Using the Environment as a Mind Control Device

I have been lately in an extreme state of exhaustion. This is the winter that the climate controllers will not allow to end, spraying their chemically nucleated ice to create more and more bizarre storms so that the utterly stupid continue to think the planet is not hot as hell. Here in Ohio, the minute it dares to warm up, we get deluged, or at least some rain, usually at least five days a week. When the skies do clear, there is a terrible cold wind, but the other day when the wind stopped, even though we were heavily sprayed, the heat out in the fields was brutal. My animals are in terrible health, even though I take such good care of them. Every time I turn around, someone else I know has cancer or some horrible disease. None of this is just happening on its own. I have been making a point to go out on the porch and color and read for the last couple weeks. I dare not even think about planting because it will only freeze or rot. I find I can focus my mind so thoroughly on coloring and reading, that it takes me into a different reality. Please note: this is NOT denial or escape, it is focusing one's mind away from the direction the controllers are steering it, in a conscious act of defiance. The other day, I suddenly found myself aware of the dream in which I exist. Unfortunately, those moments of lucidity pass quickly, as we are pulled back into the physical illusion. And the pull gets stronger and stronger. Mentally I know it is happening, but still there are things, for all of us, that, at least where we are now, or myself at least, I have to deal with. If you live in Nebraska and your home is under water up to the roof, you cannot ignore the situation, even if you mentally know our minds are being fucked with to create our very own hell. The other night, I had a really restful sleep, in fact my dogs and cats did, too—no fussing from anyone. But those nights have been few and far between. I have been having bizarre and busy dreams, and it has been a long time since my nights have been disturbed so strongly. I make a point to become aware as soon as I wake up that something has been programming me, and just that awareness helps to diminish the power they have over us. Last night was particularly bad, and everything feels very creepy today.

It was probably 20 years ago that it began to dawn on me the way things worked, but it took me a while to begin my conscious defiance. I was going through a non-stop hell, where everything was breaking down at once. Of course, at that time, I was still into the "New Age" bullshit, where I believed this was all happening for my greater good—you know, "one door closes and another one opens." Until I realized all the doors were closing AND locking me is, and FINALLY realized that there was no benevolent being helping me with my "spiritual evolution." I think more and more are waking to the total lies we were being fed under the delusion that it was merely the "ascension" process we were experiencing. What fools we were. Now we know it was all just another facet of the mind control agenda.

What I finally discovered was that this was a feedback loop, something discussed at length in the movie, The Minds of Men. If you STILL have not watched it, shame on you. I realized that for each thing that I attempted to fix, the problem multiplied. I'd take a pet to the vet, and the next week, three more were sick. I'd fix something that broke down, and five more breakdowns followed. I soon found myself utterly destitute and operating at the basic survival level, which I still am. All of this is about disabling us. A population that is in constant crisis has no time to notice what is being done behind their backs. And so with me, I just quit reacting and let things fall apart. I worked on building my own strength.

And I have learned to use my own energies and abilities to survive in ways I never believed I could. But the stress of it is wearing on everyone. I don't believe anyone thought it would take us this long to wake up, nor do I believe anyone could fathom how the technology is being used to keep us asleep. The thing is,what happened to me 20 years ago is now happening to most of the people I know. They are beset with problems and disasters, one after another. I have one friend, who, between her and her daughter, every time they go to the doctor, they get sicker and sicker. Go figure. The point is, none of this is happening on its own—it is all being carefully orchestrated. And though some still doubt the alien interference factor, c'mon, I don't care what kind of technology the Controllers on earth have, the magnitude of the mind control issue, plus the fact that it is geared so specifically to each individual, negates any possibility that it is comeing from this planet alone. This is WAY bigger than us.

I read a really good article this morning that expressed much of what I am saying, but without the alien agenda called The Path To Liberating Humanity Is The Same As The Path To Liberating The Individual. I do agree with most of what she says, and I ABSOLUTELY agree that we either evolve or die. We are at the crossroads right at this moment. But it is not only a matter of making the right choice. If it were only a matter of not succumbing to the media and social media, and looking to others to make my decisions or keep me "well," I would be long gone from this living hell. I do not own any of the technology that those of us paying attention now know is deadly—cell phones, Wifi, even televisions, pharmaceuticals, and so on, but I am still struggling with the same things the entire planet is struggling with. No matter how "enlightened" one is, we are ALL victims of the current environmental crimes.

I have been reading the blogs of the man known as "Chautauqua," I believe, ever since he got started in 2013. He recently did a blog noting his twelve most popular blogs from the beginning. He did four on "Archons," which others refer to as Reptilians of Aliens, or whatever, but out of those four, two made the top twelve. One I found particularly jarring, because it suddenly opened up a new window of light, and answered SOOO many questions. If I had read it before, I don't remember, but I will certainly remember it this time. If you do not open any other link in this article PLEASE READ THIS ONE.
Archons & Chemtrails
Please note that he was aware of the chemtrail lie even before Dane!! And also note that he is a Vietnam vet, so he is, I am sure, very knowledgeable about planes. And if you are STILL an unbeliever . . . well, I hope none of my readers fall into that category. Please patiently read this ENTIRE blog to the end. He mentions Dennis Kucinich. He is OURS, beloved by many here in Ohio. In fact he has tried to expose the whole chemtrail issue, and I believe there was something suspicious about his sister's death, but I can't seem to find anything about that. Anyways, that little bit about "Terraforming or plowing under the existing biosphere in favor of a new one," really grabbed me. And the fact that he stresses that they are inorganic. I mean, we knew they feed off our energy, making them not flesh and bllod type beings. But that one sentence stunned me and made so much sense. JUST PAY ATTENTION to all the ways we are becoming more like them: AI, chip implants, human genetic engineering, along with electrifying our entire planet. One of Dane's members had written long ago about the fact that our sky is now a grid. Microwaves, 5G, which is terrifying in itself. Does any of this sound like a safe and healthy environment for HUMAN BEINGS? Of course not! Does it sound like alterations being made for a NON-HUMAN race. Absolutely!!! It is what transhumanism is about. They are making US into "inorganic" creatures just like them, and for those of us who fight them, WE ARE SUFFERING THROUGH HELL. We cannot believe that our very life-support system of Planet Earth is being methodically dismantled. Farm land is being destroyed, poisoned, flooded by the day. Why would any human destroy our only means to produce food? And the answer is, of course, because the planet is being prepped for NON-HUMAN occupation.

I have had all the same questions about what is going on in the skies as he has had. Why would the government do this to themselves? I mean, the Air Force has sustained billions of dollars worth of damage from flooding. Why would they do that to themselves? I just cannot believe that any of this has ANYTHING to do with protecting their paycheck and pension, as Dane swears is the reason no one will speak out. I totally believe Dane, when it comes to technical data about what is going on in the skies, but his reasoning, I absolutely disagree with. I also CANNOT believe that ALL these people STILL do not see what is happening above our very heads, but even worse, when you try to tell them, they refuse to even look. And that goes for vaccines, fluoride, GMOs, Roundup and all the toxic shit that is literally exploding upon us. There is something VERY WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE. And Chautauqua supplies a logical explanation. I believe even the people DOING IT are not aware!! Talk about the ultimate mind control. And so this, along with the information from the documentary, has left me reeling.

Here is another article on the same subject. He states that using the resonance or frequency of love can fight them off. I would add that continually filling yourself with light and higher vibrational frequencies, and behaving accordingly will help. And keeping in mind the first article I linked, there are signs that more of us are waking up. That, then would increase the resonance that is repugnant to these beings. They are accelerating their attacks because they know this is true. The bottom link is the page where he has listed all the top articles, and he includes all those on Archons.
Archon Endgame.
Augureye Readers Choice Awards.

Another subject upon which he has written much concerns the onoing Fukushima disaster. Although Dane has always said that climate engineering is the single most threatening activity on the planet now, short of nuclear holocaust, in one of his recent broadcasts, he said something to the effect that, if climate engineering doesn't kill us, Fukushima will. I just read a truly terrifying apocalyptic novel called Japan Sinks. If you have not read my review, please do, then read the book. But again, if the planet is being taken over by inorganic beings, none of these issues would be harmful to them. And it's not like they have just arrived. They have been here for a long, long time. So, why now? Why is this all coming to a head? Because the energies have shifted? They certainly have, and I am sure there is much more going on off planet than even the most informed of us realize. And for goodness sake, if you still have not yet read Bringers of the Dawn, that is required reading.

I have felt for many years now that we are involved in a war, and it is the final battle. I often believe when I am asleep in this body, I am actually off fighting somewhere else. Perhaps that accounts for my exhaustion and unrestful sleep of late. So what to we do? Strengthen our minds and be firm in our own agenda. Just make sure your agenda has nothing to do with how much money you can make or anything else that is firmly entrenched in the Matrix. The more we reject being pulled in their direction, the less control they have. I may say my life has certainly been hell, but I will take this any day to living like most people who, like a flock of sheep, are being led to the slaughterhouse without a clue.

I want to close this with one more comment from Dan Brown's Origin, which everyone should read. Please note: this is a spoiler, so if you plan to read it, stop reading here because I am going to tell you how it ends. When Ambra and Robert finally find the recorded program that Edmond meant to air to the world, which answered the questions of who we are, where did we come from, and where we are going, the final result of his research is that the old species, Homo sapiens dies off, and a new kingdom takes its place.

It was a kindgom of nonliving species.
These lifeless species evolved almost exactly as if they were living—becoming gradually more complex, adapting to and propagating in new environments, testing new variations, some surviving, others going extinct. A perfect mirror of Darwinian adaptive change, these new organisms had developed at a blinding rate and now made up an entirely new kingdom—the Seventh Kingdom—which took its place beside Animalia and the others.
It was called: Technium.

I don't know about you, but I do NOT want to become part technoid. Elon Musk may think it's cool but I think he's a creep. And keep in mind, Dan Brown doesn't believe in the whole alien thing. Maybe if he did, he would think twice about the greatness of all this technology. I'm not saying we shouldn't evolve. Of course, that has been our goal, but NOT into machines, into the divine. We all need to make a serious choice about the direction we want all of this to go then make sure it goes in the right direction. It is desperately wake-up time.

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