silver iodide they are spraying on us is intended to keep us exceptionally cold. But, by golly, just let it DARE to try to warm up; let the sun DARE to show itself, and we will be deluged, with increasingly violent weather. So all those tornadoes in the south will be moving up north, and of course the east coast is in for a rough ride, IF WE DO NOT STOP THIS NOW. Does anyone really grasp the insanity of this activity. That there are people on this planet that think they have the right to deprive sunshine from whomever they please. I cannot imagine greater hubris. I DO NOT feel bad about all the military personnel getting sick from COVID-19. If that's what it takes to stop it, then so be it. If they all need to be laid up flat on their backs, SO BE IT. Whatever it takes this ATROCITY needs to stop. I am surprised it has not at least abated.
How the coronavirus pandemic has shaken the US military
And speaking of the US military, how about this?
No Warming, No War: How Militarism Fuels the Climate Crisis—and Vice Versa

Next I want to share four screen shots from my Interactive Radar during the past few "storm systems," which of course are NOT nor are they "fronts," but they ARE microwave-induced weather anomalies. Dane, of course, has TONS of materials on microwave transmissions used to manipulate the metal-laden clouds. Scroll down the right column of his Home Page, and just see how many have "microwaves" in their title. In these radar maps I have saved, I managed (without trying because they were so blatant I couldn't miss them) to record four different microwave transmission locations. The first is from 9:35 pm on Saturday, April 25, 2020. You can clearly see it in the central area of Pennsylvania.

9:35 pm Saturday, April 25, 2020

The next one is from later on, same "storm," 1 am Sunday, April 26, 2020. Here it is in the Charleston, West Virginia area.

1 am Sunday, April 26, 2020

This one is from a different "storm," 9:40 pm Tuesday, April 28, 2020. Here it is in the Cleveland, Ohio area.

9:40 pm Tuesday, April 28, 2020

This last one spans all the way from eastern Tennessee through eastern Kentucky. You can see the "circle" in Kentucky, but look at the distortion in Tennessee and even West Virginia. It is from 10 pm Wednesday, April 29, 2020. These are showing up more and more, by the way. Always PAY ATTENTION!!

10 pm Wednesday, April 29, 2020

I want to end this article with just a few news items, and I have to say, I have really weaned myself off the news because there is so much dreadful energy along with it. Knowledge is important, if we use it to solve problem, but just bitching and worse, LYING, only makes the energy darker. And with Trump in the White House, one can hardly avoid lies. The first one, well, draw your own conclusions. What do they know that we do NOT?? One has to wonder if perhaps he was not purposely speading the virus. Does he have antibodies? Does he test positive, but show no symptoms? I had noticed, however, that in a photo, yesterday, I believe, he WAS wearing a mask. Incidently, Pence, masks do NOT cover one's eyes.
Leaving Off Mask At Mayo Clinic, Pence Said He Wanted To Look Workers 'In The Eye'
And how 'bout this one. As far as I am concerned ALL the meat-packing industries need to go belly-up and put an end to this evil slaughter of animals. There are many silver linings in this "crisis."
This is what coronavirus capitalism looks like
But this next one is . . . I don't even have words. How human beings can be unaffected by such a waste of precious lives. "Depopulated" is what they call it. Isn't that the term they are using on people, too?
'The food supply chain is breaking,' Tyson says as plants close
And how about this one? Well, we KNEW that. Dane has been saying that for years. That virus didn't just accidentally mix with "air pollution particles," it is being deliberately SPRAYED on us. You notice they say "tiny particles." Or do they mean nano-particles . . . ? But again, we must look at the silver lining, and information like this coming out to the public brings us one step closer to exposing the atrocity in the skies.
Researchers Find Coronavirus on Pollution Particles

And on that, I will end. I do not know when my next article will come out because I am doing some really uncomfortable past-life work, which seems to be dredging up the horror of the Reptilian Invasion. I have literally been re-living it, but if I do my work thoroughly and survive, it will affect all of us in a very positive way. We shall see.

And one last point: Thank you to everyone who is also reading my book reviews. Finally, after all these years, Google is giving them, depending on the book, some pretty good exposure. I have noticed just in the past several months that my site is not overrun with 'bots, thousands of which I have banned, but actual people reading my materials. I have read a number of really timely books lately, that fit right in with where we are now, from various perspectives. Incidentally, I really have lots of Doomsday books, as Dover has a Doomsday Classics category, and I have found most of them free at Project Gutenberg, along with owning the Dover Book for those not available as eBooks. Mary Shelley's The Last Man is not one of them, however, it IS about a plague that kills all but one man on Earth. There were way too many similarities to our situation, which makes it compelling reading. Here are some recent ones.
The Last Man
American Indian Stories and Old Indian Legends
Ten Nights Dreaming and The Cat's Grave

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