Feedback Loops

Out of the vast amount of information presented in the documentary The Minds of Men, it was the part on feedback loops that has haunted me the most, because, when applied to the alien mind-control agenda, it fills in many of the blank spaces. Not that I didn't realize they were doing this, but putting a label on the technique has opened a treasure trove of necessary information on exactly what is being done to us, and more importantly, how.

I feel like I am on the final warpath now, armed with much better weapons than I had several months ago. If you are a regular reader and STILL have not watched that documentary, please correct that. As I said in my last article, I have a number of articles planned, including Bible ones on the specific subject of shutting down or freeing ourselves from the alien mind-control program, and the way I see it, there is NOTHING else more important at this time. Even stopping climate engineering will not help at this point because we have passed the point of no return. We are facing cataclysmic global temperature rises, and I won't even put that in the future because it is NOW. Here in the U.S. they are spraying the hell out of us. It is SO fucking cold. I cannot imagine how many tons of toxic shit are pouring down on us each day to keep us so cold when the rest of the planet is burning up. Then we warm up again, and they deluge us. But the water is even more terrifying. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that the once rich and fertile plains and midwestern states are now under water, with no end in sight. All those homes gone, people's lives ruined, and farmland devastated, as the west coast once again slips into drought conditions. And if you have not noticed the increasingly empty shelves in grocery stores, then you are shopping with your eyes closed. PLEASE pay attention to every little thing. I should be out farming, but I am still under water. I finally mowed a little yesterday, but it took me forever to cut just a tiny area because I had to stop every minute and pull wet grass clumps from the blades. My greenhouse is ankle-deep in water. The berry bushes I ordered are actually doing quite well. I have tons of baby blueberries and currents, well, tons considering how little the bushes are. When I was growing up, we had all this stuff—about ten or twelve blueberry bushes that produced such a crop we could barely give it away fast enough. They are all dead now, but they were about fifty years old when they died, so I can't blame that all on climate. Ditto for currants and asparagus, all which I am attempting to replace. But if the climate continues downhill, what is the use. NOTHING can live once global temperatures rise 3 more degrees Celsius. And the situation will only continue to worsen, even if, or AS we stop the madness. It is a FEEDBACK LOOP, and the system is self-generating. THAT is the way they set the program up. Has it gone awry? Is it even out of their control? I suspect it is, because killing us off would kill off their food supply. And so, therefore, I hope I am able to convey in words all I have discovered in the past couple months that are proving to be correct. Please make sure you have read my last few articles, because they are all connected.

First let me mention the book I just completed, called The Dinosaur Heresies: New Theories Unlocking the Mystery of the Dinosaurs and Their Extinction. We can learn an immense amount of truth about the present from studying the past. I once knew a person who was writing "spiritual" articles quite a few years ago. I had mentioned to her in an email that she would do well to pay attention to history in order to understand what was happening now. She replied that she didn't need history because she knew what was happening in the present. Hmmm. She no longer blogs, by the way. Anyways, PLEASE read my review of this extraordinary book, and be sure to enjoy the drawings at the bottom of the page.

There were a couple points in this book that were so profound to us in our present situation, that I must mention them. The first concerns that reason why dinosaurs went extinct. We still do not really know for sure, but Bakker does not believe it was a cataclysmic event that killed everything off in one fell swoop, like a meteor, although he believes that could have contributed. Ditto for climate issues, which could have had a devastating effect, and probably did. However, this is the eye-opener which has been proven through data collected from digs: There were actually eight extinctions over millions of years, but none totally wiped out the dinosaur population like that following the Cretaceous Period. Each and every one began its decline by this one fairly indisputable situation: ONE SPECIES HAD BECOME OVER-DOMINANT AND OVERPOPULATED, thus disrupting the balance of all life and leading to mass extinction. I don't think I even need to clarify that statement, but I will, and it is pretty blatant. Human WAAAAY overpopulation is killing off every other living species. Now, add to that the catastrophic weather issues, not only natural, but WAAAAY unnatural AND, something the dinos did not have to deal with, being lethal technology. The future indeed looks not only bleak, but non-existent. And our extinction will come in one fell swoop. Dane and others have spoken of co-extinction, and that is what this is.

The ONLY hope we have now for survival is to change things at the non-physical level, and as I mentioned, it appears there truly is an acceleration of awakening. It needs to move very much faster, because the feedback loop was programmed to counter-attack any efforts on our part to escape it. Moving beyond its control is our only way out. The whole concept behind holistic healing is to heal at the non-physical levels because the physical world is merely a mirror of what is going on in the non-physical world. The fact that most people have no clue about this is the reason feedback loops have been such effective agents of control.

One thing Bakker pointed out is that it was the little animals, the small mammals and reptiles who could burrow underground and wait it all out. I couldn't help but think about the supposedly underground living spaces that people in the government have waiting for them when they kill off the rest of us. The thing is, with the devastation being done to the planet now, the poisonings, radiation, and decimation of the farmlands, when it all comes to an end, it will be centuries before the earth will once again be inhabitable. UNLESS of course, the aliens have a quick way to reverse it all, but their specialty is to use OUR ability to create for their agenda. OK, so, I had mentioned in my last article the conversation I had with a friend on this subject. I researched some things, which brought me to investigate Area 51. I have known about it for years, but never did much research for two reasons, one being that the government is NEVER going to tell us the truth about it, and two, whatever is written by non-government sources, I believe, would only be speculation or conspiracy theory, so I have left it alone. The above article was in the entertainment section of the LA Times, so that gives you an idea of how seriously they took it. But that part about the U.S. Government keeping alien captives there triggered a thought. What if that is the reverse? What if ALIENS are experimenting with U.S. Government officials and military personnel. Well, that makes much more sense to me.

But I still return to this thought, and again, it was inspired by dinosaurs. Back in those times, even more so than now, it was a matter of "eat or be eaten." The survival of the fittest, indeed. So, how could one get angry at a dinosaur for brutally killing another dinosaur, when it was just trying to stay alive? Then I thought of these Reptilian things, or Archons, whateverthehell you want to call them. They are extremely intelligent in only one area, and that is technology. As for everything else, they are clueless. They have no possibility of any spiritual evolution, or any ability to generate emotions because they are not living beings as we understand the term. They are a form of computerized life, with no soul. That is why they need US to generate emotions. I suspect that it has been through their studies of US that they have learned to program emotions into their systems in order to appear human. For instance, Trump. He has no capability whatsoever of actually generating his own emotional output. And so, in that respect, these alien lifeforms are nothing but bullies and cowards, because I also suspect they fear us more than we fear them. They must keep hidden and do everything covertly. Showing themselves, like the Man Behind the Curtain, would dispel their power, (which is why I am so determined to expose it!). They are operating on the eat or be eaten philosophy, and they intend to keep eating—us, and our emotions, which is their food for survival. And so, now, suddenly there appears to be a massive awakening finally happening, triggered by all these horrific events. That, I suspect, was unexpected because they still do not know how to read us. They are attempting to computerize every aspect of human presence, but one cannot computerize a soul, the spiritual gift that only those who are truly living beings and I most definitely include animals here, possess. And that has become a real snag in their agenda. So they have pulled out all the stops, trying to keep us from awakening and seeing the truth, preventing disclosure which would paralyze their ability to control the planet. And the more they try to stop us, the more that whole shebang is spinning wildly out of control. They will go down if we go down. We are truly in a conundrum.

As I have said before, I always find pertinent materials in most everything I read, and the latest, besides the dinosaurs, was a set of essays by G.K. Chesterton, called Alarms and Discursions. He makes two important points, one being that when the work of the devil is labelled, it ceases to be dangerous. That is called disclosure. And the second one is a funny fable, the very last story in my review, about a gullible king who believed everything his archers told him, though they tried to get him to wake up by telling more and more preposterous lies. In the end, the fourth archer comes up with a story that even the king cannot believe. Chesteron wrote humor and this was meant to be funny, but in the present context, it is not. HOWEVER, it is proving to be effective, because the more those in control lie to us, the more people are waking up. Again, THEY are unable to comprehend the intricacies of the human psyche. They only comprehend through computer models. And they fear us because they have underestimated the power of the human psyche.

I believe with my whole being that there is not a single thing we can do at this point at the physical level to change anything, but there ARE things we can do at the non-physical levels that have the potential to change EVERYTHING. I believe we do not have a CLUE how powerful we are because that knowledge has been suppressed—wiped out, even. But throughout history, there are too many examples of humans engaged in super-human activities. These myths and legends seem so far removed from us in our so called "civilized" world, which is anything but, that we brush it off as being nonsense. But it is most likely nearer the truth than the myth we now are living. Remember, all myths and folklore came from something that really happened, AND science fiction is the science of the future. Or perhaps the past!

Now let's once again review some points from the documentary, The Minds of Men. And remember, this movie was built on documented activities of the CIA and other government entities. I took notes as I watched, so I still have all this information right at hand. One of the things discussed was using sensory deprivation as a means for mind control. The notes I have typed says that isolation could be used to break anyone. And we see that now on a global scale. Those in power, or those, like Trump, who is nothing but a little piss ant, who are being used by those in power, are putting their full effort into divide and conquer. Create division and dissention. Isolate. Here are more of my notes: "effects of the physical world on the mind" "studies of the mind were also the beginning of personal computers;" "difference between what we see and what is really out there." Please note, on that last one, that if you experience the world through the senses of a dog, a cat, a butterfly, or a fish, you will experience TOTALLY different worlds. "Whole of man controlled by his dependence on the environment;" "CONSTRUCTION OF AN ARTIFICIAL MATRIX! YIKES!!" So that movie is not just science fiction. (Remember what I just said about science fiction.) "Man placed in technical loop and his behavior controlled;" "feedback ubiquitous in controlled system;" "reality itself maleable;" "natural matrix supplanted with artificial one;" "mind really cannot be controlled, but is dependent on sensory feedback;" "induce stupor and reduce willpower;" "hallucinations;" "electrical stimulation used to manipulate people." Of course, now it is electromagnetic stimulation, and once 5G rolls out, it is game over for planet earth. There may be some glitches in the agenda for that one, however, as cities, plus the country of Belgium, are saying NO to 5G. "Development of remote control;" "just how much control electrical signals had on the brain;"using microwaves to erase negative emotions;" "not for being nicer people, but sociallly effective." Remember, these were all snatches I typed up on my Notepad as I watched, so most are direct quotes, or close.

OK, so all this is real, in other words, not science fiction or conspiracy theory, but what the CIA and others actually were doing to other people. As above, so below. So, is it so difficult to believe that alien controllers are not doing this to all of us, including, or perhaps especially, the people in the CIA? What should we do to stop this? Remember, a feedback loop is self-perpetuating. When we react, we trigger the next event. This has been happening to me for ages, and I have mentioned it numerous times. The only way to even slow it down, I have found, is to not do anything, but that has left me in a physical situation that is disasterous. I hesitate to even do anything these days, even wondering if I will be able to farm. Or if it matters. This feedback loop has SO infiltrated—permeated every aspect of our lives now, that it is in rapid destruction mode. Just look at the weather cataclysms. Cleanup after one flood and here comes another. Rebuild after a hurricane and something else follows. And fires, drought, tornados, plus illness, financial loss—the feedback loop in in overdrive perpetuating us to death. I am to the point where I am close to putting my entire life on hold and throwing every ounce of myself into shutting down alien interference. We cannot continue on this path.

But as always, awareness is the first step towards non-destructive relief. Always be acutely aware that our lives are being ruled by a feedback loop. Stick to your own agenda, especially one that veers very far away from the one having been appointed to you. With me, I do things that are neutral, such as reading and coloring. Unfortunately, just living has become so difficult. Resist the pull toward their agenda. And when things happen that you know are being manipulated into your life, and they are coming with great frequency now, resist the impulse to react. Take action if you must, but acting and reacting are two different things. Reactions require emotional energy, and that is exactly what the goal is. Taking action is taking a physically needed step without putting emotion into it. Avoid that too if you can, but often you cannot. The thing is, we have the ability to outsmart these beings. Never underestimate your own power. Our consciousness is their dread. Once we fully understand the game they are playing, it will be over. As I said earlier, they must operate behind the scene, in the dark. Bringing them into the light will be fatal.

The other thing I have found that is essential is to travel across the universe where there are great quantities of light. What we do in our minds is even more powerful than anything we can do with our physical bodies. They know this, of course, which is why they constantly fuck with our minds. I often go out into space where I can view the earth from a different perspective. For a while there, I saw a massive light surrounding the planet, and, like a magnet, it began to be absorbed inward by the earth's core. That was just in the last couple weeks. That light has been destined for us for a long time. Why do you think they are covering the skies with such massive amounts of poison garbage? To block this light/energy field, I am thinking, and I have thought that for a long time. Lately, I have been traveling very far away from the planet to seek vast amounts of strong light, then filling myself up with it, and retuning to the earth, then releasing it. I have found that this always makes a difference. When we all start doing it, think what we can accomplish.

There are just a couple more items I wish to share for this article. My next article, I believe, will be a Bible one, on sorcery. I recently read an article about how 5G will be used for total surveillance of every single person. It wasn't a very good article, but I certainly do believe we are being observed and spied upon. I know an army vet who says the military can view the inside of our homes and watch every move we make. But why? I have said for years that the real reason for even geoengineering is surveillance, and certainly microwaves, and now 5G. It's ALL ABOUT surveillance. But I had to wonder. IF the government will now have the capability to observe every single thing we do and say and think, consider how many people live in the U.S.? And it is not just us, but the entire world. How many people would be needed to do the surveillance of THAT many people? They would have to be under top security clearance. Who would train them for a job of such magnitude? I have found that most goverment employees are barely literate. And finally WHO would pay them? WHERE would the money come from? There is something wrong with this picture. But, when you factor in the alien interference aspect, then it no longer seems impossible. Just something to think about.

I also ran across this article several weeks ago, and found it very appropriate, especially "It was death by a thousand regulations, death by a thousand frustrations." This fits right in with what I am saying about feedback loops, and has certainly gotten much worse since this article was written.
How the Archons Destroy Your Life
I know the Gnostics see Archons as spiritual beings, but whether we are speaking of them or Reptilians, of whatever, they are still aliens that are messing with us and need to stop. I cannot continue my life with this constant interference, nor can any of us evolve to the level where we should have been long ago.

And last, we must constantly keep before us the vision of what we are about to lose if we do not win this war. So, what if this is a simulated reality? It probably is, but we will never have the opportunity to return to the truth, and know our power of creation if we fail. Many do not agree, but I believe we are in the greatest fight for our existance. If they win, we may never, at least for eons, have another opportunity for freedom. It has taken us SO long to finally begin the awakening process, and if we fail, we will end up right back in the recycling bin with all the knowledge we have painstakingly acquired once again wiped out. I look around, and think, maybe none of it is real, but it is a representation of something that once was real that I remember. I see my farm dying, my animals, both pets and wild, dying and everything that is most beloved to me being killed off by creatures that have zero ability to even care. That is not OK. I refuse to be transhumanized. I don't particularly believe I AM human, but whatever I am, I came with a soul and was built of love. How much longer can we hold out? We must all step up to the challenge, and fast. Every report on the planet's situation comes back more and more dire. So the way I see it, none of us have anything to lose by fighting this evil, because the environment is going to destroy us if we don't.
UN Warns That 1 Million Species Risk Extinction Because of Humans and Nature Is Declining Faster than Ever

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